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December 18 2012 at 10:18 PM
cecelia abe 

Ben Micah the not so new minister for public enterprise has already created the wrong waves by forcing state owned enterprises to buy extra landcruises so he and his staffers can circumvent the law and drive land cruisers each.micah already forced the px manager to buy a corporate box in singapore where fat ben cud sip wine and dine singerpore slings and mud crabs like a fat obese king of nating.micah then played the big time and invited corporate managers to join him but only 2 turned up because the others were warned that micah would be demanding donations for ppp.such is life as a minsiter when you come from a bankrupt background and been walking the streets of mosbi for 20 years.
Micah was previously investigated by the OC for misusing public enterprse budget to build his palace office in pacific place only to be sacked by mekere morauta.micah is a small boy compared to sir mek and arthur somare.he lacks intellectual capacity and decorum.his reputation is tarnished and even his own people in rawal jear and swear at him for having 4 wives.yes a highlander disguised as a backslide mussau.
now micah wishes to review and restructure soe's.what? you need an established inetrnational merchant banker to advise the ministry.not fly by nite spivs from croatia and qld country.for gods sake micah stop your foolishness and get serious pls.you are being watched and tested by your own staff and board! they dont trust you and smile only becos you da minister but treat us well because if not, we will wait for you in the streets of mosbi where you will no doubt return when don polye and patrick pruatich team up and overthrow you and peter oniell.

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December 18 2012, 10:19 PM 

ben micah drives a blue landcruiser and green prado.he has 4 support cars that trail him like a mini PM.oniell look out.after chan dethrones chan he will dethrone you you buddy.

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desmond tutu


December 18 2012, 10:22 PM 

ben micah did not graduate from upng.he failed his first year and then got a job with nipg as a clerical officer and then started rubbing shoulders with gullible new ireland prov pollies.thats how he got started.the guy is corrupt and evil.he eats too much too.ugly son of a bitch.

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Stop complaining

December 19 2012, 8:24 PM 

For those of you in Kaveing complain long Ben Micah .
You had your chance in this years election .
Stap isi na larim em wokim wok . Em tu gat save. Ino Yupela tasol .

Em Mangi nips tu ya. Olo boi .

Yupela toktok olsem Yupela kam long heaven .. Bladi nilpis idiots .

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Meri Kara

Ben will change Kaveing - already happening

December 19 2012, 10:29 PM 

Ben will change Kaveing from its sleeping days
Just watch

He just got in and action has began .

It's been a while nips had its leader holding a senior portfolio .

Support stap long Kara . Mussau , west coast Na tigak . Kaveing is with you Ben .

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PNG's fattest pig aka Ben Micah

May 30 2013, 12:01 AM 

Wanem kain wok Ben Micah mekim? His main work seems to be eating - LOOK AT HIM!

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kamit meri djaul


January 25 2013, 11:17 PM 

here is national newsaper quotes from ben bik bol micah:

I open doors for you (Eda Ranu) to do business where Water PNG cannot go.
“You are best performing company but please increase your profit margin … I want you to expand your capacity and roll out water projects in villages,” Micah said.
“People who don’t pay … don’t give (them) water … you, as water company, must get hard on people. You have to be tough.
“I will bring down a policy on SOEs in February … landowners will have to be involved when we use their assets.
“We must go into partnership with them instead of denying them … we use their land, water but we pay them peanuts,” Micah said.

this is pure bulshiits ben micah.what policy? your mosbi street mentality which you dont have mandate to implement! blarry conman mussau idiot...
as settlers in horse camp and elsewhere in png, squatters contribute meaningfully to the formal & informal sector.not like you big fat corrupt pollie eating chinese food and chinese gum every nite.you know nothing aabout infrastructure assetts in png.you walked the streets like us before you somehow performed a bribery miracle to win your election and was appointed by peter oniell as his yes man-bag man-con-man.ka u!

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January 25 2013, 11:20 PM 

Namah: I must have seen a ghost

Opposition Leader Belden Namah said yesterday that he must have seen a ghost of Ben Micah if the Minister denies the Jackson’s Airport meeting with Vanuatu and PNG Foreign Affairs Ministers.
Mr Namah with his Opposition MPs called a media conference to put what he called some facts for the people of Papua New Guinea to know.
“I want to make it clear to Papua New Guineans and the foreign community who is actually the big fat liar in this whole situation.
“I make myself very clear that on Thursday as I walked into arrival and departure VIP lounge I noticed the Foreign Affairs Minister for Papua New Guinea Rimbink Pato, the State owned enterprise Minister Ben Micah, in their company was Foreign Affairs Minister of Vanuatu.”
“If Ben Micah is denying that he was not there than I must have seen his ghost. It is really sad when senior Ministers, it is really sad when we see the Prime Minister of this country telling lies to the people of this country.
“Just read the front page of Post- Courier, Prime Minister denies any involvement with the Vanuatu Foreign Minister but the Vanuatu Foreign Minister is saying that he was invited by the O’Neill government. Who is telling the truth and who is telling lies?”
Mr Namah said the Office of the Opposition contacted the United States Embassy to find out if there was any formal invitation or appointment for Vanuatu Foreign Minister to visit the US Embassy but the Embassy denied any such arrangements.
“We are talking about the US Embassy in Papua New Guinea denying any formal arrangements.
“My appeal to the people of Papua New Guinea, we have to seriously think about how this country is being run. All you have to do is take three pictures and put them on the wall, the picture of Peter O’Neill, Belden Namah and Ben Micah and check their history. Who has been telling lies? Who has been at the centre of many controversial deals in this country and you find who is telling lies and who is telling the truth.”

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kavieng public servant


February 20 2013, 12:01 AM 

So much for reforms with state enterprises claimed by minister ben micah when he shocked the province and country with his so called election victory against all odds-given he never visited kavieng open more than twice in 12 years!how can micah reinvent public enterprises when he cannot even implement his dsip funds.todate micah has recieved k15 million and it has all been spent on his own island of mussau with tikana & new hanover receiving nothing but hot air and broken promises.the overweight minister hasnt learnt his lesson from 1992-1997.he will be punished by voters and ofcourse sir j our sleeping governor who spends his time on radio new ireland and emtv brainwashing ignorant citizens and villagers.sir j should resign gracefully before the impending court case against him for bribery throws him out.we call on ur fat minister to return home immediately and fix his back yard before playing the big time in mosbi where everyone knows he is a poor man who walked the streets of waigani and 6 mile smoking broos and using pmv before he conned his way back to abusing public funds to benefit him and his 4 wives and 14 children.so much for being a sda mr micah.your a fraud.

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px staffer


March 11 2013, 2:00 AM 

ben micah was so poor eating tin fish and kumu b4 he comes a minister.today we see him travelling business class with his group of wives and house girls from mussau like queens of kavieng.ben micah is everything png does not want.getting into politics to further their own business and families.

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derol maisi

how corrupt is ben micah

March 13 2013, 12:01 AM 

Can we Papua new Guineans stop and think clearly and stop being cheated by politicians like Ben Micah, goodness me, when he was Kavieng MP from 1992-1997 he completely corrupted his district support grant of K1.5 million he was receiving then.

Those in in Kavieng never saw that money, its benefits nor acquittals. When Micah was MP he traveled home 5 times in 5 years to spend Christmas with his wives not his people.

1. During his term he bought a new house at Ela beach costing K1.2 million.where did he get the money from? He abused his DSG funds by giving to his family members and political cronies like Tony Matautu and Gillis who in turn gave it back to him to buy the house

2. He bought a barge for K700,000.00, after Micah was dumped in the 1997 National Elections, Martin Aini investigated the cost of the boat and the supplier in Brisbane quoted $55,000 to build a new one. The rest of the money was used to buy his new printing business in port moresby.

3. Micah’s printing business went broke after the Ombudsman Commision directed government departments not to use Micah’s business because his quotes were twice everyone’s else and that he had to give kickbacks to his sleazy corrupt public servants.

4. Finally PNGBC (Papua New Guinea Banking Corporation) took Ben Micah to court and declared him bankrupt. He was bankrupt from 1999-2009, yet he stood for two elections when he wasn’t qualified to do so completely disregarding the rule of law and showing his disdain for ethical or moral standards.

5. In 1999, Micah was appointed chairman of IPBC and was sacked by Sir Mekere Morauta after eleven (11) months for spending (stealing) K2.5 million renovating his small office at Port Moresby.

The above examples are but the tip of the iceberg of what Ben Micah has corruptly done in the past 15 years, he now he has corruptly won the elections, he will be taken to court by Martin Aini for bribery and illegal campaigning which will all come out in public.

Finally, Ben Micah will be dismissed by the court of disputed returns because he failed to register himself for the 2012 elections and bribed John Kasinga to allow him to contest and vote by hand writing his name on the common roll

That’s Ben Micah for you, Corrupt, Greedy, Adulterous.

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Fat Cop Files


March 13 2013, 11:27 AM 


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Daniel Collins is back again-moderator erase these postings!

March 13 2013, 12:06 PM 

Above is Daniel's sneaky attempt to trash talk a PNGean.

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Re: Daniel Collins is back again-moderator erase these postings!

March 15 2013, 2:39 AM 


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Philma Kelegai is back again, see her fat kant cop cousin...

March 15 2013, 7:08 AM 


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Re: Daniel Collins is back again-moderator erase these postings!

April 28 2013, 4:38 PM 

collins gets the moderators arses, that's why they just love his postings and never erase them!

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cans gurls

you're jealous of him

April 28 2013, 8:24 PM 

You're jealous, too bad sluts, we canz gurls with some class gonna chase him down now...

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cans gurls

you're jealous of him

April 28 2013, 8:24 PM 

You're jealous, too bad sluts, we canz gurls with some class gonna chase him down now...

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Re: you're jealous of him

May 2 2013, 2:49 PM 

Who in her right mind would chase after a rat from the sewer?

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new ireland works

micah exposed by peter oniel

March 21 2013, 12:30 AM 

people of kavieng open electorate.read on about your minister ben micah-right hand and right bol of Julius chan.now we know why they stood for politics.now we know why they are hell bent on being or wnnabee pm.now micah wants to be pm too!
ben & Julius stop stealing from png!

The prime minister was concerned that a number of ministers had, in recent times, signed non-binding MoUs with foreign entities without following proper processes.
The prime minister’s attention might have been drawn to several MoUs that had been supplied to his department and office.
One is dated Dec 28, 2012, with a certain Workfloww Ltd.
The MoU, signed on two blank pages with the cover page showing the picture of a PNG flag on the left hand and the single word Workfloww on the other side, committed the state to “deploy Workfloww into state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and civil service in 2013”.
The company purported to have “an experienced team that can execute an end to end deployment and technical integration plan in support of the government of PNG’s desire to automate and induce technology-driven administrative controls into PNG’s SOEs”.
There were no further details and the responsible minister was to make all information available to the company and execute a non-disclosure agreement to facilitate implementation.
The MoU committed the state to undertake scope of work by March 31, 2013.
Another MoU, signed on a single page with a certain Alit and, again, with the flag and the single name of the company as headers, committed the state to cooperate with this company on “cement, steel manufacturing, food processing, agriculture and power sectors”.
This MoU, signed on Dec 21, 2012, at the China Shenshen Intercontinental Hotel, committed each party to set up a work group to begin work on an unspecified project by Jan 31, 2013.
Yet, another committed by the same minister was for the setting up of a “Joint Stock Bank and Airline” between the state of PNG and a certain China United Credit Finance Group.
The MoU was signed on Dec 20 at the same Intercontinental Hotel.
Eight points in the MoU gave absolutely no
detail but scheduled Jan 31 as the date to draft a “promoter agreement” between
the two parties.

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