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Somare is a thief and must go in 2012

January 13 2008 at 1:00 PM

I cannot agree with you more. Somare is the greatest illiterate leader, liar, thief and corrupt idiot PNG and the entire Pacific Region will ever come to terms with in ten years after he is out of power. He has created a false wall of cheating around him to dispel any would-be opposition and investigation. It is very simple, he was found guilty by court in 1985 for perjury through the Pelair saga, he was connected with the late Jack Genia for crook Forest deals associated with the Wawoi Guavi TRP in Western Province, He has to answer for the giving away of 85% equity to the Chinese for the Multi-billion dollar Ramu Nickel Mine. Rimbunan Hijau have made Billions in US Dollars from our forest when his righthand henchman Patrick Pruaitch Member for Aitape Lumi was forest Minister between 2002-2007. Mr. Pruaitch made the millions for NA Party and especially for the Somare Clan.

Somare is the one who is responsible for the Bougainville crisis which costed over 20,000 innocent lives. I will never forgive him. He turned blind eye on the landowners when they were cheated by those devils from South Africa. He knew that CRA or Conzinc Rio Tinto is owned by white South Africans who used these evil machinery to fuel their hatred for the Blacks in South Aafrica yet he did nothing. He shamelessly joined the cue to congratulate Lord Grand Chief Liberator Nelson Mandela when he (Mandela) removed those idiots from the Apathied resigm. How could such cheating and untrue person be a warrior,a leader or even called a Chief in my Melanesian context? Now their cousins are in Morobe under the name of Harmony, again partly owned by CRA, and the same idiot gave them ok to steal our Gold in Morobe. You Morobe people dont trust any of themas they are cunning and ready to devour anything and kill any 'system we set up to dispel and repell their agenda.

I have very reliable sources telling me today that new forest Minister Belden Namah sold the much publicized Amanab Blocks 5&6 FMA project in Vanimo Green Electorate of Sandaun to VANIMO FOREST PRODUCTS LIMITED (VFP) owned by WTK for US20Million. VFP interestingly is now taken over by their uncles from the Rimbunan Hijau group. WTK or WONG TUNG KOON and Datuk Tiong are close relatives. Somare has to tell us why Minister Pruaitch is seen in hotels and pokies with his pocket full of cash with many houses, about thirty cars in POM and Aitape.

I think Obudsman Ila Geno is incompetent, not strong, easily manipulated, already corrupted and has made up his mind not to do anything against tarnishing the name is the "Chief" who made his "Commissioner for Police and also the "Chief" of the Ombudsman Commission. If Mr. Geno had real guts for this country Somare should have been in jail lon time ago. We also need to remove Geno if he lasts till 2012.

Somare (your Chief not mine though) has to tell us where those logging machines in his home area Kaup Timber and Aitape came from and explain why there is a pontoon full of rusted logging machines are held by the Revenus Commission at the Naval Base.

Somare used the people through supporters of the PANGU PATI company called Damai, to build the Somare Foundation Office compex. Yu Pangu supporters need to mobilize and take him to court and tear that building down to get your share because he used the Pangu Membership numbers at that time to justify getting the land and money from the Taiwanese to build this "house of chiet".

Somare has lied to the people of in so-many unfulfilled promises as Prime Minster in every province. Check your leaders and you will confirm that Somare has lied to them about this and that project and is always good at using people like beasts of burden. He lied about the Hela Province, he lied about the Moti case as he is very well aware as prime Minister. He has cheated the Melanesians of West Papua to a nationhood by receiving bribery from Indonesia.

The Moti case is shameful. Intelligent Papua New Guineans like me know for sure that Mr. Somare was lying. How in the blue moon could the PNGDF Military Aircraft make an assault sortie into a foreign nation without the Head of State not knowing. Obviously NIO Boss Joseph Aisago would have briefed and got ok from the Boss, and surely Commodore Ilau was well briefed then he would not give his ok without Somares OK. And surely the Prime Minister for Solomons would know everything thing because Moti was his best brother in one, corruption. Infact our Opposition and the Members in Parliament today are so weak, foolish and uneducated that they cannot even move to through out Somare no that Solomons have done the right thing. You see Somare wants to hide his guilt by creating a media propaganda by blaming Australia just to hide and shift people attention from the real issue. Somare can lie to his own people of the sinking Krap Village but not me, sorry.

If there are any wise guys and women out there please take my words seriously as the longer we keep the Somare Clan in power all the wealth and riches of PNG will be stolen from its wealth and our children will be nothing but mere beggars on our own land. Look at his Son Arthur.He is now building his flats at the land next to the City Hall opposite of the Dream inn.

When Somare dies I will be drinking and my people will be dancing. Why sud we cry for a thief, a liar, a user, a corrupt, a fool, an idiot who has done nothing for my people. I can go on and tell you more about this man but the fact is that what you are saying has great and undisputable logic.

Soeharto can die and go to hell because he made my people of West Papua suffer. Somare will join him soon and they can become satans fire wood, cos we the God loving children of this great land of Melanesia from Sorong to Samarai dont need them.

I can go on and list many things I know about this man you call your Grand Chief but time will not permit me.

Lets us start the Lobby now to remove the NA Party in 2012 national elections. Join this debate and lest us team up. Please send your support emails to me if you want to join me for the Election 2012. I have my own team and we aim to take the new Government by hook or crook to create revolution form our people, our land and our resources............without Somare..

Melanesian Sun

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Re: Somare is a thief and must go in 2012

January 13 2008, 7:57 PM 

2012 seems like a 100 years for me.

Every day, he preys and sucks the nation dry.

God, take the life of this old pukpuk who is holding the nation back.

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Re: Somare is a thief and must go in 2012

January 23 2008, 4:33 AM 

he is the best

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