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The turtle and the Hare

August 14 2011 at 11:47 AM

It seems the Powerless turtle( the then opposition) has snatch power just at the last turn towards the finish line. The mighty hare( The NA-led government) seemed invincible and became careless, Abal in his short sighted ness, tried to fight out his petty personal difference, its like he took a rest to fix himself, thinking they were safely past the 12 month grace period, it was then that the turtle snuck up on them and now with all the country's finance under them, the turtle heads into the next elections..What better way to steal millions then using the guise of fighting the ill governance of the former some-what totally corrupt regime, with just 8 months to go and knowing only little can be acnhieved, we sell the falcon jet, raise numerous funds to fight the obivious corruption of the past, so people don't see the extra dipping we're getting, coz happy people will be too happy to care

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yu tok tru

Re: The turtle and the Hare

August 14 2011, 1:15 PM 

Obviously they're going to steal heaps of money in the next 8 months, using shelf companies, middlemen, and all the evidence hiding methods that O'Neill started learning along with Jimmy Maladina during the NPF heist.
Meanwhile it was the utter stupidity of some of the Somare gov MPs that will land them into trouble with the new public prosecutor. O'Neill was too smart to worry about landing in that trap.

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jus my tingting

The new government is preparing to steal for the 2012 campaign

August 14 2011, 4:32 PM 

You've got to be just about the smartest person on pngscape with your perception on what's going on behind the scenes.

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