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Poyle election corruption

July 2 2009 at 9:57 AM

Petitioner tells court about 2007 polling irregularities

THE petitioner challenging Don Polyes poll win to be the Member for Kandep told the Waigani National Court yesterday there was no formal voting in all parts of Kandep during the 2007 national election.
Alfred Manase, who was the runner-up in the Kandep seat, is seeking to nullify Mr Polyes victory on grounds that a lot of illegal practices were caused by polling officials and supporters of Mr Polye during the elections, thus affecting the outcome of the election.
Mr Manase, through his lawyer, Paul Mawa, presented his final submission before court, alleging there were major irregularities and that illegal voting occurred in parts of Pura, Kambia, Tirip, Koloba, Lawe, Muyen, Winja and Walipim polling places in the Kandep electorate.
Mr Mawa submitted that ballot boxes were hijacked and illegally signed by Mr Polyes supporters while supporters of other candidates were deprived of their right to vote.
He also submitted that eight disputed ballot boxes went missing after they were kept in a container near Wabag police station.
It was found that the container had only several cardboxes with printed names of candidates but no ballot boxes, which had been removed, Mr Mawa alleged.
He said this would have affected the re-count of ballot papers if a re-count was allowed.
Mr Polyes counsel, Paullus Dowa, argued that the ballot papers from the eight disputed ballot boxes were lawfully transferred to seven sealed cardboxes that had the printed names of the candidates.
Mr Dowa said the process was appropriate under section 105, subsection 3(a), of the organic law.
He said the content of the written petition by Mr Manase contradicted the facts and evidence presented by Mr Manases witnesses during the cross-examination held in Mt Hagen.
Mr Dowa said the oral presentations by most of Mr Manases witnesses were not in line with what was stated in their written affidavits, and were totally confusing.
He said witnesses who gave evidences had misled the court by confusing the dates and locations of the incidents mentioned in the petition.
Mr Dowa further argued that most of the submissions by Mr Manase were too general and lacked consideration.
Counsel for the Electoral Commission also argued that the petition should be struck out as it was contradictory and had no essence.
National Court judge Justice Greg Lay observed the submissions and advised the parties that a decision would be prepared at the end of the month.

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Kambrip Yan Yango

Re: Poyle election corruption

July 6 2009, 9:56 PM 

Punish petitioner, Polye urges court
WORKS, Transport and Civil Aviation Minister Don Polye has called on the National Court to punish the petitioner challenging his election win, and eight other people for disrupting the election process in Kandep in 2007.
Mr Polyes counsel, Paulus Dowa, who last Wednesday submitted the final responses to the election petition, claimed that petitioner Alfred Manase had hijacked ballot boxes near Winja, and that another candidate, Kenneth Andrew, and seven others made false claims in their petition.
He added that the court should impose proper penalties under the Criminal Code over what he said was the unlawful disruption of the election process.
Counsel Paul Mawa, for Mr Manase, argued that the matter did not fall under the Criminal Code Act and, therefore, the submission by Mr Polyes counsel was careless and inconsiderate. A decision will be handed down at the end of the month.

Comment:I would like to see justice done!! I am still hurt from the 2007 election.. Kandep election was not a fair election.!!

Only God above knows!!!, More than 90 percent of Kandep's elligible voters did not vote. I wonder where Polye got his ballot Papers marked__ A very CUNNING!! tactic used. I know Polye will agree with me, that most of the kandep ballot papers were marked in the night under coleman light.

A tactic used by polye and his cronnies to delay voting time, ariving at polling places late in the arvo

>>>>>> Polye you got what you wanted>>>>

One day the consequences of the wrong deeds that 2007 election did to the people of Kandep will surface...... One fine Day!!

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Kandep Error!! Big Time

July 11 2009, 8:43 PM 

Let the son of a Bitch Die in Pain..
I ocndemn Him

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Wait a minute he just got Masters award recently

July 12 2009, 11:59 AM 

Was the award or the merit he has attained for rigging votes, or collecting K500,000.00 cash from the Maybe Johnson Bridge Manager (Irisman) in Lae DOW) or for delivering much needed services to Kandep?

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Re: Kandep Error!! Big Time

July 27 2009, 2:34 PM 

naiko, U ****in son of a bitch!! We the people of Kandep condemn u to DIE n not our one and only son n true leader of Kandep, and also the man who brought much needed service to our electorte and we the true Kandepeans are very proud of him.To asskan naiko! Come to Kandep and see 4 yourself all the projects and services he(Mr. POLYE) has delivered to us n don't open ur hole. As a true Kandepen I want BY-ELECTION to come so that MR.POLYE could win again with a much greater margain. Instead of the 21.800, MR.POLYE will win again with 30.000 or more primary votes and that will be big embarressing to the so-called SAVE MAN OF KANDEP. Upla ol save man tasol, WISDOM blon GOD ya, upla nogat!!!!!!!! POLYE will not die bcoz we the people of Kandep pray for GOD's protection upon his life!!!!DON POMB POLYE WILL BE THE MP FOR KANDEP, UNTIL EM GO LAPUN NA DAI!!!!! KAILD IPAI DAN NA

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Re: Poyle election corruption

July 13 2009, 10:25 PM 

Polye knows that although all of you pretend to be educated, none of you are educated enough to come up with any strategy to put Mr Polye in his place and have justice served. He wins, you're all still acting helpless, and PNG continues to sink.

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Yan Yango

Re: Poyle election corruption

July 31 2009, 2:27 PM 

Lukluk stap... wanpla bai Dai with Heart attack... Too much eating and Pekpek pulap na dai nating.. yaaa... Bai yu stopim!!!

Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannn Man ya

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NAIKO WAn Ka .. dom dom Sul

Re: Poyle election corruption

July 31 2009, 2:31 PM 

Hey..Upla Harem..
Dont you know that My POlye is in distressss already???.. Leave that Poor Bastard alone for while.. You cant blame him???... Blame the people of Kandep... Kanakae long pless yaa

Hope mr Polye recovers from his Dilemma Soon...

Otherwise Let the son of a BITCH Die

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Re: Poyle election corruption

August 6 2009, 11:10 AM 


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Re: Poyle election corruption

August 14 2009, 10:38 PM 

This time Polye will go down .. with all his cronies..

I'll welcome them in the Gates of HELL!!

COme down now... Looooser!!!

Bahaaaaaaa!!! meheheheehehehee!!!

Radical Hell Gate Keeper!!

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Re: Poyle election corruption

August 17 2009, 2:24 PM 

PNGs Polye loses Enga seat in election challenge

Posted at 03:34 on 17 August, 2009 UTC

A senior government minister in Papua New Guinea has been ousted as a member of parliament following one of the countrys longest running election court petitions, brought on by his opponent.

Don Polye, who is the Transport Minister and member for Kandep in Enga Province, has been removed from his seat after his 2007 election win was found null and void by the national court.

According to the Post Courier newspaper, Mr Polyes opponent Alfred Manase took him to court on 35 grounds of impropriety.

Last week, Judge Greg Lay ruled on 12 grounds that Mr Polye was not duly elected due to errors and omissions by electoral officers and supporters during polling.

Judge Lay added that one issue with the election win was Mr Polye received 100 per cent of the vote and applying common sense, logic and in his almost 65 years of life experience, such an event does not happen.

Outside the court, Mr Polye remained confident he would win a by-election or appeal.

News Content © Radio New Zealand International
PO Box 123, Wellington, New Zealand

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Wai Na

What about the others?

August 18 2009, 1:54 AM 

Why is it that all the small boys or small fish get caught in the net (like Moi Avei, Don Polye, Wari Vele, etc) but the REAL corrupt poisin sineks get away (Somares, Pruaitch etc)???
keke lek...

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Re: What about the others?

August 18 2009, 4:32 AM 

village people don't know this tricks..they will stilll support somre hehe

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Re: What about the others?

August 18 2009, 8:57 AM 

Friends, few weeks ago Pruaitch was referred to OC and now Polye is ousted. The common thing about this two leaders is that they are NA leaders in their regions.
Papa Lapun is devising a plan to get his son to the helm of NA leadership before he resigns and hand over the NA reign and National reign to the son. Polye and Pruaitch were mere obstacles and had to be towed away and so you have it - a dream come true!!

Tips tasol.

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Paiela Ini

Re: What about the others?

August 18 2009, 4:11 PM 

That is tru wantok, he retires and jump into GG Lounge while his son becomes a Prime Minister. wait n see

Paiela Ini

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