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Thanks for the input..

August 15 2012 at 9:29 PM
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Bob Hanes  (Login kenpo58)
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Response to That's a lot of generalization.


The way I see it being seriously involves in these things is that over the years I have learned that there is a difference from serious deep study and what most people think they are doing. And things like Reiki, crystals and most yoga have little to do with all this. I am in the energy work field. But anyway..

Let me put it this way. If knowledge is so deep in these teachers of martial arts, specifically kenpo and they see the importance then I would bring forth the point that they don't teach it to their students. It simply does not occupy most kenpo curriculums in most schools. If they had the knowledge and understood it then it would be at the forefront of teaching. Obviously it is not..

Also I mean no disrespect to Ed Parker but he had a certain spiritual bias and was never a serious student of Eastern Esoteric work. In fact he shunned it.

What I have learned is that without being taught by a master of occult energy work and in a serious manner one knows virtually nothing about it dispite the fact they dabble in it. It is a serious commitment. A full time one. I think that the New Age movement has made it seem to people that this work is easily aquired. But the hard fact is it is not.

I mean even at the root of it is sex. And most people simply are not going to learn the sexual techniques of not losing semen often and not haveing genital orgasm in the male or female. Also in most people if they accidently stumble on raising the Kundalini they will have a mental breakdown and become really a basket case. I have seen people who were not ready and literally still are basically insane. It is very serious business.

And then the "yogic" techniques and other things take masterful guidance and serious practice daily. So I simply don't see this happening. The bottom line is that from my perspective most people who are even at a high rank in kenpo have no idea what they are messing with when they generate energy the way they do with techniques. The energy body becomes totally compressed and warped. Completely imbalanced. The sad thing is they think they are helping themselves but they are gradually destroying their energy body.

Kenpo can kill you if you don't take care of other things. Sure it's fun to whip energy and generate power but you cannot do that at any level without attending to very specific things. Kenpo is a very new art and has borrowed from much more older ones. Most kenpo people are playing with fire unless they make a commitment to deep esoteric energy work. I have seen too many alleged kenpo greats who appear awsome drop dead early. There is a reason and it lies at the core of the energy body.

Thanks for the comment


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