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Blenden Nama is like the Late Sir Yambaki baki Okuk

August 8 2012 at 9:29 AM

Blenden Nama is a straight shooter and no nonsence leader. His style of leadership is unique and blended with power and authority over the wicked compared to others. He fills the shoes of our late Sir Yambaki Okuk. We need radical leaders like him to weed out corruption for real change. I really admired him for his speech dilivered during the election of prime minister Oneil On Agust 3. The upper house of audiences applauded him most than others. They were on their feet to show respect for Nama.I tell you what, this guy can really speak volumes and no wonder he's another most powerful leader at the moment as I speak. Those who call him a dictator or all other names whatsoever are mere opinions because such will never happen in a country like PNG where we come from different multicultural settings, and this is one aspect that is holding this country together from crumbling. He will make a very good oppostion by ensuring the Oneil government is kept on its toe's to avoid any form of corruption. This is something anew PNG has been lacking since Indipendance. He has my respect and support whether his critics like it or not.

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If no one can, then Namah is the man

August 8 2012, 9:59 AM 

I agree with you.

No matter what negative comments many Papua New Guineans on this forum have made about Namah, PNG need bold and fearless leaders like Namah because corruption has taken root in the fabrics of our society and is very very hard to remove.

In order to change this chronic disease that is affecting the progress of our nation, something harse or unconfortable things needs to occur in this land.

Whether you beleive it or not, Beldan Namah is creating the inroads for some very radical nationlists who are getting prepared to say 'enough is enough'.

Whether Namah has stolen millions of money his electorate or not, its not my problem, its the people of Vanimo-Green to question their MP.

I would to propose a question to some naive and bounch of fools in this forum who seem to entertain the comforts of the computer and say Namah is this and that. Who in the government of Oneil do you think is smart enough to expose what is not right???

You don't tell me anything about Namah's personal life!!! I am talking about the smartness and talk straight about the national issues.

I tell you, as the days go by, PNG will witness that Oneil himself and the majority of MPs alligning with him are theives and are not genuine leaders. You will prove to me correct.

So my understanding is that atleast a leader like Beldan Namah is on the other side of the government will ensure the O'Neil government does not do things under the cappet and deceive the people of the country as the former prime ministers who are aligning with him have been doing in the 37 years of their rule.

Papua New Guineans, we must wake up and thing like educated and intelligent people, not bounce of fools who want to follow their personal ego and opinions like their MPs.

Be radical and to be the agents for change, When you talk about change, it is not things or happenings that always happen in the way the people perceive, it must be strange or familiar but must bring about something good for the common benefit.

Truely, PNG needs leaders who will not fear anybody but work within the confinements of the consitution to dismantle all the corrupt and beaurecratic processes involved that breeds corrupt practices.

Go Namah.........................

Thats that way to send signals to the people in higher offices and those MPs who do not want to challenge the status quo and loves to cling onto power in their comfort zones.

Namah......must go ahead and put an eye on everyone bounch fools and corrupt people on the government side. Monitor them and we make sure they don't abuse the people's office and developments funds as it is the tradition in the past governments.



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August 8 2012, 11:05 AM 


It's more like foxes and wolves fighting to look after the hen house.

Now that one group of wolves is locked out in the cold, they wear the sheep's mask, with
heart-warming speeches. We're not easily fooled.

If PNG were a western nation where leaders are subjected to deep scrutiny, Somare, Namah, O'Neill and the whole bunch from the last house would have been eliminated.

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Re: Nonsense

August 8 2012, 11:10 AM 

Atleast, in the process of doing so would PNG doesn't learn something good from Namah???

Though the named MPs may have the same agenda as you have mentioned but atleast, I have learned something and I still beleive more of such will eventuate sooner or later and that is good for the country.

People will start to realize and learn if we are smart and think rationally rather than saying this and that.

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Re: Nonsense

August 8 2012, 11:14 AM 

You mean the 'intention to do miracles' with flowery speeches? That is a politician's trademark. Welcome to the world of politics!

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We PNGs R da most gullible people in da world

Re: Nonsense

August 8 2012, 11:37 AM 

It's also called the world of giaman, and both Namah and O'Neill are excellent at humbuging the people of PNG through their flowery speeches.

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Re: Nonsense

August 8 2012, 12:00 PM 

We need unpredicteable people like Namah because PNG is the land of the Unexpected.

We are sick and tired of our MPs continue to be in the comfort zones...they are cowards and the anon person in this forum is one of the cowards who can not provide any alternative solutions for all the mess in this nation but just sit infront of the computer and type what ever comes out from his or her mind because he or she has been used to the comfort zones.

You can never change the trend of the thinking of our leaders and the country untill and unless you challenge the status quo.

We need to provide rationals rather than saying like people without reasons.

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Re: Nonsense

August 8 2012, 12:29 PM 

Accepting unpredictable people as leaders for rational thought? What are you drinking?

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Namah is a true Patriot

August 12 2012, 4:21 PM 

Bro, what you said is true. We need leaders like Hon. Belden Norman Namah, he is a true Patriot of PNG. He does'nt talk nonsense, he comes straight on the spot, straight shooter, he does'nt bit around the bush.

This type of leaders will fight and weed out corruption, most people in O'neill government are corrupted, that's why they alligning themselves together to sweep all these corrupt deals under the carpet.

O'neill is saying he's government will fight for corruption and put PNG back on the right track. My question is that is he going to investigate the NPF?

How is going to get all these investigated..

Tru tumas

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not a Namah zombie

Re: Namah is a true Patriot

August 12 2012, 5:17 PM 

I'm gettin sick of hearing these Namah-isms.

"young, vibrant leader"

"straight shooter"

They're all ******** & those Namah-zombies that just repeat everything is says look pretty dumb!

By the way, who's going to investigate where Namah got his K30 million? Hmmmmmmmm???????

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Namah is a "true patriot"

August 12 2012, 8:02 PM 

Such a true patriot that he zooms down to Australia all the time to gamble away kina in Australia's casinos. Yeah, that's really being a patriot isnt it?

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Re: Nonsense

August 8 2012, 11:52 AM 


what do you imply??? Do you see Beldan Namah's action not good? Or you want Namah to be with O'Neil?

In your statements you never justify why you seem to argue with the actions of Namah without any justifiable statements or ideas.


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Re: Nonsense

August 8 2012, 12:09 PM 

It's just a speech you're so up tight about. Anyone can say anything. Its the ACTIONS that matter and Namah proved himself to be a lose cannon.

He will make a good Opposition leader for PNG and that is the good part - but government, no. Is that clear?

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Re: Every argument has its own merit....but narrow & retarded minds never see its value

August 8 2012, 2:55 PM 

Atleast, some radical PNGians have learned something important from Namah than O'Neil.

What PNG has learned from Oneil is for the short term solution but Namah's actions will speak volume in the future and will create inroad for upcoming leaders to think, act and talk differently than our current leaders.

Oneil teaming up with the unproductive, stuborn old timers in the likes of Sir Michael Somare, Sir Julias Chan and Pais Wingti does not teach us the radicals anything new. They are the old bounce of thieves who PNG has seen their qualities and limitations.

PNG expect to see some new style of leadership offered by new MPs who are coming to parliament with new ideas and leadership. And to create the new style of leadership, Namah is making the ward forward.

Many have said that these three old former PMs are wise and will provide good advise to O'Neil.

That is ridiculous! It is illogical because PNG has already seen the performance of the old former prime ministers and what kind of advise are they going to offer to PNG???

Not all the old people neccessarily have wisdom and I don't beleive in them. What I see is that they all want to maintain their ego and integrity before they bow out of politics or kick the bucket.

Or whatever advise they wish to offer may be outdated and could not be applicable to the current leadership trend and the developmental challenges PNG is facing today.

So I applaud Namah's stand as long as PNG to turn a new leave. Without any drastic move in leadership, governance and the way we do businesses in PNG, I beleive we will be stagnant forever.

When everyone is thinking in the same direction with the similar motives and agenda, someone must stand up to propose for an alternative strategy.

The lession is that Namah's behaviour and action is signalling to the future leaders that something is not right in PNG and therefore we need to thinking rationally and overhaul all the systems of doing businesses in the country.

We need a new type of leadership and that leadership must come with some kind of critizms from the common or average thinking people like you guys on this forum who cannot change your mind to suit cope with the trend but just too stuborn and stucked there foreever.

Believe it or not Namah is igniting nationalists to think differently to address national issues if the normal way of approaches are not working effectively.

So no matter what I learn something valuable from him and I can build up from what I already have.

If those of you in this forum can not appreciate what leaders have, and continue to confine your arguments on the leaders negative side, then I guess something is wrong in your thinking so need to assess yourself and face the reality.

Do not base your arguments on assumptions and rumours....but back up with substantial information as evidence.

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Re: Every argument has its own merit....but narrow & retarded minds never see its value

August 8 2012, 3:07 PM 

Radicals have their place in society, but not in core government business. The old hands are back, but that's the peoples' choice. You cannot ask for a change or refund. Work with what is provided.

Yours and Namah's ideas are most welcome, but we are not ready to throw PNG into the hands of radicals, the untested and unreliable.

In the meantime, lie in the bed you made Namah, in the Opposition.

Or keep talking to keep yourself entertained.

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August 8 2012, 3:57 PM 

Somare being the one obvious exception, some of these old farts (Wingti, Chan, Polye, Ipatas, etc) are probably back because of massive vote fraud.

Stop saying that the election results were the people's choice. How many dozens of stories appeared in both daily newspapers over the voting period indicating massive vote fraud from lowlands to highlands and from east to west of PNG.

Those who were elected were oftentimes NOT those who won.

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August 8 2012, 8:49 PM 

Failed elections by fraud? Tell me something I don't know.

The leaders are as bad as the officials and the politicians bribing them.

I am not an ONeill fan nor do I want Namah in government. Both are equally not qualified to lead.

There are willing hands everywhere assisting the corrupt MPs eased into power. The people, securoty forces, officials, pollies, everyone is equally dragging this nation to the edge, NAMAH INCLUDED.

All of them do not have character.

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weigh inn


August 8 2012, 9:07 PM 

Bro or sis, I agree with you totally. NONE of these pollies have ethics or character thats why its so pathetic to see people arguing this or that side as if any one of them is any good.

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August 9 2012, 9:18 AM 

Weigh Inn,

you are very shallow in your argument below.

"Bro or sis, I agree with you totally. NONE of these pollies have ethics or character thats why its so pathetic to see people arguing this or that side as if any one of them is any good.

What you mean by "None of these pollies have ethics or character thats why its so pathetic to see people arguing this or that side as if any one of them is any good".

Friend you are making a statement type called sweeping generalization or stedeo typing.

You never substantiate your argument, and its not good to post incomplete statements.

Bear in mind that of all leaders, they possess both good and bad leadership qualities. And as educated people in this forum, we have to understand the weaknessesd and strenghts of leaders and try to give a balance and fair analysis of their leadership.

However, the common perception of people in this forum is that they quickly draw conclusions base on two extremes and as a result ended up giving the wrong representation of the leader.

We need to acknowledge both the good and the bad qualities of leaders. Both qualities make them to be leaders, if they are leaders and represent their electorates, well, that proves to PNG that they are leaders.

Its the kind of leaders that the particular group of people from the electorate like and therefore we as nationalist have to accept their rights to have such leaders.


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#155 in honesty out of 188 countries total


August 9 2012, 9:30 AM 

Stereotyping comes about only after people keep seeing a particular trait re-occur time and time again, and start forming these mental generalisations in their head.

That doesn't mean the stereotype is true or even fits all members to which it is aimed. However, the smaller the population is where the stereotype is being aimed, the closer it is likely to reflect the truth even though the stereotyping is still a generalisation.

In the case of our MPs, the population size is very small - only 111. Thus, stereotyping is more likely to get closer to the truth compared to if the population being focused on was very large.

We have heard so many stories over the years of almost certain corruption amongst our public officials and pollies. The newspapers are very shy about putting out the black and white facts but they have learnt to tok bokis effectively in ways that prevent court cases yet still get the point across to the public.

What PNG's newspapers have pointed out time and time again is that a great many of our pollies are corrupt. Whether every one of them is corrupt should not be questioned because obviously 100% are not corrupt.

At the same time, if you were placing bets on whether a pollie was corrupt or not, even though you didn't know hardly anything about them you would be money ahead if you put your money on "corruption" because most of the times you'd be right!

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August 22 2012, 11:05 AM 

'Nationalist' had no response to your rebuttal. Why doesn't that surprise me?

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Western Highlander


August 20 2012, 6:54 AM 


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August 20 2012, 7:43 AM 

They're laughing all the way to the bank and you're not, so who's the one laughing at you now?

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Re: Every argument has its own merit....but narrow & retarded minds never see its value

August 8 2012, 4:00 PM 

Do not imitate O'Neil's word because you are not O'Neil.

You might be an unknown person in this environment and in the country because such a guy like your love to live in the comfort zones of dthe corrupt and the questionable leaders thus letting the people and the country to suffer.

If you and the Oneil government is here for real change then I wouldn't be surprised you and O'neil will face a very daunting task of aviating the gross deficit balance of K500million spent in the elections.

You and your O'neil government is going in a trend where it will end up in a financial crises.

I won't be surprised to see the PNG government will be having a very hard time to repay the K7billion loan that the so called Works Minister Francis Awesa got it from the giant China Bank.

Your arguments sounds to be that you have shallow knowledge about the country and mammoth task which is infront of ONeil.

As a result of this????????????????? You guess what will happen to the country?????????????/

Up to you and your Prime Minister O'Neil.

Nationalist with nationalist mind

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Re: Every argument has its own merit....but narrow & retarded minds never see its value

August 8 2012, 4:15 PM 

You aren't reading the news accurately. The K500 million was a guestimate of what political parties only spent on the election.

The K7 billion loan is a long-term loan with very long-term payback terms.

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Re: Every argument has its own merit....but narrow & retarded minds never see its value

August 9 2012, 9:37 AM 

I know that.

There is an outstanding balance deficit of K500 million from the supplementary handed down by the Oneil-Nemah government last year and that has not being financed or corrected.

It will now be carry forward for the next budget. And do not be surprised that more of such unbeleivable deficit balances will rise due to the way Oneil-Namah government has spent in the last 10 months. A very large sum of money was used by the Oneil, Namah and Polye's endorsed candidates in the current 2012 elections. And as a result of the large money being used, the performance outcome of their candidates were overwhelming.

This is very true but the so called intellectuals in this forum are bounce of fools who can not open their eyes and look out of their normal thinking.

The question here is: Where did these three individual MPs access that huge amount of money to finance their camppains? Did they use their own money and resources to promote their political parties and candidates? Or did they use their descretion of being in the government to access to the nation's accounts??? These three leaders know it very well but none of the right and rational thinking Papua New Guineans seems to question this fact?

It seems that Oneil and Namah has deceived PNG with its unssutainable and expensive Free Education and Health Policy... I wonder how long will the policy last!! Five years, 7 or ten years.

I wouldn't also be surprised most schools will send the kids back because the government will come to short fall in its allocation and can not continue to complete paying the fees for the last term.

I wouldn't also be surprised to hear in the future that large sum of tax payers money has being used and to recoup that money is a very daunting task.

The free education and the health policies are political gymmicks to deceive the primitive Papua New Guineans even including most of you arguing in this forum.

Something to think before making comments.

Narionalist must have nationalist thinking


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Tru Blu

Re: Every argument has its own merit....but narrow & retarded minds never see its value

August 9 2012, 9:41 AM 

Yes indeed, history repeats itself.

PNG moved from having very sound economic policies to being in big debt to the world bank in the late 1980's or early 1990's when Pais Wingti embarked on this own free education policy (combined with subsidies for cash crop prices). Both succeeded in nearly bankrupting the government and started the slide in our kina's value that it has never recovered from.

The free education policy was always a political ploy of ONamah. Of course, now that they're back in power, they can probably get rid of it.... at least until the next election.

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thoughts on political reform

Re: Every argument has its own merit....but narrow & retarded minds never see its value

August 15 2012, 7:39 AM 

Thinking outside the box means we need to reform our political system so that all political parties get campaign funds from the government, not from private special interests. That way the playing field is leveled for all political parties, they all have access each to the same amount of money, and they aren't beholden to logging, mining companies or Indonesian fugitives for paying back the favour once they get into office.

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Regards from Planet X

Re: Every argument has its own merit....but narrow & retarded minds never see its value

August 22 2012, 4:28 PM 

Everyone here knows the term think outside the box.

No one here knows what it actually means.

Many think it means having wild and crazy off the wall ideas.


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Re: Every argument has its own merit....but narrow & retarded minds never see its value

August 22 2012, 4:45 PM 

You mean the idiotic stories on the first board aren't good examples of "thinking outside the box"?

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Re: Every argument has its own merit....but narrow & retarded minds never see its value

August 23 2012, 7:55 AM 

I think we can safely say that conspiracy theories are good examples of distorted thinking. We must strive for objective thinking foremost, as well as creative thinking that still has some basis in reality. The best ideas of all come from people who see reality differently, but they're still more rooted in reality than the conspiracy theorists are.

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Re: Every argument has its own merit....but narrow & retarded minds never see its value

August 22 2012, 11:08 AM 

If Namah had become PM, deficit government spending might have ended up being traced to money leaving PNG's shores, where the money disappeared in chips being played on the roulette tables at Sydney's Star Casino. Quite possible, isn't that right, Nationalist?

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Re: Every argument has its own merit....but narrow & retarded minds never see its value

August 22 2012, 11:59 AM 

May be or may not be right!

Thats your opinion and no one can prove to be right or wrong unless you provide substantial evidence.


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Re: Nonsense

August 9 2012, 5:20 PM 


don't just follow the wind and blow with it! Be a leader and stand firm. Nama's action and speeches was firm. Other MPs become followers coz they know they couldn't lead. Also, they (MPs)knew Nama will not let a stone unturned.


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good one

Re: Nonsense

August 22 2012, 11:10 AM 

Yep, Namah's roots are firmly rooted in the grounds of deception and corruption. No good winds are going to blow him from that spot.

You made a good point, you just were off base a bit.

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Go Nama

August 9 2012, 8:50 AM 

you a the Leader that PNG is Looking for you will get the PM in 2017
and remove all corupted leaders like Peter Oneil NPF steal man blo NPF

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Re: Nonsense

August 8 2012, 11:35 AM 

Having said that, since we cannot help with what we've got, let O'Neill govern with the old hawks looking over his shoulders, just in case. It's not a bad arrangement since each of these old timers have their own secrets, and desires, and vengeful bile tucked away behind all that deceptive beaming facade,raising glasses together for the cameras. It's not what it appears to be PNG. The knives will be out in 18 months time, and you can bet your house on that.

But keep Namah in opposition - never anywhere near executive government. He has a temperament which is part of his genetic make up and that is dangerous for PNG. O'Neill and the other leaders avoid Namah because of his unpredictable character which is a risk and liability for democracy.

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An observor


August 8 2012, 9:36 PM 

No matter how much we argue about issues of our Government none ofyour comments will be taken into account so I advise you all just leave a honest hardworking life and do not be pressured by what is happening at the top.

Work hard, work honestly and live a simple life.

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mi no wanbel


August 8 2012, 10:25 PM 

That's very well and fine but people have been "minding their own business and living an honest life" for years and during our country has fallen further into the toilet and become one of the top 10% of most corrupt countries in the world. It's time to stop turning our eyes and just worrying about ourselves. Our government belongs to us and we need to start speaking out and taking action against it so long as it continues to rip us off and denies our children their full future options because of the incredible shipping of wealth out of this country and into foreign hands.

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August 9 2012, 8:53 AM 

Please do not give up talking about the exploitation of our resources. The more patient we are, the more advantage the evil is taking on us through our semi-educated parliamentarians to signed questionable deals/agreements with foreigners to lure all our precious resources.

Lets not give up. When we educated and radical people give up easily, I tell you the evil and the agents of corruption will take advantage over us.

I agree with the comment to live life simple, by working hard to earn a honest living. Yes, we have been living a honest living for the past 3 decades and were too understanding despite hallogens and foreigners exploiting our resources.

There is no time to wait, we must continue on discussing issues that are of national importance so that some how or on some where we can say that we have atleast tried am are exhausted so our children can continue our batlle for our lost soveregnty (meaning free for excessing to resources and creating wealth out of those abundant resources we have).

The truth is that PNG has lost the freedom, the sovereignty to create wealth and prosper as people of a nation. The fight must be to get back that soverignty that we have lost in the past 30 to 40 years of governance.


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no way

Anyone but Namah and O'Neill

August 9 2012, 1:51 PM 

Have you heard of the expression anyone but Namah and O'Neill?

That means you can build a tucker shop and let Namah manage it. That's you and Namah if you trust him that much.

But PM of PNG? That's little different. Namah does not have it.

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Re: Anyone but Namah and O'Neill

August 9 2012, 2:06 PM 

O'Neil and Namah are both disasters for PNG, whether PM or othewise but just part of a big bowl with many other names equally incompetent.

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Re: Anyone but Namah and O'Neill

August 9 2012, 2:14 PM 

Get the facts right. We are not saying that Namah is a Prime Minister material.

What we have implied in the discussion is that some of the leadership qualitities that have been demonstrated by Namah is admirable and need to be tapped into.

Dispite Namah's controversial decisions and behaviour, there are some values in his leadership and that needs to be identified so that upcoming Papua New Guinean Leaders can learn from.

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Re: Anyone but Namah and O'Neill

August 9 2012, 4:03 PM 

What are these great leadership qualities that Namah has? Shooting off his mouth at a moments notice? Doing things without thinking? Promoting change without having a clue what kind of change? Talking about fighting corruption while conspicuously hiding his own money making tactics? Where are these wonderful leadership qualities the fellow has, I'm searching in vain for them.

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Re: Nonsense

August 12 2012, 12:54 PM 

I disagree with your conclusion. I think we're amongst the most easily fooled people in the world. Sweet words always blind us to seeing the truth underneath!

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Re: Nonsense

August 22 2012, 11:04 AM 

I agree with you completely. The people being fooled the most are those who believe either Namah or O'Neill have any ethics at all.

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Namah is one smart cookie!

Re: Blenden Nama is like the Late Sir Yambaki baki Okuk

August 9 2012, 8:41 AM 

He knows that as long as he talks blah blah blah about ending corruption but doesn't actually name any names or create any investigations, that the blind and stupid of PNG (of which there are millions) will accept his rhetoric, decide that he's the anti-corruption king, and never pause and think, "hey, how did Belden Namah get so filthy rich so fast?"

It's an old political trick, to divert attention away from your faults by painting other people with those allegations first.

Belden Namah is a smart strategist but a very corrupt and low dog kind of man.

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Re: Blenden Nama is like the Late Sir Yambaki baki Okuk

August 9 2012, 9:26 AM 

BN is smart cookie? A f*%@kd up arse like him? No way. He is no way near to emulate Sir Iambakey Okuk. A gambler, womaniser and a thief like him will never a good leader. He can preach anti-corruption messages everywhere he goes and ridicule other leaders, but that is sign of a desperate human being shouting in the wilderness for help.

His people of Vanimo Green mandated him so he can lead them and help bring much needed services to them.

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this is it

Re: Blenden Nama is like the Late Sir Yambaki baki Okuk

August 22 2012, 11:11 AM 

Nope. Namah isn't stupid. He knows that if he's the loudest shouter against corruption, it is less likely that people will notice his own corruption aka the giant money steal of the oil palm investment money in Sandaun.

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Re: Blenden Nama is like the Late Sir Yambaki baki Okuk

August 9 2012, 10:30 AM 

All loose canons also shoot straight. But that doesn't mean they're aiming in the right direction and that's always been the problem with Namah. He's a straight shooting loose cannon that stands to do our country a huge amount of damage with all his misfirings if people don't figure out that there's nothing much behind the noble rhetoric apart from a pathetic soul of a human being.

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Belden Is Straight Shooter

August 9 2012, 5:12 PM 

Belden is a loose cannon and the noise he makes is loud enough for the illiterate to make sense of the degree of corruption that is rife among our political leaders. Who among the current crop of leaders and those who have been unseated had the "balls" to unveilt the cloak of self-righteouness from our politicians, senior bureaucrtats, and statesmen?

His approach may be crude but what he is saying are factual. His revealations are very deadly and spot on and have penetrated the heart and soul of those implicated and their conscience are underseige from the simple and unadultered truths.

No one wanted to do it for fear of being exposed. He wants those whom he is exposing to expose him but it appears that they are worse than him so the silence tells it all.

It took determined men to stand up againts accpted parctices and they fought to change apartheid, racial discrimination, slavery etc,etc.

Belden is prepared to rewrite cultural narrative that have been the antithesis to national development. He deserves our moral support. Wingti, SIr J, GC Somare, O'Neil, Polye, Duma, Pruaitch etc all have consciences scared by filty lucre.

Change will come but it must start in a samll way, and isn't it amaing that it is begining in the Devils Headquarters?

Go Namah, Juffa, and Basil. The country is watching you closely

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Re: Belden Is Straight Shooter

August 9 2012, 5:18 PM 

Where did Namah make all those multi-millions so quickly, with money coming from abroad not only to PNG into Namah's accounts, but also into Namah's Australian accounts and a Fiji account.

Namah is against corruption? Don't make me break in fits of hysterics!!!

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Re: Belden Is Straight Shooter

August 10 2012, 11:34 AM 

Atleast you got the point.

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Anti nationlist


August 14 2012, 11:29 PM 

@ Nationlist....Mate you are wasting your time behaind the screen commenting...this is what you do everyday I guess, too good at that yeah?..If only you could contest the WH regional seat and win then we will know you are someone of that caliber, otherwise you full of "tee rupen", stop wasting your time in this forum. yu blong stap na bagarapim ol man tasol...yu pepia man..come out clear so we know who you are and maybe have some respect for you, otherwise hide yourself in your little hideout.

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Ha ha ho ho

Re: Nationlist.

August 15 2012, 7:37 AM 

Such bullcrap you're writing. Anyone who contests in PNG isn't a leader. They're a follower!

* they tell the people what they think the people want to hear.
* they follow their personal greed for power and money
* they speak out on things they think the people will be happy to hear them say.

None of the above are indications of leadership. All demonstrate that these people simply follow the people.

People like you need to step back, open your eyes, and see our MPs and MP wannabes for what they really are. Those who stay out of politics are the ones who truly are the leaders. Look at Gandhi.

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Re: Nationlist.

August 15 2012, 10:04 AM 

Look hard and you will find genuine people who live their lives on moral and ethical principles. They are a cut above the rest. These people when given the change will bring about lasting change.

Cut the crap and stop generalizing

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Re: Nationlist.

August 15 2012, 10:22 AM 

Those kind of people hardly ever contest elections. So rare as pollies they are almost nonexistent!

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Re: Nationlist.

August 15 2012, 10:48 AM 

A few ahve stood up and are speaking against corruption.

We need people in civil society, public service and parliament to weed out corruption.

Let us look in the right direction

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Re: Nationlist.

August 15 2012, 10:28 AM 


no one is criticising anyone. Where have you extracted the piece of information?
How do you assume that the nationalist is from Western Highlands? The nationalist is totally a different person.

You might be putting your eyes someway or might be so confine to your admiration of a particular leader whom you might the name of the leader in your mind.

Do you think you can buy leadership with money and material things?

When you look at some of the nationalist's points, you will identify that the points have merits. I have never seen the person critising a leader or someone. I have have been following the nationalist's postings, and I admire some of them.

There are some good postings that the person has posted and therefore I disagree your comments.

Bata Istret

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Re: Nationlist.

August 15 2012, 10:32 AM 

How do YOU know the Nationalist is a totally different person, not from WHP, when they've never given their name or their location. Hmmm? HMMMMMMMMMM?????????

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Be mindful of your postings

August 15 2012, 10:46 AM 


how do you know that nationalist is from WHP? Nationalist has contributedd alot of rational and good discussions that motivated many in here to learn and share their opinion as well. But I am afraid you might be bulking at the wrong tree.

Go back to nationalist's postings and see for yourself again before you make quick comments and consequently tarnish good people who are participating in this forum.

Be mindful of your postings

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Re: Be mindful of your postings

August 15 2012, 10:56 AM 

Our leaders our national assests and it cuts across regional, cultural and social barriers. An one for that matter can support anuone.

Generalizations or insinuations can be equally damaging too!

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fruity loops

Re: Blenden Nama is like the Late Sir Yambaki baki Okuk

August 16 2012, 2:41 PM 

The only difference between Iambakey Okuk and Belden Namah that I can see is that Okuk wasn't gay.

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Prove is int the Putting

August 18 2012, 4:49 PM 

What we have seen in the last 12 months have been nothing substantial to conclude by saying one group is good while the other is bad. We have witnesses alot of good, bad and the evil but is that really enough to say that Beldan Namah is a nationalist or that O'Neil will be a better PM compared to our past PMs?

I think it is very early to tell. The real distinction will be clear in three to four years time. So as they say the prove is in the putting. Lets wait and see.

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Re: Prove is int the Putting

August 18 2012, 9:03 PM 

It is NOT too early to tell. We have more than enough evidence (if we open our eyes to it) that both Namah and O'Neill are crooks in their own way.

Please explain to me the statement "prove is in the putting". It doesn't make any sense, what do the words actually mean?

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The proof is in the putting.

August 19 2012, 3:09 AM 

Hi all,
this is proof of the "creolization" of an old saying as often happens in Creoles, such as Tokpisin.

"The prooof is in the pudding", is a verbal shorthand for the old English saying: "The proof of the pudding is in the eating". Which means: Don't knock anything until you've tried it. (sic yourself)

ergo: The proof is in the putting = The proof is in the pudding = The proof of the pudding is in the eating.(Original version)

Sorry to explain it so pedantically, but I realize....Englis em i no tokples bilong ol. (recipocally, I welcome any constructive criticism when I essay to talk Tokpisin)

Em tasol......Ralph.

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own goal Ralph

August 19 2012, 7:44 AM 

Ralph...if you haven't tried the pudding, don't knock the bowl.

Your knocking Christians in the Faith Forum is a classic of the saying when you've never experienced the Christian life.

But then again, you may be excused for 'proofing the putting', being a natural English speaker with
zero Christian experience.

How can you fight God when you haven't met God? It's in the pudding, Ralph. Tru tumas.

God is not an academic exercise, it's a lived experience.

Apologies for misposting a faith matter here but I couldn't think of any other example.

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Asssumptions again Anon

August 19 2012, 9:40 AM 

you are making assumptions about what I know, without knowing anything about me at all.

What data are involved in substantiating your claim, that I know nothing of God or Christianity?

If you want to continue this discussion on The Faith Forum, I will be pleased to respond. I do not think that you should be so rude, as to regale all the posters on this forum, and other fora, with your pro God, pro Christianity, prattle.

Beware of hubris......Ralph.

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I Luv Jesus

Ralph Hamilton Is Evil

August 22 2012, 1:07 PM 

Ralph Hamilton is under Satan's control.

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Frustrated Teacher

Re: Prove is int the Putting

August 19 2012, 8:27 AM 

The problem is that darned PNG problem of misspelling english words into becoming other english words.
The second problem is that we don't bother to think about what we've spelt makes any sense before we go ahead and use the mucked up term.
The saying is not "prove is in the pudding" - it should be "proof is in the pudding". Do any of you know what pudding is, or why it is used in this way? NO????? Then WHY THE F****K ARE YOU USING THE TERM?

from ask.yahoo.com

The phrase originated as "the proof of the pudding is in the eating." It means that the true value or quality of something can only be judged when it's put to use. The meaning is often summed up as "results are what count."
According to Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, the phrase dates back to at least 1615 when Miguel de Cervantes published Don Quixote. In this comic novel, the phrase is stated as, "The proof of the pudding is the eating."

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Mangi ples

Re:Prove in the pudding

August 19 2012, 9:43 AM 

Hey Teacher I think regardless of spelling the terminology and prounouciation has the same meaning that you have historically search. For a layman, it really means you dont know what to expect until you have had the experience yourself, Another way of putting it would be: dont charge the book by its cover or knowing the fine print. Does it make sense? You could look at texting Message spelling might help you communicate better when you are out of your strict classroom rigid rules.

Get real.

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Re: Re:Prove in the pudding

August 19 2012, 10:07 AM 

"The proof is in the putting"

Please explain to us all how the above sentence as it is written makes any sense..... to anyone!

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Mangi ples

Re: Re:Prove in the pudding

August 19 2012, 10:43 AM 

Pudding is a food specially cooked to be enjoy. Christmas pudding is a very good example. In PNG sago pudding would certainly fit into that category. It is what in it that you enjoy such as the flavour, texture and so on. You find out about it when you indulge in eating it making sense of its content. A fact finding mission. You wont know how good it is util you taste it ie: The proof is in the pudding. We are talking here, about spelling which is a minor error of judgement and use of vocabulary but you and I know what it means, dont you? It may sometimes depend on your context of your conversation.

Bush degree

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Re: Re:Prove in the pudding

August 19 2012, 12:03 PM 

Why would someone ever think that 'putting' was a food? Doesn't everyone here know that 'putting' means like putting something back in its place?

The problem in interpretation comes when through our misspelling we actually have spelt another existing english word that makes no sense in the context we've put it into.

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Mangi Ples

Re:Prove in the pudding

August 19 2012, 12:48 PM 

Teacher. I think the author of putting meant pudding so maski tainim meaning. Suggest you search google for many short form of txt msg, you will be surprise many new phrase, slangs etc are use in daily communication. Certainly your classroom teaching should continue and I congratulate you to detect the error for what is worth.

Back to Politics- time will tell when the MP's true colours come to light which I believe is just arround the corner. Just an eye blink.

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Re: Re:Prove in the pudding

August 23 2012, 10:02 PM 

Iambakey Okuk and Belden Namah entered politcs in different eras. They are not each other equals.

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Re: Rat in the Pudding

August 24 2012, 10:31 AM 

Your second statement isn't necessarily supported by your first sentence. Please start over and resubmit your assignment.

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August 24 2012, 11:39 AM 

I have observed,
that on these various fora, nobody reads the prior postings, or partly reads them and goes off at tangent.

I would have thought I had explained in detail, (at the risk of being pedantic) the origin of the expression "the proof of the putting" Beyond argument, and, beyond doubt.

It is obvious that nobody read, or even heeded my posting, so they are atill poncing on at length about this matter.


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