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Engan and SHP Politics

July 14 2011 at 10:42 AM

Engans and Southern Highlands politicians are like pigs in a pigsty. They grumble alot. The only thing to quell their grumbling is to throw in "kaukau" leaves.

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Re: Engan and SHP Politics

July 14 2011, 10:59 AM 

trupla tok tok stret.full of pride and nonsense..big man type mentality.wankain lon ol so called "landowners" from LNG..

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Enga & Hela MPs are flower boys in parliament!

July 14 2011, 5:13 PM 

Hi All.

I went thru your threads and find that you have difficulty choosing your leaders just like managing your resources. I see that it is becoming a problem for your Engas & nearby Southern Highlanders esp. Helas.

I suggest you all come to our Sepik Haus Tambaran and we will show you how to manage your resources including sleeping with your wives.

Your leaders are bunch of nothing but failure's with no brains with a bigman attitude. Classic example is the current Engan in-house politics between Polye and Abal, Peter Ipatas and John Pundari and other Engan leaders.

Pasin blong yupla em wan way na gutpela tasol when it comes to politics, your leaders know nothing but proud of their bigman attitude allowing foreigners to manage your resources in their very own land. "Simultaneously, your Enga MPs & Hela leaders are becoming flower boys in parliament."


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Re: Engan and SHP Politics

July 14 2011, 8:45 PM 

You are wrong friend!
We are becoming more powerful and you will see in the coming months. In the next Parliament, Enga/Hela combination will become the envy of this country. Yu tok lo Sepik, don't you realise that they will be the ones begging us for development funds after the next election?
The Chief's time is over and his two right-hand man are now both out of politics because of their suspension - resulting in no contesting in the next election. Simply put, Sepiks are gone. You wait & watch the Enga/ Hela combination and you will see the results.
You are seeing the Politician but you don't know what the power brokers are doing in the b/ground. We the power brokers are organising and preparing things to form the next Govt.

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Engan and SHP Politics

July 14 2011, 10:18 PM 


Sorry that you and your so called power brokers are too late. You are dreaming when the show is already over and you have less then 8 months left for your MPs to care take the Government. Actual business deals like LNG projects signings etc.. are already done for the last 9 years when NA in power. During this period where were your so called Hela & Enga combine powers brokers?

Sad to see you and your MPs living in lala land.


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Engan Leaders Never Forgive Each other before.but Can.

July 15 2011, 2:40 AM 

Engan leaders will never ever come to compromise when,dealing with any critical arguements or political issues.

If they (Engan leaders)cannot solve their issues in the Inhouse professionally,then their problems exelrates and takes off to their streets, then to the villages and tribal war fare begins and people start killing eachother. Engan leaders should humble themselves and make peace with eachother for the good of their supporters and people of Enga.

Engan leaders need to think first about their end results of whatever actions/decisions they engage with.

Will there be positive or negative impacts on the lives of their supporters in their electorates?

The below are the politicial wars between Engan leaders.
1.Sir Pato Kakaraya Verses late sir Albert Kipalan fought over GG position.No fights but missed their chances.

2.Peter Ipatas verses Don Polye,Miki Kaeyok, John Pundari,Philip Kikala,Kundapen Talyaga, and others. But finally, John Pundari had played his card right and humble himself before Peter Ipatas and his supporters, make peace with Peter Ipatas,now he is back and end up with Ministry Portfolio.So as Philip Kikala.

3.Sam Abal verses Don Polye.Current event.

I as an Engan I call upon all Engan Politicians to follow the precedent set by Hon: John Pundari and Philip Kikala. all of you leaders make peace with one another and walk hand in hand in 2012 and form the next Governmnet.your action will automatically bring confident,peace and Harmony to the people of Enga,foreign Investers and the nation as a whole.

I personally appeal to Hon: Don Pomp Polye, today is your testing period, assess yourself and see where are the 108 Members leaning towards, you or The Acting Prime Minister? Don't worry about other engans may think negatively towards you base on our culcural views, you are the role model for the upcoming future leaders,and you have to prove that, and really need to give a best shot at this crucial time,forget about your self and crucify your Cultural mentality, embarrasment and your shame in the face of every Engans within and abroad. And open the new chapter for the future Engan leaders to make tough decision like you when they face a similar situation like you in the future, and you will be remembered, and your legacy will speak through the minds of every Engans in the "hausman". then the nation will not see you as a failure but see you as a humble leader with the Wisdom and a vision to drive the Province and the Nation move forward. As a Christian Nation,leaders need to follow christ's living example; he forgave and made peace with people in the past.leaders need to do same way this time.God like to work with the humble leaders to lead the Nation.

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Re: Engan and SHP Politics

July 15 2011, 12:58 PM 

@ Anon - what do you mean too late. I'm talking about the formation of the next Govt. It is well and truly on track

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Enga & Hela Leaders

July 15 2011, 5:42 PM 


Which next Government formation are you referring to, the current Government for August sitting or the one after the 2012 elections?

If there is a change in Government during the August seating, nothing tangible will be achieved within the 8 months period before the general elections and like I have mentioned above it will only be a care take Government to steal more money to fund their coming elections.

Government formation after the 2012 general election can't be predicted as its still at its infant stage and obviously with the current trend in the NA Government, NA may not return to power where you find all your MPs hanging around.

Igiri, can you share your views and opinions how you see Enga & Hela leaders will form the next Government?

For you reference I just quote someone's comment on another forum as "Fellow Engas & Hela brothers.

All our current PMs are bunch of political lunatics with self centred "bigmen attitude".

Sums it all and end of the post."

Irigi, with this kinds of threads, dont think our leaders will make it like you may be imaging.


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Chibs,meat na cola

Re: Enga & Hela Leaders

July 16 2011, 1:44 PM 

Anon tell him.
With those kind of attitude problems and infighting amongst themselves and bigmen type mentality how can you guys form the next government in 2012?
Everyone in that area wants to be a leader.They must be all still dreaming...and will always forever dream.

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Dear God I hope not

Re: Enga & Hela Leaders

July 16 2011, 3:01 PM 

They're all in the habit of stealing public funds. It's widespread. If they form the government, God help PNG! You won't have seen anything yet in terms of money disappearing from government accounts. It will be a free for all!!!!!!

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