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OK continuing...

March 11 2009 at 3:42 PM
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David  (Login kenpo58)
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Response to 2nd Set - Wednesday

3. Well I have never really quit. I have stopped working out and training or seeing my instructor for various periods of time. Though I was not working out or taking instruction from my teacher I was always maturing and changing in my development. I will say that I have read about how people develop and learn in sports and there is advantage to layoff time and running motion in the mind without the physical vehicle being so active. I returned to training when I felt it was time to. That is the only way I can describe it. I mean when I naturally felt it was time to get more. Now for me my home base is Dennis Nackord and I come home when I am ready and he is always ready to graciously receive me with words unspoken.

Oh well as far as women in class. I really do not think I thought about it. I mean over the years I suppose there were a couple of girls that I was attracted to and became interested in. That may have made me lose focus a bit when I was smitten with them. But outside of that I really saw no big issue. I mean were my hormones raging from their bodies on the studio floor? Not at all. I mean one black belt woman that I started as a kid basically with had always treated me bad finding fault in every facet of my life but hey I can't help it if she probably was in love with me deep down. No I am kidding. But come to think of it I always did want to shut her the hell up but did not because I did not want to provoke her husband. So I guess in that sense her gender was a factor. If she was a man I would have spoken my mind in an acute fashion. Or if she was single.

4. My image with friends and family? Well I am sure things have changed but to honestly separate out how karate influenced it would be impossible. Karate was part of life and I have no idea what the overall impact was. As far as being "tough" or though of as talented. Well I have to say that I have evolved in that. I have made mistakes in that regard. I mean letting myself think I am too important. I have said some pretty arrogant things regarding my perceived ability. I mean back in the day. But I think that is an evolutionary process. I mean at least it was in me. I would say that there are things I have done and said many years ago that I would never ever do or say now. You grow. I would say that historically when I have someone to beat the crap out of me I am more humble and when I only have people that are afraid of me I am less humble. I think that my walking of a quiet path was more controlled when I was around my teacher and me loosing that quietness fell apart as I was around other people that I had less respect for meaning I was not afraid of their ability. But now I thing that has changed. I have realized some things. I think I am a good example of good motion and maturity in some ways but I am not so tough. I mean I am older now. Other people are faster and stronger. I don't work out like they do. I am slower. If I have something to offer it is that of being a coach maybe. I can accept the reality that I really would be hurt most likely in a critical situation. But my motion is mature I think. I think more so I have had to accept the reality that I am not all so tough anymore. But I think I have the respect of those people that are younger that I have helped or taught. A number of years ago I briefly sparred a younger guy who is just the finest example of what our school can produce. I taught him how to punch. I used to pound on him. We had not seen each other for many years. As we lined up I saw concern in his eyes like he was taking me seriously. I knew he had surpassed me and was younger. We engaged and he hit me with the very move in a most excellent manner that I had given him years ago. That made me very very proud. I never told him.

Oh well off to Ridley Creek Park for my walk.

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