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National Alliance put on notice

May 2 2005 at 12:47 PM
Post Courier - Letter of Opinion 

National Alliance put on notice

I refer to the story “Deputy PM job refused” in the Post-Courier on 26 April. I am a bit baffled at this, considering the two MPs offered the deputy position are from Mamose and the Islands region and are senior ministers from Somare’s government.

Mind you, I am not a regionalist but I am a straight shooter and I cannot hold back my frustration.

I, like many who believe in national unity, want fair play and equal distribution of positions in decision making. Why didn’t Sir Michael Somare consider one of our Highlands MPs like Peter Ipatas, Matthew Siune, Bire Kimisopa, Banare Bun or William Duma?

I come from the Highlands and my observation on every appointment done by the Somare government is that he favours his own Mamose and the New Guinea Islands regions.

My simple research shows that 96 per cent of appointments of senior governmental department heads and statutory bodies is from the two regions only. Furthermore, the key economic ministerial portfolios are held by them too, except the ministry of agriculture and livestock.

The five Highlands provinces currently provide more than 85 per cent of the total income for the nation annually and what we are getting from the Somare government is just 6 per cent of what we contribute to the nation.
It is really unfair. When coming to appointment of department heads and senior ministerial portfolios, candidates from the Highlands are over looked, like the recent appointment of the Auditor-General and the attempt on the DPM position for a member from Mamose or an Islander.

If the Somare government does not correct this deficiency soon, I am putting the National Alliance party on notice for the 2007 national election — that the party led by Sir Michael is anti-Highlands.

Not a Regionalist
Badili, NCD

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tru 2 dat

May 2 2005, 1:30 PM 

Guess every educated person is aware of that. I rather sit back and watch what the results of the next election would be for the NA party esp. in the highlands.

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Re: National Alliance put on notice

May 2 2005, 2:38 PM 

In the lead-up to the development of the Papua New Guinea Constitution, extensive public consultations and debates were held. Concerns about the environment and the management of the natural resources in the country featured prominently in those discussions. The five national goals expressed in the Papua New Guinea Constitution reflect those concerns:

Integral human development;

Equality and participation;

National sovereignty and self-reliance;

The preservation of natural resources and the environment;

The preservation of the culture and traditions of Papua New Guinea.

The custodians of PNG must never under any circumstance violate the national goals as inscribed in the National Constitution. They must be guarded for the visions to materialize.


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Re: National Alliance put on notice

May 2 2005, 4:23 PM 

The Chief who had a direct input into the formation of these goals and directives in the early days now appears to act to the contrary. In all material respects and in the case of the current government, so long as they are in power, participation and particularly allocation of ministerial and top management posts will only be limited to a certain region although merit based (so called) criterias are said to be in place.

I mean the appointment of the Auditor General is a joke. For the sake of the nation, this Office has been pretty much ineffective and public funds have been siphoned and grossly misued without any proper checks yet we see fit to appoint someone who has never managed a major audit or at least drafted an audit opinion.

In nearly most of the appointments made, merits and credentials appear to be lacking therefore the obvious conclusion is regional bias.

So much for equal participation!!!

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Re: National Alliance put on notice

May 2 2005, 11:26 PM 

I have always maintained this...some people thought i was being regionalist, thank God, people now realise that NA diseminated and propagated nepotism. Lets see if NA make a good number (in the Highlands) come 2007.


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Re: National Alliance put on notice

May 3 2005, 12:48 AM 

It's a shame that our Prime Minister, the 'father' of this nation, would be foolish enough to promote regionalism in a rather blatant manner.

His appointment of predominantly Momase and NGI public office holders and apparent oversight of highlanders and Papuans should not go unchallenged.

Stop promoting dis-unity Mr. Prime Minister.


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Re: National Alliance put on notice

May 3 2005, 12:50 PM 

Chief Somare,
Your very last Actions will be the SEAL that you will leave behind in your long political career in PNG history.

They say the "very first and last drop of water" from the bamboo tastes sweet. And they're the ones that are remembered the most.

Don't feed PNG with a mixture of muddy water before you descend into oblivion.
The nations eyes are OPEN.


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Jerry Nape

Re: National Alliance put on notice

May 3 2005, 2:53 PM 

Highlanders leaders are too young to lead the country.

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Re: National Alliance put on notice

May 3 2005, 2:57 PM 

Why sir Somare kept the deputy prime minister for so long? This is the clear indication of dictatorship, one man rule.

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Re: National Alliance put on notice

May 3 2005, 4:17 PM 

Somare must also be conscious of the fact that, casualities are usually big and hard felt when by chance the tide somehow turns in another party's favour.

PNG democracy has a multi-party system. The right to rule is not inherited from someone's prvate corner.

Let us have some fairness!

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Be realistic for better change

May 4 2005, 9:44 AM 

Fellow Papua New Guineans, I do agree with your comments about the current appointments in top posts in Papua New Guinea. But before we get carried away with all these, lets be realistic about the political, economical and social instabilities in the country for the last 30 years.

The down fall of Papua New Guinea's economic that have greater impact on social and infrastructure development is the cause of political instabilities, corruptions and mis-management in high places in the system of the government.

In the past, we have seen appointments to the public offices were done by the political appointment which have strong flavour of wantok-system and nepotism being played. Eventhough, the positions were fairly distributed, it also didn't turn out well.

The current situation about the top government appointments only focus most to specific region or regions, not because its a must to do, but to provide stability and improve better committed workforce for better Papua New Guinea.

For better Papua New Guinea, the government has to be realistic with the past problems and improve from that. The current appointments doesn't favour regionalism, but favour better Papua New Guinea for brighter future.

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Government to be blamed

May 4 2005, 3:37 PM 

Wednesday 04th May, 2005

I think government of PNG now should concentrate more on creating employment opportunities for young men and women who leave formal education each year. Where are the government going to employ these people? Since independence, prime minister after prime minister, nobody seems to talk about the future of young people, that why many crimal activities and HIV/AIDS going on around the country. Government is to be blamed for this problems are happening in the country.

If government dont do anything from now then, more unemployment will occur, therefore, I support the Leader of the Opposition's comment onWednesday 04th May, 2005. Peter's statement was “Are you aware that every year over 60,000 young men and women leave formal education and end up in the streets of major towns throughout the country because they are unable to find employment or continue their education?”

This is true, can government do something about this rather than spending money on unnecessary things.

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Cut n paste

Chief defends jobs

May 6 2005, 11:55 AM 

Chief defends jobs

PRIME Minister Sir Michael Somare yesterday had to defend the appointment of George Sulliman as Auditor General of PNG following criticisms that top jobs in government departments and statutory corporations are being given to people from one area and province.

The attack came from Alotau MP Issac Taitibe, who alleged that the government had turned a blind eye on the changes to the Public Services Management Act meant to promote appointments based on merit.

Mr Taitibe said the changes were supposed to act as transparent guide in appointments of suitably qualified people, and the established criteria and guidelines would assist in eradicating “phony pretenders, cronies and nepotism based on regional politicization of jobs.”

“The latest example is the recent appointment of a junior and inexperienced officer without following proper and legal procedures to the sensitive post of Auditor General, who I believe is a nephew of the Prime Minister’s Executive Officer, setting a dangerous precedent that must be challenged for the good of all concerned, especially the dedicated public servants of this country.”

He asked why the law was totally ignored and by-passed. He described the appointment as a “farce”.
But the Prime Minister denied that cronyism and nepotism were at play.


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The fitly and Unforgivable side of SOMARE smacks of flippancy

June 8 2005, 11:11 AM 

The smirking billboard of the so-called "father of the nation" and "Chief" must be abdicated in shame because "ACTIONS" have undoubtedly proven that the titles are a pathetic fallacy and amounts to nothing if deeds/actions are the only credible yardstick of any exalted leader.

The sneering contempt and unrelentless flaying shown by Sir Michael Somare on the national goals of "equal participation" and "equity" in nation building undo all the positive things he had done for the country. That's a sad and poor way of closing one's chapter of political legacy. Why knowingly create disunity and regionalism?

The National Alliance party's manifesto during 2002 National Elections have been completely ignored.

The actions of blatant wantokisim is unbecoming of a chief, let alone a "fatherly figure". This is a dangerous trend. It must be condemned in the strongest terms the obvious common sense must be brought back to the front seat

Port Moresby


NA's power play

Iangalio 'sidelined' as Somare, Blake move in

THE Government has made sweeping changes to the boards of various State-owned authorities that are likely to attract criticisms from sectors of the community, including the Highlands faction of his National Alliance party.
In a number of changes approved last month, the Prime Minister's son Sana Somare was appointed to the Board of PNG Power, while Sir Michael's financial advisor Glen Blake was appointed to the board of the Independent Public Business Corporation.

Sana Somare was appointed to the PNG Power Board along with five others including Sari Maso, William Kinjibi, Thomas Laka, Brian Amini and John Jeffery, who will chair the board. The former board, which had NA co-founder John Nilkare on it, was shown the door.

This changed was done by Acting Minister for State Enterprises Patrick Pruaitch, using his ministerial powers and determination. The State Enterprises Ministry is held by the Prime Minister.
On the same day last month, Minister Pruaitch removed IPBC managing director Masket Iangalio as a director of the PNG Harbours Board, and stripped Dr John Mua of his position as Executive Chairman of the Motor Vehicle Insurance Limited.

Mr Iangalio no longer sits on the board of any of the statutory corporations. He was previously removed from the Telikom board, the Rural Development Bank board, and the PNG Power board. Sources say Mr Iangalio, another co-founder of the NA party, could be on his way out. The IPBC Board is chaired by lawyer Sumasi Singin, the Prime Minister's legal advisor.

Dr Mua has been made managing director of MVIL, and will now report to new Executive Chairman Erimas Waratoj. Danny Tjoeng is a new board member appointed by Mr Pruaitch.

Asked to comment on the appointment of Mr Sana Somare and Mr Blake to the PNG Power and IPBC Board respectively, the Prime Minister's Media Unit issued a one liner saying: "the Minister exercised his powers in accordance with the IPBC Act".

A government source contacted about the appointments said it appeared that the IPBC Board did not have a say in the appointment.
"Such appointments would normally go to the IPBC before the Minister gives the approval, so each candidate is properly screened," the source said.
"IPBC's prudential guidelines are necessary to run these organizations, but it seems IPBC is being isolated from all these state owned enterprises."
Other appointments made include the appointment of Managing Directors of NASFUND Rob Mitchell and POSF Leon Buskins to the board of Telikom PNG. Removed from the board was director Milo Timini.

The source said this gives the impression that the government might attempt another bid to sell Telikom, but with the superfunds as active participants.
Air Niugini also has a new board member, Sir Frederick Reiher. Captain Paon Nonggor and Hugo Berghuser were dumped top make way for him.
Meanwhile, the Highlands faction of the National Alliance plan to hold a meeting to express concern about "being marginalized", a source said. The meeting is planned for the end of the month. The source refused to say who is spearheading the meeting.

Source: http://www.thenational.com.pg/0608/nation1.htm

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Maleo Velvel

Re: The fitly and Unforgivable side of SOMARE smacks of flippancy

June 8 2005, 11:27 AM 

It was a group of bully beef guys at that time (everybody else was somewhere at home) that decided he was going to be some chief. He took it on and that's where he's now. Was he the best then and now? The fruit of the pudding is in the eating!

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Highlands Faction of NA played for a fool

June 8 2005, 1:08 PM 

Behold,,,the day of englightenment has dawned!!

It is now clear that Somare has used the highlanders for his benefit and sinister motives which are now evident. The Highlands faction of the NA need to seriously reconsider their position in government. Events unfolding in the last few days suggests so.

It would be interesting to see NAs popularity in the Highlands in the next elections.

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Re: The filty and Unforgivable side of SOMARE smacks of flippancy

June 8 2005, 1:26 PM 

The "Southern region and Higlanders" need a re-think on their continued association with a party that has no sense of ethnically and regionally centered.

An all inclusive party that has a nationalistic outlook and approach is the logical way forward. I don't know if anyone of the other existing political parties have a truly unified PNG agenda on their platforms.

The NA party is a huge embarassement to the country in the face of a global village.

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Mangi blo Kol ples

Somare = Suharto

June 8 2005, 1:47 PM 

PNG is now seeing the emergence of a Family Dynasty so akin to the regime of the suharto family in Indonesia. It is a dangerous trand with family memebrs and close affiliates in powerful positions that might lead to corruption and wealth creation at the expense of the masses.

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Re: Somare = Suharto

June 8 2005, 2:26 PM 

Bullschit!!! The Somare's do not control the army nor do they control billions in wealth. The population does not cringe in fear of the name Somare. Stop exaggerating the problem and parallelng Somare to Suharto.

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Re: Somare = Suharto

June 9 2005, 9:05 PM 

Somare does not have to control the millitary or be a dictator like Suharto to control this nation, what he is doing right now is trying to grab power, that is passive power as opposed to cohesive power. Suharto had both, Somare knows that he cannot get both so is going for the silent approach which may bring less criticism and opposition. But we the people of PNG will not let him and and will strive for fairness and equality.


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Re: Somare = Suharto

October 19 2009, 1:09 AM 

acl, we need more fine young men like you!

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Maleo Velvel

Re: The filty and Unforgivable side of SOMARE smacks of flippancy

June 8 2005, 1:55 PM 

What goes up goes down. How he went in, he goes out the same. This is a game of people, require plotting & scheming. He did what Osama did when the US was closing down on him in Afghanistan-a truce was called & he escaped and ever since has not been found. Our PM did that with Luther Wenge-he gave 24 hours to appoint a DPM, everything went OK, everyone put their feet up. He moves in and removes the chairs they sat on and ....splat.....they fell.

How can you make him fall?...ummmmm......HIS WEAKEST POINT!

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Rausim Somare!

June 8 2005, 2:13 PM 

Come on you highlands and southern leaders, grow a backbone and take action and kick that regionalist, greedy pig out of the NA! We have seen his true colours now!


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Moderate Thinker

Re: The filty and Unforgivable side of SOMARE smacks of flippancy

June 8 2005, 3:03 PM 

Your party stood for fairness, justice, equal opportunity for everyone, and anti-corruption and won the 2005 elections overwhelmingly.

What has become of you within a very short span of 3 years???

The same people that voted you in are not around and alive. Their eyes and ears are wide open as they were barely three (3) years ago.

Moderate thinker

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Maleo Velvel

Re: The filty and Unforgivable side of SOMARE smacks of flippancy

June 8 2005, 3:58 PM 

Wonder who gave him the chief tag...can that be removed?

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That tag is not a national award!!!

June 9 2005, 12:30 AM 

Unlike other forms of national awards that stick with names, the Chief title was arbitrary and over time somehow is associated with him. Started during the old house of assembly days where PMs where known as Chief Ministers.

Well obviously after independence, that name has been dumped in the bin therfore whoever is associated with this name today would certainly be a living fossil that ought to be chucked in the trash bin the sooner the better.

Rausim...wanpela NA candidate come lo ples blo mi lo next election is a goner!!!!!!

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The National - View Point

<b>Give Highlanders a fair go </b>

June 9 2005, 10:50 AM 

Give Highlanders a fair go

I WISH to highlight a growing concern among a significant majority of Highlanders living in the towns and cities, remote villages, and the thousands more who daily trod the highways and byways of Papua New Guinea.
Before I do so, it is only right that I first extend my warm personal congratulations, and that of the Opposition, to the Honorable Member for Hiri-Kairuku and Minister for Petroleum and Energy, Sir Moi Avei, on his appointment as Deputy Prime Minister.

And secondly, the President-elect of the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, Mr Joseph Kabui, also deserves to be congratulated for his victory in the first autonomous government elections.

The concerns I want to raise here are not in any way intended to call into question Sir Moi’s credentials to occupy the second highest political office in the country, nor cast shade over his public standing, or even doubt his ability to live up to the duties and responsibilities, which have now been entrusted upon him. Far from all these!
I simply wish to take issue with only one aspect of the consideration, which reportedly had weighed heavily in finally enabling the Prime Minister to make the appointment.

This is important, because the appointment of a new Deputy Prime Minister, along with all other new and recent Government appointments, is inevitably sending a strong political message to the people of a particular region of our country, namely the Highlands.

The Prime Minister has publicly stated “regional balance” as an important consideration in settling for Sir Moi for the Deputy Prime Minister’s job. Well and good! But may I ask? What “regional balance” are we talking about?
What do you mean, when you say “regional balance” to justify senior Government appointments these days?

Just look at the whole political spectrum in the country’s and the upper echelons of the bureaucracy!
We, the Highlanders, are missing out very badly! But we have come to accept and there is little argument that we must have best man for the job in making appointments to all public offices.

The only irony or sore point in all of these is that we seem to be having large majority of the appointees coming from one particular region or even a particular province for that matter. Now, that is hard to swallow for anyone with any sense of self-respect and patriotism.
For a most populous region in the country, the Highlands region at present occupies only two key senior political posts — that is the Speaker of Parliament held by the Member for Sinasina-Yongomugl, Jeffrey Nape, and the leadership of the Opposition, which I hold. Every other position that wields true political power and influence is in the hands of Papua New Guineans hailing from areas other than the Highlands.

Senior bureaucratic positions are now held by persons from one particular region or province.

To make it worse, family members and business associates and cronies of the Prime Minister are now being appointed to some of these positions.
Even in the Chamber of Parliament. When you gaze around you will notice only seven Highlands Ministers in a Cabinet of 28. This is pathetic and it is unacceptable.

We are a proud group of people deep in tradition and we cannot continue to accept being treated like second class citizens.
I know there are equally capable Highlands leaders sitting in the Government ranks — in the likes of Bire Kimisopa, Don Polye, Peter Ipatas, William Duma, David Basua, Sam Abal, Banare Bun and others, who on their own merits could have easily qualified for the Deputy Prime Minister’s position.
I fear it is becoming very obvious that Highlanders, almost in all walks of life, are being marginalized.

This is outright injustice, and I am prompted to pose this question: Is it regional balance or Papua New Guinea witnessing the building of institutionalized inequities calculated to entrench political power and influence in the hands of a ruling minority?

Peter O’Neill
Leader of the Opposition

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The National

Ipatas tells govt to be fair

June 9 2005, 10:59 AM 

Ipatas tells govt to be fair

ENGA Governor Peter Ipatas has asked the government to be fair to all four regions in the country when making appointments to senior government positions within the country.
He said this in response to a report in this newspaper about the changes to heads of various State owned organisations which upset leaders from the Highlands region.

"I represent my people and many people think it's unfair. Select people on merit and equality between the regions," he said.
He said 15 to 20 years ago, the Highlands region did not have many educated people but this has changed and today there were many educated elite from the Highlands available.

He said those appointing people to senior positions in the country must ask themselves whether it is fair to all regions of the country.
"The general feeling is that it was not fair. Other regions are missing out and that is not good," said Governor Ipatas.
National Alliance Highlands Leader Don Polye was not available to comment yesterday but an officer within his department said the government had the prerogative to sack and and put in new officers using the IPBC Act.

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Re: Ipatas tells govt to be fair

June 9 2005, 4:49 PM 

Just be mindful that some of the very decisions that are made now by the Chief will sooner nor later be reflected tumbling of the White Elephant in Waigani.

Mi tait long baim takis long olgeta kona...stoa, balus, skul fee....Ino long taim bai oli kisim takis blong pulim win tu...

Maski...givim olgeta wok long Somare tsaol...stat lon klina igo antap long PM

Bai emi nap tu or?

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The National

Somare's pathetic lies exposed!

June 12 2005, 2:17 PM 

No one paid K1m a year: Iangalio

INDEPENDENT Public Business Corporation Managing Director Masket Iangalio yesterday refuted claims that an executive manager at the company was on a salary of K1 million a year.

Mr Iangalio told reporters that no one at IPBC, including himself was paid that kind of money in a year. He was responding to claims by Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare that an executive at IPBC was paid K1 million.

Sir Michael, who is the minister responsible for public enterprises, did not name the person. At the time he made the claim on Tuesday, he was defending the appointment of his son Sana and business advisor Glen Blake to the boards of PNG Power and IPBC.

Mr Iangalio, a long time friend who co-founded the National Alliance party with the Chief, called a press conference yesterday to clarify this.
"That is not correct. My terms and conditions here are approved by the Salaries and Conditions Monitoring Committee, and it falls into the salary structures of all the other state owned entities," he said.
"This is a misleading statement by the Prime Minister and I just want to get that correct. The remuneration package for the managing director here is in the K300,000 range. Even some of our expatriate officers here, they are no way paid close to a million kina."

He explained that when the IPBC Act was changed, it required Cabinet to make appointment of all the CEOs of all state owned entities, including IPBC, and the terms and conditions were set in consultation with the SCMC.
"Those guidelines are being followed very strictly, so there are no excessive payments," he said.

He said the prime minister might have been referring to consultants and advisors in the past, some of whom were paid about a million kina a month by the then privatization commission.
Asked about the recent changes made to the boards of some of the state owned entities, Mr Iangalio said candidates for these posts should always be subjected to a fit and proper persons test before they are appointed.
"When a list of names is submitted to the minister, we then screen them to make sure that they meet the test, by checking banks statements, records, their standing in the community, and knowledge of the industry.

"But in most of the recent appointments, the Prime Minister just went ahead and made the appointments, which defeats the purpose," he said.
Mr Iangalio said it was important to learn from the past, where those appointed to run these entities were politically hand picked, which has led to very poor performances by many state owned entities.


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Radical Highlander


June 12 2005, 7:33 PM 

My fellow highlanders,

In the midst of all this rehtoric of nepotism, cronism and political retribution, two things for certain has come to light: we have wolves in sheeps clothing running the country; and helpless lambs being led to the slaughter with out the least hesitation. The former is the Prime Minister and his cohorts and the latter is the group comprising of are our regional leaders who do not have a backbones to protest in outrage at the percieved injustices.


Who is to say that the country will be better managed by Sepiks, or even those of a particular region for that matter? What we highlanders demand is equal participation and a hand in the running of this country. Do not attempt to marginalise us and our voice in how the resources of this country are to be used, even when we are the biggest contributors. Do not tell us we are uneducated as we contribute the largest part to the work force and man-power of the country. Don't distrub the hornets nest and throw this nation into chaos. Most importantly, as Nelson Mandela would have said, don't do something that will make future reconcilliation virtually impossible.

thinking people,

One thing is perhaps relevant in all this, that is that we need to review our political system and strive for a system that grants more power to the people. In line with this, the issue of autonoumous governance under a federal system seems pertinent. Give us the power to decide our future with our own resources (I support Agirus opinion on this in 10 Friday's National Viewpoint). It will be better for the future of this country and for peace and progress if the regions were divided into states to have greater control over their resources and destiny. Let the President be elected by the people and disband the current practice where by a group of politicians who hold their political career foremost decide on the future of the country. Let us see whom the majority of Papua New Guineans see fit to run the country in open republic elections.

Time for change is now. Sieze the opportunity while the iron is still hot!

Radical Highlander.

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Coastal Dweller


June 12 2005, 11:24 PM 

Somare is setting the stage for more autonomous government by his marginalisation of certain region. His days are numbered.

Coastal Dweller

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malipin wane


June 15 2005, 11:15 PM 

to this end, after three years Somare hasnt acheived anything...not even a new bill for the betterment of this nation. Otherwise, I might miss out. Can someone make a list for those of us who do not know? Dont include those juicy paper reports from Bart Philemon, like BOP surplus, budget surplus etc...because they havent translated into something tangible. PNG is worse than it was before...All I can remember this government doing was building a family and regional empire out of PNG...

I think its high time someone out there in the house taberan put a no confidence motion and get rid of NA. God willing, NA will be gone before or after the elections as is the precendent in the short PNG political history.


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June 16 2005, 11:29 AM 

Somare's brain lacks knowledge.
He's rusty and needs further education to lubricate his rusty brain.He holds no university degree but just a school teacher certificate.
MMmmmm a teacher running the nation-imagine that.

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June 16 2005, 12:56 PM 

NAME Somare will be barried by 2007 and shall never ever rise again (a threat to unity be erased). Marginalised Sepiks will cast the first blow against this threatening dynasty for a Allan Bird.

Others will follow suit.

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June 16 2005, 12:57 PM 

I think you are one of those mentioned too>

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Hailans mas Senesim Pasin !

June 16 2005, 4:24 PM 

Fellow Highlanders,

What I am about to say may be unpalatable for some of you, but we need to change our general aggressive attitude and conduct. Now is the time for deep introspection on our part, a time to look at our attitudes and take stock of how we have been helping or not helping make PNG a greater nation.

Political bias and regionalism are side issues here. The greater issue is how we Highlanders are contributing to the image and progress of this country when we make up more than half the population.

-If it is true that our region provides more than half of the workforce, what then have we to show for in terms of tangible development in our own districts?

-Why do our folk migrate into major centres like Port Moresby and squat illegally on the traditional lands of other people like the Motu-Koitabuans?

-Why do we keep living in violence, always resort to the gun to solve disputes?

-Why do we plant coffee trees and bananas within 10 meters of national roads, to claim compensation after roadworks?

-Why do we have this knack for burning state property down when we dispute election outcomes?

- Why do we expect our leaders to fly-us to POM all expenses paid, and then put pressure on our wantoks living their to accomodate us whilst they have to feed their own families and make ends meet?

- Why do WE take beer cartons into the UPNG mass, eat and dump our scraps on the tables, harrass fellow students, and damage school property?

Why all this and more? If their need to be any changes, it needs to start with our general attitudes first. Take criticism with a grain of salt, as they are founded in some truth and look at what we can do to make a change. I tell you, if we the highlanders change our attitude, we will see this country on the road to recovery and prosperity.



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Re: Hailans mas Senesim Pasin !

June 16 2005, 5:03 PM 

Very true and require some deep thoughts. Maybe all highlanders should channel their aggressiveness to developing the whole highland regions and move out of POM. Build Hagen City, Goroka City, you name it. Have some pride in your region. And try becomming civilised for godsake!

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mangii hailands

You'll be sorry!

June 16 2005, 6:39 PM 

If highlanders move out of POM city you'll be sorry for yourself. It is through higlanders shear hard work and informal business activities that provide basic services to POM residents, such as PMV bus service..Now tell us how many PMV buses you coastlers own here. If we are to pool out of POM city you lose more than us...think B4 you hate us....

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Re: You'll be sorry!

June 16 2005, 8:13 PM 

Your argument has no basis.

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Mangi Wasa-RA

ESP point of view

June 17 2005, 9:15 PM 

As a proud PNGan, I like many others from the ESP are very disgusted with the way all of the Somare brief case carriers and shoe lickers have now made their way into the higher echelons of PNG power. All of you out there are right to feel marginalised but you must never forget that it was your MPs that made him PM in the first place. Your leaders should now stand ready to amend this mistake. Remember that his party only won 2 seats in ESP and 2 in WSP and that equates to less than 25% seats in this part of the world. In fact, we still have 2 ESP MPs in opposition benches because we know only too well how the Somares have milked the province dry over the last 20 years. PNG just gave their so called God a bigger and happier hunting ground that is all.

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June 17 2005, 9:39 PM 

As a Sepik, and from the nationalist point of view I really contempt what Somare has been doing especially on so call " cohorts appointment" for top jobs in the country. Somare's prime interest is to have his own people or family into senior positions for the interest of ripping the people of Sepik and PNG.

Recent appointments of Sana and Blake to very important positions in the national level is for the interest of development prospects of Sepik region. People of Sepik now knew the entire motives behind this move.

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Simply reject Somare association

June 18 2005, 1:02 AM 

National alliance and Mr Micheal Somare have once again made headlines on very important political issues especially with political leadership and institutional appointments of late. people are now complaining however the trend was in its setting long before and this is just the very real product what was already a designed plan. there are now arguments over certain appointments that links with nepotism, wantokism and favorism, truly indications are Somare has in the face of all Papua new Guineans practiced this very things.

Although some may claim that National Alliance are a party culturing this type but give them a break, in a real sense it is who you call the chief(sic)is the one responsible with his chosen politicians and advisors who are practically running the show. The rest of the Natioanal alliance members are in fact genuine and ideal members who I think will lose favours come election time.

The recent appointments are indeed of questionable nature but this however has been a custom to most Prime Ministers of our country and major parties. During the Peoples Democratic Movement(PDM)it was worse because they appointed those who were relatives, wantoks or cronies to the party or its members. Look at the likes of NPF, Delloittes Tower, POSF and many others will suggest they were also in that category. National Alliance and Somare however are just the same mob having been down players during PDM's time.

Some have argued that it is the making of the NGI and Momase region and yes you may be right but, this however is not true and I am sure it is only the doing of this particular Somare group. We must not take regional sides to support our arguments because Highlanders and Papuans are not been considered for positionas and ministeries and so forth. What we have to analyse is that when it comes to election time, choose good honest leaders so we get the best out of them. This dynasty of having to bow down to certain identities has to stop once and for all so may I put it, why choose when you have seen that these people are only building their empire and so it goes on like the chief as you call is now is in business setting just the likes of others who are building their wealth, I do not want to name, it is at your knowledge. Where is our ombudsman because they have to look into this factors.

Papua New Guinea was at the verge of being a failed state truly at the time of PDM's era and to the National Allinace too, only that we have some good leaders in NA and its coalition who are guiding us to peosperuty to name afew like the Philemon and others.

The long delay in the appointment of a Deputy Prime Minister is one case, that showed quite authorative power and that is a direct opposite to a democratic system we are supposed to embrace.I give credit to Wenge for the outburst that led to the appointment of the Deputy. When are we as are sovereign country able to see values that embrace democratic values such as equality, freedom, gender, rights, equal opportunity for the people of Papua New Guinea, give me a break, take regionalism away and look at weeding away the people that we do not want. And yes I don agree that what has been happening is dictatorial but we must not blame the sepiks or the tolais or in that sense but we must see to remove these idiots, mind you sepiks are suffering also and Somare is enjoying himself.

The recent removal of the ECP and the AusAId is also something that needs a very point of discussion. There are claims that we do not need them but this is not true because the aid in real practical terms was good for our country that addressed corruption and tranparency. Luther may havre been a hero but to critics , it is just for political gains, now he is the very person crying for their return, no this is not right.

Bougainville Autonomy has just given them the recipe for avoiding such manupilation and believe it they will progress.

Therefore the only way is now to get rid of these people you think don't deserve to be in parliament. This also means getting rid of those NA members who are associates to Somare but not all NA members and also the members of the other parties who may not seem genuine to be public office holders. These people are accountable to us as voters so we must measure them that time, unfortunately we have a system that is so much corrupt evben to the judiciary and the ombudsman.

Thank you for the space.

opox Sovera

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Mangi Wasa-RA

Re: Simply reject Somare association

June 18 2005, 10:44 AM 

Tenkyu Mendex, em sound gud tasol mi laik putim addition tasol.

This NA govt is only credible because of people like Barter, Bart Philimon, Moi Avei, Puka Temu, Lady Kidu, Bire Kimisopa, etc. Without these high performing, credible MPs, it would be nothing.

Taim bilong eleksen 2007, we will see if people will vote NA for these people or for Somare. In 2002, there is little doubt that 90% of NA candidates were elected because people wanted to see Somare as PM. In ESP, NA was rejected and were given 2 seats out of 6. Now after the Yangoru/Sassia by election, NA has 3 seats. The Yangoruans did this because they were scared of what the Somare's would do to them. I say this because in 2002, Peter Wararu came 10th. They saw how Somare was starving Wewak Open & Wosera/Gawi of projects due to their members refusal to support him for PM and they realised that if we vote Wararu, Somare will open the door to us. As is the case now.

So it's up to the rest of PNG, bai yupela bau daun na lotuim God na Royal King bilong Sepik Wara o bai yupela sapotim narapela lida?

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