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May 10 2011 at 11:38 PM
Tambul Ice Kagom 

Fellow country men & women,

National election is around the corner and like everyone else in this forum, we need to post our list of potential candidates for the coming election. As per the last election, apart from the current seating member, Hon Benjamin Poponawa, following is a list of potential contenders.

Candidate Name

1. Philemon Was Korowi (Upper Nebliyer),
2. Paul Mawa (Middle Nebliyer),
3. Vincent Auali (Middle Kagul),
4. Thomas Nekints (Middle Nebliyer),
5. Philip Kerowa (Middle Kagul),
6. Paul Kewa (Middle Kagul), - new comer.
7. Brian Kiap Moro (Upper Nebliyer),
8. James Aruru Wakapu (Lower Kagul), - new comer.
9. Mark Anis (Lower Nebliyer),

So far we have come up with this list and would appreciate if anyone could add onto the list or make comments. Please take into consideration that comments or criticisms you post here have to be fair and do not take things personal to tarnish our above leaders names.

Also bear in mind that the Tambul/Nebliyer seat is one of the most important and feared seats in the national parliament either in forming a government or dismantling a party.

Tambul Ice Kangom

Kambia Nopor


May 11 2011, 4:28 PM 

Hi Tambul Ice Kangom awe.

Its good to see your list of potential candidates but a preview of each candidate would add salt to readers comments/criticisms.

My personal opinion is all these candidates have their base support (whether they are former or new comer) and its quite difficult to predict with the 1,2,3 system of voting.

Kambia Nopor



May 13 2011, 3:46 PM 

whats wrong with Paul Mawa
He seem like a ok candidate



May 15 2011, 8:57 PM 


Thanks nothing wrong with Paul Mawa or any of the candidates listed above. They are all leaders with their own merits and its the people of Tambul/Nebliyer who will decide. The people decide we fall or we stand in the political arena with whoever leader they give mandate to in 2012.


Tambul Pena


May 20 2011, 10:01 PM 

Hi Tambul/Nebliyer,

Think the current MP, Benjamin Poponawa is doing fine and will remain as MP. Whats your opinions?

Tambul Pena


James Aruru

May 27 2011, 2:12 PM 

AS a Tambul Nebilyer person, I believe James Aruru is the right man for this job. He has a bigger persectives to bring changes that will bring Tambul Nebilyer to next level that we have never seen in our life. He has a servant heart and I believe we need somesone like this. He will perform the job and I say again, we will never regret.


Tambul/Nebliyer open

June 3 2011, 8:12 PM 

Yes, give the back page man a chance na larim em go long parliament in 2012.

longlong vota

Re: questions

August 19 2011, 2:06 PM 

he "seems like an ok candidate", you say? No wonder we always end up voting new dust into office - we vote based upon what people SEEM to be like. Obviously they know that and so put on an act so that we believe they SEEM to be honest. Then they get elected and proceed to drain the treasury dry.


Benjamin Poponawa is doing a fine job!

June 7 2011, 1:17 PM 

I would want we let the current MP Hon. Benjamin Poponawa stay as our MP for 2012 onwards. He has displayed outstanding performance in bringing tangible service delivery to the electorate than the former MPs of Tambul Nebilyer. Just by looking at the service delivery he has given to the electorate speaks volume of the kind of leader he is. We want that type of leader! So I would rather see Hon Benjamin Poponawa stay on as the MP for Tambul Nebilyer come 2012 onwards. I don't see why we should change him unless the new intending candidates intend to do something he has never done.


BP do away with NA party.

June 8 2011, 7:07 PM 


Great posts with your views. BP or any other intending candidates named (apart from the former MPs) here have the leadership capability especially service delivery.

I would suggest BP should leave the current NA party that is full of corruption and don't think this party will retain Government after the 2012 election.


Yumi Yet

Benjamin run away long NA party

June 13 2011, 3:15 AM 

Just a reminder to Benjamin Poponawa, YOU are the right man for the people however, you have to ran away long NA party, NA party will ruin your character and what you have done so far will be wasted.


List is incomplete

June 10 2011, 12:07 AM 

With respect, your list is not not complete. I do not know if you have actually been to tambul nebilyer lately. But you have missed someone who may well be the next member. His name is Dr Fred Wurr. He is quite popular now and has been campaigning very hard. He is honest and I believe will do a good job in office.

Tambul Ice Kangom

Tambul/Nebliyer Candidate list for 2012

June 10 2011, 3:53 PM 

Mem Kit,

Sorry that I missed Dr Freds name and thanks for adding.

I am sorry did not do that intentionally but forgot when listing the names. Once again sorry for that inconvenience. In my original post above, I invited people like you to make comments or add names of potential candidates for 2012. Thanks for adding Fred's name here. Any comments or any other potential candidate names to this list are all welcome.

Tambul Ice Kangom

Kou Kiripi

Re: Tambul/Nebliyer Candidate list for 2012

June 10 2011, 5:08 PM 

BRING back Vincent AUALI......there is a big vacuum. Let him alone challenge the incumbent Poponawa.



No worrys Tambul Ice Kagom

June 10 2011, 9:33 PM 

Bro thats ok. I applaud you for starting this thread. We the consitiuents of Tambul Nebilyer should start discussing this issues in preparation for the election next year.

Keep up the good work

Tambul Ice Kangom

Tambul/Nebliyer Candidate list for 2012

June 11 2011, 10:19 PM 


First of all, thanks to all contributors to this forum that all posts are fair and balance. I applauded all that we Tambul/Nebliyers)have a unique respect with good sense of command of accepting and respecting each other especially our leaders that is being lacked by other forums of similar electorates taking matters personally and being bias in their post. Their command of language is sometime very offensive. Thank you all for this and and would like to remind that we maintain this trend of respecting our leaders and the authors of each threads.

Next, we have to understand that Tambul/Nebliyer is not just an ordinary seat like the 109 seats in the parliament. In the past governments, the Tambul/Nebliyer seat is the core and most feared seat in the parliament that either formed or dismantled a government and parliament has respect for us.

I would like to invite all educated elites of Tambul/Nebliyer to add your comments, views and if there is a potential candidate missed above, pls advise and we can add onto the list.

The advantage for us Tambul/Nebliyers are;

1. We have respect for all our leaders and ourselves too,
2. We are the most hard working and capable of making things work for us despite all odds,
3. As mentioned above Tambul/Nebliyer seat can either make or break a government and 109 seats in parliament fear us.

Thanks all for your posts and lets all contribute with more comments etc..

Tambul Ice Kangom


Tabmbul has to do better

June 12 2011, 9:44 AM 

Good discussions, but allow me.

When was Tambul Nebilyer MP Party Leader?, Opposition Leader?,and for how long over the last 35 years.

My understanding, Peter O'Neill was Opposition Leader for past government, Roy Yaki was the other Opposition Leader during Previous other gov't. P Oneill and Roy Yaki were no ordinary MPs. Party Leaders as well as MP in significant Ministries. Them along took up about most of Powerbroking for the last 25 years.

Now where does Tambul-Nebilyer fall. Your Last MP had 5 year wasted. Negints/Auali were just wanabe powerbrokers.

However, your Poponawa sound like a leader in making at national level but has to stand out. Was and Paul are vibrant leaders, even in student days.

Therefore calling T/N Electorate as a powerbroker in current and past election is a far-cry.

Mind you, I am a friend of a lot of sufferring people from T/N Electorate.

But what sort of people could come to Pangia and ask for K100,000 compensation for a Rascal Gang Leader who was stepped-over 2 years ago while holding his rifle trying to stop a cargo truck. You people, in truck loads came to get compensation. If that is a mindset you have in truck loads, do not claim yourself as powerbroker in governments. Please.... I am still hurt on what Nebilyers are doing to people on your roads...

Tambul Ice Kagom

Tambul/Nebliyer Candidate list 2012

June 13 2011, 12:09 AM 

Mr Wiru,

This is Tambul/Nebliyer forum and you are sticking your nose. If you have your grudges that is a separate issue to discuss in another forum. The crux of the thread here is to find possible candidates for Tambul/Nebliyer that has nothing to do with you, Mr Wiru. Mind your own business.

You can clearly tell from our past posts that our comments were not biased or attacking readers personally just like they doing in other forums. Your behaviour in this forum is not accept and we suggest you leave this for and let alone the Tambul/Nebliyers discuss to find a leader suitable for them.

Tambul Ice Kagom


Mr Wiru

June 13 2011, 2:59 AM 

Mr Wiru thank you for your hurtful sentiment however, we are not here to sovle your problem, secondly, you are not answering the question that has been raise and lastly, you must bear in mind that this is not Pangia. Thanks Mr Wiru


Stop the giaman

June 13 2011, 5:18 AM 

Yupela ol Tambul Nebilyer save power broker weiii??? Em con toktok stret, just one of the many 109 seats yaa! Noken giaman. For one I know, SOME of the Nebilyer people are ARE A PAIN to the whole of southern highlands with their acts of primitive, uncivilised thuggery.Period! Why those road blocks, why harassment of innocent public, why rape and torture of poor mothers and girls, why such a nuisance on the travelling public? The rest of SHighlands see you as no way near to humans, but just still having the brains of retarded lunatics, not human by any standards. So if you want to get a good leader to "sort your mess", just do us a favour..find someone who can tame, educate and "cleanse" you all. That is tru! The rest of Tambual and other parts of Nebilyer are excused.. It's those thugs and supporters on the hwy, they ought to be food for the bacteria and worms if nature has its way!

IL Manda kuu o,

Tambul Ice Kagom

Tambul Nebliyer Candidate list for 2012

June 13 2011, 5:30 PM 

To all Tambul/Nebliyers,

There are immature manner-less people posting abusive threads here in our forum generalising the Tambul/Nebliyers accusing them of "lawlessness" and leaders incapable of bringing situations under control. The language and manner used in the post are very abusive & immature and does not deserve a respond. I would like to invite all Tambul/Nebliyer participants in this forum not to respond to this manner less characters and ignore them totally.

Iceman thanks for your respond.

Tambul Ice Kagom

Black Water Meri

Re: Tambul Nebliyer Candidate list for 2012

June 13 2011, 5:59 PM 

For some reasons i feel forcibly compelled to expose this on your behalf, those people from Tambul and Nebilyer Districts. Its all about one of your former MPs and a most powerful fist the previous Mekere government, and now deserted to team up with NA and a current force in the inside deals!

Thomas Negints, an economist and a possible candidate under NA. As far as i know through my network and blogger experts, he is the current Chairman of Office of Climate Change Board (of course a Board without a legal framework), Chairman and Executive of South Sea Tuna Co., insider of the controversial PMIZ push in Madang.

Two of the most HIGH PROFILE cases Mr. Negints with Kevin Conrad are involved in the Push for Bautama Round About Real Estate Development which was negotiated with Nambawan Super to invest K50m, where the development?? Kickbacks game?

Another case is the recent private Jet flying executives in without valit visas and Customs documents, when questioned by customs at Jacksons, Mr. Negints said "orders were from the highest office on land", the illegal aliens were escorted to waiting vans to DEC, Planning, Finance, for various Clean Energy (CDM) mega projects in Sepik.

Mr. Negints has since proven to be a leader with two faces, one for our people - one for business partners.

Over to you Tambul Nebilyer!

Black Water Meri

Giluwe Ice

Black Wara Meri

June 14 2011, 8:08 PM 

Black Wara Meri,

Thanks for clarifying us and we will leave all these issues and the potential candidates for God to decided. The people of Tambul/Nebliyer have eyes and ears and they are the ones who will give mandate to one of these potential candidates to be our MP.

Despite the fact that a leader is found guilty and proven corruptive, it is the Tambul/Neblyier fashion and spirit to uphold the values of human beings with respect and allow nature to take control. Likewise, we will not discriminate nor discredit a leader in the likes or Thomas Nekints, Vincent Auali or any of our leaders including those mentioned above as we consider and respect them as leaders. Leaders are only human and they know the good and evil. If they allow evil, they are the ones most affected living with it.

However, we thank you for contributing

Giluwe Ice

Black Water Meri

Re: Black Wara Meri

June 14 2011, 8:29 PM 

And your point to the trend? You not running clearly on where you stand on BAD LEADERSHIP long cultured in PNG and highlands, let alone Tambul Nebilyer! MPs are not the ones affected as you may project, its the people who mandate them become the prime victims in allowing evil to fill the cup!

Black Water Meri

Giluwe Ice

Tambul/Nebliyer Candidates for 2012.

June 14 2011, 9:18 PM 

Black Wara Meri,

PNG should do away with corruption and Tambul/Nebliyer should contribute weeding out corrupt. Is this what you want or is there anything else we missing!

This forum is specifically to find suitable candidates for Tambul/Nebliyer and we accept your input but we dont behave like immature infants barking at leaders (You will find this in many forums).

Black Wara Meri, if you can read between the lines, you will notice the difference. No need to spoon feed us as we are mature people and allow nature take its course.


Anakin Skywalker (Darth Vader)

Why Remove Ben Poponawa??

June 14 2011, 10:32 PM 

I am not from T/N but i think BP is doing a good job...i dont understand why you guys want him to move from NA and praise him for delivering service??

cant you see the fact that he is delivering services because he is in NA?? if he was in the opposition or other party, would yu think he would achive the same?? I dont think so...

There are good sides and bad sides to him being in NA...However, the the main thing yous should be worrying is the fact that he is delivering for his beloved electorate...

Mind you, Waigani is a very tough place to handle when ur party is not in power...i advise all you good T/N's to leave him be there in 2012...dont worry about which party he is in as he is a good leader and has yous at his heart...

Trust me, there are other electorates suffering more than T/N...Waigani parliament ya em hatpla ples lo kisim funds blo electorate...you are only lucky if yu have friends in power...BP is doing well to be in NA!

Dear people of tambul nebilyer, dont bother what party he is in...just return him in 2012 and yu will be happy...i am just an outsider...i admire ur leader...



Dark Vader

June 14 2011, 10:47 PM 

Dark Vader

I honestly support you 110%. Tambul Nebilyer should leave Benjamin Poponawa as MP from 2012 on wards. He is doing a great job by delivering services to people. In 2009 I went to Tambul, and I was impressed to see the once cow grass station being cleaned up and looking like a real government station.
Don't see why he should be removed come 2012. The past MPs have done nothing. Honestly speaking there just power hungry and money hungry, and don't have the heart for the people unlike BP. Benjamin Poponawa for 2012!!!

Tambul Ice Kagom

Tambul/Nebliyer Candidates for 2012.

June 14 2011, 11:16 PM 

Anakin Skywalker (Darth Vader) & Watson (or maybe same person)

Thanks for your comments to BP. We all have respect for him as well as our past and current intending candidates. We respect and value every leaders acknowledging them for the job well done. Let alone nature take the course as the poeple of Tambul/Nebliyer belong to God's family including BP.

We have faith God will give us a leader if its not BP.

Tambul Ice Kagom


RE; tambul ice kangom

June 14 2011, 11:36 PM 

What makes you think that I'm dark vader. I thought this forum was about choosing candidates for Tambul Nebilyer and airing your personal view! Unless if your jealous or have something towards the candidate or incumbent MP BP, you might as well just shut up!!!
Your the one that is hosting this forum and its suppose to be a neutral one but response shows how biased you are and the negativity you have against some of the candidates!


RE; tambul ice kangom

June 14 2011, 11:36 PM 

What makes you think that I'm dark vader. I thought this forum was about choosing candidates for Tambul Nebilyer and airing your personal view! Unless if your jealous or have something towards the candidate or incumbent MP BP, you might as well just shut up!!!
Your the one that is hosting this forum and its suppose to be a neutral one but response shows how biased you are and the negativity you have against some of the candidates!

Anakin Skywalker (Darth Vader)

gOD has given yu BP!!

June 15 2011, 6:52 PM 

I dont understand why yu T/N people say that god will choose and give you a new leader when he has already given you one in the form of Benjamin Poponawa!!

in case u dont get it,al tell yu a story: a man was surrounded by flood, he asked god to help him. a boat came to rescue but he said hes waiting for god to help....next came a Helicopter but he said the same thing and the chopper left....the man died and went to heaven, asked god why he wasnt saved...god replied " I sent you two saviours but you rejected it" !!!

By the way i am not the same as Watson...aaand, this is if you people from t/n reading this, "yupla gat gutpla leader ya na wonem ken yupla laikim??"

Trust me the good lord will bless the tambul nebilyer people and return him in 2012 because he is a good leader with people at his heart..

just an outsiders perpective


Re: Dark Vader

June 14 2011, 11:19 PM 



No Way Hosay

June 17 2011, 10:39 PM 

Im from Nebilyer and since he has entered the parliment I have not seen any evidence of your claims in my neck of the woods. I will not vote for him. He has neglected us and seems to be more concerned about developing Tambul. Well fine let all the Tambul people vote him. I will give me vote to some one who will bring the service I want to see.

Good Luck

God fearing

Re: Why Remove Ben Poponawa??

September 5 2011, 6:14 AM 

"Delivering service" is just another way of saying "delivering cargo".

Those who deliver service are "cargo deliverers."

Those who elect leaders based on how well they deliver cargo are known as "cargo cultists".

Cargo cultists are laughed at around the world for their superficial perception of leadership and how development occurs in the world.

Want to see a cargo cultist? Look in the mirror!


Re: Tambul Nebliyer Candidate list for 2012

September 5 2011, 6:12 AM 

Obviously Negints em man nogut. Rausim em long list.


Re: Tambul Nebliyer Candidate list for 2012

June 18 2011, 12:38 PM 

Hey Tambul Kangom,

Tambul Nebliyer does not own this forum nor this thread. So don't threat it as your property. If the way you folks drive busses and taxis in the city is any indication how you think and act..then the way you choose your leader will be no different..

So don't stand high and mighty up there and be so prideful.. advise tasol but I know being YOU, won't take heed.


We are not lazy

June 18 2011, 4:28 PM 

To No saint. Your comments are stereotypical and generalizing. It reveals the type of mental capacity you have. We Tambul Nebilyer people do not sit on our *** all day and wait around for free hand outs. We work our land and save to make a honest living. The very fact that we dominate the public transport industry in this country is testimony to this fact. We do not engage in criminal activities. Which is more than I can say for some of our country men.

Its a free country. No one has the right to stop you from buying a bus and operating it in the city. But the fact is none of you guys complaining can compete with us. So if you are not happy with the type of service we provide. Why don't you take it up with the responsible authorities. But do not try to degrade some one who is trying to make a honest living

Fed Up


Don't worry about the racists lurking around

June 18 2011, 9:14 PM 

Fed Up, don't bother with those kinds of comments. They are racist comments, pure and simple. Anyone in this day and age who thinks that "all people" of any ethnic group share some kind of negative characteristics shows their lack of education. They'll deny that they are being racist but what some Papua New Guineans say about other PNG ethnic groups is no different than what racist whites say about black people.


To NGV_Yous are lazy

June 18 2011, 9:19 PM 

Tambul nebilyer people are totally opposite what you said!! Tell me who stops PMV's and steal from passengers, rape mothers and childrens, kill people and torment the highlands highway for money!!!

Yupla save show off wantem pipia M16 blo yupla na bagarapim highway na save steal steal tumas ya...paitim ol bus driver from southern highlands ya...Blockim road olsem em private road blo tumbuna blo yupla na save kAmap iron men ya!!

Honestly, Tambul Nebilyer people you shouls be ashamed of the criminal acts yu committ!! Otherwise STOP talking about electing leaders on this blog!! FIX URSELF UP AND STOP THE HOOLIGAN ACTS yu commit before yu start talking about leadership this and that...


Well Man

To Sky walker

June 18 2011, 9:31 PM 

Mr Sky walker come down to earth. Maski wokim planti pekpek lo internet. LOLOLOLO


To Well men

June 18 2011, 10:01 PM 


No Saint

Re: We are not lazy

July 7 2011, 2:06 PM 

Can you understand English??
There is no way I am saying that you are Lazy, except that you show little or no respect to others when you go on doing your business i.e. Taxi/Buses.. That does not make you lazy but it shows your level of 'modernisation'... I give it to you folks..you are hard workers, provide taxi and buses services BUT...

Anyway this was not the point of my post...my point is

" This forum or thread is not a private property for Tambul Kangom or anybody else for that matter. Its a public property and any body can commment and write anything they wish whether it relates to the thread or not"

No Saint


Paul Kewa

June 15 2011, 5:29 PM 

Just curious, what level of education has Paul Kewa up to.

meri souths

Re: Paul Kewa

June 15 2011, 5:41 PM 

Vincent Auali was the only MP who went to the most senior MP, and most influencial being govt leader of business and thats history of Tambul.Nebilyer! Vote him back or retain the incumbent Ben Poponawa who seem to possess great qualities!

meri souths


Re: Paul Kewa

July 6 2011, 5:36 PM 

But how much was he able to steal when he was in power? That's the most important question we need to answer about all past pollies.

Gaimtara (jnr) Future Candidate

The Good Doctor

July 11 2011, 7:20 PM 

Truly the list isn't complete Dr. Fred Wurr is a genuine contender for the tambul nebliyer seat. He represents true change in a dynamic way. However with the utmost respect to the other candidates and the current sitting member Mr. BP, my people are suffering (nebliyeans) they have been subjected to false promises and hopes for more than a decade now.
I believe the good Doctor is the man for the job. :)

Gaimtara (jnr) Future Candidate

The Good Doctor

July 11 2011, 7:22 PM 

Truly the list isn't complete Dr. Fred Wurr is a genuine contender for the tambul nebliyer seat. He represents true change in a dynamic way. However with the utmost respect to the other candidates and the current sitting member Mr. BP, my people are suffering (nebliyeans) they have been subjected to false promises and hopes for more than a decade now.
I believe the good Doctor is the man for the job. :)


My thoughts

June 17 2011, 10:36 AM 


Our current MP BP, is a very good leader. He got all the attributes of a good modern leader. However, in national politics he is not influential..maybe at the shadows, but that is not what we are seeing. If Vicent Auwali had won the PDM party leadership challenge in 2000, which was won my Sir Mekere, he would have been the first Tambul Nebliyer leader to be a Prime Minister. Our current MP, is no way near to be a party leader, let alone Prime Minister.

Now we Tambul Neblyians must produce a Leader, that is capable to be a Prime Minister. Sir Nambuka Mara was the first Primier of Western Highlands, Vicent Awali came close to be a Prime Minister. Our Next MP must be a Prime Minister material.

Saying that and with due respect to Vicent Auwali, I think he had his chance. Now I strongly believe that Paul Mawa, would be a leader we will all be proud of.

My thoughts, these following candidates will be the last three standing
1) Benjamin Poponawa
2) Paul Mawa
3) Was Korowi

and either Benjamin Poponawa or Paul Mawa will come home.

Kongi Penge

Tambul/Nebliyer Candidates for 2012.

June 17 2011, 3:40 PM 

Ice Man,

Your comment to question Paul Kewa's education level is discriminating and personally attacking someone. Understand your point that in the 21st century we require educated leaders but also bear in mind that education qualification is not a parliament prerequisite. How about Sir Peter Lus former member for Maprik? He did not have an educational qualification to be a MP.

Kongi Penge

Black Water Meri

Re: Tambul/Nebliyer Candidates for 2012.

June 17 2011, 6:01 PM 

Het blo pik, you folks already have a good leader in Ben Poponawa. Why struggling to folk out dirt and filth only to bring development and services back to zero, with new faces!

Cant you accept Poponawa,s performance given a firt term leader???

Black Water Meri

Kongi Pengi

Tambul/Nebliyer Candidate list for 2012

June 17 2011, 7:03 PM 

Black Wara Meri,

There is nothing wrong with BP or any other potential candidate listed here. If it seems possible, we have return BP. Let see how election goes in 2012.

Kongi Penge

Tamnul Soul

Mr Wiru

June 18 2011, 11:29 PM 

Mr Wiru, i dont think you come from Wiru, Pangia, if you come from Pangia you should be shameful to compare leaders, every leaders have their weaknesses and not everyone will be perfect. If i want to compare Mr O'Neill to our MPs, looking at Mr O'Neill, is not fully Papua New Guinean So Mr Wiru's people should appoint someone who is fully pngeans, dont let someone dictates your life like Peter O'Neill. Looking at our MPs, there are not like Mr ONeil. They are fully pngeans
Mr Wiru try to think positively and say something that will build our nation. Pangia people are very delighted people to talk with, Mr Wiru, it seems that you are not from Pangia. Please, Mr Wiru dont you try to dirty the clear river flowing?

Useim tingting,


Re: Mr Wiru

June 19 2011, 1:16 AM 

Agreed with Tamnul Sou, no finger pointing as no one will be different!

Black Water Meri

Re: Mr Wiru

June 19 2011, 3:47 AM 

Tambul Soul,
I can conclude, you have nothing better to discuss but only snapping at people. I can clearly see, Wiru is a distractive figure, leave him out, his post is well above but you picking it up after all these other posts....you obviously have nothing better on 1) ISSUES 2)EVENTS but you do have one on 3)PEOPLE. Thats not good enough!

Its too bad, if you would like to genuinely discuss 1)leadership 2)development 3)services 4)social problems.....for Tambul Nebilyer, then go back to views i posted and similar others so that weŽll dig out some intelligence on issues of greater political and leadership significance facing your electorate! You touching a bit on racial matters, i guess thats something you know better, but for now lets discuss issues!

Better dont take personally!

Black Water Meri
Rhein River


Re: Mr Wiru

June 19 2011, 7:34 AM 

Surely, I am Wiru. Yes we r pleasant peoplebut rivers do not always flow clean. My response was when original poster said, TN is the most sought after and important ( centre figure) electorate in Highlands and PNG. Thanks, and I do not belief PO will rule us forever. And take heed of comments from outsiders who see you from from different perspective. I hear Poponawa person is better leader. Thought Dr Fred Wurr, is seen to be very genuine and great person. Actually I am very intelligent person, maybe so many time better. I apologise for soreness I caused, but I still do not forget how Nebilyers mistreat people from Pangia.



June 19 2011, 9:16 PM 

Mr tambul soul or whoever you are, you are a racist c*nt and a disgrace to your Tambul people!!

I do not support Wiru's comments nor agree with him but having a look at ur comments, U ARE A PATHETIC RACIST MOTHERFUCKER!!!

if mr o'neil is a mp mandated by his respective electorate, then he is truly a part and parcel of the community and thus a true citizen of this country PNG!! just because he is half white doesnt mean he is someone else!!

I am not saying he is a good or a bad leader but that we should not have this mentality that they are mixed makes them different!! such leaders like oneil and many other mixed mp's are not living in overseas and ruling us under tyranny!! they live in the country, have family in the country and are as much a citizen as you and i...

Such comments as you make reflect your dog-like attitude of you and your people!! No wonder you guysa are nto progressing in ur electorate...Such a shame!!

lgaingpund ye

Paul Mawa not a leader!

June 20 2011, 12:53 AM 

I feel like throwing out when you are mentioning Paul Mawa's name. He is a Wingti-briefcase carier - nothing more than that! He is the one who insisted that there be three recounts in the last WHP election which resulted in too much politics that burnt down the Kapal House to ashes.

He is not near!

I would vote Benjamin Popanawa if I am from that part of the world.



Inappropriate use of language

June 20 2011, 1:28 AM 

Tambul Soul, Wiru & Skywalker.

Please mind your language as its very abusive and discriminating. Some of you are even being too personal and not to the point. If you guys continue with this trend of being personal and using swear language than, 7 mile will block this forum out. Pls refrain and balance your comments avoiding all these abusive and discriminating words.



lgaingpund ye...

August 29 2011, 4:29 PM 

lgaingpund ye...

Firstly, this forum is not for you to vent out your frustrstions or personal issues in attacking candidates. This was evident in your oppening sentence of 'wanting to throw up at the mention of Mr. Mawa's name'. You obviously do not suport Mr Wingti, and thats fine, you have your rights, but to attack Mr Mawa in calling him a simple "brief case carrier" is pathetic and shows just how shallow minded you are. He is an excellent lawyer by proffesion who by the way got his Masters in one the best Univesity in the worl_Harvrd Law School, USA_ Which only eight people in this whole country have attended. Therefore, i do not think you are in any possition or seem fit in anyway whatsoever to call him such.

Secondly, he was not responsible for burning the Kapal house down. Yes he did insist in recounts, only to make things transparent and ensure that there is no foul play. Kapal House was burnt to ashes by uncivillized imbeciles.

Therefore in the future I suggest you check yourself before talking smart. Support whoever who want to, that is your right, but only a coward trys to tarnish a fellow competitors image.

For your information...

Yumi Yet


June 20 2011, 12:05 PM 

why do you have to use bad languages, when you want to oppose any comment you dont have to swear just use want you think for the betterment for the readers, it seems that you are narrow minded and you need counseling to help you say something,


Observer and YUMI YET!

June 20 2011, 1:43 PM 

Thanks for your feedback....i apologise over my inappropriate use of language.
i acknowledge that i let my emotions take heed and not my rational thinking.

Nothing of this nature will ever happen again..

Lets carry on with the productive discussion


Tamnul Soul

Mr Wiru

June 20 2011, 3:56 PM 

I am very sorry to describe Peter Oneill, please lusim wrong comment mi wokim



Tambul/Nebliyer candidate list 2012

June 20 2011, 7:48 PM 

Skywalker & Tamnul Soul,

Mates, on behalf of the readers and Tambul/Nebliyer, I appreciate your apologies. This is the attitude, fashion & character I admire from our people (Tambul/Nebliyer & Ialibu Pangia and Upper Mendi)and its very unique to us. We can be upset and spell out anything but we always reconsider ourselves and apologise. We genuinely live with that unique respect for other. Mates, keep up the true brotherly spirit na laikim yutupela. This makes us truely unique and I thank you guys Skywalker & Tamnul Soul for accepting the readers calls on this forum.

Mr Wiru has yet to come forward and follow these two gentlemen as his comments were generalising the entire Tambul/Nebliyer and people were offended. Mr Wiru, pls show some rescpect just like the two gentlemen here and withdraw your generalised comment. In a way, you highlighted the incident at Nebliyer as an example but only few thugs in the particular Nebliyer area were involved. Your comment is too broad and tarnished majority of Nebliyers and the entire Tambul people/readers.

Yumi Yet, thanks for your words of encouragement to the authors.

Ok foxs, we are yet to discuss and develop the respective comments posted by people. Eg Black Wara Meri and others posted some comments that needs to be expanded. State what you think should do and be fair and balance your comments or arguments.



Fix the few and all will be well

June 20 2011, 8:36 PM 

I have noticed that we are generalising the tambul nebilyer people over the actions of a few individuals who block the roads and act in an inappropriate manner..It is the same all cross papua nw guinea no matter whee yo are...communities names are spoilt by few individuals..

To the tambul nebilyer people, please make the highways safe and get the elders together to sort the problem of sometimes people, especially ypung boys under alchohol influence, terorosong the roadsides.
I understand that there is an ongoing tribal fight in the area and i am not sure whether it has died down but this must ne confined to the respected tribes.

Having said that, i think i the ball is in you peoples hands to decide as yous have a variety to choose form unlike many areas in the highlands where the number of capable leaders are declining. The current mp is good from an outsiders point but as i said, its all upto yous to decide...

when deciding, make sure that yous elect a good leader !

skywalker over and out!
~may the force be with you

Yumi Yet

Kongi Pengi

June 21 2011, 3:34 PM 

I think iceman is not discriminating paul kewa. Every candidate standing, we need to know their background before we cast our votes, we dont want to be blind and vote. the most important for the country is we need someone who will understand nationally and internationally to bring services not to tambul nembilyer only but our country. Therefore, what iceman is saying is good because we need to know every candidate background before we cast our votes.

Kongi Pege

Tambul/Nebliyer Candidates for 2012

June 21 2011, 6:18 PM 

Yumi Yet,

You got a fair point to argue but education qualification it is not an essential parliamentary prerequisite. Furthermore, in past precedence s there have been MPs in the likes of Pangu stalwart Sir Peter Lus and others that bypassed educated leadership-ship philosophy and successfully debated in parliament or deliver services to their respective electorates.

PNG's sophisticated corruption and white collar crime in parliament are mostly from highly educated MPs (and top government bureaucrats)ruining the country for personal benefits. The recent NPF dilemma, borrowing of K125 m for some Kokopo projects bypassing the Central Bank policies/protocols by MPs. And of course there are more to add that's not necessary here.

There are advantages and disadvantages of educated leaders (as well as other leaders too) but I suggest we look into the leadership quality. In this case, the character, PK, is a successful businessman and despite the lack of education qualification he successfully manages his business; that's his strength.

You may further question, successful businessperson can not run politics office well but let the people of Tambul/Nebliyer decide through the election in 2012.

Kogi Pege

Tendepo Marowa

Re: Tambul/Nebliyer Candidates for 2012

June 21 2011, 7:20 PM 

"You dont necessarily have to vote to agrue here, you have the RIGHT to abstain from taking part in the polling boots, meaning you don't cast your vote IF none of the candidates convince you".
I for last two elections voted in NCD. Powes for NCD and John Kaupa for POM NE.

Tendepo Marowa.


Tambul Nebilyer & PNG - its now or never

July 2 2011, 3:44 AM 

I am from Lower Nebilyer and have an interest in the coming race. 2012 will be an exceptionally crucial election in PNG's brief history and I don't say that lightly. Either the new MPs will work extra hard to get us back on track or they will wallow in the mud and get worse, dragging us all down the slippery slope of failure and destruction. If one thinks it is just another five years of fun and games, consider yourself disqualified. It is important that we elect people with CHARACTER into the next house. The new member for TN must be an impact MP with dedication and service, to be exceptional in leadership with an aptitude for service at constituency level and the higher calling as minister if appointed. The person must be principled, having a broad working knowledge in national affairs, being proactive in alleviating poverty towards promoting a healthy and educated population, be able not only to understand global economics, politics and the emerging sciences of the environment but possess skills to articulate those in policy drafts and convey the wishes of the people, in English. He must be able to debate, initiate bills, engage with and run parliamentary committees for the national interest. We need impact MPs, not bigmen who carry their pre-MP baggage into the house and pursue their selfish interests, having lost the will to lead and serve, either by choice or through mere incompetence. Pokies players, drunkards (spakman), man bilong paulim, ronim na maritim planti meri is a devilish curse we wish to consign to the scrap heap before we take on the mammoth task of rescuing this nation for God and country. PNG, the party is coming to a close, its time to wake up and work. When Ronald Reagan lost the US presidential election to Jimmy Carter he had this to say: "Carter knows how to win elections but fails to govern. It's the opposite with me." Reagan went on to become a 2-term president.

Wanep Gomo


July 3 2011, 9:50 PM 

Kera Pengi,

So finally which candidate you support or do you have someone to recommend?

Wanep Gomo

Karape Pangi

Tambul Nebilyer

July 6 2011, 5:14 PM 

@ Wanepo Gomo.

It's Karape Pangi, not Kera Pengi.

Thank you Wanepo Gomo for asking me.

My choice will be revealed in due course. Watch this space.


T/N Son

Test Mawa

August 4 2011, 9:58 PM 

Dear GacopPass,

I strongly support your thoughts,the sitting MP BP is a good and very silent guy.If Mr.Mawa wins this 2012 General election he is definately a PM candidate or potential candidate for biger ministrial positions.
Lets give him next five years to proof his leadership.

Tambul/Nebilyer Son

T/N Son

Test Mawa

August 4 2011, 9:59 PM 

Dear GacopPass,

I strongly support your thoughts,the sitting MP BP is a good and very silent guy.If Mr.Mawa wins this 2012 General election he is definately a PM candidate or potential candidate for biger ministrial positions.
Lets give him next five years to proof his leadership.

Tambul/Nebilyer Son


Test Mawa

August 19 2011, 11:03 AM 

T/N son,

I am in support of your view on Mr. Mawa, we need someone who will stand up representing tambul nebilyer and have the charisma and the minds of people like Arthur,tiensten,Puraich, Polye in the haus tambraun.

owa peng

T/N Kanage


August 19 2011, 5:47 PM 

There are three guys I recon. Yes, Paul Mawa is ideal and he can really shine for TN. Also, Philemon Korowi - another who can be like Paul Mawa.

If these two candidates cannot do it, then leave it with B. Poponawa.

Mawa and Korow are liked coz they can fight the wall - if you slap one side of their face, they will allow you do the same to the other. However, we generally know nothing when it comes to prudence, accountability, management and service delivery - well something we are yet to try them out on. We would like to see them there for their energy at the national level. That is where we would need them most!

Poponawa is a man of principle in terms of management and accountability. He can manage the resources and put them where the mouth is. But he is so silent. His presence at the national level is not felt. He may have is onwn leadership style and ways of doing things. He may be seen as unfair in concentrating only at Tambul for road infrastructure, but that is all he could do in five years, and that is where attention is needed most. We don't know his plans for the next five years, maybe let's put him back and see, if service is what we really need!

For others on the list, Vincent had his 10 years and we all know where he brought us.

Therefore, we have the best three candidates before us in this race so far. The pull, to me, is between service and activeness/ force at national politics. If we need service, we should retain B Poponana (because what different will the others do for us). If we want to be competitive at national politics, think about it.

T/N Kange

Talk Big

Re: Mawa/Korowi/Poponawa

August 19 2011, 5:52 PM 

Such discussions should be on a board specific to an ethnic group because nobody knows these corrupt leaders you are trying to send into Parl.Does this thread concern the whole country?
Lets talk about Peter O'Neill and Polye. these are the real deals. Not some unknown lousy wannabe politicians in some outback remote electorate in WHP

Style Mangi

What else do you want

August 19 2011, 6:08 PM 

Poponawa has done enough for you guys that you should vote him back. Why yupla sikirap long go backwards.

I have heard about him bringing services and when I went there recently, olo boi, you can drive a taxi to Tambul. And all the way to Kerepia and even beyound.

Communication services are there too (Digicel, Bemobile, EMTV). Now power is extended to lower kaugel. He has supported other sectors like education, agriculture, police, churches, community groups, etc.

Hey, what else will you others on the list do. WHAT DIFFERENT WILL YOU DO.

Just cast all your 1s and let him go back to parliament by absolute majority.

So excited, I am a an excited man from Giluwe - I have a better road now, unlike before, if you are not excited, samting blo yu !!

Style mangi


Re: What else do you want

August 22 2011, 11:16 AM 

Style Mangi,

You have correctly mentioned some of the services delivered by Poponoua in Tambul (upper kagul) but don't forget that he is the Memeber for Tambul Nebilyer. Can you also name some of the services/projects delivered by him to other districts like, Lower kagul, Upper Nebilyer and Lower Nebilyer? We want leaders who are able to provide services to the entire electrate not to one particular district.

Owa peng

Style Mangi

Re: What else do you want

August 24 2011, 2:14 AM 

Owa peng,

From what I know, all constituencies got support in health, education, churches and groups, etc. Lower Kaugul were also given electricity, communication and road (which Nebilyer already has).

Give him another five years and ask him to focus more on where he hasn't.

Style mangi


Re: What else do you want

August 25 2011, 10:44 AM 

Style Mangi,

I have not seen any of current MP's hand mark in other districts in terms of tangible services,distrubuting hard cash to churches and groups which I beleive is given to people on whom you know basis (voters). I don't think he deserves another five year term.

owa peng

Style Mangi

Re: What else do you want

August 28 2011, 3:01 AM 

Let the people speak come 2012 !!


Re: What else do you want

August 28 2011, 3:09 AM 

I bear with the Nebilyeans but Lower Kauguls messed up the road project, i was told, because they want to challenge the sitting MP and three candidates are putting their hands. That was a very poor action, because you never know whether you will win the election.... and also, very hard to get such projects even if you win and in government.


em i tru

Re: What else do you want

August 28 2011, 6:53 AM 

Well, you've said it and of course you're right-it's all about tribalism in the end and that's a big reason why our government fails. Tribalism means that large ethnic groups with a so so or worse candidate will win over an outstanding candidate from a small group. Then the winning candidate will be obligated to steal and deliver cargo to his people. The whole system is screwed up and corrupt. It would be better if all our MPs were elected by province.

Until the system is changed, PNG is screwed, even after 100, 200 years. Our pollies will never change the system that currently fattens them up like pigs. The only way the system will ever ever change is if we the people take matters into our own hands.

Gun Pass Ambuge

With u kangom

August 31 2011, 3:45 PM 

Yes, Kangom you are not wrong.. i come from Lower Kagul and i was on my way back to my village when i found out that i had to get off at Puluwa and walk all the way to my village. I was dissapointed to see how my wantoks did not apreciate what was happening and yet they cry for development. While saying this, i reckon its about time intellectuals like ourselves need to be educated not only in the sense of education "education" but attitude wise. If we the educated bunch have the right attitude to take things as intellects and make right and matured decisions then our people will follow our steps. When we are talking lets all consider and respect each others views and respond responsibly for the better of Tambul Nebilyer. My tip for a suitable candidate come 2012 would be someone who can manage his own family well.Look at a leader and his family, if he has one wife with disciplined children. If he can manage his own family well then he can manage Tambul Nebilyer well. With that best of luck to all the intending candidates and the current candidate.

Gun Pass Ambuge

Kiluwe Power

Tambul Nebliyer

September 4 2011, 11:42 PM 


I have noted with interest your comments regarding development and leadership qualities posted on this forum.

Firstly, developments can't be denied nor excused as we all are aware that the Electoral Development Fund distributed to each Open MP is K10 million per year. For one term (5 years)in parliament, we (Tambul/Nebliyer) are entitled for K50 m and obviously service delivery is unbalanced concentrating only in the Tambul area alone and Nebliyer missing out its share from the K50 m.

Next, quality of leadership. We are brain washed with all sorts of grabs such as leader with one wife, non gambler etc... and when we voted such leaders the effects remain the same with no progress/improvements.

Most and important thing we require is someone who has the capabilities and potential to deliver much needed service raising our living standards and improving health, education and road infrastructures. We want someone who can be vibrant making proposals and convincing funding agents etc... to highlight and address Tambul/Nebliyer pressing development issues. Vote in someone who has the "KNOW HOW" SKILL.

We can't vote educated elites, business tycoons or some professionals who are successful in their careers but cant deliver service to rural people. We are convinced and blinded by their educational/business achievements and when voting them in, they become stagnant and increase their own empires. Eventually we become victims of our own wrong choice losing chances to getting better services for our respective communities!

Finally, what we people lack is the tribalism choice of leadership that deteriorate development as we follow tribesmen or clans men to vote for leaders. If we use our freedom of choice to mark the appropriate leader that suits our requirements than we may see some change in our communities as well as political fronts.

Kiluwe Power!

ambola bridge


September 6 2011, 1:29 PM 

Gun Pas Ambuge,you message is tru according to the current public observation of your road conditions. you were once no way near to the rest of the Tambul/Nebilyer.waking up very early as 3am used to be your daily activity but should thank the Current MP for the road conditions that you can now relax.
sometimes you come to slip with a relative to go to town the next morning. these was very sad.
vote in BENJUAMIN POPONOWA for the next term and you'll go home by TAXI CAB.


Re: With u kangom

September 6 2011, 1:41 PM 




Yeah Yeah Yeah

September 8 2011, 10:31 PM 

Exactly, so we need an intellectual candidate that can bring service to Tambul Nebilyer,
We gave Benjamin Poponawa a chance and he blew it all up!!! Sad... but now it is up to Mr Mawa and Mr Korowi.. :D Peace.. Im Owt!!!

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