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Re: Sparring (freestyle) vs. techniques

December 8 2010 at 7:52 PM
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Richard Post  (Login knpo22)
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Response to Sparring (freestyle) vs. techniques

"Sparring and techniques, in my view, are totally different animals."

....They are different because they are designed to be used in different zones,(ranges).....

When I say I go into freestyle mode, I don't mean point sparring....

You can use parts of techniques, special natural weapons and whatever you have in your arsenal to keep those that you wish, either at range or in close for a predetermined Technique.

The problem then becomes the zones or ranges after freestlye and technique are viable or the grappling zone....

You find ways to transition from one to the other and connect them, to allow you to move in and out of range, otherwise you are going to be fighting the Boxers fight or the grapplers fight and not your own.

Sparring lets you try out strategies, I agree.....but what happens over time?

Do you really get better, fighting the same people over and over every class,or every weekend on the tournament circuit?

Or are you so familiar with fighting them over and over, that you pick up their tells, their rythm and harmonize with them, know what they are going to do ahead of time?

What happens if you take a couple of weeks off? Are you really that bad or is your timming off until you get back in the groove? What happens when you change up your timming?

I can get confidence sparring, I can get it hitting a heavy bag, I can get it doing a technique line.....

What happens when you face someone you have not faced before? Are you more Cautious or more reckless? What happens when you introduce weapons into the equation? What happens when you are fighting for your life and you have not done that before.....What makes you believe you will be successful?

The greatest fighters EVER have lost...the greatest grapplers, greatest weapons experts and so on.....

One aspect of Martial arts are not going to make you victorious......all areas have to be covered.....then fitted for your circumstances!!!!

I don't want to be knowlegeable of confidence when I fight, I want to have known what it is and how to control my fear!!!


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