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Telikom should be put up for sale too

April 11 2008 at 11:55 AM

I DO not understand the opposition towards the move to sell B Mobile if it will improve efficiency, wider coverage and bring down costs.
In light of competition, I applaud the minister for doing it.
In fact, we should go one step further – sell Telikom too.
Telikom PNG does not understand the needs of its customers.
It has no understanding of the impact of globalisation on its business.
Worse still, not only does it not even know how to operate in an international market but even in PNG.
On Nov 4 last year, I applied for a phone line.
Today, I am waiting for it.
A job number was issued and then cancelled and after numerous calls and visits to the office, a new one (175-3483) was issued.
Even though I still do not have a phone, Telikom has been billing me and deducting the bills from my deposit.
Having taken all my deposit, I now owe Telikom money!
I have spoken directly to Josephine Poteau, Bromeo Sariman, Pukari and Godfrey and all of them blamed each other for the situation.
Telikom obviously cannot deal with fundamental problems.
Sell it, I say!

Job No 1753483
Port Moresby

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shut up and move on

April 11 2008, 12:22 PM 

you f.u.c.k.i.n arse hole .....

there is an open market here, go buy urself a mobile phone

stop that non sense knowing all about telikom business - and selling telikom... you wait till that 100 million kina imf loan to digicel is used up and try compare the prices again.

we all know the fixline is relaiable but less effort is given to provisioning/intallation of new request like you

your deposite will be paid back to you if you produce your job number and simply complain you didnt get the service. so stop ranting and go to the telco business offce and sort your self out.

you crying like a little baby who doesnt have a mama to go **** head.


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You missed the boat.

April 11 2008, 2:21 PM 


You missed the boat. I guess you have never owned a business with the unreliable elephant called Telikom. You have not felt the pain and unnecessary costs telikom has been causing to small business owners in PNG. Telikom technicians don't know what it means to deliver QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE.

You don't have to front 20 times up at the Telikom office office to have your job done. Please take responsibility and act.

Some of us suffer silently cos we don't believe in bribery.The bottom line is efficient customer service.
If Telikom can't compete in the modern frame of customer driven business entity, too bad, salim and more competent people will run the show like Nasfund and others.
I quess it is the trend with many Govt departments in PNG, like the Foreign Affairs Dept, Lands Dept, etc.

God help PNG.

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April 12 2008, 6:27 AM 

We all agree that Telikom has very poor customer service output and yet very high prices but one thing we must not miss is that Telikom is here to stay.

Customer oriented business like BSP is unncessarily imposing bank related fees. eg. acccount keeping fee from prior to privatisation no fees and now there is a fee of K4.00 per account.

So come to think about it, when Telikom gets privatised or sold out, you that customer will pay more than what you are crying about paying now. I say this because it is more likely to be purchased by a foreign company and this company will have to make profit to survive.

A country like PNG will with a failing currency on the world market, foreign companies will have to work extra hard to maintain it's operation. And when that happens, who will bear the cost. I think it will be passed down to you the customer.

Now with the increase in crude oil which has forced the fuel costs to increase again. Who is paying the cost of these increases? The business houses are adding the cost on to the price of goods and services so you customer will have to pay the cost of the increase in fuel cost. It is not the companies cars running that bears the costs. It is passed to the bottom line which is you the poor customer.

So traim tingting long bihain taim na toktok planti long salim Telikom or B-Mobile. PTC was here and Telikom will be here for the people.. Good or Bad, I am ever faithful....

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one tok


April 13 2008, 4:48 PM 

Telecommunications charges and coverage are better off when competition came into the once Monopolised communication industry.
If Telikom has to be competitive it has to restructure, recaptalise and reinvent itself in the modern frame of global business environment. It is tough out there. So be it that is the nature of business in these fast changing IT world. Telikom has to adapt,align and be agile as a business. Simple as that. Nogut em sink na lus!!!!!!!!!!!

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