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Kenpo~Karate~ and Language Reality

May 20 2012 at 3:50 AM
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Bob Hanes  (Login kenpo58)
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Sometimes kenpo karate reminds me of a foreign language class that we tool in high school. All these kids take the language for years. They study all about it. All its grammatical rules. All the usages, verbs structures and more. You know the game. But then virtually nobody ends up being able to speak the language. Hey, I flunked all foreign languages in school. My friends, well some of them got As. But it doesnt matter because really none of them ever learned to speak the language to any functional extent. So really what they studied were things about the language but not the language at all. Conversely, I am a pretty good talker when it comes to American. I can usually get what I want pretty well with my American talk. But I literally flunked every English class I ever took so I dont know anything really about the rules of the language. But I can talk it to achieve a goal. And believe me I can talk it a lot better than my friends that took it at Ivy League schools. Well maybe they could talk fancy queens English but I can talk American English. And believe me those educated friends could not just go take a college course in American dialect and make it work in a neighborhood.

You really cannot learn a language until you need to conversationally apply it. The same is true for martial arts. Now with respect to martial arts what I see is a lot of people getting along without really being positioned in such a way where their skill is imbedded. The average black belt is so fraught with fundamental errors I cannot even begin to tell you. Now remember I said average, not all. But seriously with all the technical jargon and syntax. With all the classifications it is pretty sad when you can walk up to most of them and just punch them in the face. Or just walk into a sparring class and not have to throw one strike. You just keep walking into them and crowding them and they dont know how to process that. And then after they pontificate on technique they will go on to elaborate on why sparring is not very important. Hey and I am a slow, fat, sick bum, so how would they handle a fighter in their prime, or even an young street educated fighter?

And you know people only really know what they are taught. And along with that comes the fact that teaching karate is more than just moves or strategy. You have all kinds of students with all kinds of motives and even those that are humble need the crap beaten out of them, or at least stung pretty good a lot and on a regular basis to beat them down so they can build themselves up correctly. Hell, I need that right now myself. And a school owner is just not going to take the time to do that or the interest most of the time. Also there is liability and retention. And human beings are totally messed up in terms of self importance and ego and all that must be battered down like a Maryland Beaten Bisquet while preserving some rudimentary thread of self worth. So I guess you just give some information and let only the best students seek their path to excellence and resolve yourself that the others will have some fun and pay the rent.

And from a Taoist energetic perspective students can really damage you. I mean if you go hog wild tossing out full information and bust your back side molding people you will be energetically drained. You end up blowing out your pancreas, liver or heart from damage to the energy body. But on the other side we clearly understand that an older teacher can pull energy from His younger followers and get great benefit for his energy body. So one must walk a fine line. Best thing is possibly bleed off energy to the students at a slow trickle and absorb more of theirs than you put out.

And of course then I see these videos of George Dillman and I ask myself how impressionable can people be? I mean this no touch knockout nonsense. But then I see that really within the kenpo world of respected people and offspring of them equally absurd lunacy is uncovered. You guys know that crap dont work.. Right? .. Right?? But along the same lines quackery should not only be defined by extreme digression from functionality but buy those concepts that seem very orthodox but have less understandable intrinsic error. I mean that if I walk into a punch going the wrong way but am within the confines of base syntax it is a Fail. If I think I can just float up to a person and touch a meridian to knock them out and I get pulverized it is a Fail either way. Both are fails.

Look. I do not sugar coat things. I am a long time practitioner of esoteric occult knowledge and shamanism. I am here to tell you right now that the Dillman stuff and the questionable kenpo stuff no matter whose name is one it works shamanically. So when you see someone doing something in kenpo that looks impossible from a kinetic standpoint you are correct. It is impossible and will not work. When these guys do make it appear to work it is based on things that you have no hope to master since it is all very advanced manipulation of the Will. Yes you can make your will work for you but keep it on a level where you have a fighting chance. Meaning force levels that you DO have a hope to manipulate. And even Dillman is not going to make this stuff work in the street and neither are the kenpo guys pushing their cool looking and enticing extreme low force manipulations.

Ah and people say I am crazy because I am an occultist, astrologer and energy healer. Well at least even I have the brains to realize that all the low force, meridian, passive redirection is going to get you killed in a real fight. And also I kind of get very upset with the guys pushing it. I mean when people are lead to think it is a working self defense method. But as stated those people teaching flawed orthodox movement are equally culpable.

Oh and as usual. None of this really matters. Simply because nothing matters. This is all a fluke. A deception and a falsehood. Love is not real. Nothing is real. And what seems important will not be when we are all dead after we die from old age or get in an accident. So karate is just something to do while we wait for death to take us. There is no YOU. All you are is a bunch of mashed up brains after an asteroid bashed you to pieces. So enjoy yourself by all means.


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