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Re: Well..

October 28 2010 at 12:45 AM
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Response to Well..

I have posted video as you have requested in the past, with no reply. Moving or stationary matters not, proper alignment is paramount to the effectiveness of the move. My Crap? what crap? Do tell about all of my spouting of crap?

"First of all you don't know your as* from a whole in the ground relative to counterpunching if you say that."

Your entitled to your opinion as am I happy.gif Saying that I am full of it matters not, it's hearsay and conjecture, much like what I told you... but you got butt hurt and took it personally. sad.gif

"Now be a man Todd and put up the video on a heavy bag. Show us all how you can teach me to counterpunch. "

Really? This will make me a man? I have lot's of video on youtube, I am not hiding never have never will... do I have any that show me hitting an inanimate object? nope, sorry in fact for now, I don't have a heavy bag hung because I had to move my school, so just as soon as I get one up I'd be more than happy to. But not wearing some big stupid a** training gloves.

"Oh and please punch while moving backward as a demo as well... Additionally with a large glove like I have on and moving with correct footwork. I have listened to your crap on the forum and held my toungue. The time has come for you to show what you know... "

moving backwards only requires proper timing of the correct placement or execution of footwork but without proper alignment it's all for not... Some effect will occur as a result of power delivered, but not the same as. Already covered the glove issue, they just hide the proper positioning of the hands or timing, as well as offer some wrist support. So, before you jump out of your peyote smoke filled tent to jump my sh*t, make sure you know that I too have been biting my tongue, but luckily neither of us have to base our successes and failures on the response of the other. happy.gif I will try to simulate something for you to appease you insatiable appetite for being correct.

And like I have been saying ALL this time, I POST FOR ME!!! No puppet or go betweens...

Good Journey,
Todd Durgan

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