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January 14 2010 at 10:25 AM
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Michael Miller  (Login millhouse23)
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Response to Refreshing approach

"Mr Miller, I find your approach to your faith refreshing."

Thank-you. I appreciate that.

"I myself am agnostic, for reasons of my own, but was raised Catholic."

You were raised Catholic? No wonder you are agnostic happy.gif

Just Kidding. You see I am non denominational. I don't believe in strict religions that all worship the same God, but give different rules: for instance one says it's okay to drink, the other says you are going to hell if you drink; but yet, God forgives.

Many Christians have a warped view. You see, God doesn't care about religion; He cares about having a personal relationship with you. I'll stop there.

"I find it interesting to talk about the subject and am fascinated by such phrases as 'God Fearing'."

I can understand.

"As an agnostic, I find it difficult to believe that God (I'll just assume here He does exist, rather than being just a possibility) is anything but a forgiving God, as Christianity preaches this as part of it's Doctrine."

He is forgiving for sure.

"Therefore why fear Him? Although the Old Testament does have stories of whole cities laid waste with Gods wrath. The New Testament is different."

Again, I can understand your thoughts. I believe that if we truly fear God we will do what we are told to do--be like Christ.

"But I'm an agnostic, although spiritual in my own way."

Good for you on the spiritual part wink.gif

"I probably have no right to talk about such things."

You most certainly do have a right to talk about this. Any real Christian would have no problem talking with you about this without preaching to you.

"I would just point out that one of the 10 Commandments states "Thou shallt not kill" it doesn't expand to say 'unless in self defence'. Just a thought."

Yep. That's for sure.

"I think we should all have faith in something, as the old adage goes, a man who doesn't believe IN anything will believe anything."

I agree.

"But does it have to have a label?"

That's up to you.

"Personally, I don't know whether God exists, but if he does, He'll forgive me as he did Thomas."

I believe He exists. I know what He has done for me. There is no other way of explaining certain things that happened in my life as I prayed and received signs.

"But I'll be the best person I can be everyday, just in case, and encourage others to do likewise."

I agree and good for you.

"I also believe Al Treacy will find Ed Parker in Heaven teaching Kenpo to God. :D"

LOL. You got it.


Michael Miller

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