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PNG Electoral Offce fails NCD By-Election

July 11 2006 at 1:36 PM
Informal VoterMan 

Over the last couple of days we have all heard about the chaos involved in the ncd by-elections. We have heard that many registered voters although enrolled did not vote because the names were simple not on the new common roll.

Inaddition, polling in many areas started very late. In some cases, polling began at 2 pm. In other areas for example, Moresby Northeast, there was no polling station at the Rev. Sioni Kami United Church when it was clearly shown to be one of the polling stations and confirmed in the national papers. Andrew has failed in his duty to ensure his people are on time and ready for polling.

Moreover, the most basic of the common was not adequately updated. It was mentioned that approximately 128000 people registered to vote. It won't be surprising half or less than half of the votes are casted and many as informal. I know of a family living in Moresby northwest electorate for last 10 years had their names in Moresby south common roll. Andrew has again failed his duty to provide a reasonable common roll.

For the PNGEC lawyer John Kongri to come out and say that the right court or forum to take this court ruling is the Court of Disputed Returns is a cope out by the PNGEC, its boss Andrew Trawen and its lawyers. It this seen as passing the buck when in reality the buck stops with Andrew Trawen to ensure elections are done fair starting from the most basic common roll, to polling and to counting.

This is the worst election or by-election ever conducted by the PNG Electoral Commission under the LPV system. The comments by Andrew Trawen that there will be hiccups is uncalled for and if he had foreseen these hiccups he should have prepared his organisation to cover as much ground as possible. It would have been honourable to make recommendation to the prime minister and parliament that pngec was not ready and that the ncd by-election not to take place at all. Instead divert the resources to get the commission geared up for 2007 general elections. He has failed in his duty to make a genuine honest recommendation to the government and the people of ncd.

Using NCD as the benchmark and NCD been one of the bigger and powerful seats in PNG politics what guarantee do we have from the PNGEC under the leadership of Andrew Trawen to give the people, voters, candidates, the private-public institutions and foreign observers that 2007 General Elections will be fair and a success???? I doubt Andrew Trawen is capable of running this institution that gives our great nation its democratic identity.

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Re: PNG Electoral Offce fails NCD By-Election

July 11 2006, 2:53 PM 

Voting irregularities throughout PNG have been getting steadily worse through the years. Yet all we do is complain after the fact, forget about it, and let the next election turn out even worse. The public ALWAYS could have demanded international observers in our elections. We never do. We get what we deserve and complaining about it after the fact achieves nothing and means nothing, because we could have predicted that all this would occur ahead of time, couldn't we?

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Re: PNG Electoral Offce fails NCD By-Election

July 11 2006, 4:19 PM 

its valid to complain because the PNGEC has never learned from its mistakes. They have 5 years to plan and they wait until the last 24months to get off their backsides and work. WHAT A DISGRACE ANDREW TRAWEN!!!!!!!

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endless cycles

Re: PNG Electoral Offce fails NCD By-Election

July 11 2006, 4:59 PM 

They've all learned that they can safely ignore our complaints because we'll soon forget all about it.....

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