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"By Grassroots Analyser"

August 13 2012 at 2:24 PM
National's letter 


wantoks what is your suggestion on this Opinion?

Beware of those in sheep’s clothing
The National, Monday 13th August 2012
I USED to think that having Belden Namah in politics is one of the worst mistakes, let alone allowing him to become the prime minister.
However, I am now more convinced that he was right all along and that labelling him as a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” actually best described many of the leaders who threw their support behind O’Neill in the formation of the government.
As far as I can recall, when Namah first entered politics, he was not in breach of any leadership code.
He was also not linked to any corrupt deals or illegal activities.
I can only recall two controversial incidents involving Namah – the stor­ming of the Supreme Court in a
bid to arrest the chief justice and the allegations of him using the Falcon jet to launder money.
Yet, in the recent Alotau camp, we have leaders who were implicated in the Moti affair, the NPF saga, fugitive Djoko Tjandra’s getting PNG&#8200;citizenship and rice monopoly.
I believed that many of our MPs had deceived their voters and Papua New Guineans to get into power so as to prevent investigations from seeing daylight.
Now that the government has been formed, who is going to pursue the East Sepik Supreme Court refe­rence?
Will the Task Force Sweep be disbanded or be allowed to continue its investigations?
How can the PNGEC start counting ballot papers before the sche­duled date?
How can a winner be declared when 40% of the electorates are either in the midst of polling or have not even started?
Can the national parliament be recalled when a handful of electorates have yet to be declared?
Are these the principles of a democracy?
How can we fight corruption when some people are allegedly involved
in corrupt practices?
We reject someone who dares to speak without fear or favour.
Is it wrong to have a no-nonsense MP in parliament demanding for answers?
Only then would our MPs be on their toes and do everything in a transparent as much as possible.
Whom do I fear most when it comes to leading my country?
My only conclusion is that if I were implicated, I would rather be with those who were also implicated.
So pray tell me who is wearing sheep’s clothing?

Grassroots analyser
Via email

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13th August 2012

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Re: "By Grassroots Analyser"

August 13 2012, 2:34 PM 

Many have said it as well as what Grassroots Analyser has said in the viewpoints ofd the national newspaper today (123/08/2012).

Similar statements being made by member elect for Goroka Open-Bire Kimisopa on the Post Courier as well today (13/08/2012).

The truth will emerge with some good leaders being elected to the parliament.

Lets pray that good things come about and the nation is put on the right tract.

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Re: "By Grassroots Analyser"

August 13 2012, 2:36 PM 

This is a pretty good letter. I like it. The writer's only mistake is thinking that Namah is any different than O'Neill in terms of corruption or commitment to democracy. He's cut from the same cloth, that's why O'Neill and Namah were such buddy buddies before. I guarantee you if Namah had the numbers to be PM, the old dogs like Somare, Chan and the laughable Wingti would have been in the Namah camp. It all goes to show.............

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przhevalsky de Cuellar

Fighting Corruption

August 13 2012, 3:19 PM 

Peter O'Neil wants to fight corruption. Bire Kimisopa and Tobias Kulang have taken him to task on the NPF/PNGBC saga.

The opposition has people like Basil, Juffa, Kulang, and Kimisopa to keep the government on track. These leaders are the answers to our prayers.

There is some expectancy in the way these leaders have performed so far. Only time will tell - 18 months is only 18 weeks.....

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Re: Fighting Corruption

August 13 2012, 3:59 PM 


Kimisopa, Kulung needs to allign with Basil, Alan Marat,and other like minded to ensure the Oneil led government and the cowards who are at the back of Oneil must perform to what PNG deserves.

These people must not only talk and talk but must do actions on their behalf because they are also MPs. If they continue to point all figures to the government and Oneil then it will not bring about good results.

These leaders must allgin together and do something to curb corruption and PNG will know that they are serious about what they are talking. If they just talk without appropriate actions then nothing will eventuate but will just remain hot air.


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Wasl Sturtevant


August 14 2012, 3:03 AM 

Interesting how groups are attacking mining, seabed or land as someones clever ploy to deflect attention away from GSO's such as Petromin who have squandered the wealth of the nations resources. When all you have as a nation is resources, the people should demand a true accounting/control of the revenue stream for benefit of the peoples of PNG. Seems to me this is where the emphasis should be for the peoples of PNG! Wake up peoples of PNG and demand fiscal scrutiny of Petromin and true accounting of the revenues your resources generate for improvement in PNG quality of life!!!

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Re: Corruption

August 14 2012, 7:47 AM 

Tell us more about how Petromin is squandering our resources, wise one!

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Wasl Sturtevant

Re: Corruption

August 16 2012, 12:16 PM 

Petromin gets 25% royaties and 5% reserved for landowners. Where is the 25% returned to government/peoples, if you do an accounting I doubt you'll find any going to the government or programs for peoples benefit.

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Re: Corruption

August 16 2012, 12:58 PM 

What landowners? What resources, exactly, does Petromin own?

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Betu gamena

Re: "By Grassroots Analyser"

September 10 2012, 1:11 AM 

So true Grassroots analyser. I share simillar thougts. Some of the wolves in sheeps' skin have returned to parliament and r siding with da pm who happens to be very vocal about weeding out corruption! How can these wolves survive in a place like that? Well maybe they get an inocent newly elected mp to suggest that the governmnt should drop all pending cases n start fresh, so they can be saved. Otherwise the wolves can also give their full support to weeding out corruption (since they're on da same team as pm and don't have a choice to refuse) by putting da blames on corrupt public servants and all of a sudden getting very tough on public servants to abide by the rules. This will shift da blame onto the public servants ... I think this is already happening, judging by the news reports! ...over to you.

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not gullible

Re: "By Grassroots Analyser"

September 10 2012, 3:47 AM 

We're talking about MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT. So don't call them "innocent newly elected MPs" call them instead stupid moronic newly elected MPs.

BTW whose gotten tough on public servants? Have you heard of any public servants going to jail? I haven't.

Oneil's war on corruption is a farce!

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