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Always a 'Doubting Thomas' amongst us...

December 20 2011 at 2:57 PM
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Sean Kelley  (Login 6410382)
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Response to Response

...This forum has become more of a place to show doubt than functional use of not only in Kenpo but fault or errors in other styles & Systems. I for one see the System as a Methodical Science of Model Techniques and other forms of Motion to use as a tool to study threat as well as solution findings in the arena of violence.
The technique 'Squatting Sacrifice' is another classic move of case study(Ideal Phase) of the family related attacks with Bear Hug positions. We have Crashing Wings that puts you around the rear of the person and do a take down(Which is a strike down) from the top. Then we have Squatting Sacrifice that does a front position take down working from the body using a Leg Fulcrum as a way (option) in case they don't break loose from the drop of the Elbows and to get around it becomes difficult.
Using the 8 considerations of Combat we can agree hopefully environment plays a role here where we use a wall to run them into it as a interruption of the thought process and then proceed from there with the leg version take down using the same manipulation to turn them over on their stomach and then proceed with a pull/push by controlling their limbs and thrust a stomp in the middle of their back if this is at all possible based on what you 'see' available.
In Frank Trejo's movie 'Pushed to the Limit' this technique is being shown and I believe it was Tommy Chaviez demonstrating. Since size does matter and back when these technques were being experimented by people like Tom Kelly, Ed Parker and a few others with strength and size, I would say these men could pull this off since they had the skill, strength, size and tenacious mind set. Many of us had also Judo background and according to a conversation I had with Dave Hebler once he stated they were experimenting with counter moves against someone with Wrestling and Judo experience by adding strikes to their take downs as well as other areas of inserting to be more creative to what the threat was all about.
We have general Rules of Kenpo and nothing is 100% as I see it from the use of pivoting on our heels, to using a vertical block as a precursor to a follow up strike or finger gesture as shown in 'Blinding Sacrifice' which states by our rules never use a Vertical Block other than for checking since we never block and cock as a separate motion.
Another point here is to identify the observation that we now have a technique using a stance that is identified as 'Squatting', again this is something that is not even listed in our basics, but it is being shown as a Catagory to reference, much like in the technique 'Scraping Hoof' which illustrates the use of a 'Rear Bow' stance.
In Volume 2 of the 'Infinite Insight' series it states on page 69 it mentions about the 'Rear Bow' but so seldom used it didn't merit discussion.
I have to say all postures, and other basics that are taught or learned in the system is justifiable for not only discussion but proper demonstration as I have seen techniques like 'Scraping Hoof', 'Squatting Sacrifice', and 'Blinding Sacrifice' mis-understood only due to not enough explantion and qualified understanding of it's principles being taught.
Out of the 154 plus techniques we have nothing that is full proof or out of date in it's approach toward motion study as far as teaching what is a Science to Street Fighting. We only have 2 hands and 2 feet to work with and of course foot maneuvers and other needs of study.
If a person is limited to their own training by lack of training in areas of threat then it is them who are out of date not the art of Kenpo.
Every good Black Belt should come to terms with realizing when the system was created from the early days of the 1950' to the era of 1970's Ed Parker was always making additions as well as his students each era era up until his passing and even still today.
Use the system as a vehicle to allow case study areas of threat and then you decide what to do in case of a threat.
If we recall he even had books that were in the making called 'Speak with a Knife', 'Everday Gestures', 'Speak with a Club'...and I'm sure other avenues if he were alive today.
Experience is measured by what we do with our training not by others you think have all the answers to your is a thinking persons art and there is always room for improvement as well as approach to become problem solving.
I close by saying as a 37 year student of this art I learn more on the mat from my own students and by paying attention to our society as to what I'm missing as a expert in Self Protection or the ability to solve my own needs for Peace. I now train more in Firearms training and have found interest in the Combative side of the art not only due to my career in Security but to add a feature of growth in my own education for those who seek my worth as a facilitator to assist others.
I still think stepping out of the box from your normal setting and visit others who have been on the seminar circuit will allow many answers to be found just by the ability to network...enjoy the Journey as it is not a destination....but a daily place for learning and being mentally and physically stimulated.Every one of you have great ideas and the debate is valid only in the eyes who see what you see, so with that always take a step back and never looked at it that way, it's all good if it works..PERIOD!

TCB....Sean Kelley

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