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Best Candiates for SHP Governorship - 2012.

September 2 2011 at 1:19 AM

If SHP and Hela - the host provinces of the LNG - want to be blessed and play key role in the politics and economic development of PNG - then they must vote in good leaders in 2012 who will provide servant leadership. Right now there is no leadership on the group, hence we are going through leadership crisis. The following are some of the best Southern Highlanders and Helas I've come across in Papua New Guinea who are highly educated, professional, extremely honest and hard working, fear God and have people at heart! If they go for political office, they can become God's agent of blessings ....SHP and Hela will be blessed through them.

Southern Highlanders & HELA

1. Richard Kuna
from Mendi. Highly educated, one of the top accountants in the region and is a Partner with KPMG - an international accountant firm. First PNGan to become partner in this leading international firm.Honest, hardworking, gentlement, highly professional man I've come across.

2. Ron Sikar

From Mendi/Nipa. Currently Head of Audit Dept at the Central Bank of PNG. Honest highly professional man who works very hard and has heart for people.

3. Imbi Tagune

From Ialibu and corporate executive at MRDC. God fearing man with heart for people. Highly educated man with a wealth of experience in the corporate world.

4. Gai Pobe

from Hela, currently country manager for Liquid Niugini, former executive of Chevron Niugini and Oil Search. Former senior public servant. Extremely hardworking and honest man and has a big heart.

5.Angelo Andaija
former premier Andrew Andaja's son. An accountant and well experienced professional. Extremely hardworking and honest.

6. Paul Embel
From Nipa. Senior officer at the Dept of Trade & Industry. Highly trained professional, honest and hardworking. Bible-college trained man of God, very solid born-again Christian!

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sampela toktok

Re: Best Candiates for SHP Governorship - 2012.

September 2 2011, 6:28 AM 

You can't tell us anymore things like that a candidate is 'honest' or 'has a big heart' and expect THINKING people to believe it anymore. Why? Because that's what the candidates themselves will say, whether it's true or not. You must give an example or two to back up your statements. If you don't and you do it this way, then we end up discussing and comparing in blind ignorance cuz we simply don't know if the qualities you list are correct.

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Timothy Irinaya vs Anderson Agiru's speech at UPNG

September 3 2011, 10:39 PM 

Timothy Irinaya today challenged Governor Anderson Agiru at UPNG during the UPNG SHP Student's day. Man this gentleman spoke very well, even better than Anderson Agiru. I think Timothy Irinaya is a great young leader for SHP. He can do better than Anderson Agiru as SHP Governor.

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Imbo Keri

SHP Regional

September 3 2011, 10:51 PM 


All intending candidate highlighted above seems to have good acceptable character and none has a bad character as stealing or corruption. Sapos wanpela intending candidate igat pasin corruption listed long em na attitude long stealim public moni, em bai mi support tasol nogat candidate above meetim requirement blong mi.

Any intending candidate blong SHP regional with corruption pls tok save na bai mi votim em!


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Not Convinced

Re: SHP Regional

September 4 2011, 5:52 AM 

"Good acceptable character" you say? What a samting nating statement!!

Do you even know any of these candidates? O trutru yu sapotim ol nating nating?

Give some hard facts and stret stori to support such useless generalisations, please!

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doubtful thomas

Re: Timothy Irinaya vs Anderson Agiru's speech at UPNG

September 4 2011, 5:54 AM 

Why should we believe you that he even spoke? If he spoke, what did he say? If you can't give us any more details than you have, then his words were obviously very forgettable that even you, a supporter, can't recall them.

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Re: Timothy Irinaya vs Anderson Agiru's speech at UPNG

September 5 2011, 5:07 PM 

You go to UPNG & ask your fellow countrymen to confirm whether Timothy Irinaya spoke or not. Otherwise don't be ignorant. Your simple silly acts cannot distract Timothy Irinaya's overwhelming support. Timothy Irinaya will be a great leader in this country so SHP has to try him for the Governor post.

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Re: Timothy Irinaya vs Anderson Agiru's speech at UPNG

September 5 2011, 5:14 PM 

You can't even tell us hardly anything about him except that he gave a good speech. Guess what mate, most of the thieving MPs can charm a snake with their fine words. But they're still thieves.
You are an ignoramus and if the candidates you support win, it is clear evidence that PNG is filled with ignorant imbeciles who have no ability to compare and analyse, much less dig deep to find out the real pasin bilong wanwan candidate. How shameful for you to display your superficial thinking before the whole internet world.

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Re: Timothy Irinaya vs Anderson Agiru's speech at UPNG

September 5 2011, 5:16 PM 

I saw Timothy Irinaya & Michael Nali carried away in a lengthy conversation at UPNG so are both of them contesting for the SHP Governor seat in 2012? This is LPV system of voting so their combination can form a formidable force.

Lukim yupla long election taim.

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Re: Timothy Irinaya vs Anderson Agiru's speech at UPNG

September 5 2011, 6:00 PM 

This isn't a rugby game you're commenting on, in case you didn't realise. We're trying to elect GOOD leaders this election, not the usual crap. That's why you need to some up with more specific information, otherwise we'll just elect another generation of CRAP.

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Who is irinaya??

September 5 2011, 11:57 PM 

Who is this guy timothy irinaya u keep preaching about and where is he from??
what kind of speech did he give??

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Em Tu

Re: Who is irinaya??

September 6 2011, 4:50 AM 

A speech long pasim ai na tingting blo ol man. That's why they were totally captivated by his words and have forgotten (or don't bother to explore) his sorry history and bottom of the toilet ethics.

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Rubbish bin

Re: Who is irinaya??

September 6 2011, 8:55 AM 

If you have anything against Timothy Irinaya, that's your problem. You can live with it or die with it. But, he's still the best to be Governor for SHP in 2012. Forget about the past & let's look forward for a better life.

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United Kon Mangi Pati

Timothy Irinaya, PNG's Ultimate Kon Mangi

September 7 2011, 11:51 AM 

You sound like a cargo cultist wearing as tanget that is speaking to a literate person who is translating and typing your words into a computer.

Your words easily could have been said a thousand years ago.

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naiko mopo

Re: Timothy Irinaya vs Anderson Agiru's speech at UPNG

September 7 2011, 11:46 AM 

Observer, your actions speaks louder that words so think and analyse properly. don't be mislead a human being like yourself.

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