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October 12 2007 at 3:48 PM

Julian Moti will not put medicine in our hospitals or pay for kids school fees or come down and support the Kumuls...Moti is Solomon Islands and Austrialia and Vanuatu's problem.. who gives a damn. And you people who keep going on about Somare needing to resign over Moti...go kick yourselves in the face. If Somare shoould resign let it be over other IMPORTANT issues, not over an Australian Peadophile. When Julius Chan resigned that was a matter of PNG on PNG - Black on Black. Its a matter of Principle...whatever way that Somare erred who should not resign cause them white pricks in Aus think he should.

Anyway, please go through the Moti report, the bloody thing is flawed. if there was a culprit is this whole mess it was Lomai (or howver you spell his name), Lying Lomai we should call him.

These DF soldiers flew Moti out for No1 cash and N02 Cause they hate Australian and NO3 zBecause they were bored after sitting in theri barracks doing nothing.

There are no written records of orders being issued in the Moti saga apparently it was all verbal...the oral tradition is alive and well in PNG. Stuff the aussies and the Solomon Islanders they can have moti

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