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Re: Question about foot positioning in LF1

September 8 2010 at 6:03 AM
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Response to Re: Question about foot positioning in LF1


Fair question ...

I did not mistype.

My CAT stance (as seen from the hips down) is toward 10:30. From the hips up, I continue to face 12:00.

Recall that in the move immediately preceding, we are in a Forward Bow facing 12:00 o'clock. While in a forward bow, our RIGHT foot is pointed directly to 12:00 o'clock. Our hips and shoulders are also square to 12:00 o'clock (on the 3-9 line). If you imagine a rectangle, from shoulder to shoulder to hip to hip, back to shoulder, that rectangle would be square to 12:00.

Are you with me so far?

Now, moving into the Stand Out Move, we draw our left foot back, re-cock our right hand, an execute a left inward block. At this instant, we should be in a 45 degree cat stance.

As I understand your question, what is the orientation of that 45 degree cat stance?

When executing this move, there is no reason to move or adjust the right foot at all. We will bend the right leg a bit, but the foot itself can remain planted where it was in the forward bow ~ facing 12;00 o'clock. There is also no reason to adjust the upper carriage of the body; we started facing 12, we can remain facing 12.

As it is my left foot that is in motion, I have a choice about the position to which I draw that foot. I choose to draw to a 45 degree cat stance, with the left foot facing 10:30 and right foot remaining at 12:00. My upper body remains oriented to 12:00.

The motion of our body as we continue to the next block is counter clockwise. If I were to adjust my cat stance to 12:00 o'clock, I would be required to move clockwise before moving counter clockwise. And that 'John Wayne' type maneuver is to be avoided; don't go back to go forward.

I hope this make sense to you.

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