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NA heading the same way PDM in 2002

June 20 2006 at 1:07 PM

NA is now disintergrating into the Big Time Election LOSS HOLE. The same as PDM in 2002

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NA still has people of the likes of Carol Kidu with it

June 20 2006, 1:11 PM 

The Chief is playing this off beautifully. He'll hold up fellow members like Carol Kidu as "proof" that he's honest!!!!!!!!

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Re: NA still has people of the likes of Carol Kidu with it

June 20 2006, 1:25 PM 

Husat i tok.

NA is much stronger than ever before. NA will scoop the 2007 National Elections. That is no illusion--NA bai kisim olgeta!

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Re: NA still has people of the likes of Carol Kidu with it

June 20 2006, 2:03 PM 

I agree with you bro. NA is raising money like you wouldn't believe to win 2007. Rimbunan Hijau is giving them money big time. NA has the power now and they've promised those who give them campaign money that they'll not forget their friends and reward them handsomely after 2007.

I agree with you. NA is going to buy so many votes it is certain to win in 2007.

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Re: NA still has people of the likes of Carol Kidu with it

June 20 2006, 4:28 PM 

The reality is that you are probably right but wouldn't it be better if you all took the money that NA gave you to buy your support but actually voted in the MP who you thought would honestly fight for your rights after 2007 and try their best to make PNG a better place?After all,no one knows what happens inside the polling booth.
Wouldn't this make you feel like you had done the right thing?

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Economic gains takes the predominance over political rights

June 20 2006, 8:26 PM 

Of the poor illiterate masses, the issue of economic gains takes the predominance over political freedom. They'd go for cash in order to sustain their livlihoods instead of voting in the right person even though, they know who the right person to be voted is.


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NA Doomed

June 20 2006, 9:05 PM 

When in Power you will be blinded with Power, when hell is approaching you will illucinate and feel stronger in your weaker days. If only you can step out of your shell for a second then you will realise the collition course.

NA is now heading that direction, sorry to tell but we will witness the PDM saga. Cabinet ministers will be counted out when final counting and declarations comes in.

NA will be history !!

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Re: Economic gains takes the predominance over political rights

June 20 2006, 9:09 PM 

WRONG! wantok.
How is economic gains being predominance over political freedom? Voter-freedom is still there but wealth and intimidation has long hijacked the process. Economic gains seem to impact little or nothing on grassroots livelihoods.
Economic gains declaration alone does not measure our living standards when basic services are still absent in rural areas.

Even if you say theyd go for cash to sustain their livelihoods, in actual fact it does not in anyway sustain or improve their livelihooods. Vote-buying tactic alone yield poor governance and leadership and does not have a positive impact of livelihoods.
A seasonal K10 for a mouth only drives the situation worse making our poverty-ridden societies vulnerable to poor public services.

Awareness campaigns with huge font flyers, maybe from TI and NGOs, can have some impact on voting in rural areas.


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Re: Economic gains takes the predominance over political rights

June 20 2006, 9:36 PM 

It's the same thing I am mentioning except that I didn't mention the highjacking part of it. Yes, intidimidation of voters is predominant and cannot be denied.

When you mention "wealth" it is the same thing I am refering to as "economic gains" I don't mean the big gains to sustain livlihoods. What I mean is a K10 for the day coz, poor Toro cannot reject a K10 offered to him, given the economic state of the rural masses (poverty I mean). And you are just rephrashing it. Just compare the rest of your statement and my statements including the previous one.


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June 23 2006, 4:12 PM 

CowGirl and Aiop, on the same track, how ever both of you failed to mentioned the root cause that hinders us from progress where as wantokism and the complexity of our Culture that plays a greater role of getting the right people into the parliament. Not everyone concern will scoop K10 into their mouth just for a vote, think of the extended genology of our society esp. the highlands. People in the village will follow this and vote where as their are influenced by the so called big man. Anyway i do not think NA will be in Power after 2007 Election. look at the Somares their have crook deals with overseas investors. the recent one is the consultant from the US.


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Re: NA still has people of the likes of Carol Kidu with it

June 26 2006, 3:33 PM 

QUESTION: "wouldn't it be better if you all took the money that NA gave you to buy your support but actually voted in the MP who you thought would honestly fight for your rights after 2007 and try their best to make PNG a better place?"

ANSWER: No. Because we then encouraged NA to take all that money from RH and RH of course demands something in return which will cost our nation dearly, long after the elections are over.

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Does anyone know who has the 25% interest in the Wewak tuna cannery?

June 23 2006, 3:16 PM 

The government was supposed to have a 25% stake but everyone in Wewak is saying that the Somare family got this 25% stake in the cannery. This sounds exactly like NA is following PDM!!!!!! Just like Wingti, the Somare family will be sitting pretty whether NA wins or loses.

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Tell the grass roots not to VOTE for NA in 2007

June 24 2006, 11:24 AM 

Simple as that we all can tell our villagers and explain to them not to support any National Alliance Candidates in the comming 2007 elections.
No Somare and No Sepiks for the next 50 years.

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This isn't gonna work

June 24 2006, 1:15 PM 

You understand that until we change the system, whoever beats out NA will do the same thing. Whoever become the new ministers will immediately start finding ways to get kickbacks for themselves. So sad because all the money that goes into their pockets is money that could have been used for basic services.

But someone tell me if it's true that the Somare family has taken over the 25% stake in the tuna cannery in Wewak that was SUPPOSED to be going to the government?????

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Re: This isn't gonna work

June 25 2006, 8:56 AM 

Add to that PNG Carbon Trading credits

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Sugar Daddy

I think it was more like 10% ...

June 29 2006, 1:59 PM 

The story goes something like this;

Somare (either father or son, I'm not clear on that), wanted the actual share instrument in his name. South Sea Tuna refused to issue the share certificates for ESP prov Govt in that fashion. This was some time back. Those shares may have already been issued to somebody since then.

From what I know the amount was something like 10 or 12% not 25%. ESP Prov govt was rumoured to be paid K17.0 million this year for last year's dividends.

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Sugar Daddy

Re: I think it was more like 10% ...

June 29 2006, 2:10 PM 

All I asked for was to post on the right board please.

Australian gov fed up with the corrupt Michael Somare
June 29 2006 at 7:58 AM
No score for this post from The Australian newspaper
articles with editorial COMMENTS in [ ]

PNG ignoring illegal logging: Abetz
Greg Roberts
The Australian

A DIPLOMATIC row is looming with Papua New Guinea over a claim by Australian Forestry Minister Eric Abetz that the "vast majority" of rainforest logging in PNG is illegal.

Senator Abetz said successive PNG governments had turned a blind eye to illegal logging and warned that Canberra would move to ban imports of illegally sourced timber.

His comments will anger PNG Prime Minister Michael Somare, who has ties with the forestry industry. [COMMENT: Watch the corrupt Michael stamp his little sandals and tell us Papua New Guineans that he isn't going to let Australia dictate to us. Then while we're aplauding him, he'll ship the next load of unprocessed logs to Asia].

The PNG Forest Board is investigating the validity of timber permits issued to Malaysian company Brilliant Investment. The company began logging last year after taking over a concession held by the Sepik River Development Corporation, which Sir Michael heads. [COMMENT: Brilliant Investment? Seems like that was one of the main points in the underground masalai-i-tokaut newsletter - a newsletter that when posted to PNGScape, was removed. PNGScape censors proved themselves once again to be part of the problem, not part of the solution]

Forest Board sources said Brilliant Investment was exporting an average of8500 cubic metres of logs, worth $2million, each month.

Sir Michael's spokesperson, his daughter Betha, said her father headed the Sepik corporation in his role as a traditional chief and that he had never profited from a logging operation. "It is not true to say he has a personal history with the industry," she said. [COMMENT: Seems like our Betha has forgotten all about the Barnett Inquiry's indictment of the corrupt Sir Michael]

Senator Abetz said logging in PNG was not conducted in accordance with the country's own regulations. "Some people would assert that the vast majority of it is illegal," he told The Australian. "From the evidence I have seen, I would agree." He said he would soon release a paper on ways of banning imports of illegally sourced timber. [COMMENT: Who now "owns" 80% of PNG's available timber resources? Maybe that's the company that is responsible for all the lawbreaking?]

The Government is examining a certification scheme requiring exporters to provide details of the source of timber being exported.

However, Senator Abetz said much of PNG's timber was exported to countries such as China, where it was processed into furniture and other products, which were in turn exported. [COMMENT: Thus using PNG resources to create thousands of Chinese jobs]

"We're looking at ways of ensuring products from those countries are also legally sourced," he said.

A report commissioned by Canberra last year from consultants Jaakko Poyry said Australia imported $400million worth of illegally sourced timber a year.

Senator Abetz's comments were welcomed by Tom Vigus, who oversaw field operations in PNG for a World Bank-funded review of logging practices. The review ended last year.

He said PNG regulations were routinely flouted. For instance, buffer zones of vegetation were required to be left along streams but trees had been cut to the water's edge.

Axel Wilhelm, spokesman for Malaysian company Rimbunan Hijau, which accounts for 80 per cent of logging in PNG, denied operations were illegal. [COMMENT: No further comment from RH? Sounds like they're a bit on the defensive. Maybe because they had villagers beat up only a couple weeks ago].

© The Australian

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Author Reply
utter foolishness Re: Australian gov fed up with the corrupt Michael Somare
No score for this post June 29 2006, 10:06 AM

Now we know why Michael Somare ignored all this last year-because his own "Brilliant Investment" would have been threatened:

POST COURIER, Wednesday 22 June 2005

Forest authority must stop logging - expert

THE National Forest Authority must put a stop to all logging in Papua New Guinea and re-assess the trend that logging has created in this country. Wuas Ubun, a forestry consultant with more than 10 years experience in forest related issues, said this when highlighting the negative effects continuous logging would have on forestry development in PNG. Mr Ubun said the NFA must make the best business deal for the country — to earn more than what it was earning and bring foreign exchange into the country. “Our current trend is that these logging companies are taking what they are earning out of the country. When PNG logs arrive in foreign countries, the logs are placed in a pool and are auctioned at a price that is five times more than what they are paying for in our country,” he said. Mr Ubun said proper planning and assistance must be given to the right people who want to see changes at the village level. He said people also want to see the government come in with their social, economical and agricultural contribution in the development of that particular area through kina for kina. Mr Ubun added that when the government does this, people would feel responsible to look after their resources. Mr Ubun also supported the call by Ecoforestry Forum and non-government organisations to political leaders not to pass the latest changes to the forestry Act. He urged all foresters not to sit back with their mouths shut but to come out and speak their mind. “It is our duty to see that first our people benefit through proper management of our forest resources and not allowing acts after acts and amendments done to the recent acts to deprive our people and ourselves,” Mr Ubun said. He added that the amendments to the Act would only further empower foreigners to take advantage over our country by these changes.

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GORADESKII This isn't Australian Government Problem???? Leave us alone
No score for this post June 29 2006, 11:42 AM

This isn't Austrailian Government's problem and yet they feel fit to dictate. They can "F" off and leave the problem with us. If they want to put a stop to our timber then they can go ahead it will only help us one way or another, but they should not act as sherrif in the Pacific. who of the ministers there in AUSIE parliament have phycically come over to PNG and did the investigation and see for them selves? They are only depending on Reports which can some times manipulate decission as it may not be the case, so i suggest they shut their mouth and keep to them selves. we can do our own investigation. please note that I for one I do not like the recent report on Forest Corruption by Rimbuan and Somare but after all it is only a report so until they are proven guilty with hard evidence then we should shoot our arrows.


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Anonymous Re: This isn't Australian Government Problem???? Leave us alone
No score for this post June 29 2006, 1:46 PM

You know why the Australians are "helping us" out of our problem?

Because obviously we haven't shown the ability to help ourselves out of our problem!

For a start, RH is still sitting pretty inside PNG and the illegalities that have been harped on for donkeys years to all Papua New Guineans through the newspapers continue on without hardly a protest apart from the FOREIGN Greenpeace.

See? We don't help ourselves so the foreigners have to do it.

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NA is definitely crossing the line

June 26 2006, 2:42 PM 

It seems that we are going the full cycle in our political history of the last 4 - 5 years. PDM was ousted because of it cross many basic human rights, lack of service delivery, strong arm tactics, been arrogant and ignorant of the people.
NA is in its current term is doing pretty much the same. The greed they the possess will eventually plot their own demised. No amount of money will saved them in the coming 2007 election.
I will not give my 1, 2 and 3 to any NA candidate in 2007.

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Re: NA is definitely crossing the line

June 27 2006, 9:21 AM 

We have never had a government in the past 20 years that actually made much difference to the 85% of our citizens who live in the village. And thus, they've continued pretty much as usual, but working harder to make money as our PNG overpopulation problem forces them to make a living off of smaller and smaller pieces of land.

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