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I understand the history...

April 23 2008 at 3:28 PM
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Brian Hunter  (Login Hunter04)
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Response to The Video is in Memory of a Man who Loved Kenpo and Ed Parker not about his rank

"For the record Elvis was promoted to his rank by Ed Parker in 1974 and died in 1977. Most of the people on this Forum may not have been in Kenpo or of age to know of Elvis."

I understand that, I went back and read the post in this thread and I am not seeing where that "record" was disputed? What I do not understand how this applies to his quality of movement?

"Yes, he was a man bit by his own Demons of Darkness but bottom line is he contributed to the art far greater at that time for many projects for Ed Parker including the Team that competed against the Europeans as well as paid for their custom uniforms and full travel expenses."

So it was about contributing money then? Cool.

"The Video was put up to show Dave Hebler and the Elvis Bodyguards which included Red West and David Stanley (Brown Belt then) all wore their IKKA patches proudly on their uniforms for all to see."

Okay, I am still at a loss at to how this pertained to his quality of motion.

"Point to realize also was Elvis was already a Black Belt since the early 1960's having trained under Hank Slamansky same teacher as Dan Inosanto once had.
I have to say the Kenpo people of today are better trained because we have the likes of so many First Generation Black belts out there sharing their worth such as Mike Pick, Dave Hebler, Larry Tatum and many others to enjoy."

There is a ton of a lot more material and research. I do not know if this really equals better trained fighters.

"But keep in mind the Seniors of that era were a hell of lot more tougher both mentaly as well as physically who did nothing but fight as a time of leisure." some of us war vets, cops, soldiers, mat rats, etc., who put in the time never have a chance to be as tough as the old guys? I disagree. I have done things in my life a hell of a lot harder then training karate or getting on the mat. I am betting a ton of other people have done the same.

"We can all criticize each other for the lack of bending our kness, bending the thumb for showing a proper handsword ect,but here in this case I would rather be kind and remember a time in history where people like Elvis,Dave Hebler,Red West and David Stanley were proud enough to wear their Kenpo emblems and give a show to the public and allow us to see it 30 years later as a piece of Kenpo History and to be held in the archives."

I agree...sometimes the critics get out of hand. I do however think that a blind eye is turned depending on someone's lineage or who they affiliate with, or how much money they have put into something.

"I too have seen many old films,videos and other footage of many who have been caught on film but to later be dogged for their style of Martial Arts, hell look at Bruce Lee's first films or even some of the current stuff out there's all open for critics to point fingers at."

I agree sir.

"Elvis may not have been your friend, your current Kenpo teacher or your favorite singer/actor, but name one other man who can mention his first name today...and not only does everyone know his name but he is known all over the world far greater than when he was alive. In the Year 2000 he was voted "Man of the Century" and no matter what we all want to think about his Kenpo....he was promoted by Ed Parker who was his teacher and he felt Elvis deserved it!"

I agree with the historical value...and I am honestly am not trying to fight about it, but I really feel that based on what I saw my opinion is that he did not deserve a 7th or an 8th. I love Elvis' music, I even like some of his movies, I am a 30 something so you can thank my Grandad for me being an Elvis fan.

"Ed Parker's Roots are spread out all over this Forum and many offsprings of that..are spreading the art to a new level but for just a moment take a breath and look at what people like Elvis did for us and the art in which we have to be grateful for. For me I was able to meet and now be close friends with Dave Hebler,David Stanley,Sonny West and Lamar Fike.
In my possession I have an original "TCB" necklace which was given to Dave Hebler by Elvis and now it was given to me by Dave Hebler.This gives me the feeling of being apart of what Elvis stood for in his art....that was "Spirit,Faith,and discipline"
as noted on his TCB Kenpo Patch.
Thank you for at least understanding how this is a piece of history regardless of the content shown....."

I am glad Elvis had keychains, necklaces, patches, action figures, sayings, and entourages. It does not make MY kenpo any better, and it obviously did not help his too much. I am a martial artist, if I want to collect something, I collect comic books.

Thanks for the civil discussion.
Brian Hunter

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