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Opposition rushes to protect the corrupt Tientsen!

November 23 2011 at 10:33 AM

Any of you who continue on and on to speak in support of either side of this utterly corrupt government are fools who don't realise that they're being manipulated, just like most of the people of PNG. There is no 'good' side in this government - the corruption is complete and whoever is in power, a great deal of public money is going to be misused to buy votes in the coming election. You can count on it.

Opposition now screams that the corrupt Tientsen was kicked out of Parliament.


Wednesday 23rd November, 2011

Nape faces contempt of court


CONTROVERSIAL Speaker of Parliament, Jeffery Nape, faces contempt of the Supreme Court charges which will be filed today.
And members of the former Government, who are going to file the action, are adamant Mr Nape must go to jail for that following yesterday’s out-of-control situation in Parliament.
Former Justice Minister and Attorney-General, Sir Arnold Amet, at a news conference following adjournment of Parliament, said Section 104 (2)(d) used by Mr Nape to dismiss Pomio MP, Paul Tiensten, was currently a matter of contention by the Supreme Court.
He had earlier raised a point of order on the same matter which Mr Nape ruled out.
He said the matter was already before the Supreme Court and it was “disturbing and troublesome” for Mr Nape to invoke, adding the application of the constitutional provision was actually added on to the current reference by his successor, Dr Alan Marat, himself.
He said any matter before the Supreme Court cannot be applied elsewhere including Parliament unless resolved and Mr Nape’s actions were sub judice.
Mr Tiensten strongly contended he had only been absent for two consecutive meetings and not three to be disqualified.
Former Acting Prime Minister, Sam Abal, said Mr Nape’s actions were transgressing on the powers of the judiciary.
Other Members said the dignity and decorum of Parliament had been seriously eroded by continuous silly actions of the Speaker.

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Thank God for Arnold Amet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Opposition rushes to protect the corrupt Tientsen!

November 25 2011, 11:47 PM 

I was so pleased that Judge Amet rushed to protect our outstanding citizen and MP Hon Tientsen from any humiliation or penalties associated with his latest scandal ie the theft of millions of kina, as well as previous scandals such as the Taiwanese payoff, etc. Hon Tientsen's skin must be oiled as allegations simply slide off him and he remains a symbol of honesty and decent leadership in our land. That Judge Amet stepped forward to help protect Hon Tientsen puts them both in the same corner of the room in my book. May God's heavenly pekpek rain down on both of them for eternity as they end up sitting in HELL.

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Amet is useless

Re: Opposition rushes to protect the corrupt Tientsen!

November 26 2011, 7:46 PM 

Arnold Amet is making alot of noise when he is in the opposition. He shut is mouth and endorsed everything the Somare government did when they were in power. He is an emotional flop as we have seen. Madang Province is also going down the drain. He is another Luther Wenge in fact. People had their hopes high when he got elected but he not only joined Somares kitchen cabinet, he was the head chef. What a bloody disgrace.

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Amet is a pamuk

Re: Opposition rushes to protect the corrupt Tientsen!

November 27 2011, 11:26 AM 

Whaddaya mean? He's still endorsing everything the Somare puppets want him to thats why he's now defending the Hopelessly Corrupt MP from Pomio.

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Useless Arnie

Re: Opposition rushes to protect the corrupt Tientsen!

November 28 2011, 9:47 AM 

Sir Arnie is good at shutting up and agreeing to Somares decisions where it be good or bad. Just look at the Ramu Nickle Mine and it's associated Deep Sea Tailing proposals. Madang is a beautiful Tourist town and destination and as the governor of that province, he is shutting up and letting a few landowners / activist fend for themselves. Why ? Because Somare brought in the KongKongs on have baked crook deals and Sir Arnie won't say much. The mining set up is disgraceful and has no industry standards. The deep sea tails will literally KILL madangs pristine marine Eco life - and Sir Arnie will not say a word on this BUT has all the time to defend and shout and yell to the government about the sacking ( now reinstated) Tienstan who is a mega crook. Sir Amet is not what he appears to be as the people of PNG expected a person to enter politics and steer this nations according to the consitution of this land and take a clear bold stand for what is wrong as he has done when passing judgements in his time as the chief judge. Well it's sad to see he has turned out the opposite and it filling in and taking the front line of his dear friend and ailing mate Grand Chief. I hope the people of Madang will vote him out of Parliament in 2012. Good for nothing ... Another pile of deadwood.

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