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Question to Mendi Member

July 21 2010 at 1:56 PM

Stealing by Member for Mendi

Corruption and outright stealing, guiltless and thoughtless accessing of taxpayers’ money by those few individuals in authority are the order of the current modern day Papua New Guinea . Fraud and stealing has become a everyday normality that the ordinary Papua New Guinean has accepted this phenomenon as part life in Papua New Guinea and the taxpayer to a greater has become helpless to stop the robbery of his hard earned money that he has retired in contentment that there is nothing much he can do but manage what is left in his pocket.

I am a humble Mendi man, but a proud Papua New Guinean. I am witnessing the devil – the thief at work with my very eyes and I cannot stand back and watch but have to have a say and publicize a daylight robbery of my hard earned money, paid as taxes for the greater good of the country. This individual like a wolf in sheep skin, somebody who has never known what it means to make an honest income in his life let alone pay an income tax, is a cause of concern and must be exposed by all means and the appropriate authorities must take action to stop him and put him in his own class with the criminals where he belongs. I am referring to the Honorable Member for Mendi Open, Pastor Isaac Joseph.

The good Pastor was a humble pastor of a church; somebody who did not have a car of his own, let alone a house or a land under his own name before he became the Member for Mendi Open Electorate. He could not even afford a wife and was a bachelor. This dull picture has changed over night and the fortune wheel has certainly turned 360 degrees for Pastor Isaac Joseph as soon as he became a Member of Parliament after the 2007 general elections.

Here are some evidence (maybe the tip of the iceberg) of outright stealing and fraud by the Member for Mendi. If I am wrong, good Pastor, by all means prove me wrong with a detailed explanation of how these assets came to you and show cause as to why you should not be charged for fraud and stealing from the taxpayers and stealing directly from the People of Mendi Open Electorate.

Honorable Pastor, you have bought and accumulated within the last two years, 2007 to 2009 over five houses in prime residential zones in Port Moresby . I am a professional in a well paid profession and I am struggling to buy my first house. Please explain how you managed to buy all these houses, land and properties in Gordons, Waigani and East Boroko within two years when prices of houses in these areas start at over K400,000. Further you have also bought off half the suburb of Tente in Mendi Town all within these two years. Please explain where the money came from. If that is not enough, you have bought six cars. All brand new and 2 being the latest Toyota Land Cruisers. All within the last two years. As if your personal accumulation of wealth is not enough, you have seen fit to award a K4.5 million contract to upgrade the Upper Mendi road to Tribes Investments Limited. A company solely owned and operated by your blood brother. Tribes Investments Limited does not own a single bulldozer or a truck to date, and one would wonder if the Company actually owned a single shovel at the time of being awarded the contract and being paid. Further you have once again pulled off one of your pranks; this time on the Mogol Secondary School Board, the School Administration and the students last November when you went and presented the supposedly new set of computers and accessories. It was a joke only somebody like you will pull off in that the parcels and the boxes were certainly new but the contents – the computers were very old, out of date and useless as they could not work. Good one Pastor. Please go and collect your rubbish. Pastor, you have no shame in showing off your wealth accumulated by stealing. A wealth accumulated at the expense of medicine for the sick, education for our children, roads and bridges to our markets and proper water supply to our villages in Mendi. You have shown your arrogance and ignorance by paying a bride price of K120,000 and countless animals for your wife. It was a very sad day for the Mendi Open Electorate last weekend when you shamelessly displayed the K120,000 cash and the animals in Mendi Town . It was a sad day because sick people could not come to the hospital and get treated; school children could not have exercise and text books and a mother and baby died because she could not make it to Mendi General Hospital after child birth complications at Pingirip health center. Your bride price was over K300,000 in total cost. That money could have bought some medicines, some books and maybe some new computers for Mogol Secondary School . Pastor, there are many other issues that you need to come clear and public on. You have chosen to be a public figure, a Member of Parliament and be the custodian of the Mendi People’s purse when you decided to contest the 2007 general elections. Do not think for one moment that I am question your personal dealings and personal life. You are handling the public’s and taxpayers’ hard earned money and I have every right to question when my hard earned cash is stolen and misused.

As a citizen of the Mendi Open Electorate, a taxpayer and a concerned Papua New Guinean, I call on you, my good Member, Pastor Isaac Joseph; come out and publicly declare your assets before you became a Member of Parliament, and your current financial status, after getting elected as a Member of Parliament. Please do not tell me to come to your office and see for myself the records, as I do not know where the Mendi Open Electoral Office is located. My guess would be the Holiday Inn Hotel in Port Moresby as you have been seen frequenting that establishment but there are many outlets in that hotel and I might get lost at the pokies or the bar and I do not have the time to play hide and seek with you in the hotels of Port Moresby .

Please publish your financial status now Mendi Member and the Ombudsman Commission, TI PNG and all other anti corruption organisations in the country, please take note.


Apsii – ni Karinz

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Re: Question to Mendi Member

July 21 2010, 3:11 PM 

Good exposure...but you failed with one fact: You did not put up your real name! Whatever the reason maybe, genuine believers of righteous leadership make themselves known.

Maybe next time, put out your full name to gain some support on your claims. This is proactive rather than being reactive.


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My name is Rex

August 2 2010, 1:30 PM 


For your information only!...my real name is rex ...

Can you publish all the contrat awarded to the Pastor's relatives' companies so that we can publish it. Remember a company search at IPA only costs K10.



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Re: Question to Mendi Member

July 21 2010, 4:35 PM 

Mate, this is well said, you have to speak your mind. All your statemnet above is very true.I am from a different electorate in SH but I live in Mendi and seen all you have mentioned above been happening right infront of my eyes.
This is a very serious issue and the people of Mendi should so something about that. Mate you should also send a copy of your statement to the ombundsman comission. Also investigate one of his cousin there too, with all this money for Mongol Secondary School Maintenenance, he just bought 10 brand new 2010 model latest 5 door land cruiser overnight and is contracted to Exxon Mobil..this should be investigated.....shame, shame, shame,,,,,day light robbery.....

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Re: Question to Mendi Member

July 21 2010, 5:57 PM 

Tru tok, agree with you Rex

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Re: Question to Mendi Member

July 21 2010, 7:27 PM 

This is a very interesting piece on which I would like to add to some aspect the fraud and fowl play that the good MP is doing, he is not at all performing to the standards as a MP because he is not educated to the level of an intellect, never graduated college at any level, was always hanging out near his father's bottle shop until he became a Christian and went to study theology. No doubt he was a might preacher, he can move a place with his preaching but I honestly think in my opinion he was never called to lead an electorate. In the Bible it talks about people with different skills and levels of leadership, his level of leadership is that of a man who we shall say stay home and educate his village folks about leadership. He is not cut out to be a member of parliament because he falls easily for material things. This if from the many who hang out with him and go out after the stolen people's money. Its true when he became deputy governor at the period when Agiru was out and about campaigning for the financing of the LNG project, he gave a whole heap of contracts to his tribesman, there are two that I am aware of, I was in Mendi in December last year and noted a company called Kemele constructions owned by his brother which got a couple of road contracts from Mendi to Lai Valley, another company he uses to plunder the Mendi Electorates funds is Yurr Constructions, this is another front run by his cousin, again to steal from the people of Mendi, Before he was MP, he had nothing, seriously no car, no house, I said earlier, he was a nobody, when he came into office, he wanted to first establish himself, set himself up, he would have joined the government ranks because he is very close to Agiru, thats if he was serious, but he insisted on keeping a low profile and plunder more people's money he stayed in opposition and quietly stole money from the SHP coffers. He is still Deputy Governor and he has access to money, forget what he has or owns, we now know who he really is, a thief who went from zero to hero of his tribesman, and now rumors float around and I hear that he is now putting up money with his father in law for his brother in law Richard Awesa to stand for the Imbongu Electorate, of course old man FA will heat up the challenge for the vacant SHP regional seat. They will become the new royal family of Mendi.

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Re: Question to Mendi Member

July 21 2010, 7:30 PM 


Whilst I don't condone these if they are true, I think this is not the right forum. Please present your facts to the ombudsman commission and they can look into it.

Anyone who has a concern for Mendi should go challenge him in the 2012 elections or support someone you who think will truely represent the people..I guess that's the right time and place to talk about these and also make a difference for the people....!


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You can't teach a pig anything!

July 22 2010, 12:38 AM 

In the 21st century, performing leaders must have a high level of skills and education And a knack to push boundaries and set international stAndard benchmarks. You cAnnot teach a pig anything. Thud bloke is used to be a villager back in the days.. As far as I can remember. There is no technical vocabulary in his massage. He believes that setting up rugby league fixures on weekends and handing old PCs which can't even work is what makes a leader.

I hope the people of mendi vote with caution come 2012.


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Re: Question to Mendi Member

July 22 2010, 1:32 AM 

Well well...this is not only in Mendi. It's happening right throughout PNG. PNG is doomed for good!

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The smell of death

July 22 2010, 11:52 AM 

Which side of the fence is Dame Carol on? She stood for all things good in her election speech. How can she continually work with NA and watch children and mothers of this country die because there is nothing left for medicine after the pollies have raided every toea from the country. How can she sit in the PM`s plane knowing that 160 million of our money went to buy it that money could have bought medicine and fixed up hospitals The smell of death is all around us Dame Carol cant you smell it?

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gen gap

Re: The smell of death

July 22 2010, 12:08 PM 

I think Ms Carol Kidu realizes that if she speaks out against Grand Chief she will be sacked.

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Dame Carol

July 22 2010, 8:25 PM 

Better to be sacked and show your true colours than pretend you care for the citizens of PNG. Once upon a time evryone had respect for her as they did
the Governor General. Their silence is deafening and they are giving Somare Inc the legitamacy to continue their genocide through neglect.One needs to ask Dame Carol and the Governor General is this really the way the want to be remembered?

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perfect place for such a posting

Re: Question to Mendi Member

July 23 2010, 12:45 PM 

You must be trying to kid us. Haven't you seen with your own eyes that the ombudsman has probably a backlog of 10 years or more of matters to investigate?

Besides, if it is criminal activity, the ombudsman is not the place to go. We want these corrupt pollies in jail. That means going to the police, not the ombudsman.

However, we all know how corrupt the police are. So it looks to me like your suggestion has no merit.

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Re: Question to Mendi Member

July 24 2010, 5:23 PM 

What do you post in here? This is the right place so that the bigger community will know Mendi MP is stealing from his people in daylight. Let them comment and expose the thief in MPs clothing. Its not his salary as MP, its stealing from his own people? How can he?

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Pastor Issacc Joseph

August 15 2010, 2:08 PM 

I am sick of pretenders like pastor issacc...

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Re: Pastor Issacc Joseph

August 15 2010, 10:00 PM 

Many pastors are pretenders. Start with Benny Hinn, continue on to Joyce Myers and finish up with Pastor Issacc Joseph.

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Re: Question to Mendi Member

August 15 2010, 9:59 PM 

Naiko, what complete nonsense. Sending people to the ombudsman doesn't achieve a thing other than a slap on the wrist at best. We need to develop new and creative ways of punishment I guess. Maybe public shaming on the internet will work, who knows.

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Mila Kungup

Mendi Member Sunday Chronicles Letters

August 23 2010, 11:03 AM 

I had the benefit to read the article by Mone Paiknoai Sam in the Sunday Chronicle on 7/2/2010 and the reply by the member on the 14/3/2010 in the same paper. Having vast local knowledge of the Mendi Open Electorate I made certain observations and to some extend concluded without due care that the Member is abruptly absorb devouring Christian thieving and totally absurd.

First, I congratulate the honorable member for his recent extravagant wedding. Hot on the topic in various waterholes in the city and elsewhere is the Members recent wedding where one enters Parliament Impecuniously single and marries a pretty girl in the sums of Hundreds of Thousands of kina in the absence of decent enamour. Street kid in the aspersion of a pastor, Isaac Joseph Towang got elected to be served and not to serve. Member, even necessary, you are distressed, well done member.

Let me remind the leader that he was too quick to forget the very fact that his biological polygamist father left him with his mother and other siblings in cold in his infancy. Blood is ticker than water, son like father, he could very well fit into his notorious fathers shoes so should not count his chicks before they hatch.

Mone Paiknoai appears to be someone who is an acquaintance of the Member from childhood with very vivid knowledge of his past and present discourteous dimensions. In essence the writer is making a wake up call and reminding the member that having to come from such background the MP has all to gain by serving but quickly resort to lose his crippling character and credibility sooner than later. The letter had facts of contention and not mere political facetious. The member should take this bold statement as his strength and energy rather than poorly and deviously belaboring to devour in nature and character. Member, It hurts when the truth is revealed

Properties purchased in Mendi and POM, vehicles hired to the Provincial Administrator and his Administration and establishing of Civil Earth Moving and Building Construction Companies are embodied into the Members confidantes.

The response on the 14/03/2010 simply lacks entrepreneurial capacity to calculate and take on criticisms as a mandated leader which is reflected in his tone of very poor grammar targeting individuals unconsciously due to his delirium state of mindset. This no doubt reflects the rate and level of education and his up brining.

The high profile achievements he preaches to date have 100% lacking intelligentsia and intelligence quotient eroding the populace benefits and are all waterloos in practice and real time. I have vividly seen most of the projects referred to and I am dismayed to say the least that all the profile projects are jobs for the boys and not necessarily service for the people. Talk about a 5 year Electoral Development Plan, Tente UDP etc. We are yet to see the Members 5 year Electorate Development Plan as the foundation to measure his mauswara.

The Map to Was Road, Tenet Police Barracks, District Treasury Establishment, Mongol High school, Mendi Tambul Road to name few by far do not meet the Technical and Engineering specks thus taxpayers money is a drop in the ocean. The Map to Was road project, the construction and fencing of the Tente new Police Barracks and more other projects were dubious and mischievously contracted to the boys. The police barrack project contracted to the boys was subcontracted to a builder who again sub- subcontracted to another building company.

Occupying the office of the Deputy and Acting Governors positions is not by design or choice of the MP but is a mere opportunity. The Acting Governors position for an extended period is a matter in point for the OC

Occupying the offices are just window dressing for the benefit of few who master the game the member pretends to play without educating himself with the rules, process and procedures of the game simply because the playing field is much bigger than Isaac Josephs imaginations. The attainment is making the MPs credibility, efficiency and effectiveness inadequate in the showroom. The MPs brain may be bigger than some of us as stated but distinctively, the people of Mendi are definitely bigger than his whole being.

The MPs malicious attack on educated individuals is out of merit and highly frivolous. The member seems to cohesively miscalculated individuals and opted to perpetrate his devious and diminishing attitude to devise in the media. His very best reliance is his best betrayer, its time he revisit his destined and recent past confidantes.

There are dexterous professional elites from Mendi who are diligent and devoted including those the MP is perplexed with and perpetrated. We have being highly educated at reputable institutions, worked and served various institutions and cooperate bodies of international standing and achieved distinctive results benefited by many both in PNG and abroad which we pride ourselves. The MP should fully utilize these highly educated and experience elites of Mendi to develop and improve the quality of lives of the Mendi people rather than inviting us to his very cheap political Pulpit which we are not too keen to venture into otherwise. When he attacks high profile elite gurus, Isaac Josephs Pastoral Permit would not equate or comprehend our rate of achievements.

The MP lacks the entrepreneurial capacity to calculate and take on criticisms as a leader when he chooses to labor malicious attach on individuals demonstrating his delirium state of mind. Do not open the can of worm and invite gesture as you definitely lack capacity and intelligence to contain.

Bring on the full page advertisement referred to in his letter and well see if it is worth the paper it is printed on or just another paper mass. Member, Walk the Talk.

Mila Kungup

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Kangom Nawe

Mendi MP Absurb

August 24 2010, 11:06 AM 

Well put, very discriptive of the character. Christians are humble, caring, giving and Goded fearing but the Member is totally absurbed, all he does is boost.

Only last Saturday a fight broke out when the soposed Mongol High School contractor decleared that he will not be supporting the member in the coming election. members brother drove starigh into the contractors new Dyna bought from the maintainance funds at Sumbra Village and the Tunjups make a mince meat out of the memders brothers sending them to the straight to hospital ward in Mendi.

What are we learning from this story, is it because the Member siphoned the project funds for his dubious projects leaving little or non for the contractor?. The contractor is his brother. There is definately somthing cooking here and if this is the case than one can only conclud why most projects are not completed or started. Could be the root of all the funding for his lavish live.

Upper Mendi and rest of the Mendi people shoul;d take hit of this and stop building grandstands for project groundbreaking ceremonies. I know the bride price money did come from the Mongol High school contract funds.

I am getting sick of this lunatic.
Na kirtekom.


This message has been edited by 7milebeach on Aug 26, 2010 5:29 PM

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Ipa Tumbu

Re: Mendi MP Absurb

August 26 2010, 7:31 AM 

Mendi member Isaac Joseph, if all this alegations against you are true, aren't you ashamed of yourself? Stealing people's money to buy bride price...a tatal dsgrace

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