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March 20 2012 at 10:38 PM
Lau Naki 


Little known Kompiam-Ambum district of Enga Province has made highlights on the provincial and national fronts because of one man, Hon. Mr John Pundari. For the 15 years Mr Pundari has been in Parliament, he has devoted his entire life to building the district to be one of the model districts in the country. However, to see a nationally well-respected, educated and promising leader of PM material who once almost became the Prime Minister of this country being dragged to the dust by some unknown individuals is saddening indeed. I wish to show my total displeasure on the mere smear campaign against Mr Pundari and I totally agree with the recent news statements and paid advert by one of the well respected, honest and hardworking councillors of Kompiam-Ambum, Cr Mek Mola. It is about time people of great standing with honest and unquestionable characters like Cr Mek Mola to stand up and speak for and on behalf of their respective communities to promote the good reputation of Mr Pundari.

To Right Honourable John M. Pundari, for the 15 years you have represented us, you have achieved a lot and the whole district knows you and applauds you. Your strong partnership with experienced professionals, village leaders and councillors has contributed highly to the development of the district. Par Council Ward is a model village which once was a tribal warfare zone for more than 15 years that finally agreed to make peace under the watchful guidance of Mr Pundari, right on the eve of the 2002 elections. The village is now back to normal, thanks to the excellent mediating skills of our elected member, Mr Pundari and his well respected community representatives. Mr Pundari himself once admitted at Par Council Ward that achieving peace for the community was one of his best accomplishments so far and an invaluable gift to the community as it saved many lives and households. We the Par Council Ward fondly remember you and therefore, have high respect for Mr Pundari as spelled out clearly by our community leader and councillor in the recent paid advert. Mr Pundari, you yourself know there are numerous similar stories throughout the district which I must admit anyone reading my due compliments to our honourable member should publish as well so his good name can be maintained.

Mr Pundari is a no nonsense leader who has stood by his words to deliver development to his people and he has done far and above compared to the average elected member. During election time, many MPs would make empty promises whereas compared to Mr Pundari, he never made a single promise, yet, he has gone the extra mile to do which he didn’t promise! As a former senior professional banker and now sole owner of the most successful and fastest growing security firm, Millennium Guards and also Prime Hire Cars, Mr Pundari has faithfully acquitted his district funds and spent every toea investing in his people. He is the only Parliamentarian that runs the entire suite of operations of for his hire car and Security Company personally, even if it means to stand on the long BSP bank queues himself whilst Parliament session is on.

As a professional, highly educated and an ex-senior banker, Mr Pundari has surrounded himself with reputable and learned elites from the district to fast tract the development needs. This includes our very own counsellor Mr Mek Mola, Mr Joe Kemben, spiritual leaders like Mr Tomo Yakaegen who form the core advisory group and a number of other experienced development professionals who provide advice to implement the district projects. Only a few MPs seem to have taken the transparent and professional approach led by Mr Pundari. It is also worth noting that many elected Engan members seem to have acquired luxurious estates overseas using misappropriated district funds in Australia and in particular, Townsville, while Mr Pundari has led by example to build himself a humble hut in his isolated village and has sent his children to school at the local primary, secondary and local PNG universities.

The Kompiam-Ambum MP has led the way for other would be members to follow. Mr Pundari is a devout Seven Day Adventist believer who has made personal donations to the SDA church, which in turn has awarded security service contracts to his security firm on the church’s properties around the country. This includes Pacific Adventist University where Millennium Guards provide excellent security services with an untainted record, ensuring the safety of PNG’s future leaders and professionals. Furthermore, unlike many MPs who have many wives and numerous extra marital affairs, Mr Pundari is a dedicated father of only one wife with well-disciplined children; he is a model leader of the people leading by example and only a few of his close friends, advisors and relatives confess to this unblemished record.
The Kompiam-Ambum MP has made significant changes to the outlook of the district, supplying electricity and phone lines from Wabag Town to the district. Compared to many MPs who seem to have strings attached with vested interests for every contract awarded, our MP has applied very transparent, fair and equal measures in selecting contractors for the various development infrastructures he has initiated. None of his supporters or relatives have been engaged in any of the contracts. The money trail, if traced from the district’s trust accounts to the contractors will itself tell the truth.

Mr Pundari personally makes sure that all the building contractors with the district are supplied from one single source independent supplier on discounted prices. His security firm in turn provides security to the building supplies distributor throughout all the locations in the country. The arrangement between his security firm, the building supplier and the local building contractors is such that the highest value is given to Kompiam-Ambum people and not a single toea is lost. Only a few MPs who have a passion and real heart for the people can go through such complex and difficult business arrangements to give maximum value to their people, maximising the scarce financial resources of the district. If ever the SWEEP team decides to investigate the district, I am definite that the district records themselves will prove Mr Pundari’s innocence and furthermore, cement the elected member’s good reputation.

While many in Kompiam-Ambum district claim credit for choosing and supporting the right leader with the right set of skills and rare leadership qualities, the silent Yakane-Tambukin Tribe of the Ambum Constituency have kept Mr Pundari at heart all through these years. As a man of integrity and a man of his word, Mr Pundari has vowed to develop and build HR capacity of the Yakane tribe, personally sponsoring them even under the cost of his own security company to study in overseas universities mostly in Australia. Using his government and private sector influence, Mr Pundari has assisted a number of high flying university graduates to find jobs. Moreover, after establishing long lasting peace at Par, Mr Pundari publicly declared at Par Council Ward that the Yakane-Tambukin Tribe will be his personal interest to make sure all school age children are fully educated and high flyers to be directly employed with prestigious organisations. Only a few MPs can make such promises, but rarely any keeps! Mr Pundari has proven to be a rare exception and driven the extra mile to not only just keep his word but has made sure even the long time working class of the Yakane Tribe are better off, helping them to get senior positions both in the private and public sectors.

To my Hon. MP, Mr John Pundari, we salute you for your earnest and tireless service and development infrastructure delivery as well as human resource development and capacity building. We eagerly look forward to seeing you at Par Village and wish to see you return back to Parliament in the 2012 Elections unopposed. You have always won on a clean record and you will no doubt be returned to your seat comfortably in 2012. You stand tall and undisputed!

Lautaka Nakipan

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March 20 2012, 11:04 PM 

Pundari is corrupt and a crook because he misuses money. Never has he been transparent about the electoral development funds and what they're used for.

Thus, I could give a stuff what his educational qualifications are. A crook is a crook is a crook and the best place for them is in prison!

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March 21 2012, 2:36 PM 

What are his qualifications. From which university/college did he graduate?

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March 22 2012, 6:34 AM 

"Ex senior banker"?????? John Pundari?????? Don't make me laugh!!!!

Whoever wrote this article is a deceiving liar. They're playing propaganda games rather than trying to educate.

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April 19 2012, 2:36 PM 

You say all this **** from the Yakan point of view alone. you live 1km away from wabag town and receive electricity and road services. be reminded that its not Pundari, its the spin off benefits of developing Wabag town. Maybe, the Par village should not be part of Ambum-Kompiam, it should be part of Wabag district. I am a Wailuni, and I see much developments at Sawmill (where Pundari's house is) but nothing at all for Wailunis living in the Sau valley near Lapalama.
You praised him enough but never gave specific examples of his work in the district because THERE IS NONE! Guilty? You should be!
In Enga, there is 'tokbox' that says ' Sticks and stones hear you' meaning that what you plan and say in secret can never be secret because 'sticks and stones' pass it on to other.
We knew of Pundari's plans and promises before he mentioned them. Nothing will happen now obviously, but one day 'enough' will speak for itself.

Pongo andake!

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