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Go back and look, Mike.

October 23 2008 at 2:18 PM
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R.M. Robertson  (Login rmcr)
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Response to Good guess

First off, thanks for the snide reply. I deliberately tried to stay on the mild side, as you've made it clear that I'm not welcome here and I don't want to tax Mr. Meredith et al to no useful purpose, but thanks. And don't even try to pretend that that's not exactly what you did: I've read your stuff, and I understand how you write, and fake brotherhood and phony humility that covers the knife is exactly what you do. For example, I quite liked the, "guru," try, though there is the minor tech detail that I've never made any such claim. Being the Young Master and Official Propaganda Minister is YOUR burden; I have very different stupidities. For example, I sucked so bad in advanced class last night that I actually started giggling about it.

Second off, go back and look at that however-old video. Some of the basics were dead on; there was one really crappy stance-and-handsword that makes me wince just to think of it. But then, I believe I first said that, oh, five or six years ago. I was clear, distinct, explicit about that. Waddya want, wicker? But as far as your lecturing me on what I need to do--well, lemme just echo the words of Merry as tells the bad guy not to bother tootling and takes out his horn to alert all the hobbits: save your breath, I've a better.

Third: let me say it again; a) I've come to think that you and yours have a good point in calling those exercise forms, and I just don't see many signs of treating them that way on the videos I've seen. b) I don't think you need to get into the authorial fallacy to suspect that a big chunk of the prob with contemporary kenpo is crappy forms, or that a lot of the complexity is getting stripped out of the system. And let me add: whatever you may think about that aged video...well, let's just say I could teach you a few things about stances. Oh, and I bet this also goes for Scott.

Fourth: you'll now have a clear field for whatever, for exactly the reasons I mentioned above. This crap is exactly why I post less and less on kenpo, and I've contributed enough to it for the month.

R.M. Robertson.

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