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Think it through, then act,

January 4 2011 at 11:16 AM
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Clark  (Login CFAK)
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Response to The Complexity of Basics says this,
of, pertaining to, or forming a base; fundamental: a basic principle; the basic ingredient.

noun Computers .
a widely adopted programming language that uses English words, punctuation marks, and algebraic notation to facilitate communication between the operator or lay user and the computer.
Word Origin & History - BASIC
computer language, 1964, acronym for Beginners' All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code; invented by J.G. Kemeny and T.E.Kurtz.

I see this,

Sets that move through time and space

Stance Set 1, weight transfer, weight distribution, posture, pivoting, establishing balance, mobility, distancing..

Kicking Set 1, weight transfer, achieving balance through stance changes, pivoting, balancing on one foot, chambering the knee (like the elbow in static sets).

Coordination Set 1, weight transfer, synchronizing the upper and lower, balance acquisition through stance changes, natural motions in recognizable patterns, striking and kicking to different heights and depths.

Most common traits, weight transfer and balance issues

Sets that move through time and rely on a stable base

Block Set 1, weight distribution, tension in the legs, relaxed breathing, paths and lines of attack, posture, the elbow as dominant factor of execution.

Strike Set 1, weight distribution, punches and strikes that are done; middle/high, middle/low, linear/circular, through/over, through/under, the elbow as dominant factor of execution.

Finger Set 1, weight distribution, three dimensional striking pattern, tension in the legs, relaxed breathing, focusing on centerline targets, shoulder dominant striking

Most common traits, weight distribution, tension in the legs and relaxed breathing

So a basic language is one that everyone can understand.
A basic motion within a specific sequence of motions can be trained to the point of being a spontaneous reaction. Read Infinite Insights #4, pages 106 to 112 to see what I saw. (we stand on the shoulders of giants)

Training Horse/Fighting Horse/Side Horse/Neutral Bow - Posture and Perspective

Forward Bow/Reverse Bow Posture and Perspective

Wide Kneel/High Wide Kneel Close Kneel/High Close kneel Interpretation and mobility

45 Cat/90 Cat - weight distribution fractions 10/90 30/70

Concave/Diamond sophistication and position Recognition

One Leg tadah!

If were a new born prey animal then I want to get on my feet RIGHT NOW and start to run ASAP.
I might have shaky legs for a while, but I blend in better once I am on my feet.
If I am a white belt student I want to stand behind the Black Belts.
When I am a blue belt student I want to be in the front line.
When I am a brown belt I want to learn by teaching.
Basics are learned best by teaching them.

Sets are the building blocks of what we do.


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