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namah displaying symptoms of mental insanity and incompetence!

February 20 2012 at 6:46 PM

Man, this belden namah is mentally insane!! He has lost the plot through all the power hunger!! He is not capable of handling the power he possesses. He needs to be stopped at the next election! The country doesnt need such personalities. Way too dangerous for our country!!



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February 20 2012, 6:50 PM 

Belden Namah is a dangerous character, not a leader, the more he stays in power and plays around with power and become powerful, PNG WILL BE TORN APART!

Unite to petition O'Neill to rid Namah at the limelight, NOW!

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February 20 2012, 10:12 PM 

yes people of vanimo green- wake up! the country doesnt need this clown

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Re: namah displaying symptoms of mental insanity and incompetence!

February 21 2012, 10:00 AM 

I have heard from a very senior citizen of PNG, a prominent businessman who has managed to dissociate himself from politics say if Belden Namah becomes prime minister, God help us.

Personally, he is the worst I have seen of all leaders, past and present. I hope he does not return after this election.

Jake from Sydney

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Highway Patrol

Get rid of Namah

February 21 2012, 10:06 AM 

Em tru yah, get rid of Namah.
Money launderer and thief!

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don't vote for Namah's party

February 21 2012, 11:19 AM 

You can't vote him out when he has millions to buy his way back into office unless he commits murder in his electorate at the eve of election day. Your best bet is to ensure his party is not voted back into parliament. That way his won't have numbers to form the next government. I for one will make sure my people reject these cowboys by not voting for PNG Party. We have been warned enough that making a party become too powerful can be dangerous for PNG. We saw that in NA and now the new regime. I personally would feel comfortable with O'Neil as the next PM after 2012 election minus his current lieutenants (Namah, Basil and Mekere). Calling in Australia to help out with elections 2012 is a great move by O'Neil and must be commended. We want this election to be fair and free for everyone to choice our next line of leaders.


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PNG Party Supporter

Go PNG Party minus namah

February 21 2012, 11:37 AM 

Well first all most of what you said is true but not all members in the PNG party are like Namah. For Sir Mek, despite his failures. He has done alot for this country. I think if he was the prime minters for the last 10 years we would see somthing different and losts of changes. he has transformed most of the SOE and thanks to him the last goverment enjoyed stability. We owe alot to his reforms and it is sad that we didn't give him a chance after the Privatisation crisis, in reality it turned out favorably around most of the SOE for example Nasfund, POSF and BSP.

Take a comparison and see among the all our Prime Ministers, who was the worst corrupt.
Sir Mekere is last.


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Re: Go PNG Party minus namah

May 12 2012, 9:07 AM 

Do you remember last year when Beldon Namah ran the full page adverts in the newspaper calling for ethical leadership and stamping out corruption. He completely fooled Meke with that one. Meke fell for it, appointed Namah party leader and now look at the disaster Meke has created! He was humbugged good and proper by Beldon Namah and that's why Morauta is now distancing himself. Morauta isn't perfect but he's far from being the scum that Beldon Namah is.

Too bad Sam Basil doesn't seem to have figured out the True Namah.

Vote all PNG party members out, and don't vote any in.

As the other poster said, once Namah has enough numbers, he'll simply bribe the other political parties and their MPs to climb in bed with him. Becoming PM is all about bribery and money, nothing else. Somare taught us that lesson.

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Re: don't vote for Namah's party

February 21 2012, 11:40 AM 

BN's next strategy to be PM,

He is sponsoring two candidates in every electorates of PNG one under PNG party banner and one independent. Whichever comes home he wins. Electorates that dont make it it home, he buys independent MPs. O'Neil knows this very well and is very very scared of BN. Currently and in reality BN is controlling the show not Oneil.

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Re: don't vote for Namah's party

May 12 2012, 9:17 AM 

I don't like his morals. Being caught in the casino making sex advances at that male employee.

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Re: namah displaying symptoms of mental insanity and incompetence!

February 21 2012, 12:24 PM 

PNG, you have a dictator waiting in the gallows to strike if you give him the opportunity. He is more terrifying, more bone chilling and with an iron fist, worst than Somare, Mugabe, Mubarak and Gadafi put together.

He is your PM now, believe me. He controls all the ministries now, believe me. Is he articulate? NO. Is he calm and composed? Is he patient?NO. Does he consult with others? NO. Does he exude sensitivity and respect for others, especially his colleagues? No. Does he understand democracy? No. Does he understand politics? No. Does he understand international relations? No. Does he have a big ego? Yes. Can he accept criticism? No. Can he kill someone if he is pushed? No questions, Yes. Does he care about foreign investments? No. Does he think he is a leader? Yes. Do we think he is a leadership material? NO. Does he have big dreams? Hands down and I mean huge dreams.

Of course Somare was terrible, but lets not jump out of the frying pan and into the fire. Belden Namah will send this country to hell. I cannot help but wonder what we are setting ourselves up to with having this guy back into parliament next term, folks.

Jake from Sydney

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jake from PNG

Somare is the real hell fire

February 21 2012, 12:48 PM 

jack from aussie.. i wounder why you are in australia and telling us what to do. you escaped the horrors of somare's fire and you're in australia. what do you know about somare's frying pan. you dont know what our people go through back home, no proper roads, shortages of medication and the lists goes on. thats what somares has given us for the past 10 years.

all is said is true, but without Namah, whole of PNG will be roasting in somare's Fire. i give credit to him for that. at least he did something. we are all happy for the change.

But to all, think carefully when voting. forget the wantok system and vote for good leaders. we need a clean up...

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At Least Namah Changed It

February 21 2012, 12:52 PM 

At least Namah did it and we did not get burnt in Somare's frying pan. It would be worst nau if Namah did not change the Govt on Aug 2. I give credit to Namah for that stand he took. God bless him, he is learning so he will be better. Just give time.

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jake from PNG

Re: At Least Namah Changed It

February 21 2012, 12:54 PM 

Cheers to that.

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Namah supporter

Give him a chance

February 21 2012, 1:57 PM 

At least he helped to disband the Kichen Cabinet ; Tiensten , Author, Pruiatch & others.
He made millions from his forests before being elected, unlike others who have being poaching the national coffers for years and years.
Namah is not perfect, lets give him a chance. He is definitely coming back whether you like or not.

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whatta laugh

Re: Give him a chance

May 12 2012, 9:20 AM 

Beldon Namah didn't make millions off his forests. He's made millions off of other people's forests. His land is quite limited, what he's done is log off other people's land, give them that pitiful small amount of money called logging royalties, then kept all the big profits for himself. No one makes that much money without taking money away from other customary landowners. Got that?

Please, Namah supporters. Turn on your brains, take the blindfolds off your eyes and the plugs outta your ears and see what's happening. You're all supporing a thug, a near mafia figure. It's like you're being led to walk into the fire pit and are cheering, saying that finaly you'll be able to get warm!


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new frying pan

Re: At Least Namah Changed It

May 12 2012, 9:10 AM 

Hanimba, Satan could convince you he was a saint without much trouble. You are terribly, terribly naive and gulltible. I suggest you find someone within government who knows what is really going on before you come out with support for any candidate.

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em tasol

Re: At Least Namah Changed It

May 20 2012, 12:57 PM 

It seems that Beldon Namah will move gay rights in PNG forward if he stays in office. Soon we won't think twice when we read about our pollies making sex proposals to others of the same sex.

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Stret toka

Re: namah displaying symptoms of mental insanity and incompetence!

February 21 2012, 2:39 PM 

Jake yu tok turu! Ful sapot! Namah is a political embicile, he wanted to start a major diplomatic fight with Indonesia over the flying incident. Why should Png shed blood for the sake of NamHassholes big ego!

Tru tru em nogut tin tin, he is not balanced or level headed and very impulsive. That makes him very dangerouse for Png. The writing is on the wall.

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Lukluk tasol

Author long wei yet.

February 21 2012, 3:24 PM 

Weighing Author & Mekere, I would go for Mekere. Author ya lausim olgeta PNG educated lain from SOEs na putim ol Baker na conn white man. If you can not trust educated PNgeans and can't give them the chance of employment ,plis go na hait. Author laik usim name bilong Papa Somare, but em no nap ya.

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