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Sergeant Clifford E. Stone + UFOs and ETs + Astronomy:

February 7 2002 at 1:46 PM
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Ok folks, I listened to and recorded the whole show yesterday at Rense.com with guest Sergeant Clifford E. Stone talking about UFOs and ETs. (Thank you Mr Stone, Rense.com, and Intelligence Agencies)

After also seeing him at the Disclosure Project with other high level witnesses wishing to testify in front of Congress... one can't help feeling a sense of truth to most/all of the recent information about UFOs and extraterrestrials.

Also it was an extra special day yesterday because about 2 hours after hearing Sergeant Clifford E. Stone at Rense.com .... TV1 here showed a documentary called SPACE - THE TV SERIES narrated by Sam Neill. Yesterday the title was "Are We Alone?".
And it is probably the first documentary were someone actually clearly states on two or more occasions that most of the stars out there are actually suns.
I used to get frustrated with other documentaries when people wouldn't explain that properly. But Sam Neill and teams do an excellent job!
He even went on further to give a similar approach to the BBC documentary 'Planets'.... standing on a beach saying... "there are more SUNS in the universe than all the grains of sand on every beach in every country on Earth".

The documentary graphics are the best I have ever seen also.

Anyway, getting back to the subject of UFOs and ETs... I'm very glad Sergeant Clifford E. Stone and others are allowed to a certain degree to share their knowledge about UFOs and intelligent extraterrestrial life. It is good the way it is available on somewhere like Rense.com but not forced on to the 6pm TV news every night for 3-4 hours.
People should study and respect the professionals keeping the balance.

Some of my friends are enthusiastic like myself. Some are too busy with other things in life to think about it much. Other acquaintances or neighbors don't study anything about it at all. Genius people and good Democracy over the past 20+ years have created this (what I call) 'happy medium'. Where one can study about or devote themselves to anything they want.

For me, that preferred study is SPACE - THE TV SERIES narrated by Sam Neill... astronomy, UFOs, ET life, art and design, internet, etc. And I know one day in my life-time or some other time in the future people will be able to go to the movies and see a 3 hour detailed documentary about some or most of the information collected from around the world on UFOs and the variety of ETs known.

That production would break all Box- Office records :-)
And hopefully there would be a part 2, part 3, ... part 8.... part 73, etc.

I thought I should give links to the relevant information.....

SPACE - THE TV SERIES narrated by Sam Neill.

Sgt. Clifford Stone (Ret.) History Denied - The UFO Coverup.

UFOs, Aliens, and Space.
UFO Web Masters and UFO Web site owners Yahoo! Group.

Free Windows Screen Saver
for UFO debunkers & UFO researchers..........

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You want the real good information ?

February 13 2002, 4:28 AM 

Join this club if you want the read of your life...


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Real audio and Real video. (UFOs and Space)

February 18 2002, 5:01 PM 

A UFO researcher friend of mine said today...
"I'm confined to a rather tardy 56k connection
so streaming media tends to be more of a stuttery trickle."

Here is my reply...

My internet computer is a Pentium 75 with a 33K modem.
I can view and hear all Real audio and Real video.

And I'm in New Zealand!

Secondly... if a 'UFO researcher' doesn't listen to Sgt Cifford Stone or other "wow" links I discover...
Then you are missing out on a lot of good information.

You all wanna know something else...
Some good acquaintances and even some people closer to me, were told about the Disclosure Project free REAL video in May 2001.
And they haven't even bothered to watch it all this time.

The more I study this whole subject of Human Nature, Intelligence, Space, etc, the more respect I have for 'the powers that be'.

Sure some people just want to collect stamps or play with pretty jigsaws in their spare time. That's fine.

"each to their own".


IF you all are UFO researchers...
You all MAY want to listen for two hours...


July 17. Clifford Stone: Military UFO/ET Recoveries.

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The truth is coming out... (UFOs)

February 22 2002, 9:19 PM 

This was sent to me recently:

Saw a Roswell special on PPV on directv.
Interesting eyewitness accounts, and
more evidence of government coverup.
Sgt. Stone was interviewed along with
other authorities/witnesses, per below:

Frank Kaufman was in military
intelligence at Roswell in July of 1947.
There had been numerous reports of UFO
activity in the weeks prior to, and up
to the time of, Roswell. Diverse
eyewitnesses reported seeing a UFO go
down before midnight of 7-4-47. A radar
technician reported a craft going down
at 11:30 PM but no airplanes were in the
area at that time. The army went out
after this to investigate, and Kaufman
went along. They discovered a downed UFO
with 5 dead bodies - one outside the
craft, one halfway out at a door, and 3
dead inside. They were about 5 foot 4
inches, light gray, with fine features.
They had a smaller nose, mouth, and
ears, but slightly larger eyes, than
humans. The Army worked quickly to
remove the craft and the bodies before

The next day the rancher (Brazel?) went
out to investigate, having heard a loud
"boom" at 11:30 PM the night before, and
discovered some small pieces of the
craft, the Army had failed to remove,
over a length of 3/4 of a mile. He took
this into the Sheriff, who advised him
to go with him and turn it into the
Army, which they did. The rancher was
later noted to have a new car, home and
other signs of sudden and unexplained

Kaufman said, in view of the civilian
witnesses to the incident, the Army
decided to tell the truth, which they
did. Most reporters thought it was a
gag, and laughed at the announcement.
Soon the coverup was ordered and the
Army recanted and said it was a weather
balloon. Kaufman was threatened on many
occasions to keep quiet about the truth,
even warned he would be killed.

Dennis Balthauser investigated Roswell
and was stopped by government agents who
told him it was all true as originally
reported, but that we would not be able
to talk to the witnesses he was trying
to interview. He failed repeatedly in
his attempts to interview them.

Robert Dean was a NATO intelligence
analyst in the 60s and 70s. He had
access to the highest security reports
including those on flying saucers. He
reported that it seems that 4 different
groups are visiting from as far away as
another galaxy. One of these 4 groups
look exactly like we do and could pass
as one of us. They seem to be able to
manipulate time and space, and travel

The witnesses interviewed all seem to be
honest, rational, and accomplished men -
quite credible.

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Excellent UFO and Space info...

February 25 2002, 1:01 PM 

Excellent UFO and Space info...


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