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Will never happen, He is lier.

May 24 2006 at 3:02 PM

Weeding out corruption will save PNG: Kimisopa

STRONG political leadership and will to fight corruption and crime will under-write the future of Papua New Guinea, Justice Minister, Bire Kimisopa has said. Mr Kimisopa, who is the leader of the United Party, said his group supports all the major positive initiatives of the present government to move PNG forward. “But, what should really underwrite the emergence of the new Papua New Guinea will be our commitment to fighting corruption and building law and order in this country. “I think this is the bedrock in which a successful PNG economy will thrive,” Mr Kimisopa said. Mr Kimisopa was asked by the Post-Courier about his party’s policies for the 2007 general elections and what a new government should focus on.. “ Without law and order and a very strong criminal justice system and judicial service, I think we are not even on the blocks, I don’t think so,” he said in response. “Without saying too much about health, education, roads and bridges and management of the economy, what will underwrite the new PNG as a nation so that there is sustainability in terms of its programs, in terms of its management of the economy, is a dynamic law enforcement regime and a successful criminal justice system. “It needs to be operating, it needs to be functioning effectively,” Mr Kimisopa said. “We should concentrate on the big issues such as law order, law and justice system, strong judicial system including a strong penal system. He added: “ The economic gains we have made so far, the big investments we are announcing, the big gold mines, the gas project, in my view will be driven with a lot of anxiety, apprehension, it cannot attract the kind of investment quickly. “What investors right around the world are looking at in PNG is law and order and whether we have the political will. “We have to be astute in making decisions about law and justice sector, not only giving it lip service, we need to give it budgetary allocation, absolutely critical to get it up and running

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You amaze me...

May 24 2006, 3:55 PM 

So what are you saying?He is lying because this is what he wants to happen? Or he is lying that this will happen?
It may not happen,we would all know that but the point is that a senior Minister is talking sense and if you ask me,it seems that this man talks a lot of sense. Everytime he opens his mouth I tend to listen.
What he proposes for a new economically driven PNG can only happen if and when we take positive steps to clean up our law and order problems.
I would suggest we support him and not criticise him unjustly.

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Kimisopa is Ok but PNG must fund its own Police

May 24 2006, 4:27 PM 

PNG must fund its own police force and not go begging for Australians to fund, I think the politicians now in govt. and past do not have maintenance and upgrade drive in their system, they think fund something new and the existing infrastructure will take care of its self.
PNG must suffer first, pump all its money into police first then downgrade the PNGDF to start policing our streets (Our greatest enemy are the raskols in within PNG) not Indonesians or other Nations.
Kimisopa must learn to fork funds from our own source otherwise its not worth it to call ourselfs Independent State of Beggers. (Not forgetting the Sepiks who are now stealing from the Finance Department).

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