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It so funny how you copy from others.

October 9 2010 at 4:32 AM
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Amen Rahh  (Login amenrahh)
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Response to Actualizing the American Kenpo System

Semi! You read my posts, tell me to Kill myself then later on you post about concepts and problems I wrote in the posts you labeled as "garbage"? Surely man you are a piece of work. ANYWAY> Since this is a Universal Kenpo forum, and not an American Kenpo forum, I guess I don't have to obey your wishes. And I hope you say something smart so I can make it my duty to analyze every one of your posts and further expose your serious copy right infringements. I WON'T GO AWAY. And since you ignored my earlier challenge, I guess I do have a right to continue to read and comment on this forum,, HUH??

American Kenpo can not be actualized. It has too many problems which we all have heard over and over again.
The most obvious way to see the main problem is to watch the the person whom the American Kenpo techniques are being performed on. In 99% of the cases he just drops his hands to his side. Where did this action come from?
Being the founder of such a great unknown Art GM Parker did many demonstrations. We must remember that this was during the time when video was just being introduced. GM Parker watched a lot of video and got a lot of tips from his movie star clients on how to perform for a crowd. It is easy to see the dynamics in the AK movements. They are flashy and as a Shotokan Blackbelt in Africa once told me, "Kenpo is Flowery". Looking at the size of the many crowds GM Parker had to perform for and try to entertain, it is easy to see how American Kenpo techniques end up more show than real go. Yes they look good but when you try to actualize them in real time allowing the opponent to just take one step back, the real problems are too obvious to ignore.
GM Parker must have had a lot of pressure on him. At any one time Ed Parker could have been bigger than Kenpo. I mean how many of us know what it feels like to have 300 to 400 people (who have paid money) waiting to see you perform. Not to mention all the hype and build up coming from your students and Blackbelts. The techniques had to look good first, and effectiveness could have easily become a secondary issue. After all who was there to question his Art with the same authority???????????

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