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How is Paul Tinstein doing?

April 10 2011 at 7:26 PM

Why isn't it that East New Britain people are not saying anything in this forum? It makes me wonder because there are some very smart people there.

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April 10 2011, 9:40 PM 

They got far better things to do than rant on this Forum,the Tolais are doing much better thanks to the economic growth of this country and by piggybacking on the LNG, by the way who gave you this forum the right to question leaders and their ability to lead, its you Highlanders who are the very people creating that gun culture of elections every year, you vote in thieves and thieves walk away with the loot, every 5 years you come here and moan for good leaders, the only way to move this country to a new level is for a REVOLT and a revolution. All you supporters coming here talking about candidates whose standing wont make any difference in 2012. These pu$$ies go into the parliament and a then mind-phucked by the demons already there. Rise up, for this nation to progress, one must make a stand, a blood must be split on the streets of Port Moresby before real change comes, other then that, you will see the same old nutjobs, the rich get richer, the poor gets poorer and there will be no middleclass.

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