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Current Ministers in the O'Neill New Government

August 9 2012 at 5:33 PM
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Here are the ministers as we now know them:

Rimbink Pato: Stole millions by overbilling government and getting secret kickbacks into his overseas accounts.

David Arore: Probably ok?

Paul Isikiel: Probably ok?

Richard Maru: Probably ok?

Dr Fabian Pok: Kicked out of office last time by a leadership tribunal for corruption.

Nixon Duban: Probably ok?

Jimmy Miringtoro: Probably ok?

Tommy Tomscoll: Probably ok?

Loujaya Toni: Probably ok?

Kerenga Kua: Probably ok?

Paru Aihi: Probably ok?

Mark Maipakai: Probably ok?

Justin Tatchenko: Has done corrupt deals with NCDC officials for years, getting filthy rich in the process

Michael Malabag: The PNG movement has long been totally corrupt under Malabag

Jim Simatab: Probably ok?

Byron Chan: A member of the corrupt Chan family, that should say enough.

Francis Awesa: Man o man, his blatent corruption in vote buying and switching in this election should have this fellow kicked out by the courts within the year.

Benny Allen: Probably ok?

Davis Stevens: Probably ok?

Steven Pirika Kamma: Probably ok?

Boka Kondra: Probably ok?

Don Polye -Treasury and Finance, Correctional Services, Labour, Industrial Relations, Immigration and Transport - Don Polye came to Waigani to do good and seems to have done very well indeed financially - one wonders how one can serve the public interest full time and get so personally wealthy stimultaneously.

Patrick Pruaitch - Housing, Urban, Provincial and Local Level Government and Forest: The Grand Thief's son in law and a Grand Thief in his own right. Pruaitch is like Namah, a pathetic personal life combined with a greedy personality and desire to become as rich as he can while he's in power.

William Duma – Petroleum and Energy, Defence, Tourism and Art Culture and Autonomy and Autonomous Region (including Bougainville Affairs): Well, we always here this guy is on the take but does anyone have any evidence?

Sir Puka Temu - Public Service, Agriculture and Livestock, Foreign Affairs and Trade - PNG's Chief Landstealer, Sir Puka is probably got his eyes on some more choice POM parcels. And let's not forget that he's the primer pusher of SABL and the corrupt rice project by the international Indonesian criminal, the supposed investor.

James Marape - Works, Implementation, Lands and Physical Planning, Education, Research and Science and Technology - Marape has made it a specialty to misuse district level monies at Tari, the evidence was posted more than a year ago on pngblogs. If he keeps the Lands ministry, he'll be all set to become a multimillionaire for life.

Charles Abel - Commerce and Industry, Small Medium Enterprise (SMEs), Justice and Attorney General, Communication, Information and Technology -- Seems to be ok?

Mao Zeming – Fisheries, Marine Resource, Health, HIV Aids, Family Affairs , Youth Religion and Gender - One the principal architects of the stealing of the Kutubu People's Future Generation Fund of oil wealth, along with Hami Yawari. The account was drained to zero balance, thanks to Mao's critical support while then PM Mekere Morauta was overseas for throat cancer surgery.

Ben Micah –Public Enterprises, Sports and Pacific Game and Mining -- A fatter gluttoness thief we'll never see in power. Micah has always been on the take. Always has been, always will be. Ben "Whats in it for me" Micah, a proud new member of the O'Neill government.

John Pundari - Environment, Climate Change and Civil Aviation - Wasn't this guy also previously before a leadership tribunal or up to some kind of shady deals?

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Re: Current Ministers in the O'Neill New Government

August 9 2012, 7:04 PM 

Confirmed that William Duma is on the corruption list. He takes kickbacks in return for signing important documents for landowners. How low can you get?!!

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lost cause

Re: Current Ministers in the O'Neill New Government

August 10 2012, 3:10 AM 

The system will corrupt all those "probably ok" ministers, you just wait. There's a line of people outside each one of their doors to offer them housing loans, vehicle loans, etc. They'll get into debt overtheir ears and start being pressured to mis-use public monies to cover the shortfall.

It's happened time and time again, watch the re-run of the movie over the next couple years!

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Re: Current Ministers in the O'Neill New Government

August 10 2012, 8:59 AM 

Mark my word, Bire Kimisopa and Garry Juffa will fry all MPs and uncover all corrupt deals, uproot all Commission of Enquiry recommendations and will task the government to bring to light all the pending issues including the NPF Saga, Moti Saga, etc.

Papua New Guinea should rally behind these two young and determined Papua New Guineans. I won't accept any negative comments about these two for as long as my instinct says these two are the hopes of PNG.

I pray that God will provide more wisdome to these two leaders.

Go Juffa, Go Kimisopa!


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Re: Current Ministers in the O'Neill New Government

August 10 2012, 10:20 AM 

Kange, fighting corruption is no easy task. It will take bold men to stand up and fight it. Bire & Juffa against the 109 MP's. Not a bad start.

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Fightingcorruption is not that easy as we think and say

August 10 2012, 11:21 AM 


fighting corruption is not that easy as you think and put in words. Corruption in PNG is chronic in all the institutions and in all level of daily businesses operation in PNG.

Firt of all to fight the system, we have to have very courageous and bold leaders who is ready to become a sacrificial lamb on on behalf of the 7.5 million population of PNG.

I don't see the value of these two leaders yet. May be their names could be flying like hot cakes since they could have some integrity and stand among the most corrupt MPs toady.

PNG has yet to see true and patriotic leadership. We need radical leaders who can make some unprecedented decisions if the decisions stands to support the good and welfare of the nation and its people. We want leaders who can talk less and do actions as required.

There are a lot of newly elected MPs who are talking smart and promising people that they can fight against corruption but I am sorry that most never implement what they aspire to do at the first place.

There are a lot of challenges and hiccups that will try to distract good leaders from pursuing their effort in fighting against corruption but somehow in the process, given if they are not very wise will end up being corrupting themselves.

To be true, there are no smart leaders that PNG needs at this very moment who can overhaul all the systems in the country and start thing a new and fresh.

No one will be willing to do that, rare leaders in the world have done that and none PNG is able to do that. As indicated during the formation of dthe O'neil government, many of our MPs wnat to enjoy the comfort zones and never want to take the risks.

Lets pray that of all the corrupt and questionable MPs we now have in parliament will come about some smart leaders who can do the right things at the right time.

We have yet to see such leaders to come about........To Juva and Bire, PNG has not proven their leadership qualities yet. We will beleive them only when they prove who they are.


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Re: Fightingcorruption is not that easy as we think and say

August 11 2012, 6:54 AM 

Why are you describing leaders in your posting in such a way that indicates that you think that only politicians can be leaders?

Was Mahatma Gandhi a politician, EVER? What about Martin Luther King, was he ever a politician?

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Re: Fightingcorruption is not that easy as we think and say

August 11 2012, 10:04 AM 

You said it, Nationalist! Mi wanbel. Fighting corruption certainly isn't as easy as we think and say. Why? Because all we do is think and say, think and say, think and say,think and say,think and say,think and say,think and say,think and say,think and say,think and say,think and say,think and say,think and say,think and say,think and say,think and say,think and say,think and say,think and say,think and say,think and say,think and say,think and say,think and say,think and say,think and say,think and say,think and say,think and say!!!

I don't see any action in any of that, do you? Just talking, talking and more talking.

If we would only take some action for once, maybe fighting corruption wouldn't be nearly as hard as we're talking and thinking it is! Ever consider that?

Beldon Namah is no different. All he does is talk, and talk and talk and talk. The straight shooter talker!


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Re: Fightingcorruption is not that easy as we think and say

August 14 2012, 2:31 AM 

People think talking is action but they never get off their chair!

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Re: Fightingcorruption is not that easy as we think and say

August 13 2012, 12:23 PM 

You're just like most of the rest of us, Nationalist. Lazy and sitting, hoping, praying and waiting for some leader to some along to lead us.

Fact is, no such leader has come along and probably none will. So why are you and I still sitting and waiting for this imaginary messiah to come?

People fight the system most effectively NOT by being inside the system as you seem to think, but by attacking the system from outside.

You're thinking too much inside the box!

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Leaders Rising Up Gainst Corruption

August 13 2012, 5:21 PM 

It appears that Nationalist is suffering from "selective amnesia." Bire Kimisopa, Garry Juffa, and Thomas Kulang are speaking out against corruption. The courts, police, Department Heads, etc, etc must cooperate to weed out this ravening disease from its enclaves within our public service machinery.

Bire is taking the PM to task over issues that successive governments did not have the guts and balls to fix up. Bire is fighting corruption from within the government ranks. Either the government starts the reform process in addressing and reducing corruption at all levels now or in 18 months it will be replaced by a more comptent government that will not hesitate to expose corrupt politicians and Department Heads.

In the final analysis, O'Neil, Sir J, Polye, Pruatich, GC Somare, and Duma cannot expose corruption because they will be exposed. Yes, they will lament the cancerous effects of corruption but do not have the audacity to fight it by exposing corrupt leaders across the wide spectrum of the civil service including politicians. Their hands are filthy dirty and, rich too by the way, from their uncontroled dipping into the public purse.

During 2005-2007 Bire jailed Peter O'Neil and fought Paul Paraka Lawyers when he was Police and Justice Minister. Do a charcater check on Kimisopa, Juffa, and Kulang.

Garry Juffa fought corruption whilst he was in charge of IRC. You want thunder and lightning from heaven to tell you that the saviour of PNG has arrived to fight corruption. Be realistic Nationalist. PNG must do with whatever we have and these three brave men have stood up and they need our undivided support.

The fire to fight corruption has been ingnited and public opinion will fan it unrelentingly. Go Kimisopa, Juffa, and Kulang, the nation is behind you brave men.

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we must OPEN our lil eyes

Re: Leaders Rising Up Gainst Corruption

August 13 2012, 5:47 PM 

Bire is NOT yet fighting corruption within the ranks. He is TALKING about fighting corruption.

We shouldn't give ANY pollie the benefit of the doubt that they're telling us the truth until we actually see people GOING TO PRISON for corruption. There's too many ways right now that a guilty person can buy their way out of prison, sometimes with the help of those who 'pretended' to go after them!

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Re: Leaders Rising Up Gainst Corruption

August 13 2012, 9:48 PM 

well, well, well Looks like "we must OPEN our lil eyes" happens to be one of the "armchair generals" when it comes to dealing with corruption decisively.

At the least Kimisopa and Kulang are speaking out against corruption in the devil's headquarters - parliament.

What more can PNG expect when the other 109 MP's have not even spoken up? These two MP's walk the talk. If they have something to hide, the ball is in the big boys (O'Neil, Wingti, Sir J & Somare) court now.

Why the silence from the PM and his cohorts?

Round 1: Kimisopa & Kulang - 1, O'Neil & Dion - 0

Hooray......corruption is down by 1 point

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Re: Leaders Rising Up Gainst Corruption

August 13 2012, 10:38 PM 

Oh stop this nonsense about "speaking up". O'Neill has "spoken up" against corruption many times but NO ONE HAS GONE TO PRISON! The task force hasn't produced one conviction that resulted in a prison sentence.

Right now, Kimisopa is just playing the same game as so many before him. You've got your eyes closed or maybe you just moved to PNG this year????

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Re: Leaders Rising Up Gainst Corruption

August 13 2012, 11:13 PM 

Stop whinging. Bire is has thrown the gauntlet for O'Neil to clear his name regarding the NPF Inquiry and Public Serice Housing Scheme. The court can be manipulated but O'Neil's conscience is the perfect judge-it has an accurate record of everything he did illegaly.

Bull Crap, until O'Neil lives up to this challenge, he has been weighed in the balance and is found wanting.

O'Neil's Task Force Sweep Team will never jail those investigated, as it was merely a bait to win public onfidence.

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Re: Leaders Rising Up Gainst Corruption

August 14 2012, 2:34 AM 

You must have been born yesterday. Yes, Bire has spoken out. It will appear in the newspapers for 1 maybe 2 days. Then it will fade away just like all the others like Bire.

We've seen it all before, even if you haven't.

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Re: Leaders Rising Up Gainst Corruption

August 14 2012, 2:17 PM 

The ECP and the Paul Paraka investigation stand out on Bires profile on his war against corruption. When he lost in 2007, people like Somare and O'Neil did not bother.

Bire has a very good track record on fighting corruption and he is at it again.

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not convinced

Re: Leaders Rising Up Gainst Corruption

August 16 2012, 3:46 PM 

When I see a website set up that exposes PNG corruption and isn't censored like what happens here on pngscape, I'll be convinced that at last things are changing and maybe the corrupt will start running for cover.

The Kimisopa challenge has already faded from the media, haven't you noticed?

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not convinced

Re: Leaders Rising Up Gainst Corruption

August 16 2012, 3:49 PM 

When I see a website set up that exposes PNG corruption and isn't censored like what happens here on pngscape, I'll be convinced that at last things are changing and maybe the corrupt will start running for cover.

The Kimisopa challenge has already faded from the media, haven't you noticed?

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top %er

Re: Leaders Rising Up Gainst Corruption

August 16 2012, 5:35 PM 

Agreed! It's all a front for self-promotion.
PNG already knows all the tricks.

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PROVE ME WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Leaders Rising Up Gainst Corruption

August 16 2012, 5:40 PM 

Just like the infamous task force of ONeill!!!!!

Lots of arrests.

Promises (but no proof) that millions had been recovered by the government.

NOT ONE CONVICTION came out of all this. The government won't even put out an extradition order for the fatty Wartoto hiding over in Cairns to come back and face the music!

And look at good ol Paul Tientsen. Back in office and back in government despite the multi-millions he clearly stole as Planning Minister.

You can't get more guilty than that!!!!!!!!!

The latest boys won't do any better because they're just trying to make a name for themselves.


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Re: Leaders Rising Up Gainst Corruption

September 1 2012, 4:40 PM 

Not a very amazing predeiction but it came true anyway.

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Re: Leaders Rising Up Gainst Corruption

August 13 2012, 10:46 PM 

My friend "we must OPEN our lil eyes" choses deliberately to be ignorant. Kimisopa and Kulang openly challenged the PM to come clean on the NPF Inquiry, the Finance Inquiry and the Public Service Housing Scheme. Kimisopa is in the government ranks and Kulang is in the opposition but corruption is their number one enemy.

The issues stated above are debacles in which the PM is heavily implicated. Are not Kimisopa and Kulang not fighting corruption? Polye, Duma, Tienstein, Pruaitch etc could not even challenge O'Neil on these issues. Is "we must OPEN our lil eyes" implying that the above are new comers to parliament? Gee, they have been silent on corruption since they entered parliament 10 years ago.

Peter O'Neil was jailed by Bire when he was Police minister over the NPF saga. Bire gave specific instructions for Sam Inguba to jail O'Neil and that's why Bire kept him as Police Commisioner for 4 years. Another record O'Neil has to better. Give Bire and Kulang the opportunity and they wont hesitate to jail O'Neil and the other grand thieves.

"we must OPEN our lil eyes," Kimisopa and Kulang are ruthless anti-corruption campaigners and they have started very well from the starting block. The band of anti-corruption campaigners has grown in the likes of Kimisopa, Kulang, Basil, Juffa, etc.

I take my hats off to them. They have recruited well. A little spark starts a raging bushfire!

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go Bire go!

Re: Leaders Rising Up Gainst Corruption

August 14 2012, 7:55 AM 

You're actually the dummie on this board because the best argument you could have given to those putting down Kimisopa was simply to copy and paste the newspaper article - but you couldn't be bothered making that effort, could you? So I'll do it for you, yu lazy one!

Monday 13th August, 2012
PM must tell people all: Kimisopa


PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill has been challenged to emphatically tell the people of Papua New Guinea his position on corruption in PNG and how he will weed it out.
The challenge was issued by Goroka MP Bire Kimisopa in a message congratulating Mr O’Neill on his election the post of prime minister.

Mr Kimisopa also said the test of the O’Neill government claim of having a government that fairly represents the whole nation will be tested in the next 18 months.

Mr Kimisopa the former internal security and justice minister in a former Somare government says serious oustanding matters remain in the Waigani ‘too hard basket’ for the O’Neill government to deal with.

Mr Kimisopa said the election of Mr O’ Neill to the highest office of the land reaffirms the people’s desire for policies that are more closer to their hearts during this difficult time and also expresses a hope for better outcomes during the government’s tenure in office.

But Mr Kimisopa reminded Mr O’Neill and his government that the PNG’s social indicators remain hopelessly mired in incompetence on the part of successive governments.

“Its (the government) ability to arrest the rising cost of basic food stuff remains a constant obstacle for politicians who have never patrolled the shopping aisles of our supermarkets and trade stores, and its ability to fight corruption remains a joke.

“Although every Prime Minister who has been elected promises to do so much their sincerity and commitment is often negated by a long trail of public events that seem to suggest otherwise,” Mr Kimisopa said.

Mr Kimisopa said the Government of Peter O’Neill’s claim to have fair representation in the appointment of his ministers will be tested within the first 18 months of his government.

He was also not so impressed with the involvement of former prime ministers in the formation of the new government.

“ It is obvious the endorsement by former Prime Ministers Paias Wingti, Sir Julius Chan and Sir Michael Somare did little to enhance the Prime Minister’s reputation as an agent for change.

“Their endorsement only suggests that O’Neill is a creature of their union and is not his own self. The sixty four million dollar question that must be answered by Prime Minister O’Neill is: What is the price for reconciliation between O’Neill and Somare? There is a contempt of Court Proceeding on foot, the wider ramifications of the Judicial Conduct Act which has fractured the judiciary has never been properly explained, and the imposition of an age limit of a sitting prime minister remains a knee jerk reaction by an ambitious mob. The Prime Minister needs to explain the details of the deal he struck and explain his position on these important issues,” Mr Kimisopa said.

Mr Kimisopa added: “Furthermore, there is growing public concerns that the NPF inquiry and its findings is already dead, the Finance Inquiry remains forever gagged within the Courts, and the public service housing debacle remains tangled with secrecy.

“The Prime Minister can put to bed these community concerns by demonstrating leadership within the first few months of his government by explaining the deals that he has entered into with Somare, Chan and Wingti and more importantly state his position on all these matters.

“I urge the Prime Minister to state emphatically his position on corruption and how he intends to arrest the drop in confidence of our people.

“He needs to be more forthright on his position on full nationalisation of mining assets in this country when there is already a Private Members Bill on foot which advocates a total shake up of the mining and petroleum regime in this country.
“He would also need to spell out quite succinctly where he stands on Mining’s rights as he is often challenged by Minister Byron Chan who has retained the Mining portfolio.

“Otherwise, the Prime Minister and his government will remain a mutual benefit club where the spoils of government will be enjoyed by the privileged few.
“The Prime Minister has a once in a lifetime opportunity to bring lasting change to the Papua New Guinea economy.

“He must build confidence within the major stakeholders of the economy who are already facing a myriad of problems from high cost of doing business, rising food cost, law and order and a dilapidated health and education infrastructure.
“The much trumpeted free education policy has already exposed the ugly side of inadequate institutional capacity and has cannibalised any gains in numeracy and literacy that is supposed to be enjoyed by our children.”

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These leaders have nothing constructive yet to challenge corruption

August 21 2012, 11:19 AM 

Good on your wapra kumbi,

do you think and you're 100% sure these three men are brave and really serious about fighting corruption in PNG???

I think they have not done anything to prove to the nation that they are fighting corruption.

How can you just be convinced by their sweet words!!!! Should their actions justify their words on the media?? Time will tell. Don't just jump up and jump because these men (MPs) seem to speak the language that they are trying to fight the deadly disease that has become systematic in the fabric of our society and crippling our nation.

Will what they have said on the media do some quick fixes to fight the disease? Your argument does not have any basis. OK. It takes real man to fight against corruption, and to do so is not that going to the media and proposing this and that. That will never solve the problem, it will help people who are involved in the system to be extra cautious when their actions are being aired on the media.

Speaking words is one thing and putting those spoken words into action is another thing.

So who ever that wapra kumbi is, you must be critical and substantiative of your arguments, otherwise it is just baseless.

We are waiting for these brave men to take the government into task and ensure they do some actions rather than talking.

PNG from the grassroots level to the bigman or the educated elites and the MPs know the trend and the issue of corruption in this country, and now theres no point in repeating the same thing over and over on the media to score political points.

We have had enough of talking and now is to take actions, whether these guys are in the government back bencer or opposition, it doesn't matter, as long as you are being elected into the parliament to represent an electorate in Papua New Guinea, that is the most important thing.

Our leaders must shed some lights into the hearts and minds of the people of this beautiful country, PNG.


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Action Man

Re: These leaders have nothing constructive yet to challenge corruption

August 21 2012, 12:00 PM 

@ Nationalist

Mr. Nationalist, you have been rhetorically using the word ACTION. What’s your definition of ACTION? What does it entail in the context of getting rid of corruption? Do you mean “rush into Court with the police and arrest the CJ” or “walk into parliament and arrest the corrupt pollies”? Action can mean a lot of things like kicking, punching, walking, running etc… Which action (apart from talking which you do not seem to like) will be most effective in getting rid of corruption in PNG? Enlighten PNG please…

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Re: These leaders have nothing constructive yet to challenge corruption

August 22 2012, 8:48 AM 

@ Nationalist

Mr. Nationalist, you have been rhetorically using the word ACTION. What’s your definition of ACTION? What does it entail in the context of getting rid of corruption? Do you mean “rush into Court with the police and arrest the CJ” or “walk into parliament and arrest the corrupt pollies”? Action can mean a lot of things like kicking, punching, walking, running etc… Which action (apart from talking which you do not seem to like) will be most effective in getting rid of corruption in PNG? Enlighten PNG please…

Yes action man,

you are not wrong! The word action can be used in different ways depending on the given context and the environment especially the nature of discussions or issues.

Ok. When I say action, I refer to the subject discussed relating to leadership, and in this case is not only to the statements by Kimisopa and Topias Kulung.

Look back in the past, many eloguent leaders have made such similar statements but when we actually examime the amount of work done as expressed or stated using the media is not sufficient or even nil.

Which means that, many of our MPs whether they are in the opposition or government, like to talk more using our free press (The national, Post Courier and the Sunday Chronicle). This is not only for the elected MPs but peoples' activists and any Tom, Dick and Harry can make a very constructive and enlightening speeches and words on the media given the presence of Freedom of Speech in PNG.

So what I have implied in the word "ACTION" in discussion above is simply to describe leaders do not execute what they state in public places and on media. They just like to talk big but in reality, they lack in implementing what they propose.

So my suggestion is that we need leaders who can minimise talking or their actions in terms of doing the right thing at the right time. There is alot of development challenges that require good and reasoning PNG leaders not only talk,talk but do the neccessary actions as required.

Or 'ACTION' simply means carry out the proposals or suggestions that leaders make on the media. Most of our leaders have made big promises and alot of "to do lists" but not many execute what they propose.

Mr. Action Man, does that clearify your doubt??


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why, Nationalist?

Re: These leaders have nothing constructive yet to challenge corruption

August 22 2012, 9:36 AM 

Nationalist, why are you on line coincidentally right when insane postings appear on the Komuniti board, are you one of these crazies that are believing all that nonsense??????

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Re: These leaders have nothing constructive yet to challenge corruption

August 22 2012, 12:05 PM 

Nationalist is happy because his or her words might have pierce into your bone marrows and could not control all your emotions. It seems to Nationalist think differently from those fools who are following the crowd in this forum.

We'll see how interesting it will be when Nationalist throw one spear at this crowd.

I beleive Nationalist is smart because he's or she igniting people to think and arque.

Nationalist, keep with the way you think because to be unique and add some value to the discussions and even in the society, people must not follow the crowd but be unique and have alternative opinions on issues.

Great discussions so far.

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Re: Current Ministers in the O'Neill New Government

August 12 2012, 1:00 PM 

There are now 111 MPs, not 109 MPs because of the additions of governors of Jiwaka and Hela provinces.

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Paru Aihi is not OK too

August 12 2012, 4:05 PM 

Member for Kairuku Hiri and minister for Education, Mr. Paru Aihi is not a good leader as well.

He is a yoyo jumping from Party to Parties. He was once with PNG Party, Then to National Alliance while GC Somare is in Power. Last year 2011, he jumped back to O'neills party, PNC.

During his compaign, he buy voters, people to tamper ballot boxes, bought counting officials to declare him as winner.

He is not the peoples choice.. He came through practices.. He is not a leader but a thief, bribing people on day broad light. Shame on him.

Not only him, but all the People National Congress Candidates, they where all not people choice, so don't say PNC is People's Choice, all lied and *********..

Now we will see how our beautiful country will be govern by these corrupt leaders.

Mangi Kairuku

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Judge Hamakurarimetimosai

Re: Paru Aihi is not OK too

August 12 2012, 8:05 PM 

It's obvious that your member has a price and goes to whoever wants to buy his soul. Your member would probably sell his soul to the devil if the price was right.

How pathetic!

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Understand the importance of this forum please

August 13 2012, 9:33 AM 

In the process of discussing issues on this forum, I have been trying to identify people with rational thinking to do some radical stuff but most of the people seem to be narrow minded and are taking this forum for granted and yey they talking as they think.

We are discussing about national issues in this forum and we must be creative in our thinking as well as how we post our postings in this forum. Don't think that you are far away from each other and post irrelevant and nonsense which will never help you, your family, community and the country. Lets be smart and post postings that will ignit people's mind for rational discussions.

PNG is needing racdical minds at this point of time because our current leaders are exhausted and running out of ideas as development and governance challenges are increasing at an unprecedented level. Our leaders are bounce of greeding and selffish who are so possess by material wealth and making their minds too narrow and incapable of handling national issues.

We need some radical minds to rise in PNG and overhaul all systems of businesses and conduct to position ourselves, traditional values, national developmental goals and standards rather than trying to cope with current trends

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Anti Corruption

PM must tell all: Kimisopa

August 13 2012, 10:37 AM 

Read today's Post Courier Page3 "PM must tell people all: Kimisopa".

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Truth Hurts

Re: PM must tell all: Kimisopa

August 13 2012, 11:26 AM 

Ah yes! Kimisopa is back! Hardhitting yet articulate and eloquent as usual... just love the way he puts it to O'Niell. I wonder how O'Niell will reply with equal articulateness and tact..

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Re: PM must tell all: Kimisopa

August 13 2012, 11:33 AM 

It is just words, any Tom Dick and Hary can make fantastic words and speeches when the sign shines. Don't believe in words but actions......actions........actions.........actions.........actions.

Our 109 members and now 111 have overdozed us the semi-edcuated Papua New Guineans with information.............important imformation/words/directions that seems to be interesting and sounding wonderful but who has taken the time and resources to execute the recommendations.

Bounce of fools and longs2 in the floor of parliament just using the media and the internet to paint a good picture of themselves.

I am still waiting who rise up among the cowards in the parliament to stand up for the people and address corruption not just with powerful or fancy words but actions.........actions.......actions.....thats what PNG needs at this very moment.

Am already sick and tired of words by leaders throught he print and the soft media in PNG.


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Re: PM must tell all: Kimisopa

August 13 2012, 11:46 AM 

It’s not "bounce of fools" it's "bunch of fools". If you do not know how to speak/write articulately, people will laugh at you and not take you seriously, just the way we are all laughing at you "Nationalist". Go back and learn to articulate yourself properly before spreading all your "know-it-all" repetitious written diarrhoea on PNG Scape.

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Re: PM must tell all: Kimisopa

August 13 2012, 12:06 PM 

I don't think he always posts like he is know it all. He often posts to get feedback and opinion.

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Re: PM must tell all: Kimisopa

August 13 2012, 1:59 PM 

you might be an articulate English man. So am happy you will teach me how to speak and write English well.

To me, I beleive in my rational as long as I say something which I think it is sensible.

If you want to perfact your English, you may better be in your Origin in England because thats your home country that English is the mother tongue.

What I am concern here is that I love my country and people and if I do so I can promote my own Tok pisin and Motu languages so that I can not make a mistake and will have confidence in what I understand and speak.

The cargo cult mentality of intenting to perfact the culture, tradition and language of a foreign country will drag this nation backward. And obviously, Mr. Tisa you are one of the guy who may be copying the tradition of other countries and assumed as if its yours or you know it....

Sorry, if your can not correct your countrymen and women who are struggling for just 36 years while rest of the world have been civilized for more than thousands years, then I tell you we are no way near in terms of English or whatever technology we adopting them now.

Nationalist for Papua New Guinea and NOT ENGLAND

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Re: Understand the importance of this forum please

August 13 2012, 12:08 PM 

Mr Nationalist, may I ask who on Scape has been appointed the Truth Patrol to define what is "nonsense" talk? Please advise us.

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Its a national forum to discuss important issues...my opinion

August 13 2012, 2:28 PM 

You ask yourself.

You and I are part and part and parcel of the forum and therefore take ownership of it.

If you love your countrymen and women, our poor people in the villages, communities and have some concern for the beautiful nation that needs good leadership and good thinking people then you need to put done something on this PNGSCAPE that will help those friends on the scape to learn something new and appreciate you.

The more nonsense we post into the forum, the likely chance of PNG creating wayback thinking people and soceities that will contine to back on the streets and can not have the will or creative power to till their fertile land to fend for themselves.

This is the very thing that is bringing this ountry down the drain and will hardly progess.

So be radical and critical in your thinking rather and discussions than being confined to your old ways of thinking and doing things.

Thnak you.

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Re: Its a national forum to discuss important issues...my opinion

August 13 2012, 2:32 PM 

I've found your postings to be amongst the least radical of the postings. You actually are very conservative in your thinking, pretty much following the old ruts that the last generation followed in unsuccessfully attacking the problems our nation faces.

I also notice that you hardly ever actually get into a real discussion or debate with anyone. Makes me wonder sometimes if you're fishing for information. Like you write an introductory posting then wait and see what ideas come in for you to steal and use on your own.

Am I right about my observations, if not my interpretations?

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Re: Its a national forum to discuss important issues...my opinion

August 13 2012, 2:44 PM 

Thanks Tep2,

though your comments seems hurting to some soft hearted, I appreciate it because I love people who think and response that way.

Becaue I can make alot of mistakes in my attempt to know things which I do not know and after knowing them, I can become wise and and smarte.

Thanks Mr. Teptep for your analysis.


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September 1 2012, 4:25 AM 


Our moments of triumph on the Olympic stage have not been many, so full marks to our Toea Wisil for her recent triumph on track and field. We have had our moments over the last 37 years in the regional sporting events like the Commonwealth Games, the Arafura Games, the South Pacific and the Mini South Pacific Games, but Wisil’s qualifying run was something special. Its significance will be held in our collective memories for a long time, as her personal triumph is part of history as a nation.

In an Olympic year, we are once again contemplating playing host to the next South Pacific Games and the government (especially the previous ONeill-Namah political Leadership) has not been serious about what is and what ought to have been a matter of priority and pride to prepare necessary infrastructure for the event. The nation is about to face its moment of truth on the regional and international stage but we are way behind in our preparations, and so far treated this event as a political afterthought. Our lack of preparations must necessarily be viewed as a measure of our own awareness and pride in ourselves. It is a measure of the way we have gone off-course in terms of focussing our people and our leaders on matters other than that of national interest and national importance. It is a measure of the way we have lost our way as a nation, preoccupied with politics, the demands of enclave type developments like the LNG, and forgotten about being a country, about nationhood, and about what the national interest requires of us. It is a measure of the way we have lost our own sovereignty in favour of serving others’ interests, including personal interests.

We are about to reveal once again for all to see what we have been about for the last 37 years, at least since the last time we hosted the Games here. At least we had a Sir Anthony Siaguru to lead us out with a committee of equally talented people, showcased and acquitted well of the nation they represented. Oh how the red gold and black fluttered in the steady South-Westerly, and our hearts were instantaneously lifted to greater heights of exuberance, as our athletes triumphed. We could believe once again in ourselves, and the social contract we signed in 1975 to be one nation, one people and one country. And oh how we triumphed then, hauling in more gold silver and bronze than ever before, or since! Every Kiwai, Tolai, Highlander, Wopa, Siwai, Orokaiva, Orokolo, Sol and Tasi walked out of that stadium, proud, and rightfully so. We savoured those precious few shared moments of triumph with tears streaming down our faces. We looked at each other wide eyed and teary faced, and we laughed tears of joy and elation, and gently swayed to the fading strands of John Wong’s voice “Papua New Guinea… one people, one country...”as we walked out, confident and sure of ourselves.

We knew we will always be one people, a people cast together by history, a people held together by our ancient agrarian ways, thrust almost prematurely into the limelight of 21st Century to sink or swim, live or die. Together we chose life. And but whilst the odds were always staked against us, and some called us stone aged primitives, while others whispered,”… they won’t make it...”, it is in rare moments of sporting triumph like this, pitted against their best, on a clear sky blue days and on level playing fields, we have come together and asserted resoundingly that we have arrived on the world’s centre stage!

We have asserted that we are an ancient people, a strong people, the largest nation in the Pacific Islands and the land link between the tiger economies of Asia and the Pacific. We are the pre-historic home of Melanesia. We are a serious people, and we shall be taken seriously by our other Melanesian, Polynesian and Micronesian neighbours. Whether they like it or not, whether they like our way of doing things or not, we are here and we will assert ourselves, and assert we did at that and every other SP Game since.

Who would have predicted how we would turn out as a nation and a people in 1973 when we were granted Self Government so hurriedly by the Gorton/Whitlam Governments of Canberra?

In the early 70s on the occasion of a South Pacific Commission Meeting held in the capital of one of our Polynesian countries, the Paramount Chief of the Chimbu people, and he may as well have been the Paramount Chief of all the Highlanders, because he was a tall towering and imposing Simbu, who stood as tall as the mountains, and firm as his native rock of Elimbari, stood up and spoke. Whenever he spoke in his native setting, his dozen wives and multitudes upon multitudes of tribes men far and near came and drank of his words in utter silence, words that echoed like a thousand waterfalls and flowed seamlessly like the Waghi, giving life to a deeply farrowed land. But this time, his solemn maiden Chiefly address to the South Pacific Commission in tok pisin was openly mocked. Perhaps it was because of his earnest but equally farrowed facial features. Perhaps it was because he didn’t understand a word of English and could not speak any. Even perhaps it was because they couldn’t understand him at all with his typical highlands big-manly animations. He did look like someone out of the stone-age, but his heart was earnest and his composure sure and demeanour true. Notwithstanding, he felt the mocking laughter deeply, like the bitter stings of a thousand wasps buzzing around his head. He couldn’t speak English. Realizing, from the laughter and the polite nods that he had just become the laughing stock of the Pacific, and realizing he carried with him not only the pride of the Narengu tribe of Chimbu, but also the pride of history of his fathers and that of the then Territories of Papua and New Guinea he represented, Kondom Agaunduo slowly raised his hand as if to brush the wafting wasps away, allowed the laughter to subside, and spoke in slow deliberate pisin and uttered those famous lines… ” yupela harim ah! Nau mi kam long hia na toktok na yupela lap long mi. Em I orait. Tomoro bai mi salim ol pikinini bilong mi i kam. Taim ol I kam, bai yupela ino nap lap long ol! “ With that he sat down, and never spoke again.

Paramount Chief Kondom Agaunduo now lies in silent repose in his village on the side of the Highway named after an equally imposing political force of the Simbu people. Kondom was a man before his time. He was a Chief and Luluai, a cultural hero who brought progress to Chimbu in the early colonial period. He was the first Simbu coffee grower, father of the Chimbu Coffee Cooperative, Member of the District Advisory Council, Observer to the First Legislative Council in Port Moresby. Before his premature death from a car accident, he was truly a pioneer who craved education and progress for his people so that they could meet or match the whiteman, a man without pigs, on his own terms, and triumph. He was resolute and uncompromising in this cause. His leadership, punctuated by long eloquent speeches, was impeccable. There was no ounce of self interest in his cause. His cause was that of every Chimbu to advance.

Our few moments of triumph on the sporting fields have been shared together, as highlanders, Momases, NGIs and Papuans- groupings that came as we tried to define ourselves along our natural geographic regions. Yet these groupings sit very un-comfortably with our own assertion and notion as one people and one nation. Today we have indeed become one people and one nation naturally in a way we could never have openly predicted-with complex intermarriages. Even when corporate greed threatened to blow us apart, and it did for many years for thousands on Bougainville, one man, a soldier and a national hero from Karkar Island, stood up and defied all odds to put a stop to the blood bath that was about to unfold, and held us together. He underwent a period of self-examination and self-assessment for some time, and after all that was done, he stood up, and he stood by the oath he took before God and man to protect the Constitution, his nation, his people in Bougainville and on the mainland. He realized in time that if he didn’t stand up, he would by his conduct have revoked the Constitutional framework that held us together as a people, and cut adrift the people of Bougainville. He defied vulgar political direction and greedy corporate puppetry from outside. When Jerry Singirok triumphed personally over the evil that was about to be served, a chalice of blood, a slaughter that appeared inevitable, the whole nation triumphed. We all exhaled in great shared relief! Whew!

Many a child who was born in the 1980s, educated to feel equally eloquent and masters of their own destiny, deserving of a great future in this country, find themselves having to invariably come to terms with political legacies and historical events like Bougainville, constantly nagging at them with them having to ask themselves this question- what was all that about? The mothers of Bougainville, who survived, who suffered through loss of their own sons, daughters and husbands, are still asking that very question to this day.

While the fallen soldiers were draped in the red black and gold, the fallen in Bougainville lie scattered all over those islands of sorrow, and their spirits still wander unrequited. Deep down, every mother in Bougainville still ask, why did the nation turn its guns on our sons? Why did Bougainville become the Islands of sorrow? Can we as a nation triumph together in sporting fields like the coming SP Games and in other spheres if we do not deal with Bougainville, look at our brother in the eye and honestly feel the same blood pulsating through our veins?

How can we explain Bougainville to our children that they, as intelligent human beings with inquisitive minds, can make sense of it? How can the fatherless and the motherless children of Bougainville who also struggle daily with their permanent condition be consoled? And how do they further explain it to their children?

We cannot explain Bougainville, the shedding of innocent blood, the birthing of an Island of orphans and widows, in any other way than the sense of corporate greed, and blatant disregard for human lives and the rights of human beings by so called civilized nations, acting secretively through off-balance sheet black ops operatives. No one has gone behind the scenes to expose the people behind the people in Sandline. Faceless men in glass steel and concrete towers in faraway lands, powerful governments and their operatives, use money and influence and do deals and sign papers that instantaneously spill the blood innocent people all over the world. It was the South Americas yesterday, and today it is the Middle-East, with Africa the ongoing playground of those who want to pawn off the lives of the starving innocent using contentions of old tribal rifts and religious differences as convenient divisive tools. The death of the cold war has spawned new wars, wars that relate directly to control and exploitation of scarce resources and energy fields that will see the rise and re-ordering of civilisation as we know.

While those who conceived Sandline have long melted into the shadows, governments involved quickly cut off connections, wiped the paper trail and electronic footprints leading to their doorsteps, shredded the papers and claimed both ignorance and innocence; the Queen sits with a solemn smile on her throne in England, while the Kangaroos still graze peacefully on the brown meadows of Australia. Long gone are the sounds of machine guns and echoes of the cries of children looking for their mothers. Today, they come with bundles of Aid money to “help” the people of Bougainville. It’s the re-building and restoration program that they in their magnanimous generosity bestow on Bougainville that comes, but not necessarily without strings. How wonderfully generous the help is to us with roads that may one day carry our copper and gold out again, and ports that may see ships bearing all manner of colours once more berth, but let us not even contemplate that for now.

For now, having put up his hand for Sumkar and lost to an Australian Naturalized citizen, Jerry Singirok, sits back on his Island home to contemplate and take stock of his gains and losses, his friends and his foes, especially those who pretended to be friends but were really against him. He savours the sting of deception, like that of a thousand urchins. No war would have prepared him for this public admonition and rejection. In the 2012 elections, more so than ever before, the Australian Defence and intelligence played a very heavy hand, and made no secret about the fact of who Canberra wants installed as the new Prime Minister. Jerry Singirok of all people was in a better position to know and understand what was really at stake. He also knows how during the Commission of Inquiry into Sandline, he, along with several other public servants, were made public scapegoats by powerful people and powerful governments behind Sandline, to wipe their own footprints, as they melted into the dark.

On the 2nd of August 2011, Australia engineered the disposal of Somare while he was in Hospital. They used ONeill’s ambition, Nape’s greed and Namah’s stupidity to bludgeon Somare. Then when the courts were called upon to intervene by a Supreme Court Reference, Julia Gillard used a political bulldozer to smash down the gates of our Judicial system and our Constitution, by openly recognizing Peter ONeill as Prime Minister! She pre-empted the Supreme Court, the sole arbiter under the Constitution to deal with the then pending question of legitimacy of Peter ONeill as Prime Minister.

Australia has always advocated the importance of the rule of law, and the importance of having an independent judiciary as the backstop of our democracy in Papua New Guinea. Except on this occasion Australia threw all that out the window. When it suited Australia’s strategic economic and political purposes, even the ideals of rule of law, governance, transparency, accountability and principles of democratic government were readily flushed down the toilet by Australia. Gillard used her High Commissioner, Ian Kemish, tons of money, and the full swag of intelligence tools at her disposal, including the complicity of the Post Courier, to push for Peter ONeill, however constitutionally illegitimate that was.

Australia was instrumental in the smashing of the Constitution and the judiciary of Papua New Guinea, the two most important institutions that birthed this nation and gave it its soul, its sacred sanctity and sovereignty, and its separate identity as a separate people and a separate nation in the South Pacific. The judiciary is the watchdog that guards the Constitution. The Constitution is like a vial that contains the essential DNA of Papua New Guinea, the largest nation of Melanesian people on God’s earth. If you destroy the Constitution and its watch dog, you destroy a nation, and the rest becomes history.

Prior to and during the elections, Australia moved its people into key positions within the Electoral Commission, and even brought in its military and SAS veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan to run a separate communications and operations capability parallel to the PNG security forces. All this was done to ensure one result- Peter ONeill to form the next government. Immediately after ONeill was declared winner of the Ialibu-Pangia seat by beating his nearest rival by 45,000 votes, Ian Kemish moved a whole company of Australian Army specialists into the Airways Hotel where ONeill team was holed up, as a show of alliance, and as a Personal VIP Protective Unit in full combat gear, against anything that ONeill’s brother Belden Namah would throw. It was an open show of strength. The Australian Army under Gillard moved huge amounts of firearms into PNG and into the Airways Hotel on secret Australian Airforce Fights. They made sure ONeill knew he was under the Australian army protection, and that he owed his rather “unusual landslide election win” to them.

It was a job well done for Ian Kemish, who unlike any other High Commissioner before him, was prepared to get his hands dirty, and do some of the work himself. As a diplomat, he has trod where even angels wouldn’t dare. What a brave man this Ian Kemish is, for he has successfully and almost singlehandedly displayed the full length and breadth of the power of Australia over Papua New Guinea politics. He has shown other diplomats in almost resounding terms, who owns this country! And for this he would have earned a long and well deserved holiday somewhere in Europe, and for sure almost endless career possibilities with the Commonwealth. It was a job well done in any one’s language.

Somare and other elder statesmen have played the only card they could play under the circumstances. But their card no longer carries any personal ambitions. They have been there and done that. There is no anger or resentment left in Chan, Somare or even Wingti. They have measured ambitions, which involve issues of what form or shape of legacy will they all and each leave for this nation. How will they be remembered after they pass? Each one of them has had a by-pass operation. Each is living on time that has been graciously extended to them. And each of them has known what it is like to have and hold power, exercise power, and what a heady thing that is!

The real issue for Somare Chan and Wingti, and others of the elder Statesmen around ONeill , is how much of the love for the RED GOLD & BLACK can they impart to Peter ONeill and get him away from the charms of money, wealth, fame and more fortune promised to him by those who now like cicadas whisper incessantly into his ears. To be sure, Papua New Guineans know the deals O’Neill has done over the years. We also know his various businesses that are run openly and under other people’s names. We also know of his associations with the likes of young George Constantinou, Rod Mitchell and the Cragnolinis. We know the straight and the crooked deals he made over the years, just as we know the deeds of others around him. We also know of the political deals he has done with Australia in return for political recognition after the 2nd of August 2011 bludgeoning of Somare.

The real question is, does he have what it takes, and can he stand up for the RED GOLD & BLACK? Or will he be just another good native?

The signs are already fairly ominous of a sell-out job done by Peter ONeill. It already appears he has sold his soul to Julia Gillard. He needs these next 18 months to prove to the rest of us that he is a true nationalist, that the genes of his native mother will always outweigh those of his Irish Father, that he will rise to be a better Prime Minister, and better at negotiating competing interests and triumphing over those who want to turn him and his office into their own Post Office Box. He has 18 months to show us that he is the Prime Minister of PNG and not Julia Gillard’s rubber stamp of Australian cross-interests in this country. He will have to do better than he has done so far to show us that our lives and our resources are safe from the marauding corporate raiders who are crowding his social calendar even now.

He has to demonstrate that the mothers of Bougainville who lost their sons fighting for their land and resources have not died in vain. He has to show us that the blood of the innocent spilled on Bougainville was for a cause of equal worth, and that indeed he will use this term of Prime Minister-ship to initiate a ministry of healing of the nation., to reconcile us as brother to brother, that our blood can flow through our veins once again from one heartbeat. He has to, like Jerry Singirok did, honour the oath he took before God and man under our Constitution to protect our people and the national interest. Peter ONeill must know what the national interest calls for in every case, and must summon the courage like Singirok did, and honour the national interest in everything confronting the nation today, not just in respect of Bougainville, although Bougainville ought to be high priority on our nation’s list of “unfinished business”.

ONeill has the challenge to define our separate path as a people and as a nation, not to allow us to disintegrate into a dependant economic basket case. He has to ensure we do not become an enclave of resource extraction, leaving behind polluted oceans and scarred landscapes, of an equally scarred and soul-less people, helpless, confused and poverty stricken, devoid of any real idea of who we are and where we are headed.

For Somare, who signed the First Project Agreement for Bougainville and for Chan who signed to spill blood, the healing of Bougainville will be a fitting closure, for the past to be properly buried, and for the future to be welcomed together. For without properly dealing with these matters, this matter of “unfinished business”, we can never wipe the sorrow from the Islands of Bougainville; we will not have served the national interest, and we cannot go on the world stage as a complete whole.

Is Peter ONeill one of the sons that the great Simbu Chief Kondom Agaunduo spoke of in his maiden speech to the SPC, or is he just another ‘yes’ man for the Australians, doing their bidding so that he can increase his own barns, while the rest of the country starve? Does Peter ONeill have the smarts of a modern education and business acumen to really serve the national interest, or will be just another drunken politician, pandering to his mates, and the sharks and vultures already circling around and above the nation looking to extract our resources and leave us bare?

Toea Wisil’s triumph was really our triumph indeed as a people. The idea that this Highlands lass could dare to burst through all manner of human impediments, the chains of time and history, the insurmountable social religious and cultural prejudices, to stamp her mark on a premier world qualifying event is remarkable when you consider that in the early 1930s as Sydney Harbour Bridge was being opened, the world didn’t even know then that highlanders like the people of Ialibu-Pangia ever existed in the interior of this country. With every TV stations bearing down on her, Wisil gave the world a rare insight into what we as a people, this ancient Melanesian primordial odyssey have birthed, and what is to come! While the nation prepares to host the next South Pacific Games, one wonders whether we will be proud to cheer our red black and gold, or will we die of complacency, indifference, and simply fizzle into nothingness? The real question again is, does Peter ONeill – the man from Ialibu-Pangia, another young highlander like Wisil, possess the skill, courage, mental, intellectual and moral fortitude to rise to the call of the nation, to lift the pride of this nation high and assert our position as a Melanesian people. Does he have what it takes to not only give us cause to celebrate and showcase our nation in the coming games, but show those sharks and vultures that circle him; that he is a nationalist, that this is the land of an ancient and free people, a people of pride, strength and culture and he will serve the national interest above all else? That we will not be bought or sold for political or economic convenience? That the birth place of the Melanesian nations- the heart and soul of Melanesia is not for sale?

These questions are only for Peter O’Neill to answer, and prove his personal mettle. If he fails and sells us cheap to the Australian and other interests, (as there are many signs already that he will fail us), then that will be his legacy, and his only. If he becomes the convenient conduit to allow Australians to crush our heart and soul as a people, then this nation will never forgive him, future generations will not forgive him, and all the labour of our forefathers and the fathers of our Constitution have laboured in vain.

This alone remains Peter O’Neill’s greatest challenge as Prime Minister today, as the wolves are no longer at the gates huffing and puffing, they are in his living room, in and under his bed, and at his table.

It is therefore incumbent on other leaders to also stand up for this nation, just as the former Governor for Morobe did, to rule a line in the sand, and tell the hordes that prey on our people and their Leaders, to stay outside the line, and clarify their wish lists. Australia has proven that it cannot be trusted to secure our Constitution, our Judiciary and our democracy according to principles of rule of law. Australia has proven its ability to openly manipulate our politics and our institutions to serve its own interests. Australia is only here to serve its economic and strategic interests, and we cannot blame it for that, as long as our leaders wake up from their deep slumber and protect our own National Interests.

Our Laws and our Constitution, and our Parliamentary system was adopted from England. We must not lose sight of our own origins both as a people and as a modern nation State. Peter ONeill has the advantage of the wise Counsel of Somare, Chan and Wingti at his disposal. Somare for issues relating to national identity as a modern Melanesian State, Chan and Wingti to help define and chart the economic course that serves the overall strategic national interest s of this country. Those with wish lists in bed with ONeill must be made to define and measure them against clearly stated interests of the nation. If these interests are not defined, and made subservient to the national interests by our young Leaders like ONeill, then the wolves will definitely eat us. Before we realize what is going on, ONeill will have successfully sold our people and the national interest down the river, and he will have sailed into the sunset with his gains, and we will be left to ponder what really went wrong as we struggle as a soul-less nation to live with the manacles of economic slavery, control and poverty he placed us under. God forbid that this should happen!

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Re: Current Ministers in the O'Neill New Government

August 13 2012, 1:42 PM 

from Martyn Namarong-

Peter O’Neill certainly knows how to take PNG in the right direction.

12 members of his cabinet are either current or former National Alliance MPs. One can only say that there has been a successful rebranding of the Somare Regime.

John Pundari has been appointed Environment and Conservation Minister by Peter O'Neil
This is the guy who was so keen on the Chinese Miner MCC dumping 100 million tonnes of toxic mine wastes into the Rai Coast of Madang when he was Environment Minister under the Somare Regime.
He and Arnold Amet are responsible for amending the Environment Act 2000 so that Papua New Guinean Landowners would not sue Foreign Mining companies for damages done.
John Pundari also granted a Permit to Foreign Miner Nautilus Minerals to place their Dirty Mine in our clean Bismark Sea

Patrick Pruaitch is back again as Forestry Minister. Do we really have that short a memory? How much corruption was he accused of in that Department in the past?

Check out the details here http://www.forestnetwork.net/Masalai/www.masalai-i-tokaut.com/index.html

Details about the rest of O’Neill’s Ministers can be found here http://www.thenational.com.pg/?q=node%2F36916

With Pruaitch in charge of Forestry, god knows whats going to happen to the findings of the Commission of Inquiry into Special Purpose Agriculture Business Leases. And as Papua New Guineans rally against experimental mining of their seas, John Pundari has been put in charge of ‘protecting’ the environment.


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Yali o mi dai

Thankyou sir.

August 13 2012, 2:18 PM 

I am dying mi dai nau.
tru pela toktok stret ya.

Why na faken Onil givim disla tupela man ya minister. Namah go sotim as blo Onil na kisim pawa blo em. het blo pen ya plis em fish or dolpin?

Onil fani PM

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Re: Thankyou sir.

August 13 2012, 2:23 PM 

I don't think you're getting it yet. Fact is, both Nama and ONeill are strongly corrupt, each in their own way. Both after power and money and thats it!

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Like save

So just how is Belden Corrupt

August 13 2012, 8:40 PM 

Ol wantok so how is Belden corrupt. I dont remember him been charged as yet?.

like save tasol

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August 13 2012, 10:43 PM 


Former and current National Alliance Party members in O'Neill's Cabinet

1. Leo Dion
2. Charles Abel
3. Corrupt Don Polye
4. Corrupt Jamaes Marabe
5. Corrupt Puka Temu
5. Corrupt Patrick Pruaitch
6. Corrupt Ano Pala
7. David Arore
8. Jim Simatab
9. Jimmy Miringtoro
10. Kerenga Kua
11. Mark Maipaki
12. Paru Aihi

12 out of the 33 members of cabinet are either current or former National Alliance members!

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August 13 2012, 11:30 PM 

These are recycled ministers that have been through several parties and served under different PM's.

Will anything good come from them? You cannot teach an old dog new trick

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Leaders reflect their Voters

August 21 2012, 8:47 AM 

Elected Leaders are are reflection of their voters.

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Leaders reflect their Voters

August 21 2012, 8:48 AM 

Elected Leaders are are reflection of their voters.

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Re: Leaders reflect their Voters

August 21 2012, 9:30 AM 

You are absolutely correct,

the smarter and well educated the voting populations are, the smarter the leaders being elected to the parliament.

The ill informed of illiterate the voting populations are incompetent and fools are being elected into the parliament.

I agree, that the more the voting population become educated about the importance of electing wise leaders who could bring about tangible development will see quality leaders being elected into the floor of parliament in the near future.

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Andrew T.

Re: Leaders reflect their Voters

August 21 2012, 9:48 AM 

Not true. It's the counting officials who decide the winners....

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Re: Leaders reflect their Voters

August 21 2012, 11:49 AM 

When you educate the entire community about the importance of choosing good leadership and when everyone is aware of it, and the community take ownership of electing their leaders then the so called polling will find it hard to do foul plays as happened during this year's elections and in the past.

Friend, do not undermine an educated community, they have an unmovable power to change leaders, direct government and eventually can change the course of the nation.

It is that corruption prevails in PNG because most of the community are not being well educated of the importance of choosing transparent and honest leadership through the correct and appropriate democratic process of voting.

The onus is on the government and the responsible government authorities to educate the voting population in this country.

Thats my opinion and I still beleive in the untapped power of community.


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Re: Leaders reflect their Voters

August 21 2012, 3:50 PM 

Every leaders in the 9th parliament broke everylaw in the country to get elected. No one is clean.

However, their motive for being elected into parliament is the ultimate judge.

1. If most of them broke the election laws to get into parliament so that they can rob and pillagge the national coffers then this country is doomed.

2. If the few who did corrupt the system to get into parliament so that they can be the inruments for change then these are the leaders who should band together and fight existing evils in the public service bureaucracy to bring about tangible development and at the same time be remain spotlessly clean in the next 5 years. A tough call, though.

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Re: Leaders reflect their Voters

August 22 2012, 2:12 PM 

You want to see results, crawl upto Noel Anjo. He is the master in carrying political awareness.

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We don't vote for fools!

Re: Leaders reflect their Voters

August 22 2012, 3:30 PM 

Yes, so effective at political awareness that he lost the election.

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Re: Leaders reflect their Voters

August 22 2012, 3:46 PM 

You talking to the laughing stock Noel Anjo who claimed himself to be an activist and later he was found out to be an opportunist.

Sorry friend, you might have been fooled by Mr. Anzo's hypocracy.


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stanley peni


August 27 2012, 9:18 PM 

ben micah shocked martin aini and his supporters by winning with big margin in kvg open especially new hanover.how? giving cash bribes using tony matautu & andy kamane and then taking fotos of them! big kon.any person stooping so low just shows how evil and immoral they are and dont deserve to be a minister.ben micah will be assinated by martin aini suporters when he next visits lavongai or tikana.believe me.cheats dont live.

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nursing sister-kvg hospital


August 28 2012, 11:15 PM 

Can we papua new guineans pls stop and think clearly and stop being cheated by politicians like ben micah.goodness me, when he was kvg mp from 1992-1997 he completely corrupted his district support grant of K1.5 million he recived then.we in kavieng never saw that money, its benefits nor aquitals.when micah was mp he travelled home 5 times in 5 years.xmas to spend with his wives.not his people.

1. during his term he bought a new house at ela beach costing k1.2 million.where did he get the money from? he abused his dsg funds by giving to his family members and political cronies like tony matautu and gillis who in turn gave it back to him to buy the house.our house!

2. he bought a barge for k700,000.00.when micah was dumped in 1997, martin aini investigated the cost of the boat and the supplier in brisbane quoted $55,000 to build a new one! rest of the money was used to buy his new printing business in port moresby.

3. his printing business went broke after the ombudsman commision directed govt depts not to use micahs business because his quotes were twice everyones elses because he had to give kikbeks to his sleazy corrupt public servants.

4.finally pngbc took micah to court and declared him bankrupt.he was bankrupt from 1999-2009, yet he stood for 2 elections when he wasnt qualified to do so completely disregarding the rule of law and showing his disdain for ethical or moral standards.

5. in 1999 micah was appointed chairman of IPBC and was sacked by mekere after 11 months for spending (stealing) K2.5 million renovating his small office at pom city.

the above examples are but the tip of the iceburg of what ben micah has corruptly done in the past 15 years.now that he has corruptly won the elections, he will be taken to court by martin aini for bribery and illegal camapigning which will all come out in public.
finally, ben micah will be dismissed by the court of disputed returns because he failed to register himself for the 2012 elections and bribed john kasinga to allow him to contest and vote by hand writing his name on the common roll.thats ben miac for you.corrupt.greedy.stupid & adulterous.

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michi micah


August 29 2012, 11:32 AM 

He sounds like Peter Yama - an incompetent businessman who needs occasional thefts of public funds to keep his businesses above water.

thank goodness he got back in power, he was probably really ready to go broke!

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August 29 2012, 1:11 PM 

Not so fast, heard from ppp frendz that ben micah not registered on electoral roll! can u believe it.here is a man appointed to a ministry that controls state enterprises employing thousands and oniell appoints an idiot that doesnt do his homework and cant even find the time to personally verify he isnt on the electoral roll! lord help this country with fools like micah.

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esta fong


September 1 2012, 4:48 PM 

micah and byron chan pumped my niece and gave her a xmas balloon.byron chan than punched her at the malagan lodge becos she wouldnt give him head! what a bunch of dikhets..

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September 1 2012, 4:52 PM 

but you support Somare and that alone makes your advise less than honourable.

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September 1 2012, 6:43 PM 

Why do Chinese and Asian's love Tolai girls .You see that most Chinese marry Tolai girls.

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September 1 2012, 7:49 PM 

Its because Tolai girls will marry anyone if the price is right.

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Margie Geerts


September 2 2014, 1:08 AM 

Do you think Paul Isikiel is doing a good job with National Housing

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