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Do we have any positive news in our country?

March 11 2008 at 11:08 AM
Mangi Wasa-Ra 

Hello friends,

Mi les pinis long ridim dispela ol negative stories lo Sepik stilim moni, Hailens stilim moni, Somare stil, Nali stil, MP kuapim underage gels, Julian Moti kuapim underage gel, etc, etc.

Do we have any positive stories about some of our leaders in politics, p. service or business?

I am getting sick and tired of reading about negatives.

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Re: Do we have any positive news in our country?

March 11 2008, 12:55 PM 

PNG should have more media-print news company..so they will publish only the positive news about PNG. and let Post Courier & The National to publish the so call; negative news

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its a cycle

March 11 2008, 1:34 PM 

..the negatives out weigh the positives
for every positive action there is always twice as much negative re-action.
in the end it doesnt even out....
its rather dipressing i agree....but from my personal experience, png mentality is just that....you try and do something positive and uplifting......someone is always there undermining all the good work ....

its a cycle that needs to be broken ...

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Madang is progressing under Sir Arnold!

March 11 2008, 3:09 PM 

PNG, good news at last! Sir Arnold Ahmet is transforming Madang.

Madang; even though it is not getting as much money as some other provinces is getting a face lift, they've also repaired the market shelters and they have repaired the entire road from Madang to Bogia. They are now working on the town roads.

I also notice they are now upgrading the hospital.

Public servants are also working their hours which is great. I come to work around 7:45 every morning and I see the Governor is always in to work first. I leave work around 5:30pm and his vehicles are still at the Provincial Govt building. What a refreshing change.

At least one province out of 20 is progressing. Lucky bilong ol Madang. I wish my province was the same!

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Zohannah Zoe

Postive Story

March 11 2008, 9:31 PM 

Seeing the Prime Minister of Australia walking down the streets of little Goroka town, something that not even our PM (Somare) can do. I think this guy is one of a kind and therefore it is looking very promising and I hope those bunch of dumbs in the haus tambaran will not spoil it.

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public servant, madang

Re: Madang is progressing under Sir Arnold!

March 11 2008, 10:13 PM 

very True it is about time, gosir Amet, Message to mr peter yama stop wasting your time going to court you have done nothing for madang but for your own interest and your cronies.

You are desperately to go back to the parliament to do what but scream and shout..
As the saying goes empty drums make alot of noise..its about time you shut up

Well done sir Amet show them what is to be done in Madang, may the truth and god fearing man prevail

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March 12 2008, 8:13 PM 

I agree with somebody here that said something about things being a cycle; when one rises up to do something positive, one tends to pull it down by doing negative things. This STINKY attitdue must stop immediately now in PNG for us to be better tomorrw. I am impressed to hear what Sir Arnold Amet is doing in Madang. With this impressive start, let us see him for couple of years more and compare him with rest of the politicians in PNG. Tell Peter Yama to shut up and support Arnold; PNG is sick and tired of greedy leaders, and needs leaders who will deny themselves and serve the people. How much more money and power does he need. I do not think he is an impressive PNG leader.

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Tok tasol

Sir Arnold

March 13 2008, 10:30 AM 

Sir Arnold has a very creditable background as a lawyer and Chief Justice.

We need people like him, sir keep on the good work. He has one wife only (good model)for young PNGeans and very hardworking.

Mr Yama, is a rich man and maybe should concede defeat and work on his business. You have done your term already, support Sir Arnold.

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