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January 1 2012 at 4:01 PM
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Sami Ibrahim  (Login kenposoldier01)
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Response to Hello, Sami

Clydes teaching method is not a bully approach. Clyde is just not into perpetuating mediocrity. One way Kenpophobia manifests is when Instructors avoid making corrections or they sugarcoat the corrections so the student does not really get the danger involved in a particular mistake. With Clyde if your stance is off chances are youre going to get moved, if your technique is re-catalyzing your attacker into another attack, you are going to know it. Will you feel like a buffoon at times when he points out in his straight forward way that you just made the same mistake again? Sure, but your Kenpo is better for it.

Clydes busy making you think particularly in terms of what is already in the system. He will let you feel the technique a little more than say a commercial instructor who is hell bent on keeping you a paying customer but thats because to understand how it works you have to experience it directly. When those questions come up about a technique in the system that seems to leave you a bit vulnerable that direct experience dispels the doubts, you get to feel that helplessness in time of your height, width and depth canceled where you had previously thought that was a moment where the attacker could counter.

I sparred the guy several times with permission to go as hard as I wanted and let me tell you he took it easy on me. He has good control and a lot of restraint his goal when he teaches is really all about the students learning the art. There was no ego, no look how great I am, the focus was really about the art. He is probably not going to like me saying this but: Clyde is in fact one of the nicest guys I have run into. I stayed at his home, got to hang out with him, met his friends and gained an understanding of his principles and mental outlook on a number of subjects. He is a little brash in a loud spirited kind of way he is a Celt after all but coming from the Military where most everyone is loud and spirited, it did not seem that strange.

Think of it like this: Do you want a teacher who is going to make you feel like your Gods gift to Kenpo while hardly teaching you anything worthwhile or do you want someone you know will not hold back in showing you exactly what is wrong with your Kenpo and then teaching you to improve it. I think that because Clyde is so honest and blunt it can hurt peoples feelings that are used to being treated like delicate little daffodils by their previous instructors. However, good medicine hardly ever tastes good.

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