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Pruaitch denies helping Kapris

June 5 2010 at 2:22 AM

Treasurer denies sharing in robber's loot

By PNG correspondent Liam Fox

Papua New Guinea's suspended treasurer has denied having any connection to the country's most infamous criminal.

On Wednesday, while pleading guilty to robbing a gold refinery, William Kapris intimated to the National Court that three politicians shared in the loot.

He named them as the recently-suspended treasurer Patrick Pruaitch, the correctional services minister Tony Aimo and the deputy speaker Francis Marus.

Mr Pruaitch declined a recorded interview, but told the ABC the public should not believe the claims of a criminal.

He says Kapris' claims are demeaning and he called on the police to carry out a speedy investigation into them.

It has been a tough week for Mr Pruatich: on Monday he was suspended as treasurer until a leadership tribunal hears allegations of misconduct made against him by the Ombudsman Commission.

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Re: Pruaitch denies helping Kapris

June 5 2010, 2:50 AM 

However the National Court wants Pruaitch, Aimo and Marus investigated - from today's PC...

Probe named pollies: Court


THE National Court yesterday recommended strongly that the Police Commissioner immediately institute an investigation into allegations made by convicted prisoner William Kapris Nanua.
“So much as everyone would have wanted to think, there is no evidence that the offender was involved. Those persons have been named by the offender and in my respectful view and falling short of a direction, I would recommend to the Police Commissioner to immediately investigate those purportedly involved in the offence,” presiding judge, Justice Panuel Mogish said when handing down his ruling on the escape charges against Kapris.
Kapris alleged in a police interview that he was not the main player and that there were others including three MPs that either helped him or gained from the proceeds from the crimes. He repeated the same allegations in his court appearance on Wednesday on charges for his part in the Minerals Refinery Operations (MRO) robbery in 2007.
Justice Mogish was very critical of the Kapris revelations and said crimes committed by gangs were becoming prevalent and one way to dismantle gang crimes was to encourage offenders to give evidence against others.
“This is a factor that I take into account in favour of the offender. The offender, by his revelation, has come to the aid of the police and the State. It is up to the police and the Public Prosecutor to investigate, charge and prosecute those involved or named,” Justice Mogish said.
He also added that crimes committed by gangs were on the rise.
“They are also getting sophisticated and daring. One of the principal reasons why and how this syndicate was busted was due to public information and the use of potential offenders to give evidence against the big criminals.
“The best method of discouraging gang crimes is to give immunity to offenders and encourage them to give evidence against their co-offenders. Other members will think twice before committing crime knowing that if others are caught, their identity would be exposed,” Justice Mogish said.

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Poor Pruaitch

June 5 2010, 3:30 PM 

I see in your post that Pruaitch has declined a recorded interview. Wonder why???
True he has been suspended but he still gets paid while doing nothing. I understand he's still on full pay pending the investigation. he's having a hard week alright but what do you expect. Reap what you sow. I've had enough of pollies waisting my hard earned tax.
I'm surprised Karis is still alive. Hope the police keep a close eye on him for his own health coz I can see him being erased if things get too hot for the heavies.

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Re: Pruaitch denies helping Kapris

June 6 2010, 12:36 AM 

Cry my Beloved Country...the jewel crown in the Pacific-Say what you like but there is no country rich and blessed like PNG yet all indicators of progress and development are in the negatives and we make headlines for all the wrong reasons!!

WHY? WHY? WHY?....

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