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Next Parliament Line Up - 2007

November 20 2006 at 4:00 PM
Look beyond time (LBT) 

Prime Minister - Rabbie Namaliu
Deputy Prime Minister - Somebody new
Other cabinet ministers - Jammie Maxton Gramme, Peter Ipatas, Don Polye, and some new Mps.

Opposition : Arthur Somare, Tim Nebville, Peter O'Neil.
The other MPs not mentioned are the ones who will all lose their seat.

This is from a dream of an old lady she died few days ago, come back in time after 2007 and visit this site.

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new PM

November 20 2006, 4:55 PM 

Yes, sometimes dreams come true. We could have a new Prime Minister (definitely), we need young and highly professional people after 2007. As a PNGan, PNG's number-one post should be held by a young person, someone new based on their performance, in this case Bire Kimisopa (United Party) fits well, or if there has to be a fresh person, its got to be Dr Clement Waine (Star Alliance Party[www.sappng.com]) to change PNG. PNG needs change for better with new leaders rather than old recycle MPs.

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Morobe Mosong

Tru Tru

November 20 2006, 5:33 PM 

But hey that guy Dr Waine clement where is he,he sounds good but for his party's sake where the hell is he ??? time is running out he must come down and sell, all i see is good policies and goos coverage but where is he? the recent candidate for morobe was the worst/ bad choices are you guys screening people properly ? and all the officials to the leader are chimbus dorminated. Change some things b4 its too late.

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Limestone Soothsayer

Remember Black Action??

November 20 2006, 5:46 PM 

Yeah, make it PNg wide if you have some intelligence. Donot hide behind Clement Waine, because he is just one man. Political parties need to be nationwide and key players there must come from all corners of the country, if we really want to make any impact. I am sure the good Doctor, knows that, but I donot trust the free riders clamouring for some piece of the action.

Otherwise Star Alliance and all of you will go down the path of Onguglo Bare's Blacks Action.

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Re: Remember Black Action??

November 20 2006, 11:25 PM 

Folks, I totally agree with yous.

I would give my ticks to Bire Kimesopa or Dr Clement Waine for the PM job.

Dr Clement Waine being the gentlemen he is should not make the Star Alliance Party a Simbu thing, it should be PNG wide otherwise things will fall out.
Every candidate they choose to contest under the party banner should be reputable people in the community.

The garden is ripe, people hunger for good leadership, transparency, accountability-you can see it everyway, people are fed up with corruption, bribery, nepotism you name it..it is an opportunity for people like Dr. Clement Waine to capitalize and bring fresh set of ideas and to divert the course of this sinking ship.

I would at the end hate to see all these fail and our expectation slumber once again into the abyss.

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Who the F is Dr Waine

November 22 2006, 5:58 PM 

Tell him to come and sell his policies and show his face for goodness sake !!!!!

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Re: Who the F is Dr Waine

November 22 2006, 6:48 PM 

Rabbie Namaliu, Bire Kimesopa, Mekere Morauta, all would bury Clement Waine under their intellect. All you simbus have been brainwashed by this guy. He should go back to the US. He is a nobody. SAP is a Simbu cargo cultist wet dream. Clement Waine talks like Noah Misinhku......they were best friends at uni are you surprised.

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Re: Who the F is Dr Waine

November 22 2006, 10:44 PM 

Its people like you who have a very low IQ that resort to abusing others by using the "f" intial. People like you are dragging PNG behind refusing to actively participate in the forward progress of PNG.

You can not match Dr. Waine, so be mindful. Contribute ideas or criticisms with substance, no personal attack. You have a serious mental and IQ disorder.

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Re: Who the F is Dr Waine

November 22 2006, 10:47 PM 

Anon, Noah Musinku went to Unitech and Dr Waine was in UPNG, how could they have been best friends?

What have idiots like you achieve to compare with Dr. Waine?

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So where the HELL is HE !!!!!

November 23 2006, 6:22 AM 

Where are his advertisements, party policy we hear all the chimbus dorminate the party's official (A bad start). Get Dr Waine out in the open and let him speak for himself in the media and every where, it may be too late now !!! There are names like edemungo involve also in the party who has questions over their political careers and other chimbus so get Dr himself out to speak for himself !!!!Otherwise salesmen are not wellcome !!

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Kam lo 2012

November 23 2006, 12:20 PM 

Yeah, TEll the good doctor not to come now because he is too late. Parliamnet has shortened the campaign period to about a month only so what can anyone achieve within that time in Chimbu, let alone the rest of PNG, if Star Alliance wants to make any impact.

I think Dr Waine should plan for 2012.Not now.

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Re: Who the F is Dr Waine

December 25 2006, 4:37 PM 

Noah and Waine were at UPNG at the same time and were best friends. They went to the same church. I would not be surprised if Waine was an investor in U-Vistract at the start and got his money out early before the rest of the investors were left high and dry by conman Noah.

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Chem critique

Whats your fongue

January 27 2007, 2:22 AM 


I suggest you watch your tongue and don't use those "f" words. Mate ponder for a moment, Dr. Waine has really worked his way up. If you think you have something to say, then say it in an intellectual way. You seem to have a personel grudge against the Dr.
Mate let me finish of by saying that people like you will never climb up the ladder... take my word, unless you fall on your knees and pray for forgiveness you will be stagnant forever.

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Re: Whats your fongue

January 27 2007, 2:49 AM 

Yu kai kai kok blo Dr Waine

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Candidates 2007

November 23 2006, 2:05 PM 

We educated ellites know who is who from news, meetings, TVs, school mates etc but majority of PNG people have no access to this information via media. They cannot read and write (illiterate). For intending candidates to win elections, they have to be with the people, experience the hardships they go through everyday. For us educated city dwellers, if we want to contest, we have to resign 1 or 2 years prior to election and be with people in our respective electorates. But if we just want to go straight from city life to contest, there is dim chance of winning, and don't even bother using money to buy votes coz people are clever, conning is becoming a survival factor especially during elections, the conmen/conwomen are waiting for chances. Some areas in PNG are known for electing Fathers-Patel, pastors, coffee buyers, aid post officers, teachers, community leaders etc...WHY...its simple..these people have been with the people and know the hardships. SO FOR INTENDING CANDIDATES OF 2007, PLANNING IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!

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Re: Candidates 2007

November 23 2006, 2:57 PM 

Jasper, Em trupla tok. You have hit the nail on the head. Thsi is exactly what happens. PNGeans vote for people they have lived with and seen. They vote for people who have been with them in good and bad times.

Ol save man na city line bai sikinim bols blo ol so dont think about going for elections! Em bai yu traipla sem yaaa...

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B Kimisopa for PM

November 30 2006, 8:08 AM 

Prime Minister..2007 =BIRE KIMISOPA

em tasol... but I hope his United Party does well in 2007 elections to guarantee him the PM job.

People of Goroka must vote him in first, I definitely believe the Goroka electorate will get him back in Parliament for is second term.


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Kimisopa fan Club

Kimisopa 4 PM

November 30 2006, 8:34 AM 

Kimisopa is an ideal candidate for PM and it is about time Goroka gets the job. Mi sapot 1,000 %.

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PM in 2007

January 10 2007, 1:57 PM 

Kimisopa Fan Club and Another Souths Tribesmen have raised a valid point. Bire Kimisopa is a shining example of the new generation of no-nonsense political animals to emerge from land of the Nokoti. he is hard-core nationalist. Imagine, despite serving his apprentice in PNG politics, he has generated so much influence and cult like following, especially among the grass root voters through out the country.

People of Goroka and Eastern Highlanders, we have Prime Minister material in the form of Bire Kimisopa. All rational thinking Gorokans and Eastern Highlanders should rally behind this young and brilliant politician and his political party: the United Party. Political power rests in numbers; thus EHers give United Party the numbers and Bire Kimisopa will have the mandate to negotiate for the top and to lead this country.

Cut the rhetoric and all political activities at the ground level must be focused under one vision: Bire Kimisopa must vie for the post of Prime Minister in 2007. He has satisfied every iota and specification for that post despite hovering on the periphery of PNG politics during his apprenticeship in PNG politics.

Wake up EHP, the ball is in our court

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Another Souths Tribesmen

Re: B Kimisopa for PM

November 30 2006, 8:39 AM 

Yah, I think Bire Kimisopa is the right man for the top job. Ol brata lo Eastern Highlands, do the nation a favour and return Bire to Parliament.

Hey na ol Enga, ensure Don Polye gets back too. The nation needs young, energetic and vibrant leaders like this two.

I have great faith in these two men.

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number game for PM

November 30 2006, 10:03 AM 

Firstly, the PM possibles must win their seats, be a party leader, then the party must have more elected members to form a govt. Definitely the govt after 2007 election will be a coalition. So any party with majority of elected members will be invited to form govt. PM hopefuls all have a chance. Still a long way to go yet so now we cannot make reliable tips for a PM. All the best to all PM hopefuls out there for 2007 elections.

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No Highlands Politicians Can Match Sir Iambakey OKuk

December 3 2006, 9:23 AM 

not even current Highlands politicians matches late Sir Iambakey Okuk. if he is still alive today...he will be the only Highlands Prime Minister where entire Papua New Guineans will trust and vote for, and will be one of the PNG's longest PM

the current highlands self-style and promote politicians are no-way near Sir Okuk's way of political leadership style.

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Re: No Highlands Politicians Can Match Sir Iambakey OKuk

December 3 2006, 10:01 AM 

enough of the personality cult thing!

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Let's think Right!

December 25 2006, 6:25 AM 

Guys, stop attacking eachother through your own self-conceited and boastfully biased ideas and comments about every new subject discussed here. Try to be pro-active, constructive and mature in your views. If you're a baby-sensed intellectual or immature political crony, don't ever type anything into this website (you should be a good observer or reader who should learn from others). Think about our deteriorating country and be focused in your views. Cheers!

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The most possible PM names

December 27 2006, 9:34 AM 

The highlands - Peter Ipatas, Don Polye & Jammie Graham
The Momase - Micheal Somare, Arthur Somare & Bart Philemon
The NGI - Rabbie Namaliu & Julius Chan
The Papua - Mekere Mourata
The dark horse (first timer 2007) - Will tell you later

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Re: The Most Possible PM Names

January 26 2007, 9:57 AM 

Anonymous, your list is flawed; you have insulted the intellects of the voting public.

Highlands: Use the assessement of Dr. Micheal Unage in the National of 2006
as the reference point;
Momase: Bart Philemon
NGI: Pangu & PPP have never mastered the numbers in this region;
Papua: Many potential candidates for DPM. Definitely not PM. Forever
aligned to Highlands, Momase and NGI based parties
Dark Horse: The political nature of PNG politics is exretemly fluid; thus
very hard to predict. A few names to chew on in the meantime:
Maladina, Kapris, Kimisopa, Maxtone-Graham and Marat.

PNG cannot experiment with a first time politician who reckons he/she can snap their fingers and pull PNG out of its current political, social and economic woes. Dark horse must be greater that Moses of blical fame to save 6 million PNGns'.

Anonymous, running PNG is not an academic exercise. The next 30 years ahead of us must undo and improve on the last 30 years of unprecedented political and bureaucratic corruption.

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Re:No Highlands Politicians Can Match Sir Iam

January 30 2007, 8:05 AM 

Anonymous, politicians from the highlands need a benchmark; and without argument, Iambakey Okuk and Paias Wingti have etched their names as the "Icons of Highlands Politics".

To shift the political limelight once again to the Highlands Region, our young generation of politicians must do better then them or they will fade into oblivion just after one term as has been customary for Highlands parliamentarins for the last 30 years.

I beleive 2007 will provide that opportunity.

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Too damn right

Re: Re:No Highlands Politicians Can Match Sir Iam

January 30 2007, 10:20 AM 

No-one will ever beat Sir Iambakey Okuk when it comes to politics not even the ones in this govt and i dont even in the next these ones are useless. Sir Iambakey will shout these guys right out of House Tambaran i can assure you all.

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With due respect

Re: Re:No Highlands Politicians Can Match Sir Iam

January 30 2007, 11:11 AM 


Sir Iambakey Okuk is history. Yesterday is gone. Who we choose today will decide the future of this nation.

Wake up from your sleep and think.

With due respect!

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Politics in PNG Has Changed

January 10 2007, 2:19 PM 

Iambakey Okuk is a king maker. He was never king. If you remove the veil of immortality surrounding the name Iambakey Okuk you will meet the real person. His dark side remains a mystery.

As an emerging nation PNG needs very good leaders. I would rather be lead by a team of leaders who are not drunkards, polygamists and compulsive gamblers; but are meticulously scrupulous in managing public monies, manage and contain supporters, driven by a national vision, fine tune public service to be responsive to public policy expectations and so forth.

Iambakey is history. Let us not live in the ashes of the past but warm up in the flames of new up-coming firebrand leaders. We have a few from the Highlands Region that fit this category well. These leaders need to be returned consecutively for them to mature in the rough and tumble of PNG politics; otherwise, many will face voters who are already wielding the axe of execution in 2007.

Continuity in PNG politics is a major obstacle to development

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Latest line up for 2007 as at 25.01.07

January 26 2007, 2:50 PM 

Camp A
NA & Somares + PNC & P Oneil boys + PAP & Kapris/Diro
Camp B
PNG Party, New Generation & Pangu Party
Camp C
PDM Good old Wingti, PPP Sir J, URP Nerville, PP Ipatas
Camp D
The Independents
A new prime minister

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Pita Ipartas

Re: No Highlands Politicians Can Match Sir Iambakey OKuk

January 30 2007, 10:48 AM 

Yes,,, unfortunately he died of Aids...Thankyu

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Parliament line up-2007

January 26 2007, 11:47 PM 

My fellow country men, this will be the next Parliament line up: PM-Bart, DPM-Mekere, Finance-Bire. This line up will surely rescue PNG out of all the mess and put it forward for economic recovery and improvement in Public service, corrupton, law and order, living standards n moa.

We will expect a change that we have never anticipated. Join me and support their respective party.

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Re: Parliament line up-2007

January 27 2007, 1:34 AM 

Why is it so damned difficult for PNGeans to focus on policies and platforms, instead of becoming mesmerized by personalities and their mauswara?

Why is it that even after 30 years of failure, we still maintain this cargo cult mentality that some person or persons are going to save us from ourselves?

Your posting is a splendid example of those kinds of superficial thinking.

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Re: Parliament line up-2007

January 27 2007, 11:01 AM 

Hey, another Souths Tribesman. I totally agree with your posting which is attached below. Wanbel em stap. My fullest support for Kimisopa and Polye. Bata, yu win!


Yah, I think Bire Kimisopa is the right man for the top job. Ol brata lo Eastern Highlands, do the nation a favour and return Bire to Parliament.

Hey na ol Enga, ensure Don Polye gets back too. The nation needs young, energetic and vibrant leaders like this two.

I have great faith in these two men.

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mr concern

reply from Parliment line-up 2007

January 27 2007, 11:37 AM 

Hi wantok yu stap we na kam nau tasol?
MI sawe long politics bilong ol Eastern highland olsem na mi no ting Bire Kimsopa bai go bek second time to parliment. One term is OK for Him.
He never done anything in EHP especially in town area and Massy.
Don Polyo, mi gat bikpela question mark.
Back to you wantok.
Apo land.
Kamaliki mangi.

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Seken Taim

January 27 2007, 7:28 PM 

Kamaliki mangi, lus tingting lon ol bel pen bilong yu na sapotim Bire. Mipela gat wanpela maus insait long Parliament na em kisim leva na tinting bilong PNG. Bire bai kisim sapot bilong mipela lon namba tu taim.
Sore olsem em no wokim sampela wok we mipela laikim tasol, long laif, yu ino inap long mekim olgeta samtim long wanpela taim tasol..sapotim em ken na lukim.

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Re: Parliment Line-Up 2007

January 29 2007, 10:55 AM 

Mr. Concern of Kamaliki, political thinking in Goroka and EHP is begining to change thanks to people of the caliber of Bire Kimiopsa, Dr. Bun and Tom Amukele.

Forget the past: the new LPV will work in Bire Kimisopa's favor; therefore, Mr. Concern, don't chose deliberately to be tied to the whipping post of the traditional "first past the post".

In terms of service delivery in town and Massy, I suggest that you canvass Goroka electorate to be more enlightened.

Another challenge for Goroka is for Bire Kimisopa to be PM.

Are you with me, Mr. Concern?

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Simblando Zodic


April 24 2010, 5:51 PM 


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Yu got it rong!

January 27 2007, 5:30 PM 

The lineup should be:

PM: Sir Michael Somare
Deputy: Don Polye
Finance: Arther Somare

Yupela rausim NA pinis na yupela makim istap?

Somare will come back because there are no serious challengers in ESP. This will mean that most of the NA guys will come back because PNG loves Somare and will return all his NA boys.

Do not put the cart befoe the horse!

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Mountain Man

Re: Yu got it rong!

January 27 2007, 10:04 PM 


be realistic.

NA is a dead horse in the highlands this time as far as I am concerned COME END OF 2007. We are not blind, you can fool your Sepik people and they can allow you to take your son with you into Haus Tambaran TASOL mipela bai hat ya!.

The NA led governemnets actions in the last 12 months has left a lot of dents. The recent ministerial appointment of Michael Nali & Nick Kuman stinks...getting ready for 2007 and NA thinks they can murk around with the highlanders hah?.

Wait till after 2007... we'll tally the numbers, NA will be sorry.

Mountain Man

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Yu kisim mi krangi liklik

January 29 2007, 12:04 PM 

Mountain Man,

My brother, I am not an NA supporter, just a nationalist stating the obvious.

Never forget that in the last election NA won only two seats in ESP (out of 7) and they formed government with 15 or 16 MPs. Therein lies my argument. Yupela ol brata na susa antap long maunten yupela givim ol namba na nau ol ronim kantri. Ino ol Sepik.

Yupela ol hailans laik toktok orait mekim samting tru na bihain toktok. Noken toktok nating.

So sapos NA winim narapela 16 pela sit na yupela ol lain antap i bruk bruk nambaut, ating Somare bai PM gen. That is my point.

I am informed that NA will run this election with K200 million + in cash 1/2 of which came from RH and their asian friends.

Sapos dispela cash ino nap swingim vote bilong yupela long antap, then PNG will thank you for it. If it swings you, just like it will swing East Sepik, God help PNG. We will be heading for a constitutional dictatorship like Zimbabwe.

In ESP, the writing is on the wall. Somare will spend around K20 million this election. We have already seen K7.0 million paid out to the people of Angoram under the purported Murik Lakes resettlement scheme. K7 million has been paid out to many people in Angoram (in cash, Provincial Treasury chqs) and there is still no re-settlement of the Murik lakes people, they took the money along with most of the Angoram people and they are still where they are.

Since Allan Bird is not contesting, it will be an easy win for the Chief, in Yangoru, Wewak & Angoram, because they will fear Somare, they will vote his candidates in.

Wosera suffered these last 5 years as the wrath of Somare was felt. all project funds to the district simply never arrived. For giving zero to the Chief they paid the price. This is what your Grand Chief is like. So, he could be back with at least 4 ESP MPs. All he needs is another 12 or so and he is PM again.

Unless the head of the snake is killed, the body will continue to live and thrive.

Wanbel istap. I am an SAP supporter.

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