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One of the reasons for a High Mount

November 19 2007 at 11:28 AM
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David Arnold  (Login LuckyKBoxer)
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Response to Re: escape from high mount.

Is so the person can't bump and roll you.
in a normal mount you are much more open to the "Upa" or bridge and roll.
in the high mount, they get high up on your torso and into your armpits so the bridge does little to effect your position, unless the guy on the bottom is much bigger, the bridge and roll will be very difficult to work if at all.
Instead of giving one answer to the high mount, think of it in concept form and that will allow you to use many different things when and if the moment arrives.

1st. Posture is king in Grappling, a much smaller person can maintain a position on a much larger person by maintaining proper posture. In Kenpo terms, think HWD Zones, combined with Center of Gravity. If you can break the posture of the person on top of you(HWD Zones) and move his center of gravity in a certain direction, then you can move either out from under him, or at least into a better position under him to move.

2nd. Never accept a position you don't like. Too many people I see get mounted and they stop to think about what to do, this is the worst possible thing, all you are doing is allowing the person on top to solidify their position, keep moving, bridging, elbowing, etc. sometimes it takes doing the same thing multiple times, but as long as they are fighting to maintain their position they are not able to punch you.

3rd. Be careful trying to push the person off of you, the last thing you want to do it let your opponent straighten your arms out or gain control of you arms outside your body, leads to nasty armbars/breaks/etc depending on the situation. All the person can do in the high mount to hurt you is punch or elbow you in the head, and usually only punch as he is too close to effectively use elbows.

4th. If its a street type situation then pull out all the stops to get him off balance.... like eye gouges/pokes/slices, or grab and squeeze/twist the groin, fishhook the mouth(dangerous though) and move his head. Remember it isnt the UFC there are no rules, most grapplers will be taken offguard by these tactics, as I have yet to see a BJJ/Grappling school that teaches defenses for, or techniques against them. Most people training BJJ or grappling will not understand why you are breaking the rules, and that few seconds of hesitation is all you will need.

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