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Open for Debate!

August 23 2007 at 9:03 PM

State who your favourite politician is and why?

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August 23 2007, 9:08 PM 

I'd say Michael Somare because he is the type of politician who reflects astuteness combined with shrewd tactical dicipline of getting people organised.
Every body is critisising him at the moment but these next five years will be the time for change. Somare has something to prove to PNG in his last term.

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Somare has a point to prove

August 23 2007, 9:16 PM 

Everyone should take it easy on our PM.
At heart he's a good man but yeah I agree Politics is a really dirty business and you have to make sacrifices( such as the sacking of Philemon) to stay in power.

That's Somare's Ultimate strength.
He's the man who calls the shots.

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Re: Somare has a point to prove

August 23 2007, 10:57 PM 

Somare will bring FOR THE LAST TIME? I wonder if this is his last time. This old longlong will still start the dead engine in 2012 becoz he said he'd quit politics in 2007.

If nothing happens for the next 5 years like what had happened in the last 5 years, Bertha will pee over you.


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Be thankful to Somare

August 24 2007, 4:27 PM 

It's not even 2008 yet but he's allowed Digicell and Greencom to enter the country.

Isnt that gud-

You should thank him for all the people who have and can afford digicell phones because if he didnt want Digicell to come in they wouldnt be here.

You should try thinking about things more carefully. They are a very influencial and powerful family.

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Curse Michael Somare

August 26 2007, 8:47 AM 

Somare demanded that thousands of work permits be approved for Chinese at all levels to take jobs in the Ramu mine that Papua New Guineans could have easily held.

108, is that another piece of "good news" that Michael Somare has brought us?

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Re: Somare has a point to prove

August 24 2007, 5:42 AM 

108, you are describing the characteristics of a dictator, and praising Michael Somare for having those characteristics.

You are describing politics as a dirty business and accepting that 'dirty business' is ok.

How pathetic. Where you not raised under Christian values and if so, when did you push those values out of your mind?

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Re: Somare has a point to prove

August 24 2007, 9:30 AM 

Chief Michael Thomas Somare...Papua New Guine's political history maker matches no man.

Arguable weaknesses found in him are the equations of his strenghts. He is the cornerstone of Papua New Guinea as a sovereign nation.

Long live Somare !


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Re: Somare has a point to prove

August 26 2007, 8:51 AM 

"issues" with Michael Somare:

1. Somare does nothing in substance to fight corruption, does not set a positive role model for corruption, but sets a negative role model for nontransparency by trying to hide the Moti report.

2. Somare plays wantok system to the extreme, setting a terrible example for future PNG and guaranteeing that we will become more tribalistic, not less so, in the coming years.

3. Somare offers state assets for privatisation to either purchase by foreigners or Somare family interests, over PNG national (not related to Somare) purchase. Privatisation hurts rural people because a government-run business will offer services to areas where there is no profit to be made (always rural areas), whereas a private business will ignore those areas where there is no profit to be made. Thus rural people get left out of services with privatisation.

4. Somare sets the example of not only bribing, but giving larger bribes to MPS to suppor him and stay in power.

5. Supports the Asian invasion, even encourages it. Has given PNG sovereign soil to the Chinese in Ramu to run their own country within a country, and thus denies Papua New Guineans jobs that should be coming from the extraction of our natural resources.

6. Supports the well documented and described corruption in PNG forestry by not only doing nothing to stop it and never speaking out against it, but actually participating in it through family businesses.

7. Was quoted in Pacific Islands Monthly many years ago as saying that PNG needed a benevolent dictator (as if there is such a thing), and he was willing to serve in that capacity.

Why do none of those "issues" concern you enough to not support Michael Somare?

Why have so many years of an increasingly authoritarian Somare not convinced you that working within the system has any hope of making Michael Somare change his ways?

Why do none of these horrors rank high enough in your mind to overcome your desire to congratulate the Somare government and the fact that it may now be in political power for 10 years, to carry out and even intensify "more of the same" as listed above?

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heres is your answer

August 26 2007, 4:20 PM 

When Somare first came into power in png's first election he was a very honest and decent good hearted man.
But having these *******s purge no votes of confidence against him several times would have knocked the lights out the poor old pukpuk.
He was winning by means of democatic decency and these stupid corrupt politicians were so ****in jealous to hold the title that they used dirty tactics to oust him.

Ask yourself this-
What the bloody hell do I ****in do to help this new nation if these corrupt pispis idiots keep on ****ing on me( even though I get in by winning fair and square). Ah yupela i tok nau, what the heck would you do?

Poor Somare at those times would have felt crushed as a man and I understand that. Please people put youself in his flaming shoes. Try to understand that it was history that motivated who he is today.

As the old saying goes- "We will fight fire with fire"

That is the only alternative for Somare to do and I am willing to take my chances with him, because there are nastier ****s out there who really know how to be corrupt and stuff this country forever.

Tok i die

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try again for the truth

Re: heres is your answer

August 26 2007, 6:25 PM 

You're wrong and I know that for a fact because I heard the words right out of the Grand Thief's mouth more than 15 years ago when he was talking with a small group of people and I was listening in.

He was always jealous that Chan and others took their opportunities in power to steal and he never did. On that part you were right. But in this conversation, he wasn't speaking like he was proud that he was different from Chan and company. Instead he was describing this as if he was the fool to not steal when he had the chance.

Where you are wrong with your theory is that he has now decided it is his time to steal too, mainly giving his family a huge financial security. While that might be admirable in principle, he has done it through corruption which is vile. The Somare Foundation was originally set up for more noble purposes but then he yanked it away from Pangu party and made it the start of a personal financial empire.

That is the Grand Thief's big picture of what he wants to leave PNG with. It is one of the most pathetic pictures imaginable for the father of a country to become.

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August 24 2007, 4:20 PM 

All politics is a dirty business my friend because
every man has what you call free will, meaning the ability to have opinions,
ie- such as you emphasising yours in reponse to me not having christain values.

A lot of the Png christian parties or those that say they practice christian morals do not always agree with each other on their philosophies because each of those individuals are unique and thus have their own free will in what they believe.
Political Dynamics are quite difficult to understand- But I can explain it in one word- !CHURCH!
thats it!

Take for instance, if we had a catholic party and a baptist party competing for numbers in an election.
Now say that the catholic party claimed the majority to form the goverment and the Baptist party became the opposition.
The Catholic party did whatever they could to critisise the Baptists of preaching the wrong word or for not having the right credentials to carry the country forward.

Likewise is the fact that in church those Bapitists rubbish the Catholics that they all run around worshiping Maria than God.

Baptists and Catholics fighting about which people should go to who's church
and geting people to believe this or that because they need more tides is what I call dirty business.
Does the not preach theat we christians should be peace loving people and practise these morals_ It does- But the Churches dont.

Thats why I say Politics is Like Church.

Because as long as we humans exist on the face of this planet there will always be what you call-"dirty Business"- which in fact the business of pointing fingers at each other.
Every one does it to stay in control, to stay in power.

Maski yumi baim Bibol tasol no go bek long haus(na ritim gut)na sevim tides blo yumi.
That should be better.

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Re: what?

August 24 2007, 4:28 PM 

108, yu tok stret... politics is as dirty as the church, especially when people have their own opinion and way of interpretting things, especially government policies and church doctrines that deviate from the original Bible.

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Thank yu 105

August 24 2007, 4:31 PM 

We share they same ideologies!

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Tru ya !

August 24 2007, 4:34 PM 

em tru ya 108,
You are a really smart guy.
I agree with yu and 105

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Ok enough of me/ thanks anyway

August 24 2007, 4:39 PM 

Does anyone else think who another Member apart from Somare would be a successful and capable politicain?

What about Polye or newly elected David Arore from Oro who is only 34 and
has a Political Science degree from UPNG.
What do you guy/ladies think about Polye's proposal for building a Highlands and NCD Super Highway

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Has potential risk. But may be good for Economy

August 24 2007, 4:44 PM 

Alot of people are saying it will bring more highlanders into settlements but I think that if it opens people from central can take their fish up the highway to sell it and it makes it less expensive for highlanders to go back home.

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August 24 2007, 4:47 PM 

Whats up with everyone doing the 108 thing,
hamaspla memba nau ya_ we should start a knew political group.
100 and Over Political Party blong ol Lapun lo ples.

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Polye's vision has good implications for the national advancment

August 24 2007, 5:10 PM 

I think our deputy knows what he is talking about.
If the NCDC via Highlands highway is set up and if the highway isnt crap like the Lae/Highlands highway there will be more people in Moresby and the highlands doing healthy business, like the smaller business in moresby who are often supressed by large scale conglomeracy will have a new transportation network to utalise and do business with more highlanders who face simillar small-business disadvantages and we all know that highlanders can be some of the best found around.
Polye's plan is a healthy one, it directly promotes smaller business to grow and expand, which is a great advantage because the more money the smaller businesses have the more and more people have in terms of sending their kids to school to have a better education. This is what png needs.

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Nice point

August 24 2007, 9:18 PM 

Good point 103 that is exactly what I was thinking.
I just hope they can afford to maintain it frequently, coz if they dont then we are going to have holdups and pot-holes

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