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July 15 2011 at 7:02 AM
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Marcel de Jong  (Login nlkenpo)
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"For instance, if your instructor is against the carrying of firearms its safe to say do not listen to a word he says if he is teaching you how to defend against one."

Do you favor rape and pedophilia too to be able to learn people how to defend against those??

Even though I agree with most of what you wrote, the quote above is ridiculous.

I am against the carrying of firearms, but that does not mean I cannot train with them. As long as the training is done in a controlled environment I have nothing against that and I too tell my students that to really learn something about knives or guns they should learn to use those weapons too. However I am strongly against carrying firearms in public by anyone else then military or law enforcement.

To get back to the metaphore used above: I do investigate the means of rapists and pedophiles whenever I can to learn more about their ways, so that I can better teach my students about defending against those, but that of course doesn't mean I have to favor them.

BTW I don't train with guns, for several reasons, two of which are:
1. Here in the Netherlands, not many guns are around to defend against, which In my opinion is the result of the fact that they are illegal. I'm not saying there aren't any, but they're not common. I guess the guns that are around are mostly used in gang-environments, where I don't go.

I recently read a statement of someone somewhere in favor of legal guns that said: "It is unrealistic to expect people who don't respect the law against theft or rape, to do respect the law that says you can't have a gun." In itself that is a true statement. But because guns are illegal here, there aren't that many around. Fact is that way less inocent people get hurt by gunfire in countries where guns are prohibited, then in countries where they are allowed.

2. One can spend his time only once. I prefer, influenced by previous statement, to become as skilled as I can in unarmed combat, and that takes all the time I have to spend on training.

As I result of the above, I don't claim to be a qualified intructor if it comes to defending against guns. All we do is the 4 standard EPAK techniques so that our students realise themselves that guns exist. Every time I teach these techs to people I too tell them that if they really want to know about guns, they'll have to go and find a specialist. (Of which I don't even know one in the Netherlands. Internationally I'd point my students to mr. Pick and his crew if they wanted to learn about this.)

Marcel de Jong, 4th Black from the Netherlands
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