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Funniest letter of the week (to PC)

September 16 2007 at 3:52 PM
sun's going down over Sandaun 

There are no funnier letters of support than those who come from wantoks or briefcase carriers of the pollies..............

viewpoints Wednesday 05th September , 2007

Congratulations Mr Pruaitch for your win

I WOULD like to take this opportunity to congratulate the re-elected member for Aitape-Lumi Mr Patrick Pruaitch for your election victory.

You have defeated your opponents by a very big margin, which demonstrated the effectiveness of your leadership in the last five years.

I commend you on your wise decision to stick with the country’s founding father, a very experienced leader of this nation and your personal commitment and respect for the great leader are indeed a reflection of your integrity.

No doubt, you would be a great leader when your time comes to take the reins.
Patience is very important and I have observed that you have that quality within you to be patient in learning from respected leaders.

You have proven to be a decisive leader as a government minister and even though others may not like it, so what, you cannot please everyone.
As long it is in the best interest of our country, you have our people’s full support.

Your trustworthiness can be seen in the chief handing the important ministries of Finance, Treasury and Forest to you. Congratulations. It’s time for our people to move forward and with your leadership, I am sure we will be seeing some tangible development in our electorate.

I am calling on you to appoint honest and hardworking people, who will work closely with you in dealing with electoral matters.

Once again congratulations on your election win and I hope this term will bring a lot of development to the people of Aitape-Lumi

– John Chawarai
Gerehu, NCD

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2nd funniest?????????

September 16 2007, 6:24 PM 

What if Sir Michael is on the right track ...?

Imaging someone being the father of a nation desires his nation to grow. What would you as a parent want from your child?
Despite the many accusations and criticisms being made against the Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare, I am starting to believe that he might be on the right track.
Our nation being young and rich has not progressed the way we expected after 32 years of independence.
Yes, we blame Sir Michael for being young and stupid to acquire independence for PNG so soon but puzzlingly being given on a golden plate. After more than 40 years in Parliament, he is probably aware of his “camouflaged” enemies, the so-called tricks played by other countries to drain our resourceful nation, the obstacles in PNG politics that are retarding the nation's progress etc…He is also the most experienced politician ever to live, a factor that we should appreciate and consider advantageous.
Sir Michael is fighting against a tide; he is moving us away from something that has camouflaged itself and has nicked us for so long only to leave our nation in a miserable, struggling state.
To battle against such enemies, we require the energy of a mammoth and the intelligence of a lion.
That implies that we will battle against all the norms of this society or rather the things that we perceive as justice, fairness, equality etc …to win. For instance, nepotism existed because the plans had to be carefully and diligently executed by trusted individuals.
In our diverse PNG culture, it is very difficult for every custodian to observe the same picture. The illegal logging is most probably the major avenue where the party acquires its funding to fund a powerful party that will execute its plans in the PNG's party based politics. To withhold the Moti report from the people is to safeguard the interest of this nation. Whose interest are we serving by demanding to know the Moti report? For the Chief to become the Prime Minister consecutively is a breach to the NA party policy but again he is the most experienced and probably the only leader that cannot easily fall to traps he had fallen victim to earlier. The other potential PM's might not be able to easily distinguish the good apple from the bad. Formerly a strong anti-NA man, I have come to realise that the Grand Chief has finally identified the right path for true growth, true prosperity and true success. Sir, it is only timely that you come out clear and tell us everything you know about this country. We are prepared to take up the battle after you, Old Man.

– Baret Wara Yomba

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Re: 2nd funniest?????????

September 17 2007, 12:28 PM 

The people of have Opposite opinions of the 2 people mentioned above.
That is a real joke.

I agree they are funniest ads of the week.

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