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April 2 2011 at 5:04 PM

Hi Amb Kund Kenga,

Going through your list of potential intending candidates for the 2012 WH regional seat lured me into writing this.

From the handful intending candidates, some names ring the bell while others dont. And that does not mean these candidates are incapable of being a leader; everyone has the right to contest.
In my view, I support Paias Wingti and will campaign for him in the coming 2012 election for the following reasons;

Paias Wingti has been accused (big media speculation with students protests on a number of occasions) on a number of allegations but none went before the leadership tribunal to prove him guilty/wrong. AND TODATE HE HAS A CLEAN NAME: NONE HAS PROVED HIM CORRUPT HAS CLAIMED.

1. US$300 million to Cayman Is

An example of this is the US$300 million to Caymen Island - In 2006 the NA Government through the leadership of Somare (Snr) directed the then Police Minister Alphonse Willie (MP for Kerowagi)to carryout an investigation on the issue. When the report was finalized and tabled before the Prime Minister to formally authorise for prosecution (for the offender's involved), the Prime Minister declined advising the Police Minister to "shelve the file". The question is why did the Prime Minister directed the investigation and when the report was finalized, he then changed his mind to decline prosecute through the leadership tribunal.

Obviously there are two answers to this;

a) The offenders (leaders) involved in the Caymen Is syndic at that time (2006) were with the NA Government and if the prosecution was to go ahead then, he was going to create a conflict of interest within his government causing a split or a possible change in the government through a vote of no confidence.

b) Secondly, the key figure Paias Wingti (Somare Snr main political rival) was found innocent as the grounds or evidence found against him were not sufficient and very light to prosecute him for a heavier penalty.
The US$300 million Cayman Island file was closed and is now collecting dust at some back office shelves in Port Moresby.

2. Customary Land Registration Bill

Another classic example was when Paias Wingti reintroduced the Land Bill in parliament (between 1985-1987) there were a lot of oppositions and chaos events enfolded.

One that I could remember was this ; “Paias Wingti salim PNG igo overseas long ol whiteman”. This became media speculation with headlines as “PNG sold overseas” and this was the talk in every household in every village, community, settlement, town around the four corners of PNG.

Today, I realized that it was a political tactic used by the opposition (of 1985-1988) involving University students to over throw Paias Wingti from the Prime Minister seat. This accusation against Paias Wingti selling PNG to foreigners had no grounds and basis to go before the leadership tribunal.

The very bill that he reintroduced in parliament back in 1986 is now considered the pillar of development and a lot of chances to Customary land enjoy special protection under Papua New Guinea law in terms of development. According to the Act, it cannot be sold, leased, mortgaged or disposed of except in accordance with custom. Highlights of developments include the recent mining booms!

3. Privatization

Although the bill was introduced by Sir Mekere, the axe landed on Paias Wingti as a key figure in the People Democratic Movement Party.

As in the second example above, there were a lot of opposition to the Privatization Bill. Apart from the many reasons the bill was introduced with the main focus to "rescue" PNG from a verge of financial collapse and today we enjoy the fruits.

4. Integrity of Political Party's Bill

The current NA government is a scapegoat without vision and direction! During the parliament sitting when Paias Wingti introduced this bill to parliament with the focus to stabling political parties(who acted like political prostitutes moving from one party to another), the current NA leader (Somare Snr)protests against the bill walking out of parliament. Today we see alot of chances from a stable government.

The list continues....To summaries this, Paias Wingti have been accused on a numerous occasions and yet he was never put to a leadership tribunal finding him guilty. Lets have facts to prove what we accuse is true. "NOKEN BAGARAPIM MAN NATING". I conclude that whatever people say about this great man is crab and tactics used by his political opponents (and also some self centered Western Highlanders) to tarnish his name for political and personal gains.

Referring to Amb Kenga' list of intending regional candidate for WH 2012, none of them is a prime minister material who can drive the vision and focus of PNG other than Paias Wingti.

For me personally, on previous elections I was convinced by above "*********" from university students or other people and voted against Paias Wingti. But now I realized the "TRUTH" and am supporting Mr Wingti not only in voting but will officially campaign for him.

With the latest events as burning of Kapal Haus,and disputed return courts are a political backing by the current NA government to topple Paias Wingti's leadership from returning to the parliament.

If you have any respond or critisms, salim ikam long ples singsing na yumi stretim toktok.


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Bill Jenkins


April 4 2011, 3:33 PM 

Not sure were you are coming from but i can tell you that Wingti is the most corrupt leader this country has ever seen. Global construction has been the source of money for the past 10 years. Mick Jepson himself used to mouth of in the Laumana hotel the millions they where paying wingti

Can anyone tell me where has Wingti made his money, what are is business interests

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Kang Apa

Respond to Bill Jenkins commenting on Paias Wingti

April 6 2011, 2:18 AM 

Mr Bill Jenkins,

Thank you for your respond to my post titled Paias Wingti for 2012.

You have rubbished my views with you point accusing Paias Wingti being the worst corrupt leader making money out of Global Construction. You have even named a character, Mick Jepson (as your witness) paying of Paias Wingti at Lamana hotel.

Since you have a witness and a venue where this activity occurred, it could have been a very genuine case to prosecute the accused in a Leadership tribunal including the other allegations I outlined in my earlier post. Why are people with shallow thinking minds (of your type) bluff about things that they don't see, witness or even have sufficient grounds to support their arguments.

Mate, talk substance and back it with evidence. Don't bluff about things that are "ear say" or over heard from some stimulating drunkards. Tok tok i nogat evidence is for women and kids in the kitchen. Sapos yu man na yu Bill Jenkins, yu mas tok tok olsem Bill Jenkins.

To prove your words and to show that you are real man, I invite you to do two things;

1. Contest the WHP Regional seat in 2012 under the name Bill Jenkins,
2. Prosecute Paias Wingti through the leadership tribunal about the allegations you mentioned.

Paias Wingti is no different to Old Somare. If Somare is found guilty by the courts, who is Paias Wingti to preserve. Bill Jenkins, you should organize the same court to prosecute Paias Wingti proving your words.

And I assure you my vote and support, if you execute the above task.

Western Highlands is fed up with all these political crab such as yours tarnishing leaders names. Also the province including PNG is hungry to see Wingti back into parliament to make some "real noises" on the floor of parliament. For your information, Bill Jenkins, Western Highlands will return "Kang Kund Apa" (Wingti) back to parliament in 2012.

Kang Apa.

Kang Apa

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Wingti knows how to hide the books before being caught

April 8 2011, 2:54 PM 

I dont know why some Hageners still worship this corrupt idiot! I don't get it!

For holycow's sake can we flush this corrupt powerhungry terupen down the toilet? Please, please, stop dreaming about a dead issue! He is history!

WHP must move on! Sick of recycling!

Wingti knows how to hide the books before being caught. He'll tell you.

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hela igini


April 8 2011, 6:45 PM 

Wingtis days are long gone and over!

we all know what he did.

Its best you shut up!

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Kang Apa


April 10 2011, 9:51 PM 

In respond to Sick & Hela Igini’s comments, I wonder if they had a chance to confirm and prove what they stated.

Sick was optimistic about his/her heading stating that Paias Wingti knows how to hide the books but did not have a valid evidence or source to support his/her statement. In reality, what Sick stated is a “raw statement” without facts and is full of crab.

Sick, I would suggest you mind your wordings when posting such crabs as you could make a fool of yourself smells like rotten egg.

The former Prime Ministers of Papua New Guinea made name, history and more importantly become Prime Minister of PNG of which you and I will never make one. Regardless of their political differences and the critics’ people of label, they represented us holding the number one post of the country, whether we like it or not. They are mandated leaders!

Former Prime Ministers, Sir Julius Chan, Paias Wingti and Sir Michael Somare all served PNG in the best they can. They all have a common vision and destiny for PNG during their times as Prime Ministers and that is for PNG to develop in every aspects.

Sir Julius Chan, believed in a strong vibrant economy and was driving PNG to be self-reliant economically. He embraced his ideas and policies towards building a strong reliable economy for PNG.

On the other hand, Paias Wingti knew Agriculture and education are the backbone of PNG (ninety per cent (90 %) of the population lived off land, subsistence farming) and could sustain from Agricultural exports as coffee, cocoa, tea etc.. and during his term in office he was prioritising on these (Funding Agricultural sector & Free Education policy) sectors.

Wingti’ idea to develop agricultural sector of PNG is considered not only important but vital and essential. A great idea and a vision to prosperity but todate no government is working on it. Apart from the short lived mining boom, Papua New Guinea’s economy relies on the agricultural exports (coffee, vanilla, cocoa, copra etc) and that is where the bulk of the population is.

And Mr Sick, in 1987 when Brazil (largest coffee producer) was down with coffee rust, PNG economy increased and the kina was strong. Em idea blong Paias Wingti sapos yu no save.

Sir Michael Somare’s vision was to gain self-independence for PNG which he successfully achieved.
Mr Sick, you look into what each Prime Minister’s motive of running the country and if you could tell the core view of their intentions, then you can tell what sort of person they are. As the saying goes, don’t judge the book by its cover, likewise, you are one of those blind brainless followers who can not make judgement.

To conclude, there are few points you have to take into consideration;
1. Paias Wingti is the first Highlander to become Prime Minister and no other highlander will become
Prime Minister.

2. He architecture most policies that are enjoyed by governments of today. An example is the Integrity
of Political Party’s Bill, free education policy etc..

3. Of course he is the champion highlands politician second to late Sir Iambaki Okuk.

Now Mr Sick & Hela, have some common sense and talk substance with sense. Noken giaman nabaut.
Mr Sick & Hela as I have mentioned in my past posts, WHP will return Paias Wingti in the coming 2012 national election.

Kang Apa.

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Wingti is history; PDM is dead nationwide!

April 10 2011, 11:06 PM 

Kang Apa, you are one of those sickbrainless briefcase carrier bilong Wingti.
You are suffering from a rare chronic disease called Wingtimaniacsyndrome! Too sad uh!
You are trying to paint a good picture here and telling people about your same old 2toea posts of "where is the evidence" "no evidence" and all those cheap crap! Kang num kemb andelg wu muna?

Talk reality, and the reality is "PDM IS DEAD NATIONWIDE" and "WINGTI IS CLASSED AS CLASS "Ä"CRIMINAL WHO WILL NEVER BE KNIGHTED WITH A SIR FOR AS LONG AS HE BREATHS. Only in WHP, PDM is surviving simply because of some brainless people like Kang Apa whose normal coordination of brains are corrupted by that rare disease. Identify yourself so that we can send you to a Laloki located within Laloki.


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Kang jiks

Paias Wingti for 2012

April 11 2011, 12:40 AM 

Look if Wingti is guilty what of every other member of parliament. What I am trying to say is this he is no better than the rest. However him like his predecessor Chan and Somare seem to have been the only leaders this nation has had in terms of vision and leading the country towards economic prosperity. I mean really who would you rather have as pm Wingti or some idiotic hothead like don polye. Until this country can produce honest transparent leaders who have the skills, calibre and foresight necessary to lead this nation our first 3pms are the best we've had and may ever have had. Wake up and smell the roses my friend this is the reality.

PS. And until they can find sufficient evidence to trial wingti the man is innocent. Innocent until proven guilty that is the way our judicial system is based as part of the Westminster system and I am positive if he went on trial nothing would turn up. But if you wanto file a lawsuit against him go ahead this is a free democratic country your allowed to have your freedom of speech. Unless you can't as your information is based on hersey and rumours surrounding moratau settlement.

"The truth will always prevail. God bless Jika paias and may he reclaim his seat in 2012. Kanda."

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Re: Paias Wingti for 2012

April 11 2011, 9:44 PM 

Apa, read the following over and over and you'll conclude by saying "Ï can now go to a Laloki within Laloki".

Kang Apa, you are one of those sickbrainless briefcase carrier bilong Wingti.
You are suffering from a rare chronic disease called Wingtimaniacsyndrome! Too sad uh!
You are trying to paint a good picture here and telling people about your same old 2toea posts of "where is the evidence" "no evidence" "innocent until proven guilty"etc, and all those cheap crap! Kang num kemb andelg wu muna?

Talk reality, and the reality is "PDM IS DEAD NATIONWIDE" and "WINGTI IS CLASSED AS CLASS "Ä"CRIMINAL WHO WILL NEVER BE KNIGHTED WITH A SIR FOR AS LONG AS HE BREATHS because, people know he can hide books and that's clean whitecollar criminal. What else, son? Only in WHP, PDM is surviving simply because of some brainless people like Kang Apa whose normal coordination of the brains are corrupted by that rare disease. Identify yourself so that we can send you to a Laloki located within Laloki.


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Kang Apa

Respond to Wingti Gone 4 eva.

April 12 2011, 8:07 AM 

To the person who commented on my post claiming him/herself as “Wingtigone4ever”, I read your respond with word for word that is all bluffing. Your ascent of English command sounds like some “academic English” with a fancy vocabulary has no meaning and understanding to a common Papua New Guinean.

Apa the worst and most disgusting is the abusive and swearing words in your Hagen dialect that you threw out of your mouth. To the readers who go through these posts (for many reasons) can tell what type of person you are! Just because of the command of language (swearing words) people can tell, you are one of those Papua New Guinean characters with attitude and behaviour problem that smells stink.

You mind your language when posting as many people read these posts. Also understand that this is a public political forum where one can express his/her views on the agenda. So kanga pa, sapos yu liklik pikinini na het blong yu ino istap stret, yu mas tromoi tokples gut. Noken tok nogut olsem yu tok pinis.

I am not certain if you have read my post above that outlines some of Paias Wingti’s policies and achievements during his reign in parliament between 1992-1994 and 1985-1988. Some of the policies work well today and put the country in order.

Integrity of political party’s bill is one that stabilised a government of the day from vote of no confidence and also as there was considerable dissatisfaction within PNG about the country’s lack of social and economic progress and growing problems of lawlessness and corruption, and growing criticism from outside.

When this bill was presented in parliament by Paias Wingti (Drafted by Professor John Nongorr), Sir Michael Somare walked out of the chamber in protest of the bill. Today he enjoy s the fruits of what he protested. The actual endorsement of the OLIPPC was when Sir Mekere was Prime Minister.

If you had followed the papers, earlier last year, July 7 2010, the Supreme Court, ruled the bulk of the Organic Law on the Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates Unconstitutional putting Somare (Srn) and Professor John Nongrro at loggerheads war of words.

What does this mean ? Apa yu kam gut wantaim tok English blong yu so yu yet mas workim aut meaning blong ol dispel samting.

Here, I also would like to point to you (as a blind person) that Paias Wingti’s Organic Law on the Integrity of Political Parties is the foundation of a stable government. And I talk sense providing you with concrete evidence, not just bluffing with baseless points like your comments.

Between 1992, Paias Wingti introduced the Land Mobilisation. The concept of the Land Mobilisation Bill was miss interpreted by some UPNG students (pressured by opposition at that time) that “Paias Wingti salim PNG overseas” and there was a student unarrests resulting in students being killed.

If I could recall the incident clearly, a student from Banz and Tambul lost their lives . Today, everyone in the country realises that Land Mobilisation is the key for development and investor confidence. LNG project and all other development projects that you see today is a result of Land Mobilisation.

This was one event that tarnished Paias Wingti’s name and he lost to Father Lark – and the birth of MELSOL (Melanesian Solidarity) formed by Peti Lafanama, Peter Waing etc.. that did not last long. Today, we prove ourselves to be wrong and Wingti was right! Students lost their lives for nothing!

PDM is the party founded by Paias Wingti that claimed the throne twice (1985-1988 & 1992-1994) putting WHP (where you and I come from) on the PNG map. Today the most feared seats in the national parliament are the WHP seats because Paias Wingti had set the record no other MP from the Highlands region will repeat.

Your statement stating that PDM indai long PNG is not true. The facts I got here is PDM currently have 5 MPs in parliament with that latest being elected Governor general (source political parties listing png). How do you talk without a base. Kang apa luk olsem yu wanpela mauswara man stret ya nogat evidence long ol toktok blong yu.

In regards to your brief case comment, Paias Wingti never allowed himself in that category. Taim yu lukim ol narapela wantok member blong yu, yu votim igo long parliament, em bai yu lukim ol karim brief case raun olsem liklik mangi. Think before you open you month.

Apa, both of us come from WHP and can you tell me what these other intending candidates will do (if they win the WHP governor seat in 2012) that is never done by Paias Wingti.

Finally Wingti will be returned by the Western Highlanders in the 2012 general election.

Kang Jiks, support na wanbel istap !

Kang Apa

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Bets Bukldam

Who are you

May 14 2011, 2:36 PM 

NOGAT leader lo western Highlands na God ba givim leader lo upla tsol ha;;;
Stop being fool,,,God no man blo greedy

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Bets Bukldam


May 14 2011, 2:32 PM 

Bata Stret Me supportim YOU,,,,, Who the F###K is that so called wingti..
What good He has done to the province.
You can Piarap lo WHP but PNG les pinis lo wingti.

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Progressive NOT backward!

April 12 2011, 2:12 PM 

I thought we were a progressive nation, not stagnant and returning recycled leaders!

Forgot the court cases, I have been to WHP, can't see anything that is trademark of Wingti's legacy!
Why should he be returned? Are Kanges blind, lacking vision and forwarding thinking people?..No wonder Hagen is backward, filty and filled with conmen and pick pockets unlike the days when I was a little boy up there.

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Capt. Wurup

Wingti's trade mark - Naiko Missed.

April 12 2011, 11:55 PM 


How sad you didn’t see Wingti’s trade mark, its written all over Western Highlands. You refer us (Western Highlanders) being blind but your comment here points back to you being blind.

Unfortunately you did not have a chance to visit the districts, where you will find double storey community schools buildings in blue color, these are Wingti’s trade mark. The roads that you travelled were once sealed during Wingti's reigns and to date, these roads are a bare pot holes that needs maintenance. This is clear indication of lacking leadership by whoever the current MPs are. Naiko, for your information, Wingti played its part and the trade mark is there! Nogut bai yu sem so noken toktok olsem gen.

Capt Wurup Kaip

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Re: Wingti's trade mark - Naiko Missed.

April 13 2011, 7:51 AM 

I know what I am talking about, I have seen what I have seen and not blind like you, STOP being trapped in the Wingti era, twitching your fingers and wishing he was here still, Move on!
Find a good leader, unlike your Olga too. I am sure there are many fresh ones out there!

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Re: Wingti's trade mark - Naiko Missed.

April 13 2011, 8:52 AM 

Being the first PM from the Highlands, we need more of people like Wingti minus the other side of his life!

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Paias Wingti The supreme corruptist

April 13 2011, 8:59 AM 

Paias Wingti's privatization bill caused 2 hagen intellects to die in UPNG..he was so corrupt he didnt mind sacrificing his own Kind to get want he wants

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West Kange

Students loss lives - its not Paias Wingti's fault!

April 13 2011, 10:22 AM 

Mr Wondoror,

You missed so much. What you referred to as two students losing their lives due to Paias Wingti's corruption is wrong on the following points;

1. The students collaborated with the opposition at that time to over throw the Govt. (Paias Wingti's was PM)and their agenda was Land Mobilizable. The talk in every house at that time was, Paias Wingti salim PNG overseas that was not true. Today land mobilizable becomes the key policy for investor confidence and development.

2. Paias Wingti's policy today is seen as a key policy for development and the innocent students lost their lives because UPNG students at that time collaborated with the Opposition and miss understood the policy concepts and its purpose. But believed the opposition for their political gain which has nothing to do with UPNG students resulting in all these chaos.

3. To conclude, Paias Wingti won the battle with a key policy that became vital and essential today and the so called university students (without brains) with the opposition lost. What do they think when they can now realize that the policy was vital and essential for development today???????? BIKPELA SHAME STRET !!!

Sapos yu skul mangi, tingting gut, readim and understand the policies before taking on stage. Nogut ol politician long Opposition sutim bel blong yu na yu miss.

For your inform. read the above posts on this issue.

West Kange

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Capt. Wurup


April 13 2011, 10:40 AM 


Your point is to find someone fresh who can lead WHP into prosperity. What else this new fresh leader can do that Paias Wingti did not.

So many people of the people of your caliber came in with new ideas and concepts that never last long. The MELSOL Inc, and the current Governor (who was a former student leader) tasol nogat kaikai blong toktok yupla save tok. All your new ideas are dreaming and you guys are just bluffing.

Paias Wingti has set the precedence, the first Highlander to be the Prime Minister and most of his policies are working well. And he can;

- Play politics at the international Political Level,
- National Political Level,
- Local Political Level.
He has the experience to run a national successfully.

Let alone Paias Wingti go for 2012. Parliament does not require "apprentice" for a 5 year training.


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Trupela Kange

Re: Naiko

April 13 2011, 5:33 PM 

Wingti is a terupun who will never get a Queens award and will never be called Sir simply because of his cunning ways to hide the books. That's written in the minds of every Papua New Guinean and every judge knows that.

What are you trying to prove Kang Apa aka. West Kange? You are trying to convince people here. This will not work because, no kid is reading these posts. They are grown up adults who are as well-educated as yourself.

Get a life and go to hell with your 2 toea toktoks.

Mi sori lo yu.

Long live young blood in WH.

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