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September 7 2002 at 3:09 PM
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Hi everyone!
I'm not new to this board, I read posts here everyday, I just don't say much.
Today is the anniversary of my moms passing.
Please read my story relating to Me, My Mom, and Neil Diamond.

My Mom has been a Neil Diamond fan for many many years. As a kid, I would hear Neil playing in the background as she did housework etc. As I grew older, I became a professional singer. For Moms Birthday, Mothers day Christmas etc, I would
record my vocals over Neils background music tracks and send them to my mom. She loved it! I was playing in Hard Rock bands at the time, so I was a "closet" Neil fan.
In 1996, I saw an ad in the paper saying "MEET NEIL DIAMOND". I thought of flying Mom from Florida TO Los Angeles to finally meet her Idol. I waited in line for hours and got 1 ticket to meet neil a few days later. During that time, Mom was hospitalized with complication due to a heart condition, she could'nt fly to LA. to meet him. I went to Virgin Megastore and after Neil played a few songs he sat down to sign autographs. When I got to him I asked if he would sign the Tenesee Moon Album cover for my Mom who's in the hospital. As he was signing I said "Neil, I'm a singer and I go to karaoke bars and sing your songs and the women go wild!" Neil replied" You're braver that I am, I could never do that". I said "thank you" and walked away with the autographed album cover that read "To Genevieve, love you, Neil Diamond.
I walked out of there beaming like the sun on a summer day. I decided then, that I was no longer a "closet" Neil Diamond fan, I was proud to be a Neil fan. The next day I had it framed and sent to my mom at the hospital. She was so proud, and happy that Neil signed it for her. After a few days, mom was back at home and the picture went on the livingroom wall. Mom and I would go to Neils concerts together and have such a great time. We saw him in Las Vegas at the MGM GRAND ARENA. About a year later, My band played in the arena. I stood on that stage and looked out at the audience as neil diamond did, and thought "Neil stood here, and now I do" What a thrill!

In Sept 1998, Mom was hospitalized again. This had become routine, so we new she would be o.k. But things took a turn for the worse. I was going to catch a plane first thing in the morning to go help mom be strong and get better.
As I was about to board the plane, my pager went off, it was my brother. I called from a nearby payphone and my brother said "Mom just passed away"........
I was shocked, stunned, confused. I just stood there, did'nt cry, just stood there. I handed the phone to my girlfriend and said "talk to my brother" to verify what I had
just been told. It was true, Mom had passed away. As I stood there in shock, a
familiar voice echoed throughout the sound system in the terminal. I asked my girlfriend to listen, it was Neil Diamond singing "September Morn"......

Coincidence? No, I knew that it was a sign from my Mom saying she's o.k.
I did'nt take that flight. I want home for a few hours and took a later one. I walked in to Mom's house, and there was the Autographed album cover on the wall. After making arrangements to fly Mom back to California for the funeral, I took the autograph, and other Neil items with me.
Later that week was the funeral. At the viewing, I had the autographed picture to put on display next to her. On the back was an inscription that I forgot I had written on the day Neil signed it.. It said" Mom, now Neil will always be with you"
Instead of somber funeral music playing, I put on Neil's "In My Lifetime" CD. Buried with my mom were a Neil Diamond bottle of wine, an I love Neil Diamond charity bear, and the autographed Tennesee moon album cover "To Genevieve, Love You, Neil Diamond.
I went to see Neil in concert 4 times last year, and I always wear a button with my moms picture on it so she's there at the concert with me.

I lost my mom 4 years ago today
We have a another Neil fan in heaven. I’m sure she’s having a beer with Vince Charles
Thanks for reading, It made me feel better to share my story.

In memory of
GENEVIEVE SHARP Nov.22 1935- Sept. 7 1998

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  31. Thank you Ted - - Rosie on Sep 9, 2002, 7:29 PM
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