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Trips, car buys and offices blow hole in 2008 budget

April 21 2009 at 10:44 AM
Concern PNG 

Why are we Papua New Guinean watching the Grand Chief Somare running our country down? Where are all the young Educated young men of this country? Can we all get to gether and do something before the Prime Minister sell our country for his family to benefit!!!!!..

How long are we going to read about this crap and not doing anything about it? Where is the Oposition Government? They need our support right now to throw the Government off?

Let us all get together and do something right now!!!!..
A NUMBER of overseas travels by Government ministers and Governor-General Sir Paulias Matane, including the cost of funding the visit to PNG by the Australian prime minister, has helped blow a K500-million hole in last years budget.

Details of the expenditure could be found in the 2008 final budget outcome (FBO) released by the Treasury Department. It is on the departments website. The 68-page report outlined how Government spending blew out from an estimated surplus of K202.3 million to K478.5 million in deficit.

Seizing on the report, the Opposition accused the Government of being reckless in its spending. Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd flew to Port Moresby and to Goroka on a RAAF plane and covered other costs while touring last March, a trip that cost the Government K3.2 million.

A spokesperson for Rudd told AAP: Costs borne by the PNG Government in relation to the visit are matters for the PNG Government. Total expenditure and net lending last year were K7,551.9 million, which was K552.7 million higher than the original budget estimate, the FBO report said. Significant costs in the FBO includes travel, car purchases and K12 million for a Canberra residence.

A company called East Sepik PNG Quality Services Limited was paid K2,640,000 for four boats as per Prime Ministers (Sir Michael Somare) request. A building company named after three of the Prime Ministers children was paid K1.7 million to rebuild a school in their home province.

The FBO report showed SBA Construction received a payment of K1,681,861 for work on Kubalia High School in the Yangoru-Sausia district, East Sepik province. Sana Somare is the managing director of SBA Construction, a small contracting company based in Wewak, East Sepik province.

Governor-General Sir Paulias Matane spent K175,000 on travel to the Solomon Islands for that countrys 30th independence day celebrations on July 7. Sir Paulias travel for the Tongan kings coronation at the start of last August cost K342,100 while a support vehicle cost K330,000.

Among other listed expenses are Minister for Commerce and Industry Gabriel Kapris and his delegations K150,000 outlay to attend an Australian business meeting last October.

Mr Kapris and his delegation, on other occasions, travelled to Peru and China for similar presentations and the combined nine nights cost K280,000. The report also outlined expenses incurred from the refurbishment of an electorate boat for the Member for Bougainville Fidelis Semeso, the mv Buka Princess, were K71,500.

PNG spent K12 million on the purchase of a residence in Canberra and K2.9 million for the PNG chancellery building in Tokyo, Japan.

Other spending included K575,824 to replace a picket fence at Madangs Modilon Hospital; K100,000 on pipes and drums for the Department of Correctional Services; and K65,000 for the Institute of Medical Researchs 40th anniversary celebrations. AAP


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sick of it all

Re: Trips, car buys and offices blow hole in 2008 budget

April 21 2009, 3:16 PM 

how long can we take this.....! i feel like beating the crap out of the somares right now!!

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Re: Trips, car buys and offices blow hole in 2008 budget

April 22 2009, 2:37 AM 

In answer to your fine question, I reckon we'll take this for another 20 years or so and by that time the pollies will have stolen almost everything out from under us!Simply put, we have no balls anymore. Not you, not me, not anyone. Only our leaders have balls, balls enough to rob us blind. And they're getting away with it because you, me, and everyone else on scape are cowards. None of us will stand up and say enough haven't you figured that out already just by reading all the tok nating and komplain nating that fills these boards?

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Military Solution Overdue

April 22 2009, 4:55 PM 

Military Solution Overdue

Each time I return home I notice the following that perhaps people living in PNG may not see from within.

The gap between the rich and the poor (or politicians and their voters) are growing wider and wider. People now live with crime (break-ins, rapes, hold-ups) as a norm in their day to day life. Squatter settlements are on the increase. Now I notice how fashionable it is to accuse another of sanguma to explain their ignorance and as an excuse to murder a family, a symptom of a failing state. And I always read in the news papers about our politicians announcing PNGs fast growing economy side by side with gang rapes and armed hold ups on the same pages. And recently the parliament gives itself without debate a 50% pay increase and buys a K150million luxury jet in the midst of the start of a global economic recession (the waves of financial turmoil usually hit developing countries like PNG 6 - 12 months after the developed nations). Then the papers report of cuts to Education and Health budgets the same week.

And every time I walk the streets of Port Moresby I am confronted by scenes of devastation (dilapidated buildings, leaking sewage), appalling poverty and child beggars, we are so poor. Here though I give THUMBS UP to governor Parkop for a city cleaner than when I saw it two years ago. And at home I am confronted by teachers and health workers sweating it out for months on end without pay, without equipment, medicines and my relatives all waiting for an AusAID project and the MPs donations, while my youth relatives drive down to Lae to see if they can kisim wanpla kar long salim igo long ol Hailans. I can understand why our tourism can never grow.

We have become no better than the failed states of Africa, the only difference being that our diversity has kept many tribal ambitions in check. We have a lot of resources but to remain one of the poorest countries in the world relying heavily on foreign aid for our major development programs.

The answers are simple but we need some very firm and decisive leadership either from outside or from within, perhaps the services. The first priority for this country is to establish a strong and firm Law and order system for PNG. From the Judiciary, 5 yearly law reviews (to toughen or relax accordingly), governance-ombudsmen and down to the police and army (a police state if necessary) and their numbers should be increased 10 fold. The Second priority is the need to invest very very heavily on basic education and the various arms of tertiary education as a priority. Our human resources needs tendering and developing more actively than at present. We need that human resource to take this country out of this quagmire. And please let us begin learning in English when we start school. The third priority is the resuscitation of our Health Services urban and rural, primary and secondary.

We need to change the name of our country too as a start. Throw off the colonial shackles of Africa that named the island New Guinea or the colonial Malayan word Papua. Is Paradisea a good name for our country?, what about a name in the native vernacular?

The rest of our developmental issues can then fall into place. Compensation claims relating to land development and tribal fights and killings must be suspended. Foreign investment should be welcome but as loans and management rather than to wholly own our non-renewable resources. This country definitely needs someone like Chavez to run this country.

I think a military government is long overdue....

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