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Beldon funds PNG Party with 30mil of his own money to go into elections.

May 11 2012 at 9:35 AM

Dis is probably the first of its kind!
Beldon Nama has allocated 30mil of his own money to fund his PNG Party so that he can be the next PM!
The sad fact is, 30mil would have been used for a betr cause for development. You all must bbe wondering, why in the world am i arguing about BM's own 30mil? Well if you have been to Bewani, Vanimo Green, you would wonder if the people there have an MP. Vanimo town itself is in a mess, all road links in town are bad. The only good road is the Ausaid funded road from Don Bosco Vanimo to the border. School's in the District are going through crisis, children dying,mothers dying during labour, just to name a few. But BM decides to go and spend 30mil of his own money on elections. He could have built school's, aidposts, Vanimo hospital, Police station, township roads, etc.

Olgeta tok mi tok pinis. Upla yet skelim. Is he evn fit to be our PM? Handling more than 30mil? Do you think this money will go into development or to the PNG Party?

The ball is in your court scapers....

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Sam Basil in bed with Beldon Namah-WHY?

Re: Beldon funds PNG Party with 30mil of his own money to go into elections.

May 11 2012, 10:11 AM 

The fact is, this K30 million is money he has stolen from others, either from foreign investors (who were scam oil palm investors anyway) or from his own people. His 'garden' from which he grew this K30 million hardly includes his customary land, but instead, the rape and pillaging of valuable hardwoods he has done off the land of others. They get their pitiful royalty money while he gets all the gravy.

It's really pathetic, one of the most sad comments of what our country has been reduced to. And to think that Sam Basil supports all this - makes it even more depressing.

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late bus

Re: Beldon funds PNG Party with 30mil of his own money to go into elections.

May 12 2012, 11:39 AM 

The Ombudsman Commission should be on this like flies on cake. Follow the transaction trail to determine how this amount came into namah's possession.

Clearly he will use a portion to buy over MPs after the election to form government. Get on it Ombudsman or GET OUT!!

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Mi les pinis

Re: Beldon funds PNG Party with 30mil of his own money to go into elections.

May 13 2012, 7:31 AM 

The Law is clear on this matter, no one person can contribute more than K500,000 per year to the operation of a political party.

How can the Registrar of Political Parties allow Beldon to put up K30m for PNG Party to buy the elections?

Our institutions of state are allowing useless, greedy politicians to do whatever they like whenever they like and break all the laws that do not suit them.

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Anarchy for PNG!

Re: Beldon funds PNG Party with 30mil of his own money to go into elections.

May 13 2012, 9:25 AM 

Don't you understand? If there's one thing we all should be learning from the O'Namah government, it's that you don't have to follow any law you don't like - you just change the laws to suit yourself. You can even change the law after the fact and make it retroactive so that it covers all the times you broke the law in the past.

It's a new day, PNG, and it don't matter whether or not O'Neill or Namah stay in power after the election. The dam has broken and the flood waters will continue to rush through.

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Re: Beldon funds PNG Party with 30mil of his own money to go into elections.

May 13 2012, 10:57 AM 

you vanimo green people are dumb,stupid and primitive bush kanaka and it serves you people right. belden nama em wipim pekpek long pes bilong yupela olgeta. harim gut na get rid of this pufta

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Star Casino whisperings

Re: Beldon funds PNG Party with 30mil of his own money to go into elections.

May 14 2012, 9:33 AM 

Don't worry, soon enough we'll see a big photo in the PC just like the disgusting one last week of Don Polye - all lifted up on a high chair and carried like a God by the slaves. You'll see it with Namah too, just you wait and see. The slaves of Vanimo Green who will never ever have another chance to make good money off their resources (cuz they sold the trees to Namah for their 2 toea payment) will happily carry him around for the photographers, while the fat pig Namah will smiles and wave at everyone.

The most disgusting signs of respect shown to the dishonourable and disrespectful can always be seen in PNG. The fact that anyone on this board calls ANY MP by the title Hon. shows how stupid we all are. NONE of these MPs deserve any respect.

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Stop critizising people

May 20 2012, 1:41 PM 

Please stop using this opportunity to critizise people. There is no dump and stupid person on this earth. Please stick to the point and dont critizise other vanimo people who are people. Please take it right....

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Cool Mangi

Common Sense

May 22 2012, 10:45 AM 

Hellow everybody,

Toksave tasol:

"Common Sense should prevail"

If you can use the Internet to post here,than you are literate....

Maski tok nogut, bagarapim ol ples man na ol narapla husait like mekim gutpla toktok.

If you want to express your views, fine, go ahead and express professionally..

Well our MP's are corrupt and and it angers me so much but talking here unprofessionally won't change anything. Go to the OC, etc to penalize them...

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hang every one of them until dead!!!

F***k the professionalism run them right out of the country

May 22 2012, 11:33 AM 

Oh get off it. Where is YOUR common sense, mate? The OC can't send anyone to prison because it's not part of the justice system. Prison is the very least we should be sending these corrupt arseholes and our whole justice system is corrupt. They'll never go to prison.

So much for your idea that we just "report the corruption". You're in PNG, mate (or maybe you're not) - that idea don't work. Go to Australia if you want to see corrupt pollies go to jail.

Maski this professionalism and politeness stuff. Until our corrupt leaders hear a loud, sustained screaming, yelling, and calling for their heads to be cut off, you're not going to see any change for the better in this country.

People like you have advised us to 'be professional' in our criticisms of our corrupt pollies for years and during all those years that we've taken your advise, the pollies have used the protection of 'politeness' to steal even more money.

So f******k off, that's my professionalism to you!

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Re: Common Sense

May 22 2012, 11:44 AM 

@ Cool Mangi. In that case we have to be professional in our approach to this, when it comes to paying taxes. Namah was said to have kicked in K30 million to fund his party from his earnings through logging projects. Has the tax office collected their dues? Do they have any record of Namah paying taxes? If they have and if he did pay his taxes, well that's good for PNG.

Otherwise, it is a serious offence under taxation laws and the professionals in that office should wake up and do their job.

Taxpayer JP.

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Beldon Namah is a closet gay

Re: Common Sense

May 23 2012, 1:06 PM 

You just don't get it, jp so let me state it more clearly: PNG BIG SHOTS DON'T GET PROSECUTED. THEY DON'T GO TO PRISON.

It doesn't matter whether they broke the law or not.

Thanks to cool heads like yours, this will continue indefinitely. You haven't a clue on how power can shift away from leaders and to the grassroots to take back control of a situation gone amuck. If you DID understand you wouldn't be advocating more of the same totally useless & meaningless measures to bring these corrupt pollies under control.

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Re: Common Sense

May 23 2012, 3:21 PM 

Tell me something I don't know. I am just pointing out another phase of corruption in tax avoidance as reason to turf these morons out. Laws are meaningless to PNG 'leaders'. It hasn't worked on corrupt big shots and it wont.

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