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Blenden Nama is like the Late Sir Yambaki baki Okuk

August 8 2012 at 9:29 AM

Blenden Nama is a straight shooter and no nonsence leader. His style of leadership is unique and blended with power and authority over the wicked compared to others. He fills the shoes of our late Sir Yambaki Okuk. We need radical leaders like him to weed out corruption for real change. I really admired him for his speech dilivered during the election of prime minister Oneil On Agust 3. The upper house of audiences applauded him most than others. They were on their feet to show respect for Nama.I tell you what, this guy can really speak volumes and no wonder he's another most powerful leader at the moment as I speak. Those who call him a dictator or all other names whatsoever are mere opinions because such will never happen in a country like PNG where we come from different multicultural settings, and this is one aspect that is holding this country together from crumbling. He will make a very good oppostion by ensuring the Oneil government is kept on its toe's to avoid any form of corruption. This is something anew PNG has been lacking since Indipendance. He has my respect and support whether his critics like it or not.

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If no one can, then Namah is the man

August 8 2012, 9:59 AM 

I agree with you.

No matter what negative comments many Papua New Guineans on this forum have made about Namah, PNG need bold and fearless leaders like Namah because corruption has taken root in the fabrics of our society and is very very hard to remove.

In order to change this chronic disease that is affecting the progress of our nation, something harse or unconfortable things needs to occur in this land.

Whether you beleive it or not, Beldan Namah is creating the inroads for some very radical nationlists who are getting prepared to say 'enough is enough'.

Whether Namah has stolen millions of money his electorate or not, its not my problem, its the people of Vanimo-Green to question their MP.

I would to propose a question to some naive and bounch of fools in this forum who seem to entertain the comforts of the computer and say Namah is this and that. Who in the government of Oneil do you think is smart enough to expose what is not right???

You don't tell me anything about Namah's personal life!!! I am talking about the smartness and talk straight about the national issues.

I tell you, as the days go by, PNG will witness that Oneil himself and the majority of MPs alligning with him are theives and are not genuine leaders. You will prove to me correct.

So my understanding is that atleast a leader like Beldan Namah is on the other side of the government will ensure the O'Neil government does not do things under the cappet and deceive the people of the country as the former prime ministers who are aligning with him have been doing in the 37 years of their rule.

Papua New Guineans, we must wake up and thing like educated and intelligent people, not bounce of fools who want to follow their personal ego and opinions like their MPs.

Be radical and to be the agents for change, When you talk about change, it is not things or happenings that always happen in the way the people perceive, it must be strange or familiar but must bring about something good for the common benefit.

Truely, PNG needs leaders who will not fear anybody but work within the confinements of the consitution to dismantle all the corrupt and beaurecratic processes involved that breeds corrupt practices.

Go Namah.........................

Thats that way to send signals to the people in higher offices and those MPs who do not want to challenge the status quo and loves to cling onto power in their comfort zones.

Namah......must go ahead and put an eye on everyone bounch fools and corrupt people on the government side. Monitor them and we make sure they don't abuse the people's office and developments funds as it is the tradition in the past governments.



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August 8 2012, 11:05 AM 


It's more like foxes and wolves fighting to look after the hen house.

Now that one group of wolves is locked out in the cold, they wear the sheep's mask, with
heart-warming speeches. We're not easily fooled.

If PNG were a western nation where leaders are subjected to deep scrutiny, Somare, Namah, O'Neill and the whole bunch from the last house would have been eliminated.

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Re: Nonsense

August 8 2012, 11:10 AM 

Atleast, in the process of doing so would PNG doesn't learn something good from Namah???

Though the named MPs may have the same agenda as you have mentioned but atleast, I have learned something and I still beleive more of such will eventuate sooner or later and that is good for the country.

People will start to realize and learn if we are smart and think rationally rather than saying this and that.

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Re: Nonsense

August 8 2012, 11:14 AM 

You mean the 'intention to do miracles' with flowery speeches? That is a politician's trademark. Welcome to the world of politics!

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We PNGs R da most gullible people in da world

Re: Nonsense

August 8 2012, 11:37 AM 

It's also called the world of giaman, and both Namah and O'Neill are excellent at humbuging the people of PNG through their flowery speeches.

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Re: Nonsense

August 8 2012, 12:00 PM 

We need unpredicteable people like Namah because PNG is the land of the Unexpected.

We are sick and tired of our MPs continue to be in the comfort zones...they are cowards and the anon person in this forum is one of the cowards who can not provide any alternative solutions for all the mess in this nation but just sit infront of the computer and type what ever comes out from his or her mind because he or she has been used to the comfort zones.

You can never change the trend of the thinking of our leaders and the country untill and unless you challenge the status quo.

We need to provide rationals rather than saying like people without reasons.

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Re: Nonsense

August 8 2012, 12:29 PM 

Accepting unpredictable people as leaders for rational thought? What are you drinking?

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Tru tumas

Namah is a true Patriot

August 12 2012, 4:21 PM 

Bro, what you said is true. We need leaders like Hon. Belden Norman Namah, he is a true Patriot of PNG. He does'nt talk nonsense, he comes straight on the spot, straight shooter, he does'nt bit around the bush.

This type of leaders will fight and weed out corruption, most people in O'neill government are corrupted, that's why they alligning themselves together to sweep all these corrupt deals under the carpet.

O'neill is saying he's government will fight for corruption and put PNG back on the right track. My question is that is he going to investigate the NPF?

How is going to get all these investigated..

Tru tumas

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not a Namah zombie

Re: Namah is a true Patriot

August 12 2012, 5:17 PM 

I'm gettin sick of hearing these Namah-isms.

"young, vibrant leader"

"straight shooter"

They're all ******** & those Namah-zombies that just repeat everything is says look pretty dumb!

By the way, who's going to investigate where Namah got his K30 million? Hmmmmmmmm???????

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Namah is a "true patriot"

August 12 2012, 8:02 PM 

Such a true patriot that he zooms down to Australia all the time to gamble away kina in Australia's casinos. Yeah, that's really being a patriot isnt it?

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Re: Nonsense

August 8 2012, 11:52 AM 


what do you imply??? Do you see Beldan Namah's action not good? Or you want Namah to be with O'Neil?

In your statements you never justify why you seem to argue with the actions of Namah without any justifiable statements or ideas.


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Re: Nonsense

August 8 2012, 12:09 PM 

It's just a speech you're so up tight about. Anyone can say anything. Its the ACTIONS that matter and Namah proved himself to be a lose cannon.

He will make a good Opposition leader for PNG and that is the good part - but government, no. Is that clear?

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Re: Every argument has its own merit....but narrow & retarded minds never see its value

August 8 2012, 2:55 PM 

Atleast, some radical PNGians have learned something important from Namah than O'Neil.

What PNG has learned from Oneil is for the short term solution but Namah's actions will speak volume in the future and will create inroad for upcoming leaders to think, act and talk differently than our current leaders.

Oneil teaming up with the unproductive, stuborn old timers in the likes of Sir Michael Somare, Sir Julias Chan and Pais Wingti does not teach us the radicals anything new. They are the old bounce of thieves who PNG has seen their qualities and limitations.

PNG expect to see some new style of leadership offered by new MPs who are coming to parliament with new ideas and leadership. And to create the new style of leadership, Namah is making the ward forward.

Many have said that these three old former PMs are wise and will provide good advise to O'Neil.

That is ridiculous! It is illogical because PNG has already seen the performance of the old former prime ministers and what kind of advise are they going to offer to PNG???

Not all the old people neccessarily have wisdom and I don't beleive in them. What I see is that they all want to maintain their ego and integrity before they bow out of politics or kick the bucket.

Or whatever advise they wish to offer may be outdated and could not be applicable to the current leadership trend and the developmental challenges PNG is facing today.

So I applaud Namah's stand as long as PNG to turn a new leave. Without any drastic move in leadership, governance and the way we do businesses in PNG, I beleive we will be stagnant forever.

When everyone is thinking in the same direction with the similar motives and agenda, someone must stand up to propose for an alternative strategy.

The lession is that Namah's behaviour and action is signalling to the future leaders that something is not right in PNG and therefore we need to thinking rationally and overhaul all the systems of doing businesses in the country.

We need a new type of leadership and that leadership must come with some kind of critizms from the common or average thinking people like you guys on this forum who cannot change your mind to suit cope with the trend but just too stuborn and stucked there foreever.

Believe it or not Namah is igniting nationalists to think differently to address national issues if the normal way of approaches are not working effectively.

So no matter what I learn something valuable from him and I can build up from what I already have.

If those of you in this forum can not appreciate what leaders have, and continue to confine your arguments on the leaders negative side, then I guess something is wrong in your thinking so need to assess yourself and face the reality.

Do not base your arguments on assumptions and rumours....but back up with substantial information as evidence.

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Re: Every argument has its own merit....but narrow & retarded minds never see its value

August 8 2012, 3:07 PM 

Radicals have their place in society, but not in core government business. The old hands are back, but that's the peoples' choice. You cannot ask for a change or refund. Work with what is provided.

Yours and Namah's ideas are most welcome, but we are not ready to throw PNG into the hands of radicals, the untested and unreliable.

In the meantime, lie in the bed you made Namah, in the Opposition.

Or keep talking to keep yourself entertained.

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August 8 2012, 3:57 PM 

Somare being the one obvious exception, some of these old farts (Wingti, Chan, Polye, Ipatas, etc) are probably back because of massive vote fraud.

Stop saying that the election results were the people's choice. How many dozens of stories appeared in both daily newspapers over the voting period indicating massive vote fraud from lowlands to highlands and from east to west of PNG.

Those who were elected were oftentimes NOT those who won.

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August 8 2012, 8:49 PM 

Failed elections by fraud? Tell me something I don't know.

The leaders are as bad as the officials and the politicians bribing them.

I am not an ONeill fan nor do I want Namah in government. Both are equally not qualified to lead.

There are willing hands everywhere assisting the corrupt MPs eased into power. The people, securoty forces, officials, pollies, everyone is equally dragging this nation to the edge, NAMAH INCLUDED.

All of them do not have character.

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weigh inn


August 8 2012, 9:07 PM 

Bro or sis, I agree with you totally. NONE of these pollies have ethics or character thats why its so pathetic to see people arguing this or that side as if any one of them is any good.

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August 9 2012, 9:18 AM 

Weigh Inn,

you are very shallow in your argument below.

"Bro or sis, I agree with you totally. NONE of these pollies have ethics or character thats why its so pathetic to see people arguing this or that side as if any one of them is any good.

What you mean by "None of these pollies have ethics or character thats why its so pathetic to see people arguing this or that side as if any one of them is any good".

Friend you are making a statement type called sweeping generalization or stedeo typing.

You never substantiate your argument, and its not good to post incomplete statements.

Bear in mind that of all leaders, they possess both good and bad leadership qualities. And as educated people in this forum, we have to understand the weaknessesd and strenghts of leaders and try to give a balance and fair analysis of their leadership.

However, the common perception of people in this forum is that they quickly draw conclusions base on two extremes and as a result ended up giving the wrong representation of the leader.

We need to acknowledge both the good and the bad qualities of leaders. Both qualities make them to be leaders, if they are leaders and represent their electorates, well, that proves to PNG that they are leaders.

Its the kind of leaders that the particular group of people from the electorate like and therefore we as nationalist have to accept their rights to have such leaders.


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#155 in honesty out of 188 countries total


August 9 2012, 9:30 AM 

Stereotyping comes about only after people keep seeing a particular trait re-occur time and time again, and start forming these mental generalisations in their head.

That doesn't mean the stereotype is true or even fits all members to which it is aimed. However, the smaller the population is where the stereotype is being aimed, the closer it is likely to reflect the truth even though the stereotyping is still a generalisation.

In the case of our MPs, the population size is very small - only 111. Thus, stereotyping is more likely to get closer to the truth compared to if the population being focused on was very large.

We have heard so many stories over the years of almost certain corruption amongst our public officials and pollies. The newspapers are very shy about putting out the black and white facts but they have learnt to tok bokis effectively in ways that prevent court cases yet still get the point across to the public.

What PNG's newspapers have pointed out time and time again is that a great many of our pollies are corrupt. Whether every one of them is corrupt should not be questioned because obviously 100% are not corrupt.

At the same time, if you were placing bets on whether a pollie was corrupt or not, even though you didn't know hardly anything about them you would be money ahead if you put your money on "corruption" because most of the times you'd be right!

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