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Hooking up ASR-10 with MPC60

May 11 2017 at 1:48 AM
Damjan  (Login dimitrovskill)

All I want is to chop some instruments on the ASR10 and use the goody-goody EFX happy.gif and trigger them with the MPC60. I've been trying to MIDI them together for the past 5 hours, but it just doesn't seem to work. I am starting to think that either the ASR-10 or the MPC 60 MIDI ports are malfunctioning.

This is how I hooked them up. MPC60 MIDI out (Port 1orA, I also have the S950 hooked to port 2orB) to ASR-10 MIDI In. ASR-10 MIDI Out to MPC60 MIDI In. On my Asr-10 I have selected Multi and also loaded 8 different instruments (just in case) with the first Instrument/Track Selected. On my MPC60 I have the Channel changed to 1A(this is the ASR-10 channel in the MPC60 because is hooked to Port 1). Also, under Type (on MPC60) I have selected DRUMS. I know what you will say, change DRUMS to MIDI and try it again, but I did and it doesn't make difference, and on a side note, when I trigger samples from the S950 I have it on DRUMS. Either way, both DRUMS and MIDI for the ASR-10 are not functioning. I would switch banks and hit on the MPC pads like lunatic trying to see if maybe different parts of the ASR-10 keyboard are linked to different MIDI notes on the 60. Everything with no luck.

I've also tried every possibility with the MIDI channels, like changing the MIDI Out on the MPC60 from Port 1 to Port 2 and Port 3 and Port 4. Also tried using the THRU in the ASR-10. It just doesn't work.

Oh, and by the way, every AUDIO (Stereo) Out (ASR-10, MPC60, S950) has its own dedicated channel on my mixer, so the sound is not an issue.

Besides the fact that the MIDI ports are not functioning, I keep thinking that I might have changed some global parameters on the ASR-10 and I just have to turn on or off some parameter and everything will start working like magic.

Anyways, hope someone reads this.

Thank you

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