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Three Generations of Fans Report from E. Rutherford

September 19 2002 at 10:24 AM
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I had another wonderful, uplifting concert experience yesterday at E. Rutherford. Every concert has a theme. For me, this was about the inter-generational appeal of Neil's music - something he talks about in his program. There was a mother and daughter pair of fans sitting next to me and Neil sang "Girl" to a cute little girl, her mother and grandmother.
Last February, I had organized a "Four Generation of Fans" concert with my late husband, his uncle and aunt, his 87-year-old grandmother and Marina. This was the Miami concert where Neil's mother attended. Looking back, I'm really glad I put in the effort and expense. The family memories are definitely worth it.
Yesterday's concert was special because my Mom and Marina were able to attend with me, even though they didn't sit with me (I wouldn't give up my third row seat!). For my Mom this was a once-in-a-lifetime experience because she lives in India and has been wanting to see him perform for the last 30-40 years. It was special for Marina to be able to show off her Neil-related knowledge to grandma- and there's a lot of it even though she's only 7. Yes, I'll take a lot of the credit!
Even before the concert, Kirk had made us all special name tags. My mother's was especially nice, with an Indian as well as an American flag and her home town of Kolkatta, India on it. Marina had chosen Lady Magdalene as her theme song and her tag had a quote from it and I had picked You Are the Best Part of Me.
We also wore our special frogs (made by Rod Antablins).
Kathy and John drove us up from their home and it was a lot of fun to meet members of this board.
Neil was in great form again and I had a wonderful view from row three. Last night, I particularly enjoyed the TCO songs- he seemed to be singing his heart out- as well as the Beautiful Noise songs. Starflight was spectacular, as it always is, and Julia was awesome in Soolaimon.
He joked about the Sopranos and the values the show is teaching our kids. When someone says "I want to have a family" you have to wonder..... He also said the show made him hungry for Italian food. He was relaxed and chatting freely with a very fiesty audience. There was a rousing response to "New York City born and bred" in IAIS as well as to the tribute when he sang He Ain't Heavy.
Captain Sunshine was poignant and the Serenade medley beautiful. I've been fortunate enough to see this concert several times now and it seems to only get better and more personal. Neil has a way of making each one of us feel he is singing directly to us. I wished yesterday that there was a way to freeze some of the more beautiful moments, not just capture a picture, but the entire atmosphere, including my reaction to his heartfelt singing. I do hope a video is in the works, but it's no real substitute for being there and re-living the experience.
A minor gripe was that some of the audience, especially in the front row center area were entirely too restless and seemed only interested in re-filling their beer glasses - FREQUENTLY. One particularly thirsty person felt he had to leave just as Neil began to talk about what Vince meant to him and started to sing Captain Sunshile - completely unforgivable!
All in all, another wonderful concert - thank you Neil for the experience and the memories. My mother and Marina thoroughly enjoyed it too.

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