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Letter from Grandmaster Michael Robert Pick:

October 26 2007 at 3:26 PM
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Michael Miller  (Login millhouse23)
from IP address

First, before I post Mr. Pick's letter, I want to inform the KenpoNet readers as to why this was written. There have been a lot of inappropriate posts on the American Kenpo Forum. Although they stem from only a handful of people, there have been some ignorant posts about my instructor Sean Kelley and without stating any names, his newest rank has been questioned. I have been given the responsibility to post this post on behalf of Mr. Pick as this issue must be addressed.

Here is his letter:

Greetings Kenpo world!

I am not one to enter into a fray of disrespect and decayed presentation on internet dialogs that
allow viewers to see men and women challenging one another with immature behavior and conduct, but something important needs attention. I enter this matter through my friend and student Mr. Sean Kelley. I do not need to defend Mr. Kelley, for he is more than capable of defending himself, but I must set the record straight in regards to his rank and status with me.

I promoted Mr. Kelley to 7th Degree Black Belt with the endorsement of GrandMaster Dave Hebler and 8th Degree Black Belt, Mr. Rainer Schulte, in the presence of such notables as Mr. Joe Lewis and Mr. Bill Wallace and a host of others from many Martial Arts organizations. Make no assumptions in regards to Mr. Kelley's devotion to American Kenpo and serving his community. Mr. Kelley for many years has served with the Guardian Angels patrolling in drug and crime infested neighborhoods putting himself in the line of danger protecting people that could not stand up to crimes and criminal behavior. He has been shot at, attempted to be stabbed and faced gangs of overwhelming odds standing up to the task at hand. How many of you return your life’s passion in the quest of Martial Arts excellence to the very community you live in by protecting the innocent and exposing the wrong that seems to perpetuate at times on many talk forums?

I have been asked many times why I do not post on these forums. The main reason is that many have attempted to distort history for the production of there own egos and financial reward while masking their own lack of authenticity while attacking others with negative rhetoric and foul and disrespectful language. Let me be clear here: I endorse and support Sean Kelley and the CKF membership. I have across the board reception of many others from many walks of Martial Paths the respect and genuine humility that these folks (along with those my organization, the UKF) maintain and joyfully exchange, not because they have to but they choose to.

Generations come and go and the future is held in a delicate harmony to manifest Honor, Integrity, and Dignity and temper this path with Humility. One must not compromise beliefs of ethic. Furthermore, morality should be a platform that all of us should be collective in our lifestyles. For the record, there where three First Generation Black Belts that where promoted by SGM Edmund Kealoha Parker (in blessed memory) from white belt to 7th Degree Black Belt. I am the youngest, receiving the Honor of my Black Belt in 1965 at age 18, 7th in 1982, and just celebrating my 50th year in American Kenpo. The other two men are Grandmaster Chuck Sullivan and Grandmaster Dave Hebler.

Having trained and learned from the Man himself for 32 years, I speak from an authentic position in history. Mr. Kelley's certificate is signed and endorsed by two of these individuals, Mr. Hebler and myself. Many can debate lineage and authenticity, but the question is, where you there and did you experience what you would like to attack with hearsay and outright lies and misconceptions?

We should be a collective family with many tributaries feeding this confluence called future. If separation of the ideals and foundations that the Founder of American Kenpo dedicated his life to continues to be expounded on by those that taint history, and disrespect continues towards those that really believe in continuing the generations of American Kenpo, I say step up or get stepped on.

The future is growing in the American Kenpo Alliance, an organization that was formed from the need of harmony, truth and respect and the ideals of each individual’s right to maintain growth, service to our collective communities, open dialogs to innovation and evolution of American Kenpo and the desire to be clear in perspective as well as commitment. Many read these forums and never post, but the influence continues to circulate, and I am concerned, as many should be, that the American Kenpo community will be hamstrung by negativity, unwelcome behavior, silly politics and untruths. I believe that it is time for all to unite with respect for others, continue to do good deed and merit, stand tall and be honest.

With the direction of the American Kenpo Alliance there have been a number of individuals “ousted" because of lies, misconceptions on their identity and false military claims, which is now a federal prosecuted felony. Ed Parker had a saying, "every organization needs an enema now and then.” The handle needs to be activated and we all need to gather up and clean our acts up or get exposed and then flushed.

Thank you for your time!

Michael Robert Pick

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