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Another beauty

January 5 2009 at 7:17 PM
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Michael Miller  (Login millhouse23)
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Ray Albrechtsen
(Login KenpoRay)

Re: Another beauty

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January 5 2009, 8:12 PM 

The subject of simple, everyday motion being the same as used in self-defense was already Mr. Parker. Of course, old stories and new ears...

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Gary A Brewer aka BGile
(Login BGile)

Funny answer

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January 5 2009, 8:45 PM 

I think it is time to figure others are covering it also.
Been 18 years since EPS passed away and 20+ since his last book...
Give it a break/rest LOL...


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R.M. Robertson
(Login rmcr)

As much as I appreciate...

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January 5 2009, 9:41 PM 

...having something I've known for fifteen years and which is everywhere in Mr. Parker's books reiterated, a) the guy's elbows stick out; b) worse, the guy's toes stick out, c) worser, the guy don't look none at his dummy, d) worstest, he feels free to smack around the orange belts.

Oh, and "wave," don't have no, "I," in it, though we can certainly see why he put the "i" in it.

If this is kenpo, gimme shelter.

R.M. Robertson

P.S. He's kinda slow....and I say, "he," because clearly the emphasis isn't on the techniques and it isn't on the students.

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Scott Bonner
(Login sbonner)
KenpoNet Moderators

Re: Funny answer

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January 5 2009, 9:58 PM 

Face it, Gary. The guy is no good. He isn't doing anything interesting or new, and what he is doing lacks in about every way, judging from these vids. I couldn't even watch them all the way through, because I couldn't decide whether to cringe or laugh (and not in a good way). Sometimes some people just aren't any good.


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Gary A Brewer aka BGile
(Login BGile)

Re: Funny answer

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January 5 2009, 11:40 PM 

True he is not the fastest. Always someone faster.
I just watched a movie "The Fastest Gun Alive", that is what they mentioned. wink.gif

I had a tough time sitting through it also.


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Scott Bonner
(Login sbonner)
KenpoNet Moderators

Re: Funny answer

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January 6 2009, 11:05 PM 

Actually, few things impress me less than speed. Any idiot can be fast if he leaves good kenpo behind. I'm more impressed by timing, by getting the whole body into the action, by not shortcutting too much (i.e. beyond efficiency and into bad motion), by finding natural speed through good motion rather than just seeking speed. If this guy was any faster, I'd have settled on laugh instead of cringe.

-- Scott

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tom bleecker
(Login kenpotom)

All right, I'll ask

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January 5 2009, 10:27 PM 

This 9th Degree Master Flaherty who was recently voted "Master of the Year" - uh - does anyone know his lineage? He hails from the San Jose area, so it's wide open, folks.

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Carol Kaur
(Login CarolKaur)

Re: All right, I'll ask

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January 6 2009, 4:44 AM 

He seems to be all over the place. His website starts as referring to his father as "grandmaster" then mentions several other instructors (including Parker.

Curiously, the bio on his website doesn't exactly match the bio posted on his old website ( which is cached over at He seems to have dropped the PhD from his credentials.


Master Randall Flaherty has over 30 years of experience in the field of Martial Arts. Master Randall Flaherty dedicates this web site to his father - Senior Grandmaster Robert Flaherty and all participating Black Belts within the FKKA. Master Flaherty holds three Hall of Fame awards; (1) 2004 - "Master of the Year" (2) 2006 - "Pioneer Award", and (3) 2008 - Living Legend Award." In addition, Master Flaherty is a proud graduate of the University of Asian Martial Arts Studies ("Doctorate of Martial Arts Philosophy; Ph.D.").

Master Randall K. Flaherty Sr. was born in 1964 at the French Hospital in San Francisco, California. At 4 years of age, Master Flaherty became interested in martial arts by his father, Robert Flaherty.

In 1970, the young Master Flaherty became more interested in martial arts, Kenpo Karate specifically. Robert would bounce the little Master Flaherty on his knee while telling Army stories of Kenpo. Robert would explain that "a small oriental friend one day moved on a big man (GI) with excellent accuracy, speed and power. He moved so fast and dangerous that the big man was taken down before he knew what had happened." This goes without saying that stories like this intrigued the young master.

In 1983, the young Master Flaherty earned his 1st Degree Black Belt in Kenpo Karate and Kung Fu from the International Martial Arts Academy, located in San Jose, California. During his young training days at the academy, Master Flaherty acquired interest in tournament sparring. The top fighting instructor of the academy (Bruce Crary) presented the sparring nickname "Bullet" to Master Flaherty because of his incredible speed. While participating in tournaments or at the academy, the nickname (Bullet) had been proudly displayed and challenged. Students from other Karate academies and international instructors would seek advice of sparring manuevers from Master Flaherty.

Since the inception of Master Flaherty's martial arts career, he has had the extreme good fortune of working out with other great martial artists. Master Ed Parker, Bill "Super Foot" Wallace, Benny "The Jet" Urquidez, Bruce Crary, Angel Martial, Roland Gonzales and others not mentioned have contributed to the knowledge of Master Flaherty. A special thanks to all the Black Belt Fighters not mentioned, "For the road of hard knocks."

In 1990, Master Flaherty opened his first martial arts academy in the Bay Area of California, located in San Jose. Upon opening his first school, Master Flaherty decided to promote martial arts and to become a local or international tournament judge. During this period, Master Flaherty stopped tournament fighting and started concentrating more on helping other people reach high martial arts levels. People from all walks of life joined the academy to learn the art of self-defense from a top leading Black Belt.

In 1990, Master Flaherty was promoted to 4th Degree Black Belt in Kenpo Karate. His commitments and passion of helping other people in need of learning self-defense continued to grow. In addition, Master Flaherty became accomplished in other fields of the martial arts. Kenpo Karate, Kung fu, Judo, Arnis, Tae kwon do, Aikido, Boxing and Kick Boxing to name a few.

In 1997, Master Flaherty reached the high level of 7th Degree Black Belt. At this time, the only art being taught was the Western Style of kenpo. Upon realizing that simplicity needed to be added to offer balance, the Northern Style of self defense was formed. The Northern Style (Kempo) was developed to offer confidence to all students by promoting each member to Black Belt Level at a faster rate. Master Flaherty became more enthusiastic of the Northern Style and developed additional programs to assure quality with all Flaherty's Kenpo Karate Students.

In 2002, Master Flaherty was ultimately promoted to 8th Degree Black Belt (Associate Master). After his promotion to 8th degree, he decided on implementing another program and introducing Flaherty's Kenpo Karate Association (F.K.K.A.). The Masters Program is a once a year training workshop led by a top master in his or her field of expertise in the martial arts. The F.K.K.A. is an association that was formed to reduce the cost of martial arts supplies and to provide a self-defense system that is both practical and realistic. In addition, the Flaherty's Kenpo Karate Association was developed to provide revenue building programs for the martial arts business owner.

Besides Master Flaherty's commitment to the martial arts, karate studio (F.K.K.A.), the general public at large and his students, he is a family man. Master Flaherty enjoys family outings such as camping, hiking, watching movies or just hanging out with his wife and kids. Master Flaherty enjoys spending his extra time reading, writing in his journal, taking care of his wife's "Honey do list" and working on projects around the house.

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Jason Wood
(Login jejwood)

From his old site...

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January 6 2009, 8:35 AM 

This data was cached by Google from his old site. I've bolded some of (what I thought were) the more interesting points. He received his Shodan in 1980, for those quickly looking for his lineage.

1972 -

1. Began Kenpo, Karate, Judo, and Martial Arts Training (with Father - Grandmaster Robert Flaherty).

2. Became ranked in Kenpo throughout the years privately under Dads direct supervision and expertise Dad would often call me his "Junior Master", or the "Master Blaster").

3. Dad was truly the best Kenpo / Martial Arts Great Grandmaster of the World.

4. Dad encourages me to broaden my horizons by searching for answers within the Martial Arts Industry, Kenpo Karate specifically - (My comment - I barely touched the tip of the iceberg) - revised this July 3, 2006.

1974 -

1. Introduced to Wrestling in school.

2. Became involved with school sports (activities), such as, baseball (fast pitch), basketball, football, and track.

1976 -

1. Dad joined me into my first official karate school ("THE DOJO") - a classic fighting / sparring school (located in Bowling Green Kentucky).

2. Trained at "THE DOJO" under Marty Senior and Marty Junior (father & son team).

3. Moved to San Jose California.

4. Joined Kenpo, Karate, Kung-fu, and Judo classes @ "The International Martial Arts Academy" - (located in San Jose California) with older brother Darrell.

5. Darrell joined - to be my martial arts inspiration ("I was a self-motivated student").


1. Began training and became professionally skilled in the art of "Arnis" under Dan Anchetta and the Anchetta family as an Arnis brother (Filipino Martial Arts - sticks, swords, and dagger fighting).

2. Trained in "Arnis" directly under Dan Anchetta (Head-Founder of the "Brotherhood" of Arnis).

3. Participated in sparring matches at Lee's Martial Arts ("Friendship Meet").

1978 -

1. Received the title - "Private Lesson / Introductory Course Junior Instructor."

2. Kenpo & Self-defense Assistant Instructor - for the Academy's Senior Instructors & Chief Instructor (Mr. Angel Martial).

3. International Martial Arts Academy - "Demonstration Team Member."


1. Trained under one the best martial arts Fighting Instructor / Tournament Coaches (Mr. Bruce Crary).

2. Joined and help teach the "Guardian Angels" Kenpo Karate - (only this year).

3. Presented the nick name as Bullet (by Mr. Bruce Crary).


1. Received my "First Degree Kenpo Black Belt" under two Kenpo Schools and group of expert Instructors - First Black Belt received at the International Martial Arts Academy under Angel Martial (Mr. Martial had received his Black Belt under Lee Thompson of "Lee's Martial Arts"), and the second - "First Degree Black Belt received was under the roof of the "Twin Dragon Academy (Owned by twin brothers - "Ruben and Roger Ruiz").

2. Broke two 1 pine boards by holding them together myself (free standing) in front of a panel of Kenpo Karate / Kung-fu Judges (consisting of approximately six members, present) to demonstrate great speed and accuracy.

3. Introduced to Jeff Thorbs -- Jeff and Myself became close friends and sparring partners (Jeff Thorbs was an Olympic Track Competitor that suffered a minor ankle injury).


1. Top Kenpo, Kung-fu, and Fighting Instructor of the International Martial Arts Academy

2. Became a silent partner (subcontracted space or lease) from official business owner "Angel Martial" (DBA-International Martial Arts Academy, of San Jose California.

3. Took on the business name as "Golden Dragon" Martial Arts (due to my blond hair).


1. Black Belt Tournament Competitor.

2. Instructor - of tournament competitors (Kumite / Sparring Division).


1. Rated #1 - Martial Arts Fighter (Kumite Division).

2. Participated in, and, judged tournaments, such as, "The Karate Ways" promoted by Mr. Joe Myers, - "The Internationals" promoted by Mr. Ed Parker, - "The Invitational" promoted by Mr. John Supelveda, - "International Martial Arts" promoted by Mr. Ricardo Chaverri, - "All Styles International (ASIA), - "Kids Classic" Promoted by Max Togisali, and other "Open Style" tournaments not mentioned (All competitions where from 1981 - 1992 ).


1. Study of Tae Kwon Do under Instructor John Holland.

2. A student of the International Kenpo Karate Association (I.K.K.A.) upon the sole direction and leadership of the Late Great Grandmaster Edmund Parker Sr.

3. Official Tournament Judge.


1. Student of Wushu Kung fu Weapons (Instructor - "Master Jin Sun Ding").

2. Special Guest Appearance at the San Francisco Wu-Shu Tournament honored by Master Jin Sun Ding (appointed by Master Ding).

3. Upon visiting Master Ding at the East West Karate Academy (Owned by my friend Master Dave Thomas) - I would teach Master Ding privately Kenpo Karate & Self -defense techniques before receiving my Wushu lessons.


1. Study of Aikido from Instructor Bart (Bart's Instruction was under the direct supervision of "The Old Man"), within the Philippines.

2. Head Official Tournament Judge.

3. Introduced to, and, sparred with Mr. Chucky Curry ("Quick Kick"). Mr. Curry was a 9 National Champion Fighter of "Open Style" Tournaments that trained his Tae kwon do classes (Sub-leased space) at The International Martial Arts Academy (My DOJO - Owned by SIFU Ricardo Chaverri).

4. Visited with Frank Trejo in Los Angeles California (The President of the International Kenpo Karate Association - I.K.K.A.).

5. Introduced to "Jeff Speakman" (Movie Star of The Perfect Weapon).


1. Trained with Top fighters, such as, Bill Super foot Wallace, and Benny The Jet, and others.

2. Introduced to Professor Richard Bunch (A close personal friend of Bill "Superfoot" Wallace).

3. Assistant Promoter - of the Bay Area (of California) Bill "Superfoot" Wallace Seminar.

4. Introduced to Don Alves (An excellent fighter with great martial arts spirit). Also, had the privilege and good fortune to spar with Mr. Alves and instruct him in Kenpo on many occasions. Mr. Don Alves is an adult fighter who made Black Belt as a Quality Fighter (Kumite Division) and Assistant Instructor under Flaherty's Kenpo Karate Association. In addition, Mr. Alves is the founder of "The Fighting Dragons" of tournament competition (Kumite Division). Mr. Alves offers free training to children for only $10, and, the kids are in for life (Supported, approved, and insured by the city of Newman).

5. Bill Davis of the Fighting Dragons also trained and provided assistance with class instruction @ Flaherty's Kenpo Karate. Bill Currently is an assistant Instructor to Mr. Don Alves (Founder).

Note: Mr. Don Alves received his Black Belt in the year of 1999.

This year of #4 and #5 had been revised on September 10, 2006.

1989 -

1. Manager for the International Martial Arts Academy (New owner SIFU Ricardo Chaverri).

2. Son # 1 -- Christopher Allen Flaherty was born - "I hope to give my son what my father gave to me (Martial Arts, Kenpo Karate, Self-defense, Discipline, and Direction)."

3. Perform Martial Arts for a local newspaper & Spanish television commercial with Mr. Ricardo Chaverri.


1. Opened Kenpo Karate / Martial Arts Business under DADS SUPERVISION -- (DBA Flahertys Kenpo Karate).

2. Earned a place on the ED Parker's I.K.K.A Family Tree / Outstanding Kenpo Member (4th Degree Black Belt).

3. Worked out with John Sepulveda (Top leading Master Instructor for the I.K.K.A. family) - learning Western Kenpo Karate.

[N. B. I assumed that he meant that he is on the Family Tree from Vol I., but I can't find him anywhere on my copy...]

ETA: of course it couldn't have been the Family Tree; they had stopped printing it by this time.


1. Martial Arts Business Association "Graduate."

2. San Jose Chamber of Commerce Member - (Academy was written in the Commerce Paper).

3. Creator & Director of a Low Cost Youth Outreach Program for local school districts (Co-director and Instructor of the program - "Master Alfredo Bandalan Sr. / Master Bandalan's Son / and his Kenpo Black Belt Instructors.

4. Mr. Bandalan Jr. - is a Nationally Recognized (World Renowned) Stick Fighting Champion in "Escrima." Master Alfredo Bandalan Senior and Junior are friends of Flaherty's Kenpo Karate and former / silent business partners to myself (Master R. Flaherty).


1. Study "Tai Chi" from a Val Pak Advertising Representative Ms. Charlotte Hargrave (a veteran in Chinese Philosophy).

2. Placed 1st - (received 1st Place trophy) from the Cinco-de-mayo parade. Over 100,000 people were at attendance~

3. Flaherty's Kenpo Karate demonstrated over 20 exhibitions at the "Fair Grounds and other" - with self-defense and breaking.

4. Introduced to Master CJ Stewart (a respected member of the local San Jose Community). CJ's Style was Tae Kwon Do (and may Master Stewart rest in peace).


1. Promoted to 5th Degree Black Belt in Kenpo Karate - witnessed by Sifu Chaverri, Angel Martial, Roland Gonzales, and other Black Belt Instructors not mentioned.

2. Received a 5th degree Black Belt trophy from Daniel of Golden Circle Martial Arts Supplies.

3. Instructor of Women's Week / Self-defense at San Jose State University (Over 50 Women were in attendance).


1. Instructor of Excellence "verbal recognition" within a small group seminar at Flaherty's Kenpo Karate Academy by World Renowned "Kenpo Master Larry Tattum."

2. Joined the Larry Tattum's Kenpo Karate Association (L.T.K.K.A.).

3. Flaherty's Kenpo Karate performs demonstration at Fair Grounds and the Cinco-de-mayo Parade.


1. Californias Bay Area Tournament / Seminar Partner and Promoter under the International Martial Arts Academy with life long friend SIFU Ricardo Chaverri (Academy Owner).

2. In House Tournament & Seminar Promoter (involving other Bay Area Local Martial Arts Schools) - - International Martial Arts Academy, Gonzales's Kenpo Karate, and West Coast Athletics are to name a few.

3. Featured in Bay Area Magazine


1. Continuation of Tae Kwon Do Training under Kenpo, Tae Kwon Do, and Kickboxing Instructor Miguel Hurtado (My Friend & Owner of West Coast Athletics).

2. Flaherty's Kenpo Karate Demonstration at the San Jose's Rose Garden (over 10,000 spectators were present), and sponsored by the San Jose Mercury News (Master Flaherty broke 9 bricks stacked on top of each other).

3. Completed the fighting training with life long student and friend Victor Phillips (Nickname "Quick Vic"). Mr. Phillips was known for his flexibility (Chinese Splits) and incredible human speed. I am proud to say that, "Mr. Phillips is the only student who became a better fighter than myself," that I have professionally trained and fought with for over 10 years. In addition, Mr. Phillips is a student in a college at Nashville Tennessee (majoring in General Medicine); and won the National Tournament Championships (known as "The Nationals").


1. Flaherty's Kenpo Karate First "1st Degree Black Belt Achiever" - Mr. Gary Schoolcraft. (Mr. Schoolcraft has been a huge influence on the development and changes made within the Flaherty's Kenpo Karate / Martial Arts System, both, in past events and future accomplishments (This passage was written and revised on this date: Wednesday June 28, 2006- Mr. Schoolcraft is a current member and holds the highly respectable title as Head Instructor / 3rd Degree Black Belt.

2. Member of the United World Karate Association (U.W.K.A.) - Owner of the U.W.K.A. and life long friend Kenpo Master Roland Gonzales.

3. Son # 2 -- Randall Kevin Flaherty (Junior) was born - "I hope to give my son what my father gave to me (Martial Arts, Kenpo Karate, Self-defense, Discipline, and Direction)."


1. Creator of the Northern Style and Developer (The Chow System).

2. Implementation of a new Kenpo Karate Program within the Flaherty's Kenpo Karate Academy (supported by the Academy's Black Belt Instructors).


1. Developer of successful Martial Arts Programs (for School Districts).

2. Youth Martial Arts Program Director ("The Young Karate Masters Program").

3. Instructor of many Managers, Directors, and CEO's of the High Tech and Small Business Industries & Corporations.


1. Established the Flaherty's Kenpo Karate Web Site ( - Mr. Dave Cantrelle is a "Top Instructor" of Northern California, Web Master, and Dedicated Student / Instructor of Flaherty's Kenpo Karate Association - (Mr. Cantrelle is also a Director for a Video Game Company).

2. Established and Developed Flahertys Kenpo Karate Association (F.K.K.A.).

3. Developer of the Association's Annual Masters Class Workshop / Seminar.

4. Developed the "Tiny Tigers Youth Program."


1. Promoted to 8th Degree Black Belt (Under the Flahertys Kenpo Karate Association (F.K.K.A.).

2. The Association's (namely Master Randall K. Flaherty Sr.) Degrees of rank are based on time (approximately: 5-years per degree), supported by many school owners, and presented by the Association Black Belt Senior Instructors during a Masters Class / Seminar / Workshop (also as advertised).


1. California Property Investor.

2. Promoter of the Master Class Workshop / Seminar Guest speaker and performer "Great Grandmaster Ralph Castro," and his Black Belt Instructors (include his son "Grandmaster Rob Castro").

3. Developer of the Low Cost Instructor Payment Program.

4. Christopher Flaherty / age 13 years -- "is an official Green Belt" (Under his Dad's Supervision and expertise).


1. Better Business Bureau (B.B.B.) / Outstanding Member.

2. U.S.A. Martial arts Hall of Fame Inductee (Master of the Year) Presented by Dr. Jim Thomas.

3. Promoter of the Master Class Workshop / Seminar Guest speaker and performer "Grandmaster Chuck Sullivan."

4. Little Randy Flaherty (Junior) / age 7 years -- "is an official Orange Belt" (Under his Dad's Supervision and expertise).


1. Businessman of the Year - of Washington D.C. (Congress).

2. National Leadership Award & Honorary Chairman (Business Advisory Council) - of Washington D.C.


1. U.S.A. Martial Arts Hall of Fame "Pioneer Award"

2. Congressional Order of Merit Award from Washington D.C.

3. Set two Martial Arts World Records (#1 Broke three boards at one time) - (#2 Broke 13 bricks stacked on top of each other).

4. Flaherty's Kenpo Karate is the first school in human history (35 students / Instructors) to have set Martial Arts World Records on-line.

5. Developer of the Instructors Sparring Class Schedule (to be alternated between the Academy Instructor's for diversity in martial arts training).

6. Member of -- U.S. National Martial Arts Team / Official Letter of Appointment (presented by Dr. Jim Thomas on March 1, 2006).

7. Owner of Kenpo Karate Businesses: (DBA Flahertys Kenpo Karate) Located in San Jose and the Central Valley of California.

8. Ultimately received the 9th Degree Black Belt (Master Status)- from the FKKA Senior Instructors (December 22, 2006). Mr. Gary Schoolcraft, Mr. Dave Cantrelle, and over eighty-people were in attendance during this holiday party, award ceremony, and promotional day.

2007 -

1. Partnered with Mr. Dave Cantrelle within the San Jose Kenpo Academy (DBA), located @ 302 Toyon Ave. Unit B (Studio #1). Mr. Dave Cantrelle shall be recognized as the "Senior Partner" of Flaherty's Kenpo Karate Association.

2, Opened Studio # 2 as sole proprietor @ 4343 Pacific Ave. #D2 - Stockton CA. 95207.

3. Martial Arts Business Consultant for small business owners.

2008 -

1. First year - Launching the Ad-Vantage News Publication to residential and small businesses of local communities by via U.S. Mail and other. The publication is designed to asist with promoting Flaherty's Kenpo Karate Association within the immediate cities and surrounding areas of all FKKA school locations.

2. May - Received the "Living Legend Award" from the Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

3. Mr. Dave Cantrelle (Senior Partner) - Received his "3rd Degree Black Belt (Head Instructor, status)" from Master Flaherty's Kenpo Karate, at the Stockton Academy.

4. June - Received a "Doctorate of Martial Arts Philosophy; Ph.D." from the University of Asian Martial Arts Studies.

5. Promoter of many Black Belts.

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Gary A Brewer aka BGile
(Login BGile)

Soke he is Or is he?

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January 6 2009, 11:09 AM 

He has a good bio, unlike others who have only studied in one art...

Kenpo Karate he says.


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tom bleecker
(Login kenpotom)

No question

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January 6 2009, 11:11 AM 

While reading his resume, I found myself silently calling him Mastery Flattery, yet near the end changed that to Master Flatulence. It would be interesting to hear Mr. Sepulveda's take, being that the San Jose area has for decades been his turf.


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Michael Miller
(Login millhouse23)


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January 6 2009, 11:29 AM 

He really is Piled High and Deep isn't he?

A totally pathetic way of saying, "Look at me, I am the man."

Most of the stuff he mentions isn't credible. Let me give you examples:

1) So he was inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame a couple times. He, along with hundreds of thousands of other people, including myself (five times). That doesn't mean crap. Anybody can be voted in because you have to pay for your trophy, certificate and travel fees (which I never did). If you are voted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame, you can be proud.

2) He trained with fighting legends Bill "Superfoot" Wallace, Benny "The Jet" Urquidez, and more. Join the club. So have I. In fact I have had private lessons from Wallace and others. Anybody can train with these guys once by traveling and going to a seminar. Again, millions of people have trained with these guys. Now, if he was a protege of one of them, that would be impressive.

3) He mentions Mr. Parker and the IKKA. So what? He took a seminar under Parker and joined the IKKA. Anyone could have done that.

I could go on and on about this, but I am sure everyone gets the point.

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Richard Post
(Login knpo22)

I wonder how he would do against Master Simmons?

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January 6 2009, 1:27 PM 

I know comparisons like this are just a dream.....but I would pay money to see it.

Maybe some of you doubters could get together as a group and go take a seminar of his!!!!!!!!

I know I can't fight because according to Robert I use too many exclamation marks and cant spell!!!!!

....but I can still dream.


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Carol Kaur
(Login CarolKaur)

Re: I wonder how he would do against Master Simmons?

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January 6 2009, 1:53 PM 

If the logistics were there, I probably would take a seminar of his. I've seen a few speed gawds slapping around their ukes on youtube, I'm really curious as to how they hit.

When I see some of these moves, the only thing that comes to mind is sparring someone with smak-stiks. Yeah they sting when they hit you. Yeah you know you've been hit and it doesn't feel good. But getting hit with those things is nothing like taking a shot with a rattan stick. The pain is fierce, the adrenaline starts to flow because you DO NOT WANT to get hit with that again. But I don't know if that is a fair analogy...and probably won't know until I could actually get on the mat with someone that hits like that.

This space intentionally left blank.

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Dan Farmer
(Login sigung86)

Gosh Richard

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January 7 2009, 7:08 AM 

I must be too hesitant, because I enjoy using the ellipse thingy... LOL

However, I suspect that, were it to be on the line, that you would manage... Somehow... To kick some butt. :-D

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Richard Post
(Login knpo22)

RE: Gosh Me.....

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January 7 2009, 1:58 PM 

I don't know Dan, I get all scared at the thought of facing some scary guy and not sure how I would do during a real confrontation....having never been in a real fight and all, LOL and using too many (!!!!!!!!!)to be able to fight, not to mention not being able to hit as hard as a 180 lb guy would, I guess I will just have to cut them or shoot them to be safe, LOL!!!!


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